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July 21, 2017

Wisdom of God is discipline, self discipline; laws are about discipline too, but laws are about bondage. Laws are about the physical whereas wisdom of God is about the spiritual. Wisdom of God is about the inner person whereas laws are about the outer person. Wisdom of God is about disciplining the human spirit whereas laws are about disciplining the flesh. 

You might say that if laws can be bondage then wisdom of God can be bondage too. True, it does look that way. Bondage is only there when one transgresses the laws. Yes but what if one transgresses the wisdom of God? You confess to God and God forgives. The law is not all that forgiving but Jesus Christ Gods wisdom is forgiving. 
Wisdom of God is the better way to go rather than laws. Jesus Christ brought wisdom. Jesus Christ is Gods wisdom. In wisdom of God we do not need laws. Wisdom of God meets all the law requirements. Law came with Moses. Jesus all wise is above Moses. Law is under Jesus. God brought law and wisdom but wisdom is better as Jesus is better than Moses, Jesus is God the Son. Moses was a servant, Jesus is God. Jesus is the Master and Moses is the servant, law is servant to wisdom of God. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 18, 2015

God gave man FREEWILL. Man can sin if he wants. Man can commit murder, rape, steal, curse, lie, commit fortification, commit adultery, commit all perversions under the sun — BUT we have the LAW to protect us. We also have conscience that can help us. We also have Wisdom.

If I wanted I could kill the next person walking a long the street outside my home. I have FREEWILL. My conscience tells me killing is wrong and I know if I kill the law will get me. Laws are there to protect. If I want to kill a person, God is not going to control me like a robot. God won’t make my body go lame. God won’t kill me. Law is a deterrent to crime but a lot of people get away with crimes. People just don’t get caught. Sin started from the beginning. Adam and Eve wanted knowledge. Was not living a life of simplicity and living in a garden free of evil and having all ones needs not enough. No; man wanted to know as God knows. Then Cain killed Abel. God did not stop Adam and Eve from getting knowledge. God did warn Adam and Eve that knowledge would eventually kill, you will die. Cain was free to kill Abel. We humans are not programmed robots, we can do as we want. Humans in CHRIST do have the MIND of Christ but still we have FREEWILL. But the Law keeps (tries to) us in check.

Wisdom came through JESUS Christ and this CHRIST wisdom does protect. But we must ask God for this wisdom. So now man is enlightened by wisdom of JESUS Christ. But not many people have Christ’s wisdom. Solomon was wise of God and this wisdom protected Solomon and as he was king of Israel, Solomon’s wisdom also protected Israel. Seek Christ’s wisdom. Wisdom of JESUS Christ protects an individual but such wisdom also helps those people that the wise person oversights in say a leadership capacity.

Man = mankind, male and female.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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