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October 23, 2017

Wives be submissive to your husbands as the church is submissive to Christ. The body is to be submissive to the head. The head rules the body. The woman is as the body submitting to the head of the man who has the Mind of Christ. 

Now there is more than meets the eye. God does not expect wives to submit to husbands who are not behaving as Christ. Wives do not submit to hate, or violence or anything not bespeaking Christ like attributes. 
Christ lords it over the church the body. Christ is the head. But we in the body do not submit to a head with a mind with thoughts not Godly. 
So wives do not have to always submit to their husbands because husbands in many ways do not think with Godly thoughts. The husband to act as the head needs the mind of Christ and having the mind of Christ is to think Godly thoughts. 
Many husbands do not think with a full mind of Christ. 
Wives have to discern what is Godly and what is not Godly. READ THE BIBLE. We discern Gods will from holy scriptures. Don’t let the establishment church bully you. Women read the bible, think, and act as a united voice. Men have for centuries used women just to satisfy their egos. Christ wants women to submit to Him, Christ wants the whole body to submit to Him, male and female. Men have to rule only with the headship of God, without this headship of Christ men are impotent and live out a fantasy life led by their lusts, men use women to satisfy their fantasy lusts. 
So what is it to have the mind of Christ? To think like Christ. Christ teaches us through the Bible that we must change our thoughts. It’s about actions too but most things are keyed in to ones thoughts. We want a changed soul. The soul thinks. To change the thinking we go through a conversion. Convert the soul. 
Most people do not care about their thinking. Then again a lot do. People are so immersed into this worlds noise that they can not hear themselves think. Life is on a treadmill, one that is getting faster by the year. No one has time to think. No one knows what they are thinking. But thoughts rule the roost. Even if you can not hear yourself think, your thoughts are ruling your actions. Words control everything. Good word thoughts should be in control. 
Husbands who commit domestic violence against their wives are not thinking and acting Godly. Wives do not submit to violence, why? Because Jesus the head is not violent. Wives who regularly submit to a violent husband need their heads read. Read the bible. In the past the husband was the bread winner and the wife the housewife. The housewife earned no money. Money rules this world. The husband had power by having the money. Money is power. But wives look to God, don’t focus on money, have faith in God, leave the violence and make a stand for God. God would never bash a woman. Women need to choose a wise husband and vice versa. Pray and read the bible, Satan is roaring around like a lion looking for prey to eat. Demons exist. Protect the mind. Protect the thoughts. Fight the good fight. Give your hearts to Jesus. Let Jesus protect you.
Don’t have faith in the church. Have faith in God above. Don’t give your life to the church, give your life to God above. The church is made up of declared sinners but God does not sin. Have a relationship with God. Have a simple faith in God. Be childlike to God, don’t think you know better than God. To marry well is being wise. Don’t be a fool in your choice of a spouse. Just because the person is charming or beautiful or rich does not mean it’s ok. Charm and beauty and riches can be a veneer hiding a monster. Look deep. Look to spirit and soul. Look to heart. Don’t look at the house, or job, or income, or clothes. 
Your marriage is one made in heaven or hell. It takes two to tango.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF GOD (read the bible to learn God’s will)

July 31, 2017

Submit to the head of Christ. Submit to the mind of Christ. The husband is supposed to have the headship of Christ over his wife. The wife submits to the headship of Christ in the husband. The wife does not submit to evil. If the husband is acting outside the will of God that means the wife is not to submit to that evil will. The wife submits to Christ not to the wisdom of this world. What is God’s will? Read the Bible, the will of God is there for all to learn. The husband is to love the wife as Christ loves the church. The church does not submit to evil. The church submits to Christ. The husband is not God but he acts in Christ’s name but if he is sinning you don’t submit and obey the husbands sins. 

Simple. Simple. 
And a lot of Christ followers marry non followers of Christ. Women marry dogs and men marry bitches. Don’t marry strays. Loose women and men are best left alone. Light can not partner with darkness. You may think I can save my partner if I marry them; I say true, but it’s your bed, you make it and you lie in It.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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