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July 3, 2017

This scripture on ADULTERY is a good lesson on literal interpretation of the bible. 

The scriptures are intended to be literal and metaphorical and parable and similie. 
This scripture says to gouge out your eye if it leads you to sin. So if a male sees a female and sees in lust does the male have to gouge out his eyes. Obviously not. And if your hand caused you to sin do you cut off the hand, obviously not. 
So humans are confused about what is literal and what is metaphorical and what is parable and similie. We humans are so dumb. 
Some church denominations base their teachings on say a few literal interpretations of the bible. Literal to them gives them foundation to their belief in God. 
God teaches literal. But most of Gods teaching is metaphorical. It’s meta the beyond, the teaching is for your spirit to understand. God is beyond the physical. God is in Spirit. God in Spirit tries to teach our human spirit. But humans with their lack of insight like to see physical not spiritual. To see physical is easier to see than seeing spiritual. 
Jesus walking on water. That really happened. But Jesus does not expect us mortal humans to walk on water. Jesus is God. God can do anything. We mortals are not God. Jesus walked on water to give us a lesson. The lesson was about faith. Peter got out of the boat to also walk on the water. But Peter lacked faith and began to sink. 
Literal and metaphorical are two different ways of gaining truth. But man confuses the two ways. We are human spirit. We are soul saved. Saved above. But human spirit is in the heart. We contend with the world through the heart. The soul/mind is above. The invisible made the visible. It’s the invisible God we want to learn from. Meta meaning beyond, beyond the visible to the invisible. 
Science is knowledge. But science is mostly about the physical. Science is proved knowledge, proved in the physical. Science is not about the metaphorical. Science is not about the invisible. Remember the invisible made the visible. The non physical made the physical. Science is not about the spiritual. Remember God is SPIRIT. 
Prophets usually get their knowledge in spirit from Spirit. Prophets are God’s servants. Prophets are known for their penetrating insight. Prophets are not scientists. 
The people of this world glorify their scientists. Science will save this planet earth they say. God is a myth they say. God is a made up by people phenomenon. God is a crutch for the weak. God does not save there is no God. 
God may not save this planet earth but God saves souls. This world will end one day but saved souls will go on for eternity.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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