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INTELLIGENT DESIGN (“No” says the fool)

August 7, 2017

Intelligent design!!!
Nah! nah! says the fool.

But is not there a designer and is not the designer intelligent?

Nah nah it’s all by chance.

So do you live your life by chance and not by intelligence?
Me thinks: the fool is not intelligent. 
This universe was made by an intelligent God. A God Head of intelligence. Humans are made by an intelligent head. 
Nah nah says the fool, humans are made by nature. 

What is nature to you fool?

I don’t know ask my mother she knows.

You mean Mother Nature knows all?

Mums the word.
But I thought God the Father and His Son are the Words. God the Father sowed the seed. The seeds only come from the Father and His Son. Mother Nature might know a lot but the Father sows the seed and the seeds are sown in nature but the seeds grow upwards to the Father. The Father is above and the Father created with the help of Mother Nature. Both male and female of God forces bringing about a creation. 
The head is male but the Christian church does not accept the female God head. Is this wrong because female humans have heads? 
So in the beginning God male and female made the universe. Not just male making but female too. Humans are made from intelligence from a head and both males and females have heads. Female humans are also made by intelligence from a head. We see heads on females. God is in female human heads is He not?
The Established Church might have it wrong about the God Head being male and not male and female. Does your wife and mother have a head and is not intelligence in that head? So the universe was made by intelligent design and females are also intelligent and good designers. Male and female are intelligent designers. The male could not have made this universe and life and creatures without the help of the female. 
The fool is a fool because he/she does not respect intelligence. The fool does not accept an intelligent God head. Words make intelligence. Respect words but respect first and foremost Gods Words. Love of words is intelligence. But Love Gods Words more than any other words.
The fool to get wisdom can turn to the male or female God head, God is both male and female. But don’t reject one for the other. Turn to both father and mother. The fool might reject the father. 
The Words came originally from the Father God, that’s the way the Bible seems to put it. But why does the Father get all the power and not share equal power with the mother? Why is male exalted over female? Jesus is male. The Father God had a Son and not also a daughter, why why why?
God used both my father and mother to bring me in to this world. Without my mother the father can not have brought me in to this world. The father needs the female to help create. The father and mother should be equal. I should love equally my father and mother. God the male needs the female God to create. God is both male and female. So why does the Bible seem to discriminate against the female?
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 21, 2016

These snow flakes attest to a God of intelligent design.

They say there are no two flakes the same design. 

Christian: who designed the snow flake?

Atheist: it’s all by chance.

Christian: chance must be highly intelligent. 

Agnostic: there is a God of design but who wants to know Him.

Christian: why don’t you want to know Him?

Agnostic: because I don’t want God to know me.

Atheist: God does not exist.

Christian: who designed the snow flake?

Atheist: it was no supreme God.

Christian: who?

Atheist: chance is highly complex. We live in a complex body. Our universe is complex. 

Christian: do you see and hear?

Atheist: I see and hear.

Christian: then atheist you will have no excuse when you become before God in the End Times. Those who are deaf and blind will have a better excuse to God then those who do see and hear yet deny God. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

P.s. Spiritually deaf and blind.

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