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January 18, 2018


Excuse me!! language!!


You could connect with the brain more often.

And how do I do that?


Prayer connects you to to your brain?


And how?

God is above.

God above where?

Oh and you think connecting with God is connecting with what? The moon? Mars? Pluto? Maybe another galaxy? Is God on Mars now?

God is above.

And above in Spirit is where, Mars? Why do the astronauts and cosmonauts not report seeing God?

I pray to God.

You don’t even know where God is so how can you pray to Him?

I pray.

You pray but because you don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit in the heart intercedes to God on your behalf.

God is in the heavens.

But Heaven is metaphorical, Heaven is meta, beyond the physical. Heaven is a mind (soul) set. Heaven is in Words. Heaven is real. Spirit is real. Soul is real. We do get a new body in the Second Coming of Christ. We carry heaven in us. The Kingdom of God is within. Emanuel, God with us, God within us. God does not live in physical buildings God lives in a temple. There is a temple above. We have a temple for God to live in. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. David was not talking about God up there on Mars. The enemies are put at the feet. Feet is of a body. Feet are David’s feet. The KING of God has God in him. So for a person to pray to God from the heart is to connect with the brain. To connect with the brain is to bring the body in to submission to the brain. The head rules. People who seldom pray seldom connect with the brain. We must have the brain in charge. God is the brains of the body the church. The church is not a good word to use now, I prefer using Body of Christ. Church has become full of human wisdom. Jesus said “I am in the Father and the Father is in me. See me you see the Father”. You can not see the Father God, no one has seen Him. You will die if you see God the Father. Prophets in the past have yearned to see God the Father. Moses even wanted to see God the Father. You don’t see God just as you don’t look directly at the sun. You get blinded by looking at the sun. God does show Himself in visions and dreams through His only begotten Son. Don’t believe people who say they have seen God the Father. God also reveals Himself through His Angels.

So where is heaven?

Heaven is above. If you are saved you are saved above.

What is saved?

Your soul. You rule with God in the heavens. We are in the world but not off the world. The world is at my feet. My head is above. My soul is saved. No university or school teaches the true wisdom of Jesus Christ. Teachers teach but they do not save the soul.

So pray often to engage the brain, use the brain often, don’t rule from the body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



May 19, 2017

Having good mind intelligence and having good emotional intelligence. 

Raised in soul mind to the head in Christ Jesus. God raises our mind soul to the above to the head level. The world is apart from our head soul mind when we are saved in Christ. In salvation we are of the head level. We are raised from the heart level to the head level. We think from above. Our mind soul is free from the world. The heart deals with the world. Our heart always under tension. Our heart vexed regularly. Our soul is saved. Our soul in the head. 
In our head we listen to our heart. Our ears are in our head. Our soul and heart in salvation is cleaned of all sins, this includes generational sins (our ancestors sins). Our head is in charge of our heart. Our head commands the body. The body submits to the head. Salvation is being free from all sins and living above. 
We die in our old sinful flesh person in our heart, we are born again, we have a new cleansed human spirit in heart, our human spirit gets a new life. In our old sinful flesh self off the world did we then have a human spirit or did human spirit only come to us in what is known as a born again experience? I am of the opinion that everyone has a human spirit from birth, the time when we first took a breath, spirit is in breath, so the baby comes in to the world and breathes. Does the baby breathe in the mothers womb? I think not, so human spirit comes at birth. In salvation the Holy Spirit comes into our heart. We go through a dying to old flesh self and a renewal in human Spirit. We are spirit person now. In the past we were soul person. But soul is above in head saved. Our human spirit interacts with the world. Our Holy Spirit is our main stay in our heart. We are not the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit is God but we in human spirit grow and mature and wizen in God. Our soul is above and free from the world, it’s the spirit and Spirit in our heart that interacts with others. We are spirit people in God. Adam the soul man, Christ the Spirit person. 
Emotional intelligence is based on heart whereas mind intelligence is based on head. The head has the senses not the heart. The head helps the heart. The head and heart and body have to be free of sins to be of any good as bearers of useful intelligence. Generations of family who love the supreme God and do good works not bad works pass on to their heirs (children, and so on down the family tree) sinless hearts, minds, and bodies. So people can pass sins down the family tree. Sin makes for dark minds, dark hearts, and dark inner bodies thus sins can darken intelligence emotionally or mind. 
We are saved above in soul, the head of Christ rules. 

In the second coming of Jesus Christ we wake up in soul, we were sleeping after our physical death, we are given a new immortal body and we live for eternity in heaven. 
Not all humans go to heaven. And birds, fish, insects and animals do not go to heaven for eternity. Only humans have souls to live on, either in hell or heaven.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Letter to a friend

September 23, 2016

My understanding and learning is different from the way the learning is acquired in the audio tape you mentioned. I listen and see but I try and get all the information in to a simple focus that I can mind digest. Having a lot of just intelligence but not been able to simplify it in to a one focus just goes over my head and is wasting my time. Intelligence can be intelligence just for intelligence sake and has no real bearing on “What did I get out of this? What moral lesson did I learn? What practical lesson did I learn”? I mean having just facts is to me not learning a moral lesson. Facts and facts just to learn for the sake of facts does not give practical learning. We need to put our learning in to practice otherwise we look and don’t see, we hear but do not listen, we don’t learn about our selves. I hate learning intelligence for just intelligence. My mind focuses the learning down to a moral lesson. But with just intelligence without moral lesson we really learn nothing to help society and the church to improve and be better.
Regards; Lester John Murray

Jesus Christ never went to school

June 18, 2016

Gospel of John: chapter 7
14 The festival was nearly half over when Jesus went to the Temple and began teaching. 15 The Jewish authorities were greatly surprised and said, “How does this man know so much when he has never been to school?”
Jesus Christ is the wisdom of God. Wisdom of God does not have to mean the knowledge of God. Knowledge may mean also wisdom but knowledge can also mean knowing apart from wisdom. Jesus never learnt the sciences that people learn today. Science means knowledge but science is not the wisdom of God. Jesus never learnt psychology, biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, or even philosophy or even theology. And there’s the real humanist subject, sociology (I have to really check my wrists are not weakening for this one). 
School can just be a place for intelligent people to exercise their in born intelligence. People don’t necessary get wise from studying at school. School can just be about intelligence and not wisdom. Intelligence helps one learn knowledge. Intelligence is not wisdom but being wise can make one look intelligent. 
Intelligent people can focus too much on intelligence and miss out on finding Gods calling/vocation for their lives. True vocation is simple, not complex. To find true vocation you must find the simple truth. 
Intelligence can be an idol rather than a help. Knowing as the Father God knows meant the FALL of mankind. Jesus Christ in my thinking does not know as the Father God knows; Jesus is the wisdom of God. Jesus Christ chose as his disciples men who were not necessary schooled. Apostle Paul is the exception. Paul was schooled. Paul was intelligent and educated. But Paul was used maybe for his intelligence to explain some of Gods wisdom. God also saves intelligent people. We should not make intelligence a god. 
So what is our true learning as ordained by God? Is it Christ’s wisdom or is it knowledge what we know as science? Science maybe buggering up mankind and science maybe the death of mankind. Wisdom of Christ never buggers up mankind and wisdom of Christ is chief and above all.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 29, 2015

I think the way children are taught in schools should radically change. Who wants to sit day in day out on chairs listening to condescending teachers who just keep reminding you that you are dumb. Young children should not be sitting down all day. Not every child has been gifted with genius intelligence.
Intelligence is just one part of the learning process. We must try and encourage less intelligent children to excel. And excelling does not have to just mean intellect. Children feel talked down to, dumbed down to by the teachers. The teachers only seem to like the high intelligent children. And today there are such very high expectations to qualify. I mean qualifications are not just about work though work is involved, qualifications is about getting money in a job. Who likes work? Few do, but the rewards of money justify work. Excelling at school is about money rewards later. There are the few people who excel to do service to mankind. 

School is also a place for children to go to and stay while the parents are at work. We can not have young children at home without adult supervision while parents are working. 
Very few people find their God given vocation. Most people work in fields that are not their God given right. 
Why work in a strangers field when you can work in your own field.
And who meets a true God vocation teacher in their schooling? The system is wrong with the teachers so what do you expect from the children. It’s a charade from the beginning. Everyone is getting constipated, teachers and students. 
Vocation is set in human spirit in heart. Tapping that understanding in spirit is so hard. Our human spirit can be so vicious. Our human spirit can turn in to a sword that maims and kills. 
But the Wisdom of Jesus Christ can bring out the deepest thoughts from the deepest well. The heart can be like a well. Christ’s wisdom can tap deep in to the heart and bring up many treasures. We might see a barren and dry and heartless person but beneath all this might be treasures that can only but astound everyone. Christ’s Words can bring out the deep wealth. Gods Words go deep and soften the heart releasing the inner God given treasures.
So in most schools children are not taught to develop their spiritual gifts. To do so one must accept the Words of God. Schools in abundance now a days refuse to accept Gods Words in to the curriculum of learning. 
Then there is the generational sins of each child. We are products of our parents going down the family line and we carry the sins brought on us by our parents. We grow up in nests (family homes) that could be clean or dirty. We carry this dirt or cleanliness with us. So if we are dirty we see little. Sins blacken our insight. Sins keep us in darkness of mind. We are bright according to how much light we have in God in our human spirit. There are the dim people who we call dim witted and there are the bright people whose spirit is on fire and they see lots. 
Jesus came to do away with sins. But Jesus can not help much unless people confess their sins to God. In learning we need the words to learn from. Jesus words are the ultimate words. We use our words in relation to Jesus words. Jesus words are our level of truth ness. Children in their darkened minds can not learn much. We must in schools help children who are in darkness to come in to the light so they can learn. Schools help but they also do not help. Schools can just be a prison to those children living in their sins. School can be like a prison and the teachers the wardens. 
Christ should always be the centre of all learning. Otherwise it’s all a charade. We must start our teaching in a simple manner. Keep it simple but build on it. Never forget the simple foundation of ones learning because all other learning built on that simple foundation relies on that foundation because the foundation holds up all the other learning. Without a foundation we can not properly learn. Christ gives the best and strongest foundation. Sunday school is ok for some of the foundation but still this lacks the depth of the best foundation. We need more than Sunday schooling for a true best foundation. 
We measure our worth and learning from our simple foundation. The best foundation will support the best building. 
Though we learn and learn and learn; we remember our roots of first learning. If our roots are not sound, the rest of us is not sound.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 4, 2015

The Summit. 
Leaders of many countries are together for two days of talks.

Obama and Merkel are seen together outside the hotel on the front lawn. 

The scenery is magnificent, beautiful mountains form the back drop and the weather is clear and sunny.   

Merkel and Obama are in relaxed conversation, both apparently see eye to eye on what they are discussing. 

That afternoon Obama is flying back to Washington. 

Mach 1 or 2 asks the pilot over the intercom.

Obama replies 2 I have much work to do back at the oval.

Back in the Oval Office Obama has his daily intelligence briefing.

Knock knock.

Who can that be? I am not to be disturbed.

Michele walks in to the room.

Sorry madam but the President is not to be disturbed, we are having a top secret discussion.

Barack, Barack, tell this man to shut up or I will shut him up.


Ok Barack you won’t do it I will.

F…. you and if you are not out of this room in 2 seconds you will feel my high heel in your face.

Sir sir.

Oh man get out. 

But sir the intelligence briefing.

Get out!

Now Barack where were you last night? You promised to read to Tessa. 

I was in Germany.

And what about Tessa?

I forgot.

So you think going to Germany is more important than reading a book to Tessa.

Darling I have work to do.

Yes you do have work to do and you are not doing it.

A military man enters the Oval Office.

Excuse me sir line 1.

Phone rings.

Excuse me dear I need to answer the phone.

Give me that phone. Hello hello who is it?

Who is that? I want to talk to the President.

Well you can talk to me.

Who is that?

The other half now what is it man you are disturbing my family.

Ma’am please put on the President we have a military situation of the highest importance.

Well tell me what’s the problem? I am the Presidents wife.

Ma’am we have a USA military surveillance plane over the South China Sea and it’s being threatened by Chinese airforce jets.

Michele give me the phone.

You lay a hand on me and I will call your mother. 

But dear people need me.

Need!!! You talk about need. When were you in bed with me last?

Ma’am what shall we do?

Instruct the pilot of our plane to land on the closest airfield.

But ma’am the closest airfield is on an island controlled by the Chinese.

Just do it.

Is that an order coming from the President?

It’s coming from me dummy.

But ma’am the Chinese might shoot our plane down.

How many people have we got on our plane?

Ten all up. 

Leave it to me you just get the plane to land.

Yes ma’am.

Darling where is that phone that you use to talk to the Chinese? Come on I know it’s one of these ones. Is it the red coloured phone?

But dear that’s a direct line to the President of China.

Yes it is the red phone. Hello hello.

A child runs in to the Oval Office.

Mum mum.

Not now sweetie mum is busy, talk to your father. 

Give me that phone Michele it’s only for official business.

I warned you your mother is going to know just what you are like. 

But dear it’s the President of China.

Hello hello.

Hello is that you President Obama.

Oh hello it’s Micelle here.

Oh Mrs President greetings.


How can I help Mrs President?

I just had a phone call from some dummy who says one of our military planes over the South China Sea is being bullied by your airforce jets. I told him to order our plane to land at the closest airfield which is on one of the islands that you have taken over. Be a darling and let our plane land. Oh and could you feed our plane crew in your canteen. Our plane crew must be famished. 

No worries Mrs President. Just a moment.

Waiting for 3 minutes.



Mrs President all is done. I hope lobster and cooked vegetables are to the crews liking.

What about dessert?

Oh yes that will be done too. Ice cream and apple pie.

Splendid. I must go my husband is boring me. 

How is the President?



Yes he thinks he’s commanding the world when at night he’s lousy.

Poor madam. 

Say hi to your wife and children.

Will do.

Must go I have urgent business to deal with.

Bye Mrs President.


Dear please stop it.

Barack you get up to our room and read to Tess. 

But dear I have important business.

You certainly have important business and it’s about time you did it. And there’s fixing the light bulb in my room.

But we can get the help to fix it.

Fix a bulb, you can change a bulb, what is happening to this world?

Ok dear. Come on Tessa up to our room.

A man walks into the Oval Office.


Later I have important business leave us.

But sir we need you.



Leave!! leave!!

Yes sir.

That night the news is full of the events of a USA military planes crew dining with the Chinese military personnel on one of the Spratly Islands. The USA crew on arriving back in the USA are hailed as heroes in peace making. 

Michelle is too busy that night to watch or hear the news. Michelle that night is helping Tessa with her homework. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

P.S. No disrespect meant to those people mentioned in writings. My message here is that sometimes we forget the real plot. I love the people of the USA and I think Barack is a worthy leader.


January 4, 2015

A 16 year old boy gets top academic prize in Western Australia. But is this fair? The boy says he seldom does any homework. Teachers in my young student days were often giving us heaps I mean heaps of homework – it was miserable; I mean studying all day then go home each night and do about 2 hours of homework //// yet our wonder 16 yr old boy seldom did any homework YET gets top academic prize in Western Australia – Is this all fair? Academia has a lot to answer for. This top student also says “the only time I really studied at home was a few days before tests and exams”. I still remember teachers in my youth pushing for us young students to do plenty I mean plenty of homework. What a sham this young 16 year old top student has made of education and it’s learning models. A student who hardly works get top honours and he’s top just because he’s highly intelligent. So it comes down to intelligence little else. But a lot of people are born low intelligence so they have a miserable time at schooling. The high intelligent do not care that the low intelligent struggle with learning – who cares? I do. God gives intelligence but man has corrupted his use of intelligence to glory man not God. Ability which is intelligence is to be used for a God calling. But man glories in himself apart from God. Who needs this God? All good things come from God above.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 28, 2014

Education is about getting qualifications. Qualifications is about getting work. Work is about getting money. Money is about buying things.

From a very young age children have to go to school. I mean it’s the law that every child attends school until a certain age; but is this a law or is it just an accepted regulation of Government; I don’t know. I do know that there are truancy officers employed by Government to seek out truant children and get them back in to attending school.

I did not like school or college. At primary school I liked some of the games we played like soccer but the intellectual side did not appease me much. I averaged out at primary school, did all the requirements and passed, but not with any distinctions or accolades.
I saw at school a fine distinction between two different sets of people. Ok there were three sets of people. One the higher achievers, two the average achievers and third the poor achievers. I may have been average at achieving, just managing to pass. I was somewhat envious of the high achievers; they seemed to live on a different part of the planet; they were different; they were the elite the high intelligent students. So I saw this thing intelligence and I did not understand it. I could not understand why I was not highly intelligent and why was I a low to average intelligence. I wanted to be of high intelligence because I saw that the high intelligent students were the ones who got the high grades and they seemed to be treated with respect by the teachers. The teachers were the raj at school, the teachers were the gods, they called the shots. The intelligent students got on well with the teachers; the teachers had time for these intelligentsia students. The high intelligent students were way up there with the raj teachers. The low to average intelligent students were just tolerated by the teachers. The low to average intelligent students struggled with their studies; to some of them the whole learning process was an institutionalised nightmare. The intelligentsia students were the teachers pets. Teachers loved it when the intelligentsia achieved. The intelligentsia students were given the school responsible tasks; they were given the school student leadership jobs.
At college one student said to me “See that student over there, he does not study for exams much, he might only study for exams a few days before the exams yet he gets very high marks in his exams”. Me I studied for exams say weeks before the exams, I struggled to cram in the knowledge and I still was a dismal failure at the exams. All this about intelligent students flying through their studies and exams without much ado certainly riles me up and makes me think “What really is going on here; is this all fair?”.

So why are people given different measures of intelligence? The atheist will say “Intelligence came from my parents”. Maybe so, but where did the parents get the intelligence? Oh from their parents. So how is intelligence inherited? I mean how does it happen? “In the genes” you might say. Is it fair that Johnny flies through his schooling days while Fred struggles a lot to get through. I mean Fred could turn out to be mentally scarred for life after his schooling. Fred may in adult life have to go to a shrink to face all his school demons. “Demons” you might say “are not at schools, schools are havens where children are safe”. So teachers are all saints and children are all lovey dovey. Be real – students like any children can be absolute monsters. Hitler was a monster and he went to school. So at school we are in this safe haven, we think it’s safe; but this school is where the future despots, rapists, bullies and murderers come from. And let us not forget the teachers they are no saints and some might be (during school time) looking at pornography on their computer tablets. We are psyched up as children to think schools and colleges are places of safety and virtue. And we are psyched up as children to think education at these schools/colleges is very normal; I mean so normal that if there is a God (I believe in Almighty God) then God would send his Son to a school/college (The Bible says “JESUS CHRIST was never schooled”). Schooling has been very much a tradition for many centuries. School is a tradition that has been engrained in the minds of mankind. Education is a ticket to a job and a job gives you money. Education is about money and the more money you get the more freedom you get. Money frees you. They say “Knowledge is power” but knowledge really is about getting money and money is the power.

I sometimes reflect about a persons God called vocation. Yes I see people have a vocation, call it a calling if you like, but I see this calling in my mind, in my thoughts. This calling is from God. Most people I reflect on about their true callings are not in their God callings but are in vocations of their own doing apart from God. And most people hate their jobs. I see the high intelligent people are also likely to fall in to the trap of missing out on their God calling. You see the high intelligent people do well at schooling and they usually go to university they get a degree or a few degrees and/or very high degrees then they go for the money. Yes the money. Some go for humanitarian jobs like doctors but money is still a motive here. High intelligent students like the status jobs too. Status jobs are the money jobs. Doctors get paid a lot. But doctors help mankind a lot.

So I see a person; they might have a university degree, they might be in a very high paid job with lots of responsibility but I see VANITY here too. Vanity is with most people. Why do you think mankind has many mirrors to look in to. One of the first things a person does each morning before going to work is to look in the mirror. We humans are so very vain. I am too. Vanity means people push their own agenda apart from Gods agenda. So we have most people trying to fit in to vocations that they do not fit in to. They know they hate their job but they put on an outer look of satisfaction. It’s HYPOCRISY. It’s all a mask. The man working in his vain job, his important well paid job, it looks good but his wife sees the real husband, the vain and hypocritical husband and likewise the husband sees his vain and hypocritical wife. They both live a lie. They try to keep their lie to themselves and few find out the truth, few see through these peoples masks. Hypocrites have to keep their masks up day and night. Only the spouses and children know the real husband/wife/parents. BUT illness kicks in. The heart can just take so much working in the wrong field. The wrong field is wrong you are not working in the field given to you by God. Sowing, reaping, harvesting, weeding all done in another’s mans/woman’s field. The owner might one day kick you out of his field. While you are in the wrong field you are nothing but a servant. In your own field you are like an owner.

“Vanities of vanity” says the wise man/woman.

So it’s all a paradox. The world is a paradox; it is not what it really should be; it’s a sham.

So in my reflections on people’s true vocations I find people just look foolish because they are not really what they should be. It all looks stupid. These vain people boast about their vocations, the money they get, the good they do, the accolades they have received, the university degrees they have achieved — BUT MOST IS JUST VANITY; all to be burned up on the LAST DAY.

You might say “How do I find Gods vocation?”. Good question. To me I see it is so very hard for most people to find out what is ones true vocation. You can not find that true vocation with your own understanding and most of the understanding from school, college and university won’t help you find your true vocation.

To find true vocation one must always tell the truth, never lie. All truth is simple. So one must live a very simple life; free of distractions, free of idols, and keep away from the sins of the flesh. The flesh can make one dark in the soul. Spirit is light so feed your spirit light from Gods Spirit. Keep in the truth. Confess your sins to God. Don’t love money. Work with your hands. Be kind to others. Pull off your mask and show your true self. Don’t hide from God but pray to him often. Read the Bible frequently. Life is not always easy, life is often hard. Help others. Respect your parents. Hold your parents in higher honour than yourself. You should start young to find out what your true vocation is before “Mans” understanding (Humanism) kicks in. Remember the vocation that you have found out at a young age and when in later life, money, youthful passions, status and idols creep in to your life try at an early adult age to have the courage to get in to your true vocation. Your true vocation will be the “simple truth”. If you are looking for true simple vocation in complexness you won’t find it. If you wrap yourselves up in knotty complexness in your mind/heart you will have to unravel this knottiness and get back to simplicity.

The Catholic nun might say “Education frees you”. During the Second World War the Nazis put “Work frees you” signs above the front entrance of a few concentration camps. But what sort of freedom is the nun speaking about? The nun is thinking of freedom from poverty. But here are we speaking about poverty of mind/soul or poverty of physical body. The nun might attribute poverty of mind/soul with poverty in a physical sense. Catholics are great ones about schooling. Catholics have many schools, colleges and universities. So education is about making money. It’s ALL about MONEY. Poverty for the catholic nun is about money. The Nazis said “Work frees you”. But did work free the incarcerated Jews in the concentration camps? No no no. Does education free you? No no no. The average Joe would say “Money frees you”; like you can buy your freedom with money. So MONEY is the GOD; even the God of this Catholic nun. The church is a lot about money. The Vatican is about money.

It would all make sense all this education thing if lots of people were in their God called vocation but alas few people are in their true calling. Most people are in the wrong vocation so there is a lot of education with its accolades that are vain; it all looks foolish.

The Catholic nun says “Education frees you”; the Nazis said “Work frees you”; someone else might say “Money frees you”; BUT I say “WISDOM of JESUS CHRIST frees you”. The Catholic nun might say “Education leads to money”. This nun is religious yet the true religious would make a vow of poverty before God and live for Spirit not for materialism. The true religious does not live for money, wealth or materialism. Mankind rapes the world, the earth, the mother, the wife, creation, Mother Nature – to get rich. The world’s people are besotted with money. The world’s people rape the earth; take take take from Mother Nature but give very little back. Mother Nature is raped often. Man wants to get rich but it is at the expense of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is expected by mankind to be a whore; but this whore gets very little in return.

Education in the wrong way can be just an IDOL. Education used in the way of true vocation can be useful. Education has become an idol. People glorify themselves in education. Intelligence is a tool used by people to educate themselves for vocations. These vocations are often not true to people and such people therefore live out their lives wearing masks.

King Solomon speaks about “Vanity of vanities”; so a lot of mankind’s achievements are filthy rags. You do not want to be wearing filthy rags when you are called to your Maker God in the End Times. Prepare in advance to meet your Maker; make good preparations; be wise. Do not bury your true vocation in the ground/soil. If you can not find your true vocation at least work at trying to find it.

In most cases your true vocation will be plain simple; simple for you because you will find the vocation simple to do. Your true vocation is simple because your mind/soul/spirit will find it simple. To those other people in their own other true vocations they will see your true vocation as complex (but those other people in their true vocations will find their own vocations simple). So if you find your vocation complex you are probably in the wrong vocation. Simplicity is NOT evil. Simplicity is definitely of God. So if everyone was in their true vocations, they will see only their own vocation in simplicity and they will see all the other vocations as complex. Complex is hard. Simple is easy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 4, 2014

The ability to understand. High intelligence is quick ability to understand whereas low intelligence is slow ability to understand.

are two different identities but both intermix in many agreeable areas. When one is wise one also grows in intelligence. When one is intelligent one also is agreeable to be wise. Wisdom and intelligence are good companions. Wisdom has much intelligence. BUT wisdom is about behaviour. Wisdom is about saying and doing the right things. Wisdom is also about thinking the right thoughts. Wisdom is about Jesus Christ because we see Jesus as the ideal righteous person. Wisdom is about living a righteous life. God is all Wise. God is all Truth. Truth and Wisdom go together. Wisdom is truth. Wisdom is love. To love is being wise not the love the world uses but the love that is of God.
To be intelligent does not necessary mean one is wise. To be wise is a choice. Intelligence seems to be inherited. Wisdom is fearing God and wanting to make the right choices because one wants to please the All wise and loving God.
Wisdom is not about learning facts and figures. Wisdom is not about knowledge as “Man” sees knowledge. Science is not about making one wise. Science is about knowledge of the physical universe. Science is about “Man” inventing; “Man” making his/her own man made creations apart from God. Wisdom is practical knowledge NOT science knowledge. Applying practical good knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is about doing; doing the right things. Wisdom does not have to mean intellectual learning. Wisdom is application; apply good.

We KNOW Jesus Christ is the WISDOM of GOD our maker. BUT if Jesus Christ was on this earth in this world and was teaching His WISDOM to say students at say a University Jesus would be ostracised by the University fraternity. Actually Jesus would be forbidden to preach and teach at a University (Any University).

So what are Universities teaching if they do not teach Jesus teachings? We know Jesus teachings are Gods teachings.

So Jesus teaches WISDOM of God.

Universities do not teach Wisdom of God. Universities teach wisdom of “Man”. Science is taught at Universities. Science is NOT wisdom.

When Jesus was on this earth in human body Jesus did not teach science to His disciples as we know science. Jesus did not teach science but Wisdom. Wisdom and science are two different identities.

So Universities are about: “Mans” conquests; “Man” at the centre of everything, human wisdom, human spirit, achieve through human spirit apart from God Spirit, it’s the philosophy of “Man” apart from God. God is not welcome in the class rooms of Universities.
In the END “Mans” knowledge will destroy “Man”. Just as “mans” knowledge puffs his mind up there might be an almighty big explosion not just of his head but of everything “man” made. “Man” covers God made with “man” made. “Man” is trying to smother God out of existence. “Man” is killing him/her self. Snuff God is to snuff out the life source.

“Man” may eventually be part God made and part “man” made. Humans can not chuck out all the God made so they smother the God made (of the human body and head) with a lot of “man” made. Humans will be part robot and part human. Humans can not kill off God altogether. But “man” will try and dominate God and control God. So “MAN” becomes AN ABUSER OF GOD.

Does this sound all ludicrous “man” making “man” as mostly “man” made. Well “man” wants to take over from God. Satan tried to take over from God in the heavens. Now “man” wants to take over from God on this earth. But is Satan using “Man” to control this earth and world.

There are two baptisms, one water and the other fire.
God used WATER to destroy this world in the time of Noah, that was the first baptism. A baptism cleanses. Baptism cleanses sin away. Now God has yet to use his second baptism to cleanse this world of sin on this earth. Fire will consume mankind and destroy all. Fire will cleanse this earth. So water and fire cleanse, they purify. God has the last say.

People might think that the second baptism is a fire of atomic bombs. But I think why would God use “man” made weapons to cleanse with when God has his own God made creations to cleanse with.
My thinking is that the FIRE baptism comes from the Sun. But this is just my own thoughts here and not to be taken literally. The Sun is not “man” made but God made. God does not want to use “Mans” inventions to cleanse with.
Water and fire baptisms come from above. We think of God as above.

(“Man” = Mankind)

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

EDUCATION (Learning process out dated and unwise)

January 16, 2014

Education (learning process) has not changed much for decades or is it centuries. It’s still about exams and tests. True education – should be enjoyable learning.

Children are taught knowledge that has no bearing on them as a person in this world with what gifts they have or intelligence they have. Students are missing out on use of their gifts simply because the present system is antiquated. This system favours mainly just intelligence. People think intelligence is the beginning and end all of education. I mean if one is highly intelligent the world considers them God favoured. Badness seems to go with low intelligence in people’s minds. Not so, not true. Intelligence is merely an ability suited to a God calling be it a door man, lift operator person, dress maker, army soldier, accountant etc. Intelligence is merely a tool used for work it is not about putting intelligent people on a pedestal over lower intelligent people. Intelligence becomes an idol. A lot of teachers teach for money not to serve God. Every worker is entitled to their payment. Working for money is so selfish.

True teaching is about making sure students understand.

Say in a class of 20 students; if 15 students understand a theory and 5 students do not understand the theory, the teachers aim is to make sure all the students understand the theory and only then go on to the next learning. You leave students behind in learning they will fall back and back and back and never catch up. The teacher teaches at the pace of the weakest link. The class of students is a whole, no favourites, no teachers pets. The intelligent students learn with the less intelligent students. No favouring the high intelligent students. High intelligence can also mean a straightforward calling like a dress maker or cleaner or soldier. Intelligence does not necessary mean top paid jobs.

Tradesmen are now getting paid more than university educated people but in the past tradesmen were looked down on by university people and in the past tradesmen received less pay than university educated people. Tradesmen called the bluff of people; we won’t repair your toilet or shower etc; so people came to the party and paid tradesmen more. SO CALL THE BLUFF.

Most people are not in God’s calling so its easy to pull the plug on them because their careers/calling is based on a veneer, a coating of glaze. Veneer is thin it has no strength. It’s just a thin layering. God looks at the heart. Insight looks at the heart. You can not hide your true likeness from God. You may think that you can hide from people your true likeness but a stronger person might see through you.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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