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WISDOM OF CHRIST IS HEALTH – die to your old self

February 12, 2018

The atheist and humanist do not understand about dying to themselves

To die to oneself is nonsense to the humanist and atheist

You are out of your mind they might say

But Jesus Christ’s salvation is not nonsense

The humanist or atheist might come from parents who are saved in soul

The atheist or humanist might because they are born to saved parents have been born clean and not in sin

The atheist and humanist being born clean from clean born again parents might see no sense in being born again themselves and so disregard the salvation message of Jesus Christ

The born clean atheist and humanist might indulge themselves in mans wisdom apart from Jesus Christ’s wisdom and in doing so they might think that they are clever

The atheist and humanist born clean think they do not need salvation, they were not born in sin, they don’t need forgiveness of their sins they say we are clean, we are not sinners

The atheist and humanist coming from former generations of God loving ancestors think born again is for the lost souls and dirty sinners

The atheist and humanist might think they are saved because their parents are saved

The atheist and humanist who are born clean might have parents and grandparents that pray for them often and thus the atheist and humanist are blessed and protected

The atheist and humanist might turn against their so called religious parents and grandparents

The atheist and humanist don’t need religion

The atheist and humanist don’t need to work at salvation they are blessed by their former ancestors working at a Godly path

Born again people are an enigma to the atheist and humanist

Born again means to die to oneself, to all your ways, to all your thinking, to all your achievements, to all your pursuits. Born again means to be converted to the thinking of Jesus Christ. You are like programmed totally in Christ’s thoughts. The soul is programmed, the soul in the mind, the soul in the mind in the brain in the head. We are totally newly programmed. The old program of our soul is deleted/erased it dies out. The atheist and humanist cringe at dying to their self because the atheist and humanist are happy to keep their self and not to think according to Christ thoughts.

Me I was glad to accept the gospel truth of Jesus Christ and be converted in soul. I was glad to die to my former thinking. I was a failure in my former thinking. I could not cope well in this world in my former old self thinking. Christ has taken over my soul. My soul in totality belongs to God in Christ. I am happy to have a soul of Christ. Christ owns me.

Christ is the wisdom of God. Christ is the simple truth of God. To think like Christ is to be wise. Christ’s thinking is good health to our physical body. To think against Christ’s thinking is thinking according to sickness, your body gets sick. It is sick to think against Christ. Christ is the head so to think against the head is to think against life, God is life. The parts of your body get sick if you go against Christ and also if you go against the wisdom of Christ in other people people who are in the body of Christ. The body of Jesus Christ is the true church, not a man made building. We the people saved in Christ are the true living church. We each saved of Christ live in a spiritual body, we are each parts making up a whole. We the parts of the body of Christ are together, we live as one, well we should do, so when one part of this body goes against another part in this body the body suffers, but it is the aggressor person who gets sick in their human body. No one is exempt from getting sick if they act unwisely to other people who are parts in Christs body. It’s a fundamental spiritual law that you reap what you sow.

Atheists and humanists can be in the body of Christ. Children once saved can turn against religion as adults. These people turn against their parents religion. The parents might be saved. Christ hates giving up souls once saved. These people are playing with matches because to rebel against religion is okay but to go more and publicly declare to the world that there is no God can grieve God. It is so hard for God to give up anyone. For generations of a family to be saved and then from this family tree there is a soul who denies God and embraces humanism or atheism is so hard for God to take. God is first love. Love is long suffering and forgiving and tolerant so for the sake of this rebellious souls former Godly ancestors God is patient.

You are indoctrinated

Yes by God I call it converted

You are brain washed

Yes by God, washed clean of all my sins and of my former generational (ancestors) sins

You are simple

Yes I am in the simple truth

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 18, 2018

The ship is grand, it is no small ship yet it is not as big as many of the ships now cruising the oceans. This ship is a lady, an old one in her 50’s to 60’s and elegant. Angelina and I turned up at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal with much time to spare.

This Terminal is large. This Terminal looks vintage old but functional. I had read other people’s reviews of this terminal and most reviewers chastised this terminal as old and out dated, something reeking of 1950’s and past its use by date. Okay these reviewers have a point, a point in relation to terminals in other countries, yes the terminal has seen better days and it would be good to see a revamped terminal. For one, more shops would be nice. One cafe in the terminal and no other shops looks bad on paper. But what is a terminal really about? Getting on the ship, but before embarking its filling in a few forms. But why buy drinks and food at the terminal, we were going to be on the ship soon. We filled in our forms and were soon on the ship. One last check, we walked through a scanner, had a pat down, yes the buzzer went for me, but not for others. Yes it was embarrassing getting a pat down, I felt like I was picked out, but I meekly submitted and moved on. We were led in to a restaurant, wow, it is modern looking, the food was very good, the service of the waiters was very good. Soon lunch finished and we waited a short time and then we were allowed to go to our cabins. On entering our cabin Angelina and I were wow and I mean wow, the cabin is superb. We had a premium suite ocean view. And I mean suite. The room I could find few faults. The room allured of elegance. There was a large double bed, a ensuite with shower, toilet and basin. The ensuite was like a modern hotel bathroom. Provided were towels (four), flannels, shampoo, body wash. What really appealed was the two big floor to ceiling glass windows, wow what good viewing. The suite was not small. We had a sofa and two lounge chairs, and a coffee table. It is quite spacious this cabin. We are very satisfied with this cabin. And to top it off the cabin was in the middle of the ship, and I mean the middle. We wanted a middle cabin because we had been told that the middle is where you feel less ship motion. We could not have been better accommodated. My first two days I loved looking at the ocean, it was like I was mesmerised by looking at the waters. Did I get sea sick? No at least not up to day six when I wrote this. I did feel like a bit fuzzy in the head but it was really nothing, and when I looked at the ocean I felt better grounded. The other thing that made me feel grounded was food. Food made you grounded??? Yes. I know it sounds unbelievable to say food grounds me on a moving ship, most people will say food contributes to sea sickness but with me on this voyage no. Angelina felt the ships motion a bit but nothing to write home about. Out of Fremantle the swell was minor but later and that’s soon later the swell was negligible. And today on day six, the swell is even less negligible, it’s like smooth water. We are fortunate to have smooth seas. No rains, little wind, sunny days, little cloud so far. Bali tomorrow. We arrive at the port of Benoa in Bali in the early morning of the seventh day. We stay for a whole day and leave at about mid night. There are shops on board ship but the costs of the merchandise are very expensive. I don’t shop on board. Angelina though was tempted and succumbed, she bought chocolate, a small hand bag, some tanning lotion, iced coffee, wine. What she bought on board can be bought for a few dollars in Bali while she paid big on board. Our Australian money in Bali goes a very long way. But on board you have to be very gullible or very rich to buy. The fare for our cruise included food at the two main restaurants. Tea and coffee and juices and water was also included. One restaurant is open all day and in the evening for coffee and tea at no extra cost. You can get away with not buying on board. Alcohol is another question. Alcohol is not included in your fare. But you can buy a drinks package. Drink as much alcohol as you like for a few hundred dollars. I don’t know the amount of money, I am not interested in knowing the amount. I hardly drink alcohol so I don’t go there. Angelina has been having a glass of wine with dinners. Not me. Because Angelina and I have not got a drinks package we are charged for our drinks by the glass or bottle as we go along. We are given a ship account and we are charged to our ship account. We carry no cash or bank cards with us while we move about the ship, such are kept in our cabin safe. Every item purchased on ship is charged to our account. We have a joint account, and at the end of the voyage all charges are totalled and taken out of my bank debit card (master card). We gave the ship my bank card number and the total sum is automatically taken out at the end. Each time we purchase, say alcohol, the waiter gets us to sign a recipe and we get a copy. This means we can check our receipts against the invoice at the end of the voyage. On embarking on the ship we were given an ID card. This card is presented each time we buy on the ship, the card is scanned each time we buy, I think the scanning is linked to a computer. Drinks packages are good for the hard drinkers, those who can not keep out of the ships bars. I don’t go on trips to drink alcohol. I have other ways of unwinding down. I like quiet for example. Quiet gives me the peace I crave for. I like time out, time out from people and noise, I am not lonely, I have a wife, I don’t need to seek out other people to interact with to fill a void in my heart. I like being in my big cabin and just relax in the provided bath robe, lie stretched out in the sofa, look at the ocean through the large big windows, read a book, or pray, reflect and meditate. I don’t always just relax in my cabin, I do talk to some people but I don’t make a habit of it, I am scared people will bite. You know the saying “once bitten twice shy” and I have been shy most of my life, especially in my younger life, so I must have been bitten much in my younger years. Now I am a chosen one. Not chosen by people but chosen by God. Bite me bite God. But I am no terror in my new exalted state. Our cabin is cleaned and tidied twice a day, once in the morning and later again in the late afternoon. The beds are made, dirty linen changed, towels changed, it seems like even the cabin is vacuumed but I do not know, but the cleans twice each day are thorough cleans. Each day the cabin is sparkling new again. The staff on this ship work hard, the work is efficient and of a good standard. There is a Wellness Centre on the ship. Angelina has booked a hair cut style etc for next week. This cruise has two formal nights. It’s a chance to dress up. Men long pants, shoes, jackets and business shirts. Angelina has her hair appointment on the day of the next formal night. For Angelina the cost is $80 (wash cut and blow dry). If I had a haircut it would cost $16. I just have a number two cut all over. Costs are charged to our on board account. There are two swimming pools on board but we don’t go in them. We leave such activities to the more water sported people. For the preparation of this cruise I was a novice at what clothes etc to bring. I thought the males would be wearing their best clothes a lot but no the main thing is wearing shorts. The weather is warm to hot. Wear light clothes. Sandals or flip flops. On formal nights even jackets and ties are rarely seen. I dressed up in jacket, shirt and long pants. The bar line for formal nights is no shorts or flip flops, that’s the red line otherwise you don’t really have to dress up. Who wants to come with big suit cases. The women are more inclined to dress up more on formal nights. Men can dress up to the nines but remember you have to cart all your clothes on to the ship and off again. Okay portage (included in fare) takes your luggage from the port terminal to the cabin and off again but the key is travel light. There was hardly one man’s suit in the whole ship. I saw only a few men wearing suits. I am so glad now that I took my suit out of my suit case before I came. I did initially pack my suit. Suits take a lot of room. I also had put two jackets in my suit case but I took one out so I only brought the one jacket. I am so glad for that too. Ten nights cruising with one jacket for men is enough. Most males just move around in shorts, flip flops and tea shirts. It’s very casual. There are two main restaurants, one is easy going you can wear shorts and flip flops, the other restaurant you dress up a bit more, the criteria is covered shoes and long pants for the males, with a shirt of course (but this is only for dinner evening meal, for breakfast and lunch its causal wear). No one dresses to impress, it’s quite unpretentious. There’s no competition in what people are wearing. This ship is an old lady, most people are in the more mature age, not all mind you, we have our young set, but the older people outnumber the younger set. Old people seem less pretentious in their wear, they have been there done that so they have wizened up. Young people are about the body more and looks. Every night there is a show entertainment in the large Astor Lounge. This lounge has seating and small tables for many people. This ship can take up to 600 passengers. Tonight they say we are having a Russian theme in the entertainment. The last nights we have had singing, dancing and quizzes. A band also plays at times and people can dance. This is not disco music; disco is in a bar where people can congregate until they are tired and have to retire. I don’t go to the bars to drink. Angelina joined a few ladies last night and they went on the town. I was in bed when she came home (our cabin), I think it was 10.30pm when she got home. She spoke of people dancing in the bar. She said it was not just the young people disco dancing the old people were also letting their hair down. But I like my quiet and peace, music and dancing are not for me. Angelina likes it. We have three bars on this ship. These bars are open late I mean late.

I became vexed today. A vexation in my heart is normal to me, vexations come and they go, but vexing is annoying and I lose my peace, but all is not lost all vexing ends soon or or a bit later, nothing lasts in this world. So why should I be vexed this time? I went to a ship bar. My first drink on the cruise, a middy shandy. I sat there for ages sipping gradually on my drink. After drinking a few gulps my head noticed the effect of the alcohol. It was like a sedated feeling. Yes I have drunk alcohol in the past. But in the last quite a few years I have seldom touched alcohol. I used to drink alcohol in good measure when I was a young adult, just social drinking, maybe a few pints a week, that’s all. But that was a very long time ago. If I drink alcohol now I tend to drink a shandy, half lemonade half beer. And I prefer the low strength beer. After about quarter way through my shandy thoughts came to me, inspired thoughts. Maybe call it discernment. Were the thoughts to do with my vexed state? I don’t know but there may possibly be a link. The ship I am on has links to Russia. A number of crew are I think Russian. The ship used to be Russian owned. Who owns the ship now is up to conjecture, people say the ship is now owned by Germans but who knows, ships are registered in tax haven nations. The Astor is registered in Nassau in the Bahamas. But let’s go with the latest, the Astor is German owned. My thoughts now. I in my inspiration was thinking of communism. In my thoughts in reflection I thought what is Jesus’ will here on communism. The thoughts went as so – Jesus is not a communist or a capitalist. Jesus is EVEN. Jesus is not left or right political thinking as man thinks. Jesus is FREEWILL. So Jesus is about man working and accumulating wealth. That’s ok. You might say “then Jesus is a capitalist”. I have not finished. Jesus says yes accumulate wealth but share your wealth with those who have less wealth. It’s about EVEN. Jesus says Even is about sharing so everyone gets enough; everyone has equal amount. But you might say that that is communism. No it’s not. Because Jesus says “man must have FREEWILL”. Man shares only with FREEWILL. Man is not forced to share or give. Communism is not about freewill. Communism forces sharing. Communism is about people living in collectives and sharing. Man in communism forces people in to collectives. God is about collective but not in the way man has collectives. God has collective conscious. Collective conscious has to be free to be in Gods will. Communism forces and controls collective consciousness. God does not force or control collective consciousness. Man is given FREEWILL to think as he she wants. Communism is man made. Capitalism is man made. The Christian churches in some ways try to share their wealth. Members of the church’s give to the church and the church gives to the less fortunate. But this church sharing is no way on the scale that God wants. The Christian churches are trying to be even and share their wealth but most church members are capitalist. These church members do accumulate wealth, that is ok, but greed is a big factor. A lot of church members live in palaces when even members of their own congregations are living in sub standard accommodation. But God has given us FREEWILL. We want FREEWILL, we want to be free thinkers, we don’t want man controlling our thoughts. Communism is not about FREEWILL so communism is wrong. Capitalism is more or less FREEWILL but man is selfish and does not give. So do I share my wealth? Hey I am just sharing what I have learned. Most of my life I have had little. The church did help me for a time but not in my former years. Now I have enough and am provided for. I do share my wisdom, and my wisdom I do not think is my own, my wisdom comes from above and I freely share it. I have had not much money to share, I have some now in my old age. So freewill is mandatory to Gods thinking. We must be free thinkers. God is about sharing, giving. Man is innately selfish, it’s about me me me. Then we get selfish relationships, selfish sex. The Christian church did begin right in sharing. Peter the first church leader taught the church members to share so that everyone would have enough. But now many church members live in great contrast to other church members. Take for example my life, I when younger lived like a poor man compared to many other church members. My family helped me out, I mean my parents, and now I live like a king. Church is selfish. It’s more about how to pay for a new church roof than help the poorer people in the church congregation. Capitalism is partly right as is communism is partly right but both fall short. God is about EVEN. And the body of Christ should be about EVEN. Each part of the body of Christ should be equally blessed as every other part and if one part of the body has more than it needs this part shares its abundance with the other members who do not have their needs. So the Christian church is falling short of Gods will. God’s will starts with the body of Christ, not about buildings and paying for new church building roofs. Forget buildings remember people’s needs. The church should be the body of Christ a real living body, not brick and mortar and wood. So church members go without while other church members are stuffing themselves. Angelina said yesterday that “We have the good life” we are on a ship cruise, the ship is elegant, the food is abundant and good, the drinks flow, our cabin is luxurious and large, we are pampered by the staff. Yes I have the good life but it has not always been like this. We are monied up now but I think I deserve it. It is late now at night. It does not feel like we are on a ocean. We could be in a train, it’s so smooth. I do though hear a ships hum. We will be in Bali tomorrow at about 8am. I expect to get on wifi in Bali. Maybe free wifi in a hotel or at the port passenger terminal. During the cruise I have not been on Internet. All internet while at sea is by the ships satellite connection and costs heaps to use. It is far too expensive to use Internet or wifi on board by satellite. No one or few use the ships wifi/internet. It’s a good excuse to be quiet so put ones iPads and mobile phones in the cabin safe like I do.

Back to the alcohol. I don’t sleep well with alcohol in my system. I stay awake. It’s like a demon bothering me. I wait until the effects of the alcohol wear off before I sleep. My brain has to be conscious to be ready for sleep. Sleep is not death. We sleep but the brain still helps the body. We must have aware brains even while we sleep otherwise any bad words can take us over. It’s like been tied or asleep and others can do with you as they will. The brain is in the head and the head protects us. We don’t want to wake up in the morning feeling we were bashed or raped. A brain with the mind of Christ is a good defence. Does God sleep? I don’t know. God is in the heart, yes, but God is also above. We don’t have a Godless head. The head is always in charge. The body does not rule.

Day eight now. Day seven we spent in Bali. The ship docked at Benoa Port (Bali) at about 8am. The ship departed Benoa Port for the return to Fremantle at about 12 midnight. Angelina and I bused to Kuta. The bus trip took about half an hour. We chose Kuta because we have heard on the news of its shopping attraction. The air was very humid. Soon it became sticky, it felt uncomfortable. Fortunately the bus was air conditioned. We were delivered to the heart of Kuta to the Discovery shopping centre. Hawkers soon descended on us, they were all over us. They were annoying. We followed one hawker to his shop, he insisted. This hawker was so insistent that it soon felt like we were bullied. Angelina was wanting to cool his feelings by buying his merchandise but I thought the goods were rubbish. I was all for getting out of the shop but the hawker got noisy. We left. The goods were low quality and cost too much. We went to a shopping mall. The department stores were expensive for the quality of the goods. I surmised that you can get better quality goods in Australia for a better price. I think the goods sold in Kuta were like what we in Perth can buy for the same price if not cheaper from Red Dot and Reject stores. The goods in Kuta were no bargain. Now a days in Perth you can buy all this low quality merchandise made in Asia for cheap prices. These low quality goods are exported from Asia to the West in the tons each day and is really cheap. You don’t need to go to Asia to get cheap goods. Asia floods the West with cheap goods. So Kuta shopping did not impress me. I did notice that the quality of life is cheaper in Bali. People in Bali are poorer than in Australia. The people and buildings and infrastructure look poor. The place actually looks squalid. The humidity makes one very uncomfortable, oh yes Perth can get humid but not like this. And the traffic, cars, motor bikes, so many, it is even difficult to cross the street, so many vehicles. People every where. We stayed in Kuta for about 4 hours and was glad to get back on the bus to take us back to the port. Before the cruise we booked the return bus through the cruise line. There are a number of excursions you can pre book. We thought it safer to go with a bus booked through the cruise company than get a taxi. We don’t know Bali. If we go again to Bali we might just get taxis. But we might not go back to Bali because it did not thrill us one bit. Speaking to people over breakfast this morning we were told that it is quieter and better in other places in Bali. Yes Kuta was noisy. Getting back to the ship was like returning home. Home to our comfortable and cool cabin. On returning it was go to afternoon tea, eat and drink (it’s like another meal) then go to my cabin and have a shower. It rained, I mean bucketed down when I got back to the port terminal. The terminal has free wifi so I contacted people by messenger. When I tried free wifi in the Bali shopping centres I had no luck. Here I was on the ship. I reminisced how blessed I was to live in Perth. I thought I was blessed to live first in New Zealand and then in Australia. Society is so different between Asian and the West. Asian is so much poorer. I like the Western living. The West to me is based on the teachings of God through Jesus Christ. Jesus says “The Government rests on my shoulders” or something of that thinking. In Asia Governments do not rest on Jesus shoulders. Asian authority to me can not be trusted. It is the wet season in Bali now, it’s hot but it also rains, it pours. We bought a few things. We walked in to a shop in Bali, small shops are everywhere, I bought a watch, we bought some clothes, a lady shop assistance was all over us, first she painted some of Angelina’s finger nails with small flowers, she cut my toe nails, she brushed of my skin off my feet heels. But I liked this shop owner and his assistant, they did not bully or insist too much. The watch I was pleased with. You bargain. You don’t take the first price they say, you haggle over the price. We did not eat and drink in Bali. We took bottled water from the ship and bottled water was given out on the bus. I do not trust the food and drink in Bali.

We are now back in to the usual ship routine. It is a day after Bali. At breakfast I noticed the noise. The noise on our first journey of our cruise Fremantle to Bali seemed ok but now I notice the noise. We took on many new passengers in Bali. It seems we took on a bogan set. Not that we had no bogans on the way out. Now the bogans are more noticeable, the tattoos, the singlets, the noisy chatter. At least I have not heard them swearing. I guess the bars will be inundated with these new passengers. Bogans and alcohol go together like a knife goes with a fork. A bogan in his singlet, tattoos over his arms, drinking beer and loud talking – this is the fair dinkim male bogan Aussie. He has his sheila bogan (his partner) next to him, she also has a few tattoos, she also talks loud. It seems Bali attracts the Australian bogans.

The sea is still mainly smooth with a slight swell. It’s nice and cool in the ship. Outside though is different, it’s very humid. The sun is not as bright as days earlier. It’s so good that I have not got sea sick. This is my first cruise and everything is A1 on the ship. Only Bali was the down turn. Cruising is good. This morning i filled in a laundry form. There is no self service laundry on board ship. The crew wash, iron or dry clean, but for a charge, charged to your on board account. A male polo shirt will cost say $3.50, male trousers say $5.50. This is washed and ironed and will be delivered to your cabin the next day. There is a quick same day service for an extra charge (50% again of the total). Some passenger families include young children. But children are far and few between. Infants number very few, maybe one or two. Teenagers are few too, they number about twenty. Most of the passengers are more mature. I like the ship having an older age group. I am old. Noisy children running around is not my scene. I love quiet.

I had a thought just now. This thought I have had at other times through this sea voyage. Chapel. There is no chapel on board ship. This makes me think the shipping line does not put any importance on spiritual matters. The human spirit can not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Human spirit has no credibility on board, it’s more about the human flesh. The flesh is catered for, food is abundant and liquids flows. The Wellness Centre on board caters for relaxing the flesh – sauna, pool (both included in fare), hair done, nails done, massages (charged to your onboard account). But spirit and soul are not catered for. Oh yes there is a library on board. There is also a gideon bible in the cabin. The bible is important and I use it daily. I did not bring a bible, see I often just read the bible off the Internet and I did not take in to consideration that the Internet on board ship is too expensive. Before the cruise I could find no information on this ships onboard Internet charges. So at least I have a bible. But no prayer room on board ship. It should not just be about the flesh. Human spirit and soul are a priority and not to be given second shift to the flesh. We unwind yes when we are on holiday. Holy days are set for resting. But unwinding truly is about spiritually then physically, both go hand in hand. A chaplain on board ship would not go amiss. A chaplain can be available to counsel and pray. Prayer over the ship and its crew and passengers is very very important. Not every one goes after the spirit of alcohol for their strength, and joy, people do go after the Spirit of God for their strength and joy. Alcohol does not protect, God protects. Words are where it is at. God is Words. Spirit is Words. We want a person to be ongoing prayer over all those on board. Chaplains can also mentor those people who are depressed, lonely, sad, suicidal. Chaplains can even perform marriages on board in a chapel. Cruise ships should cater for marriages. Even child baptisms can be performed on board ship.

Today day nine. Not much sun today. Some but not enough to sun oneself. Had breakfast or shall I call it a feast. Consumed bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, muesli, prunes, seeds of many kinds, apricots, peach yogurt, water and a number of cups of apple juice. I think that’s enough. I might miss lunch. It’s ok to eat but it’s good to eat in moderation. I don’t want to suffer later. I have thought that to pleasure self costs. But to pleasure the God head in you you have good health. Pleasuring the body has its benefits but to pleasure the head is good sense, I mean the senses are in the head. The fool goes by the feelings of his her body, the wise goes by the senses in his her head. I used to go by feelings, I was not always wise. Feelings used to rule me, not now. The service is very good on this ship. Waiters hover around you at meal time at your beck and call. The ships crew go out of their way to please. We are pampered. It’s nice.

More thoughts. “No news is good news” they say. So on ship we have no news of the world. We don’t know what’s happening out there. Internet is available. The cost of Internet is as follows: 250MB for $29; 500MB for $39; 1GB for $59. Internet is also not reliable, signal depends on the location of satellites. Signal could come and go. I don’t see passengers on board using Internet. What I would suggest for the news buffs is that the ship administration put out a news sheet each morning. The ship admin can access the Internet and get news and make up a world news summery say on one page. If the ship admin want they could charge a small sum for a copy of this news sheet, say $1.50.

I went up to the top deck this morning and proceeded to do walking. You can walk on this deck all around the top of the ship. It helps to do this walking to get some exercise. I have done this walking a few mornings now. I thought that the railings don’t look safe enough. Most railings on the ship don’t look safe enough. The rails are not high enough for starters. You could slip near the rails or the wind could blow you against the rails. The deck railing needs say very strong thick plastic and held in place by steel. Some plastics are very strong. I think the elderly people and young children are not safe near these railings. The ship can roll in the sea swell and if you are outside by the railing a roll of the ship could find you against the railing. Not that I have seen this happen on this voyage. I think these railings are a recipe for disaster. And the deck when wet, it rains sometimes, can be slippery, another recipe for an accident especially when slipping by the short railings. So children and the very elderly should not go out on the deck when the ship rolls or after rain when the deck is slippery. It is the wet season up north. It’s summer but still can be wet to very wet. I think they call it monsoonal weather. And when it does rain it buckets down, like what happened when we were in Bali. Bali was very humid and wet and sunny. Going to the monsoonal climate take an umbrella. There is a number of lifts on this ship. There are two main passenger inner stairwells on this ship. But the lifts do not go to the top deck. The elderly especially can not access the top deck. The steps to the top deck are not not safe for the elderly. The ship does have motion. The sports court is on the top court as is the walking track. Getting young infants or very young children to the top deck would also be difficult using the steps. If you took the lift or internal stairwell as high as you can go you need one more set of steps they are not wide and are outside or inside but on the outer of the ships main area. Steps are not safe for many people. So the lifts and there are a few of these are good. But most able people use the main internal stairwells because like me we want the exercise.

Day ten. The seas are a bit choppy today. But not enough to make a whole lot of difference. I still think the cruise is very good. The ship is very good. The Astor crew are exemplary, if we are not already kings and queens then we feel like it on this cruise, the crew are splendid. We are waited on hand and foot. We could be in a kings palace. I have been reading a book while on this cruise. This book a result of being given a Dymocks book shop gift voucher for Xmas. The title of the book: “Spies in the family” written by Eva Dillon. I perceive this book as belying human wisdom and my life in Christ is in Christ wisdom. Christ wisdom is not human wisdom. Human wisdom follows man where’s Christ’s wisdom follows Christ. One wisdom is off this world and the other wisdom is off the above. We want to led by the heavenly above wisdom not the earthly worldly wisdom. To be led by people just buggers up the mind. But I still find reading books about human wisdom endearing to me as I can see the folly in man and I learn more about man. I can share mans way of doing things as against Jesus Christ’s way of doing things. To have a mind of Christ and to be led by the Christ brain makes for a better world. The Christ brain lights up the world. The Christ brains are the stars. The stars are light and let’s people see. This book is about spies, yes, espionage. It’s the USA’s C.I.A pitting itself against the Soviet Unions spies. C.I.A as in Central Intelligence Agency. The C.I.A are protecting the interests of the USA. The USA is about democracy and capitalism. The C.I.A hates extreme left politics. The C.I.A will tolerate extreme right wing politics. The USA’s interests are worldwide. The USA wants to uphold democracy and capitalism worldwide. It’s in the USA interests to have the world follow the idealism of the USA. The book mentions how one C.I.A agent got distraught about the policies the C.I.A was upholding. See the C.I.A supported right wing dictators in Central and South America. This agent worked for the C.I.A in some of these nations. These dictators ruled with an iron fist. Nothing wrong with an iron fist but these leaders oppressed their own people. These nations were unstable, leaders were unstable, the economy was unstable, the politics was unstable. So why this unstableness? The nations peoples must be unstable, but why? This thinking is unstable. Maybe the people worship demons. Thinking is to do with light or dark. Light or dark is to do with your gods you worship. Religion has a lot to do with this. Thinking is about who do you follow? Who is your Lord? Who do your learn from? I mean all this spiritually. Who does your human spirit worship follow and learn from? So we have these unstable nations and they are not far from the USA. The USA wants to influence the world’s people in its own mould. The Soviet Union also wanted to influence the world in its mould. We have the USA capitalist and democratic and the Soviet Union communist and autocratic. Both big super power nations vying to take over as many people and nations as possible. Some nations are unstable, like Central American and South America so the C.I.A goes with what it has available, the extreme is unstable, but the extreme is right wing extreme and that is capitalist and far from the extreme of left wing communism. So the USA supports these right wing dictators because it is better than letting these nations fall to the left wing communists. Capitalism hates communism and vice versa, both are systems of human wisdom. If I was to favour one over the other I would go for capitalism. Capitalism in most cases is democratic. Communism is in most cases autocratic. Communism is losing its appeal in this world. Nations that were formerly die hard communist have in many cases taken up capitalism. Now former communist nations though going capitalist are keeping their autocratic political system. So we get former communist nations now capitalistic but still autocratic. Communism failed in this world. I am not communist, I am capitalist, I was brought up in a capitalist system, I am for democracy, but I am a capitalist who believes in EVEN. Even is sharing your wealth. Even is what the teachings of Christ are about. The true Christian Church should be about sharing. The church is the body. We in the body are each parts. The parts help each other. We help the body parts and when we have provided for the whole body and we have wealth left over we provide for people outside the body. We work we make money we provide for our own part then the other parts in the body and then those outside the body. Satan has a body, Satan has a church. Satan is the head of his body his church. Satan is the Dragon. Satan’s people are snakes. It’s the West against the East. The East is dark. The West is light. Satan keeps his church in poverty. Russia sides with China. Christ is the head of the His body His Church. We have two main bodies in this world. Christ’s body and Satan’s body. Christ leads from above. Satan is off this world. Satan rules those off this world. The head of Christ with the Father God is above this earth. True followers off Christ are in this world but not off this world. The true body off Christ is not off this world. We the ELECT of God are chosen to rule with Christ above. Our souls are saved above. Salvation is from Christ not from man. Human wisdom won’t save the soul. Human wisdom buggers up the soul. Human wisdom is about the human spirit apart from the Holy Spirit. The ELECT are given the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches, guides, leads, mentors, protects, loves, provides for, the human spirit. The soul is saved above. God is above. The Holy Spirit is sent from the above in to our heart to help us.

Day twelve. Cruise finish. I am at home now. The ship arrived in Fremantle Port about 7.40am we were a bit early. 8am was the about time planned arrival. I now reflect. I love reflection. I don’t go for all the shows and noise. I love silence. I listened on the cruise, reflected and learned, learned to my inner person. My inner person is more important than my outer person. Flesh dies but soul is eternal. Flesh in the second coming of Jesus does change. But the second coming could be a long way off. My flesh decays as I get older, there is no glory in decaying flesh. Glory is in the above. There is no real true glory in this world. Glory of this world fades like a flower withering.

Grading of cruise

Ship facilities: very good.

Ship crew service in general: very good.

Our cabin stewardess service: very good to excellent.

Food in restaurants: very good.

Drinks: very good.

Bali experience: poor. We went only to Kuta. This is where all the main shopping is. It’s like a run down shanty town. Also the heat was unbearable. And it rained down for ages I mean bucketed down. Touts were bothering us to buy their goods, some were outright bullies in their insistence.

Maybe elsewhere in Bali there are better places to visit.

Recommendation: visit another port not Bali. I know going from Fremantle there is a restriction in the number of main ports to visit especially exotic foreign ports. Maybe I just don’t like Asian, it’s the psyche, too much of the Dragon and snake for my liking. I discern and I am not of the true Asian psyche. There are obviously Asian Christians who have the psyche of Christ but Indonesia is predominantly an idol (demon) worshipping nation. Dragon and snakes are their forte.

Over all impression of the cruise: the cruise itself was very good to excellent. Though I kept much to myself and did not involve myself much in group activities I did enjoy myself. I like quiet and the things like the night shows especially I did not attend. My brain was real awake and I did learn. I enjoyed my reflections.

Observation: I noticed that most passengers were Anglo Saxon caucasian. There was only one family Asian (parents and their young child). There were no Africans or Afro Americans. Most passengers were white skinned, most were in their 50’s and up in age and a lot were mainly in their 65 and up. There was only one infant with its parents. There were a small number of young teenagers. This ship suits the 50 and above age group more so than teenagers or young adults. Group activities cater more for the mature set.

Cabin: our cabin can only be described as fabulous. It was an excellent cabin.

Summery of my thoughts

My writings are guided by the psyche of Christ. I make no excuses for my psyche. I am guided by insight with thought with help from the Wisdom Spirit of Christ. I am not ashamed to be a follower of Christ. I don’t worship the deities of Dragon and snake. I also do not worship idols with their demons. To me Western thought is based on Christ but it is also based on human wisdom that is mans wisdom apart from Christ. Human wisdom is a poor excuse for Christ wisdom. Human wisdom is about the human spirit. Human wisdom is not the above wisdom. Human wisdom is trying to be clever and say I can do it without Christ. Human wisdom is about God but not through the Son. So Western thought is a mixture of human wisdom and Christ wisdom. Such a mixture makes for weakness. Christ wisdom alone is strong as iron. The West wisdom we have now is as strong as wood. Wood is strong but iron is stronger. Human wisdom makes for buggery. Western human wisdom originated from the likes of Greeks and such buggers the soul. Christ wisdom can not be smothered out just as dark can not overcome light. The foundation of the West is therefore not too strong. But the Eastern thought is based on Satan. Satan is the Dragon. The Dragon has his snakes. The Eastern thought is based on the Dragon and snakes. Then we have the Middle East, here we have the Jews and their step brothers the Arabs. The Middle East is between the East and the West. The thought in the Middle East is two opposing sides, God and Satan. Bali did open my eyes to see Eastern thought. I did not like it. I was glad to get back on the ship. I like the Western thought based on Christ. I like the strong wisdom of Christ but not wisdom of man. Western thought has been moulded by Christ’s teachings. But beware the leaven of the Pharisees and the Greeks. The Pharisees are about the law, they study it and stand at the gate to heaven saying do not go in, follow us. The Pharisees are about human wisdom. The Pharisees love to be showy, they love getting their glory from man, they flaunt their awards and qualifications to others, they want the best seats in public, they want to be seen. The worldly people look up to these Pharisees. The Pharisees will not save their souls through Christ so why follow them. The Pharisees think they are too clever for Christ. The Pharisees are everywhere.

Ship cruising is good, one can learn much by travelling. And I did not get seasick not even once on the whole cruise.

I dedicate these writings to God above. Not my own glory but Gods. I am nothing apart from God. A prime reason I booked this cruise was to take my wife on a good holiday. I wanted to give my wife a treat. I have some money (my own) and wanted to show my appreciation to my wife for being my wife.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

It was now later in the day. Usually when I rise in the morning from sleep I don’t take much time before I turn my attentions to heaven. But today I took my time before heaven with God became my focus. So what did I do? I attended to my bodily wants and needs first. When I did pray to God I reflected and understood what I had done. I have an alive body but I also have an alive head. My head should come first not my body. My body submits to my head. My head is not dead. My mind my soul in my head is very much alive. My soul above, saved, saved in God. God is above. 

And God is in my heart in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is part of the God head because He comes from the Head. The Holy Spirit comes from above in to my heart. The Holy Spirit is sent by God. The Holy Spirit is also God, God the Spirit. God is above in the God head in WORDS and next to Him at His right is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is in flesh, an immortal flesh whatever that might be. Immortal means not death but ever lasting. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. 
When I got around to praying to God today I reflected on my giving the body first place before my head today and my thoughts wondered on to university professors. Professors, the big “humanism” sticks out its head. Humanism is not Jesus Christ’s wisdom. Then I thought – humanism might have its place in the grand scheme of salvation. No one just gets all wise of God in minutes or just years. Wisdom of God comes slowly. Gods elect are put under the leadership of human wisdom until they are wise enough of Christ to think for themselves. Human wisdom is about humans apart from God. Human wisdom is humanism. The wise of God break free of human wisdom as they grow in Gods wisdom. Gods wisdom is Jesus Christ. 
So I prayed to God today later than usual. I put my body first today. I realised my mistake. My body is not to be first. My head comes first. My head is in charge of my body. My head is very much alive. My head holds my soul. My soul is in my mind. My mind (thoughts) is not dull. My mind (thoughts) is sharp. I sharpen my mind up using words, Gods words. I read the Holy Scriptures from the Bible. The scriptures are simple, the simple truth. The simple truth is sharp. 
There are many versions now of the Bible but the true essence of God is still there. Read and discern, perceive and understand. God is invisible, God is a metaphor, meta meaning beyond, beyond the physical. God teaches us in parables, He throws a story a long side another story to try and show that there is invisible along side visible. Jesus would talk about a story in the visible to impart a perception of the God teaching of the invisible. We humans are human spirit, the teachings from God via the Holy Scriptures, are essentially for our human spirit to comprehend. Parables teachings are also called analogies. Metaphors are words used in analogical teachings to help our human spirit to see that there is a beyond, this beyond is where the human spirit is living apart from the physical existence that we live in. Metaphors describe something in the physical sense to make it real in the spiritual sense (to give meaning to our human spirit). 
We are essentially trying to teach our human spirit to be wise and understanding. Remember God is invisible and the invisible made the visible. Human wisdom (humanism) has little place for Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God teaches about another kingdom apart from all worldly physical kingdoms. There is a Spirit kingdom of God. We the elect of God in spirit live in this Spiritual kingdom. We the elect live in the world but not off the world. We elect are just transient. We elect don’t belong to this world. 
To give first place to my head before my body is as simple as just praying to God above. Pray from heart. Pray from human spirit in heart to above. Pray with words. Speak. To give first place to the head means giving the head glory. Do not glorify the body. Glory the head. Moses was glorified in his head when he went up Mount Sinai. Moses even put a veil over his head so that the Hebrews could not see the glory of the head (the people were not worthy to see the glory of God). There is a veil even now over people’s minds, they see but they do not see, they hear but they do not hear, they do not understand in their hearts. Moses and many prophets gave/give glory to God. God above first. We know each other by our faces we know God by His face. The face is on the head. Simple.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

 I thought artificial intelligence was about humans not having to think any more. 

Or is intelligence not merely about thinking? Intelligence is the ability to understand. But what about thinking? To understand does one need to think? Or is intelligence based mainly on perception, discernment? 
Robots and artificial intelligence is not about more jobs for humans, it’s about less jobs for humans. Humans don’t want to work. 
Governments talk about a universal basic income. Everyone gets a set income no matter what their job or their not even having a job. 
Humans create artificial (whatever – plastic, intelligence, robots, etc), arty farty, hoity toity, unnatural, limp wristed, not straight thinking. Artificial buggers up the mind. 
Robots with artificial intelligence will be called humanoids. These humanoids might get rational thought, might, I don’t know. Can humanoids ever morally think? Will these robots know right from wrong? Humans got rational thought. God made humans simple and God said to the first humans not to eat of science (the knowledge of good and evil) but humans went ahead and partook of science. Now humans (not all) disregard their maker. Why then should not humanoids partake of science and disregard their maker, humans. Humanoids made simple by humans and then becoming complex. Humans are getting more complex over time as they partake of science. Humanoids might become renegade. There will be the good humanoids and the evil humanoids. 
Science is about good knowledge and evil knowledge. Science can do good or evil. 
Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. If science is complex does that mean God is complex? Science is of God. Is the Father God complex and is the God Son Jesus Christ simplex? Why would the Father be complex and His Son simplex? Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God. Is the Wisdom of God simplex and not complex? Truth is simple. The simple truth. Is not science the simple truth? Jesus Christ is not complex. We assume Jesus is simplex as is His wisdom is simplex. Science is here to stay. But why were humans in the beginning warned not to eat of science? What is wrong with science? If the Father God knows science why can not humans know science? What is dangerous about science? Why did God tempt the first humans with science? Science is good and evil. Science now can destroy most of life on this planet earth. Man can use science to obliterate mankind. Science also heals. Science provides comforts to humans. Man uses science to create robots. Man uses science to create artificial. 
Man was made simple but man has made him her self complex. Man has made knotty balls of wound up thought in his her minds. Man is winding him her self up in thinking. It’s no longer straight thinking.

Those people who embrace science usually don’t embrace Jesus Christ. Those that embrace science might say that Christ and his message is simple. These science lovers presume simplicity of God is foolishness. These science people think complex is wise. 
Satan has blinded many people. There is an anomaly of what is truth. There is a veil over people’s minds, they see but do not see, they hear but do not hear, their hearts do not understand.
Universities are full of science. There’s the social sciences for example. I studied sociology at university. I found the sociology teaching very man made. It’s like you have to check your wrists in case you leave the straight path too much. Sociology is not Gods wisdom but is human wisdom. In my final exam in sociology I wrote of my conversion to Jesus Christ. And I failed the course. I could imagine the examiner getting angry at my writings. I was probably thought of as an idiot. 
Let me be quite straight here, Jesus Christ’s teachings are not wanted at universities. University does not teach Jesus Christ’s wisdom. University is about human wisdom not Gods wisdom. University is about the achievements of human spirit not Gods Spirit. At university you embrace humanism. If you write in university essays and assignments on Jesus teachings you will be failed. Theology at university is taught very objectively, it’s not about believing in God but being critique. You study comparing the different religions, which is not bad. 
At Bible College I found a lot of humanism. One of our main lecturers was/is a humanist. And this lecturer was not shy in telling the class at one point that he was a humanist. 
So where does that leave the Holy Spirit? Many try and quench Gods Spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 31, 2017

Humanism is the enemy of religion. True humanists detest religion. Humanism came in to being as a break away from religion. Religion has for centuries been at the forefront of civilisation. Religion was the glue that kept societies together. Man has always been about money and religion and not necessary in that order. I think religion even came before money. Religion is about belief. 

As soon as man got language and writing together man was curious about both the heavens and nature. Man needs beliefs. Man saw living and working in communities as a better way to survive, not just a few people living in a cave separated far from others. The cave man may have dwelled in small groups. But man saw strength in numbers. There were always the marauders the bandits so living in numbers the group can fight off their enemies. Life was and is about survival. In the communities man had their leaders but man wanted their spiritual leaders. Man has since the beginning perceived the spiritual side. How does man perceive spiritual? Man is spirit and soul and so man naturally believes in the spirits. Over the centuries man in their own unique languages have called the spirit side by many names but no matter what names are used the fact is man can perceive and there is a big pattern to all this belief. The total pattern is that there is a Supreme One God. Religions in their immaturity might address many gods as in many demons so they address the dark spiritual side. The Jews addressed the one supreme God and then came Christianity to cap it off on this one God. Christ came to teach and preach about His Father the One Supreme God. We only mature spiritually and see the big pattern of true belief through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only begotten Son of the One Supreme God.  
Humanism came as a response maybe to the corruption in religion. We call this first break away as the Renaissance. It was a born again period. Humanism was a born again break away. Birthing anew and away from religion. The Renaissance was essentially a European thing. The religion at this time in Europe was essentially Roman Catholic. We get Catholic priests who were corrupt. Bishops bought their positions. Bishops and cardinals ruled the roost. The people were under the thumb of these religious. Now amongst the people were talented people. But to learn or get good positions you had to be either rich or know friends in high places. Religion was stifling society. There were many intelligent people who wanted more of life, they wanted to learn. Most people at this time were poor and were in to labouring jobs. The people blamed religion for their predicament. People went to literature, music and the arts to satisfy their hunger for learning. We got the classical painters and musicians. People learnt to read and write. People read books. People saw beyond the confines of what the Roman Catholic Church taught. People left the church and even said the church was evil and that the Pope was the Devil. Universities were opened to all people who could pay and not just open to the upper classes. We saw an emancipation of the lower classes to learn. 
Humanism like anything that goes too much goes into unbalance. We now don’t have religion controlling every thought and deed of our lives. But people when they start something don’t know when to stop. Humanism was a response to religion. Humanism was essentially a western response. 
But humanism has not always been a response to religion. You could even say humanism came with the Greeks. The Greeks were about thought. Philosophy they called it. We got the teachers Plato and Socrates. So it was only later we got the Renaissance and the freedom to learn away from religion. The Greeks got western civilisation on to science. Philosophy soon became science. It was about the study of the heavens and nature. 
We have the initial humanistic wave coming with the Greeks then we got the second wave coming with the European Renaissance. Later came the psychological humanism from the likes of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. It was philosophy and psychology. But the word “science” has superseded all the previous names for humanisms pursuits. So where is religion now with the humanists? A true humanist does not need the religion of God or gods, the true humanist now has science as his her religion. It’s all about science to the humanist now. Science is about empirical evidence. Science can be proved whereas religion is just belief and can not be proved. You can not prove God exists. 
What am I? I am no humanist. To me humanism in today’s definition is not just about a freedom from religion. I have a lot of my life been religious. I am now forsaking religion. But I am not forsaking God. My Master and Lord is God through Jesus Christ. Religion in todays life can smother out talent and inspiration. Religion even today is a lot about man made dogmas and man made rules and man made rituals. Priests are forsaking Christ’s teachings to teach their own made up teachings. Priests are controlling souls with man made rules. But not all religion is bad, quite a lot is ok. I lived with religion quite a bit, I grew up with it for many years. I became a Christ believer in the lap of religion. Without religion I might not have been saved. My soul is saved. There are also good religious. With age comes wisdom. With Christ’s wisdom comes a break away from man made wisdom. Religion can be man made so I break away from the man made religion, I do keep the wisdom and religion that is of Christ. I don’t need mans wisdom now as I have Christ’s wisdom to help me. Mans wisdom served its purpose, it helped me until I was wise of God. In Christ’s wisdom I am no humanist but I also am no religious, I am neither. I don’t need humanism and I don’t need religion. It’s that simple. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 22, 2017

This book written by Halina Wagowska is both confronting, and educational. It makes one think “If the Germans in mass can treat the Jews like they did then it is collective responsibility”. 

I am saying is it possible that you and me and all gentiles can do what the Germans did? The Jews killed Jesus. Are all Christians capable of killing and or hating the Jews? And are Jews capable of killing and or hating gentiles. Christians are also known for their abominations in other areas; killing of the red Indians in North America; the white people wanted the red Indians land; treating black colored people as slaves and treating them abominably; taking the Australian aboringine land by force; the aborigine of Australia only got the federal election vote in 1962 and they were not even citizens of their own land until 1967. In Australia we have politicians who are xenophobic. Pauline Hanson would look good in leathers bull whipping aborigines and Muslims or for that matter any human who is not white and Christian.
Halina the Jew. She spent years in a German concentration camp. While in camp Halina promises herself that after the war she would testify to her inhuman treatment. To testify meant she had to survive and survive she did. Halina in writing her story had to confront her demons, those shadows that she fought from her mind. Halina now was old, most of her foes probably have left this world. This obviously now made it easier for her to write, to write when a lot of her shadows had passed away. Halina decided there can be no supreme God. What God would allow this suffering? There can be no God. But Halina is forgetting that the Jews crucified Lord Jesus Christ. There was a curse on the Jews; the curse was on the head of every Jew. Crucifixion is no tea party, it must have been agonising for Jesus to suffer the way he did. And then there was the whipping of Jesus. If Jews can do what they did to Jesus then it must be in their hearts to do the same to Christians. The Germans were not the only ones in history to persecute and kill Jews. Other nations over time did it too. Halina a Jew but a Jew who does not believe in God. Halina is a Jew by birth. Halina became a humanist. I personally find humanists hard to take; I hate the idea of humanism. I remember at Bible College at the first class of one of my subjects and the lecturer introduced himself as a humanist. No one in class seemed to find humanism wrong but I was shocked to see it in a bible college lecturer. And this lecturer was in charge of the spiritual formation classes and counseling classes. Maybe this lecturer was a God believing humanist. But I thought humanists do not believe in a supreme God. Halina the humanist; I am disappointed in Halina. There can be no God because of the way the Germans treated the Jews; tell that to the Jews who bull whipped Jesus and nailed him to a cross. Jesus the Lord, Gods Son. Halina should know that humans are quite capable of bull whipping and killing other humans. The USA civil war was about freeing the slaves. They were slaves because of the colour of their skin. The confederates many who were educated and intelligent. 
Man can be good and he can be bad. We carry good and bad in us. Don’t act all sanctimonious and say you are good and would never whip or crucify Jesus. “Crucify him crucify him” the crowds shouted to Pilate the Govenor. “The death be on your heads and the heads of your descendants”. We humans curse our neighbours, we gossip, we lie, we slander, we mock. We are no better than the Nazis. We just do it in a different way to the Nazis. We use our tongues like a sword, we stick it in and our neighbours suffer. 
This book is a good read. Halina after the war devotes a lot of her time to helping those people disadvantaged. I am just sorry that she denies a supreme God. The war and the concentration camp should have taught her about people. Halina lacked faith. Halina lost faith, you don’t have faith in human beings you have faith in God. This life is only temporal. Our life in the next life is paradise. Paradise is not in this world. We suffer in this world and wait to join Jesus in heaven. Man is capable of much evil. Satan rules a lot in this world. Persevere not for paradise here but paradise in the next life. Death is only a step. Death is a door. 
I prefer reading books written by believers. Loyalty and faithfulness in God mean a lot to me. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 30, 2015

Your mouth and tongue is in your head – speak with sense – and your eyes seeing and your ears hearing and your tongue tasting and your nose smelling – all these are in the head and help to give good sense.

So the Christ Head Rules.

The thoughts rule conscious and the conscious head is what rules the body and the body is either satans body or Jesus Christ’s body or a body that is of the wild. So what head (thoughts with conscious) should be ruling over ALL? I Say the Jesus Christ head. Jesus thoughts should rule. So the humanist – does he or she rule with Christ thoughts? No no, the humanist rules with mans wisdom, man made and not God made (not Christ made). The humanist and satanist do not help at all, about nil, they are not ruling in their thoughts from Christ. Humanism is a type of fools gold. It looks good but it is false. False to God. Christ’s thoughts are the true wisdom of God thoughts. Thoughts are in Words and Words rule. Words rule through conscious (and sub conscious). Christ thoughts rule over ALL. So the satanist and the humanist are really useless when it comes to helping the community keep in wise order. Christ is the true head and we as members of the body of Christ need to obey the ruling of the Words of Christ. It’s very very SIMPLE. Christ does not rule with complications. Keep it simple and you learn from Christ’s Spirit. Don’t try and complicate God, you won’t learn true wisdom of Christ that way. We must adhere to our souls being converted to the soul of Christ. The mind (soul) of Christ no other. Let’s be WISE (truly wise).

Who rules? The God Head rules, no question about it. We call the God Head, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent by God above in to our heart. The heart does not rule, the Head rules. Does the Holy Spirit rule from the heart? The Head rules and the Bible says Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body. Jesus Christ is in the Head ruling from above, the above heavens. The Kingdom of God is within. Emmanuel God within. Coming to terms with the subjectiveness and objectiveness of God is not easy; one has to balance the God in Jesus who is in the physical and is out there somewhere and also come to terms with the God within. Heaven can be out up there and also within us. We must balance the object God and the subject God. We can not just make God an object. But we can not dwell in introspective subjectiveness too much. Walking a straight line between subject and object is very hard; one must have plenty of self control. 

Young people are too much in to their passions; the elderly have more self control than the youth. The elderly have more experience too. Passions do not go with self control. You will find more good sense with those who have self control.  

In our human spirit, do we understand the up there? The human spirit in the heart, do you see a head up there? Are your spiritual eyes open to see the head on top of the body or are you devoid of such thought of a head ruling above. Human spirit can be ignorant of a lot of things, we just have to hopefully understand with Gods Spirit help. But no doubt in our own spirit we struggle with Gods Spirit; I mean we know better or do we. So we struggle with God. We would rather learn off man out there than learn off God. Human wisdom is more appealing; we don’t have to struggle with God that way. Who wants to learn off the Holy Spirit when there is no real glory in it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 28, 2014

I think I think I think and I live within my heart and mind but I am also part of the universal conscious (mind) and universal subconscious (heart). My thoughts are linked in as other people’s thoughts are linked in to the greater universal thinking. So we are all (those in CHRIST) part of “The Universal Consciousness”.

Maybe we can call the process of how the Universal Conscious communicates – “COMMUNING”. Maybe the minds commune through human spirit. But maybe the communion only happens between those who are in the body of Christ. We commune within the confines of the church (body of Christ). The people outside the church (body of Christ) are out in the darkness, these people outside the body of Christ live in the wild they are not part of the cultivated thinking that is in the confines of the Cultivated Universal Mind and Heart of the body of Christ. Of course being in the Universal Mind and Heart of Christ does not necessary mean one is mature and wise. We mature and wizen up in thoughts over time. Just like a plant grows we humans also grow, we grow in spirit and soul in wisdom and maturity of thought. No one coming in to the body of Christ (saved soul) automatically goes straight to full maturity and wisdom. God is a God of growth. Nature itself tells us things grow. Gods creation grows. Humans grow in stature and wisdom.

Carl Jung a noted psychiatrist and psychotherapist (b. 1875 – d. 1961) also wrote about the universal conscious and sub conscious. Jung called it “Collective unconscious”. Jung in my mind was in the church (the spiritual body of Christ). Jung was in the cultivated body and not in the outside wild body. Jung had religion but he did not fully understand it. Jung had religion because his human father was in the body of Christ (that is my understanding). If ones father is saved, the son is saved. The son is saved the father is saved. I expect it also works with mother and daughter or is it father and daughter. Jung obviously was not a big reader of the Bible and if he was he did not refer to the Bible in his theories. Jung was humanising his understanding of what he learnt and discerned in the body of Christ (the church). Jung’s father was a Minister in the church. Jung no doubt learnt a lot about the Christian church but may have strayed from his fathers teachings to a gospel that the world preaches, a worldly gospel that puts man in the forefront of everything apart from God. Jung discerned well, so we gather he was very insightful, meaning he had a lot of light in him, not darkness. God may have blessed Jung because of his father. Jung’s human spirit must have learnt much from his fathers teachings at church. The human spirit listens and communes and sees and subconsciously learns even when we might not think so. Jung had good learning from his father but his mother was another thing. Jung’s mother may have had a mental illness. She was depressed and thought spirits were talking to her. Mental illness can in many cases be caused by immaturity. Jung in his grown up life maybe wanted to understand his mother more. Jung maybe was trying to be like his Minister (Pastor) father but pastor/mentor/understand mental illness. So here we get Jung the minister of mind illnesses. Carl did not become a Minister of the church like his father but instead used the God given gifts given to him to play the Pastor in a humanistic way. It was never about God to Jung; oh no he was better than his father, he was not going to be exactly like his father, he was going to be his own man apart from his father. So we get Jung the humanist (it’s about him), not Jung the follower of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 18, 2013

Sensible eating and drinking should be a forte and focus of human thinking.
So what is good to eat and drink? What is our frame of reference when eating and drinking? The frame of reference is God. There is God made food and drink. Who else on this earth makes and creates? Yes mankind (people) makes and creates. Mankind makes food and drink. What we call manmade (term for people both male and female) is called artificial. Artificial is all unnatural. Unnatural is to be perverse.
What should we not eat and drink? Do not eat manmade food and drink if you want real sensible eating and drinking. To be truly wise is to eat and drink only God made food and drink. Eat a banana, eat an apple, eat a orange, eat nuts, eat wheat and barley, eat carrots, eat potatoes, eat lettuce, eat cauliflower, eat parsnip, eat cabbage, eat meat, eat chicken, eat fish, and the list goes on; we are speaking about God made food here; all these foods are God made not manmade. Drink plain water, drink milk; both God made too. Anything that is outside natural food and drink is unnatural and should be avoided. Natural is to honour God our maker. Man makes food and drink; man tries and passes food and drink off as God food but it is not; it is a deception. A lot of processed food and drink is manmade. Man even duplicates God’s flavourings. Manmade food and drinks are inferior to a God made food and drinks. Man tries and copies what God had made. Artificial is unnatural and perverse. Mankind is heading (like a steam train, all go) on a path of perverseness. Perverseness is about complexity. To be straight of God is to be in simplicity. Live straight thinking lives. God wants us to think straight. Mankind and his creations are arty and perverse. Get back to God and his creations in a life of simplicity. Give up manmade, give up artificial, give up complexity, give up perverseness. Mankind leads us away in his/her creations to worship mankind. Mankind becomes the God, the maker God. Humans then worship humans and turn away from our true creator, humans become perverts (means turning away). We get mans wisdom, mans philosophies, mans understanding, man and man not God. “Humanism” becomes the religion of mankind. Humanism is manmade understanding. Humanism perverts.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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