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April 12, 2018

I have thought (maybe not enough on this subject but albeit I will write what I think now) about the two bodies. One body God’s and one body Satan’s. Two opposing bodies in this world. One body the God body has its head in heaven and the other body is at the God’s body feet. The God body is the heavenly body, the Satan body is the hell body. We have two forces fighting each other. Satan’s body has the embodiment of the snake. The spiritual deity the Dragon (in the hell body) rules this Satan body. Snakes and dragon are more defined to the Asian race. Snakes live in other races but mainly the Asian race. The snake is spiritual, few people see it, I have seen it. I don’t know anyone else who sees or has seen it. Prophets called seers may see it. I used to see it for quite a while but hardly at all now. The snake I saw was seen through other peoples eyes. The hell body is Satan’s body and is the enemy.

We think in our bodies. Words words thoughts words thoughts. Don’t go on feelings in the body. Think in words. But what about sins? Yes sins rob you of knowing God. Sin robs you of using your senses clearly. Sin blinds you. Sin robs you of your hearing, smelling and tasting. We need our senses to win the fight against Satan’s body. Though we in God’s body are above Satan’s body we can be compromised by sin. We in the body are each a part of the one big body. We are connected up in the body by words, thoughts, words, thoughts, words. Don’t go on feelings. We think and we use reason. We think the way we do for reasons; who, what, where, when, why and how; we do not stray from reason. We question everything. To learn we question. Answers come after questions, be brave ask. Fake teachers hate being questioned. Teachers can be teachers only in name. We think and our words in thoughts and vocal are all linked in to the big body. The big body is all of us. Satan has his body with all his members and God has his body with all his members. It’s not church membership. We are members of the body because of God no other. No one makes us a member of God’s body but God. No one after coming in to the God body can be expelled from the body by mans intervention. You are in the body at God’s invite. God can only expel you. And likewise for Satan’s body only the Dragon can expel (I guess this is true for Satan).

We are two bodies walking this earth.

The two bodies vie for peoples, nations, and wealth. Why is Satan’s body taking over this world? Simple, God’s body is sinning. The morals of God’s body is in decline, has been for a while. People for example in God’s body worship money, it’s about money day and night to them, they work for money they don’t work to help people. It’s not about service it’s about pride. And what does pride go before? We know that one, pride goes before a fall. Will the body of God fall? Adam and Eve the first Homo sapiens also took a fall, they were proud. All pride leads to a fall. But God’s body is above Satan’s body, yes, but members of God’s body are blind and deaf spiritually they are sinning and Satan can take this world away from them. Will there be a bastion left where true righteous believers of God can have sanctuary? I don’t know, maybe the USA but that is wishful thinking.

We think and the Wisdom of God in the God body is supreme. Wisdom of God (Jesus Christ) is the clever thinking and as such all other wisdom in the God body has to submit to this God wisdom. If wisdom other than Gods contends with God’s wisdom then we see sickness in this other wisdom. Mans wisdom is useless against God’s wisdom, it is like man in his own wisdom is only as strong as wood whereas God’s wisdom compared to wood is strong as iron. Prophets in the Old Testament are called men of iron. God said to Jeremiah that he would make him strong as iron. We are not taking about flesh and bone here. The world thinks of strong in physical terms that’s why people love watching all the violence on television and at the cinema. Humans are parts of the big body. We think together. I am in the God body. I am in the God body by the choosing of God. No mans flesh or demon spirit made me part of God’s body. God made me part of his body. God can accept or reject. God can invite or turn away.

But it’s about sin as to how one understands his her place in the God body. I write more about the God body rather than the body of Satan. I know more about God’s body. In God’s body we God’s people all think together. Be very careful what you speak out or write about. Words words words. It really comes down to thoughts. Young people are immature they are about the physical body so it’s only the older people who have died to much of their physical passions who are able to understand. Flesh means sins. Young people are about the flesh. Young people are about want want and want. Young people are about idolising materialism and people. God is far from young peoples minds when they wake up in the morning. Satan has his opportunity with young people. The youth are blinded by the physical, they see but they do not see, they hear but they do not hear. The youth hear Alice Cooper and Elton John they do not discern God. The young seemingly wimpish in their thoughts and weak in their wrists. Alice Cooper won’t give a boy strong wrists. Alice may have come from Godly parents but his music is definitely not Godly. The Rolling Stones (a rock group) members faces look like they are battle hardened by drugs like heroine. Mick Jaggers face reads drugs all over it. What do women and girls find adorable in drugged up rock stars? Stars? What stars? They don’t shine, they don’t give light, it’s fake light, it’s dark.

We are in a body. God’s people are all over this planet. You just don’t find them in church buildings, they are everywhere. Satan’s people are everywhere. Take a paddock, there is grass, but there are weeds too. Weeds are the members of the body of Satan. There will always be weeds. There will always be grass. But weeds and grass are all burnt up sometime in the future, when I don’t know. The grass and weeds meantime wither, we all die sometime. We are not just flesh and bone, we are spirit, soul and a spiritual body. We leave our physical body. In the Second Coming of Christ we the saved each get a new body. The big burn will cleanse this earth, burn away all the trash, burn up all the sins. Will this burn be from nuclear weapons? I don’t know, the first cleansing of this earth was by water and that was not man initiated. The burn could come from solar flares from the sun, but I do not know. I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Jesus would know.

What does Jesus want us to do? Be clean. Don’t sin. Jesus wants his body clean of sins. Jesus gave to his body the mind of Jesus Christ. Jesus lives in this body. Jesus is Spirit and mind in this body. Where is Jesus Christ? He rose in to heaven. But someone might say, that what Jesus disciples saw of Jesus rising up in to the clouds, that was a vision. Maybe so. But Jesus rising is to be understood Spirit to spirit, God Spirit to our human spirit. Our human spirit is in our heart. God’s Spirit comes down in to our heart. We learn from a mind and a heart level. Our mind is our soul. Our soul is saved. Jesus says true worship of God is from spirit and in truth.

Be clean and we are healed says Jesus. We carry our ancestors sins in us. We must die as Jesus died. We must die to our sins and our ancestors sins. We are born again. This born again is nonsense to the traditional way of salvation where children are christened in to the church body as infants. Born again is nonsense to many people. Parents who are Godly and who come from a family tree of Godly people see the born agains as sinners returning to the fold. It’s the lost being found. Sinners rejoice in being cleansed, the born agains never quite understand their place in the body and some fall back in to their old ways. Traditional Christians go to church on a Sunday regularly but they see no need to have an ongoing relationship with God. They may pray but very seldom. They think they are okay whereas the born agains are all about Jesus day and night. The born agains are so thankful to be forgiven for their sins and so thankful to Jesus Christ for being the atoning sacrifice for their sins.

Church fellowship is about learning about God, worshiping God, and being cleansed of sins. In a group of the saved mysteriously our sins are washed away. Don’t ask how, they just are, it’s spiritually. We also make friends at church fellowship. We need friends. No man is an island.

We are in this big big big body. We are connected. To know about this big big big body is to first know it spiritually and this means to understand it in our human spirit. God often teaches us, as did Jesus to his apostles on this earth, with metaphor. So to understand spiritual we can talk or write about the physical we teach physical but we in spirit, when clean of sins, see and hear beyond the physical to understand in the spirit. It’s like when we look at a person physically, we see beyond the flesh we see the person within and read his her thoughts, we perceive. So when we choose a book we don’t stay with the book cover we want to go beyond the cover and read. Food for thought. The food is in words. We read words. The body to us is physical but the body is also spiritual. We are one body of many bodies. We must get on together. We must not fight each other. Bodies get sick, members fight each other. Don’t fight or resist the head. Honour and glory the head. Don’t glory or honour the body. Head first not body first.

Satan is slowly taking over this world. Maybe meant to be. God’s people may have to make a choice one day, take the Mark of the Beast or not. To take the Mark joins you to the Beast, you then belong to the Beast. The Beast belongs to Satan. Money is a powerful temptation and Satan knows this. You take the Mark you belong to Satan. Is God using this Mark as a test? Maybe I am not sure. But God says me or money. God says trust Me or Satan.

This may be it: Maybe the two bodies will have their distinct areas that each body controls in this world. Maybe we won’t have to take the Mark of the Beast for those living in the area controlled by God’s people.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 21, 2016

The Western Australian Police Commissioner wants to send offending drivers letters. 

In a letter to the editor (from our newspaper): “The only effective way to drive home the safe driving message (in other words no letters) is to have (more) visible patrol vans”. 
I read (in this letter) “The only effective way” and my mind went busy. I thought of effective then I thought of reflective. So I think it should be:
“The only reflective way to drive home the safe driving message is to send letters from the Police commissioner”. 
Why letters? Letters coming from a person in authority make a person think. When I say think, THEY REFLECT. To reflect we need a mirror to reflect off. But an authority can only be reflective if that authority has reflective qualities and those qualities have to be good morals. Good morals reflect and make a person think. Bad authority does not reflect. I am speaking about reflection of ones thoughts. 
Gods Spirit makes the best reflection. God is like a mirror / a looking glass. When we see God we see ourselves. 
So if our esteemed WA Police Commissioner is of good morals and wants to write letters to offending drivers then let him. But is the Police Commissioner good enough in heart and mind to make erring drivers think and change their ways? I do not know.
So an authority has the authority but does it have the power? Does the authority have the power to reflect? We need to mirror others. God made humans in His reflection. We are made in the image of God our maker. Authorities might have power to punish but can they reflect? Punish and reflection are two different things. Reflection can change ones ways. Reflection considers all the options; we think like at a cross roads; we consider our journey and what path we are on. We can be a better person after reflection. In reflection we see ourselves and we see our good and our bad; we can get convicted in our thoughts.
How do we mirror others? A mirror to work 100% has to be clean 100%. You can not mirror yourself properly off a dirty mirror. The cleaner we are the better we can mirror off other people. 

Dirty authorities make dirty reflection. Clean authorities make clean reflection. Authorities need to be clean to have a good thinking and reflective society. Punishing the sinners is not always the only way for authorities to help society; authorities need to make people think (reflect) on their bad actions and change their ways. The sinner has to change from inside. Outside forces can not always change people from the inside. A person has to make their own decisions. We can help by mirroring the sinner and that helps the sinner to see where they have gone wrong; otherwise the person does not understand.
The writer to the editor finishes up his letter in saying that much more police presence (in police vans) on the streets would make erring drivers THINK.

It can obviously only but help to have a greater police presence.   
To be effective is to be REFLECTIVE. Only by changing the people from the inside will society at large be bettered. You can change peoples behaviour by outside influences but that is all HYPOCRISY unless one is changed from the inside. Flesh trying to force other flesh to change behaviour is not permanent. Mirroring people can make people themselves change themselves. We reflect and this gives empowerment to the erring person to change. A person changes themself. 
So to be EFFECTIVE is to be REFLECTIVE. 
For those people who choose to make Jesus Christ their LORD and saviour, they can ask Jesus Christ in to their hearts and confess all their sins to God; God does promise a HELPER for them. God from heaven sends to his ELECT the Helper The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help the saved to know all the truth. The truth sets one FREE. The Holy Spirit is the GENIUS Spirit; (Genie as in spirit). The Holy Spirit is all pure and powerful and can change a person from the inside. To change or what we can better call to “TRANSFORM” by Gods way ONE HAS TO “WANT” GOD. WANT FROM THE HEART. Know one is a sinner and truly repent. We are ALL sinners, no one is exempt, we confess we sin, we confess we sin. We are like naughty children. We have a child to Father relationship with God. No one is perfect, no one is ever perfect. God saves through the church. The church is not God, God is above. When the church lets you down don’t worry God above will never let you down. The church is full of sinners just as you (are now) will be if you come into the church.
The fool says : “I have done nothing wrong”.

The wise say : “I am a sinner”.
The wise look at God and see themselves and understand it is their own self they see and not God. The wise know they are reflecting off God. The wise know that God acts as a mirror. 

The wise see God, reflect off God, mirror off God and know what sins they see are their own sins and not Gods sins. When the wise see themselves they want to wash away the dirt (the sins). The wise confess to God and get cleaned in God.
The fool looks at God and see sins (dirt). The fool thinks what they are seeing are the sins of God but in reality the fool is seeing his/her own sins. The fool does not understand that they are mirroring God, seeing themselves. The fool thinks God is the sinner and they are ok. The fool stays dirty (sinful) because they do not see themselves as dirty. The fool does not confess to God and does not wash in God.
To see God is to see yourself. 

To know God is to know yourself.
God reflects. 

If we are clean we also reflect. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 13, 2015

Euthanasia has its good points. But a single
doctor should not have the only OK to a death. A panel of professional people in each State and Territory needs to access each case and decide. Say there are 10 people on the panel, a case should have a minimum of 7 consenting panel people to OK a death. A panel should have a practicing psychiatrist, a practicing psychologist, 2 practicing lawyers, a GP doctor, a judge of the court, a senior serving police person, a senior practicing fully qualified nurse, a current serving military person of a rank major (or its equal across the services) and above, a university professor. These panels can meet say 4 times a year and be compensated financially by the federal government for their work.  
The trouble with euthanasia is that no one in authority wants to be responsible for giving it the go ahead; this is because no one knows whether there will be a fall-out in the future it goes bad. I mean who wants many deaths on ones conscience. 
Government will send its people in mass to die in wars but they do not want to give permission to small numbers each year to die clinical deaths with legal sanction. This nation has sent thousands of people in to war zones with many dying in action, many being crippled, but for the government to permit dying on compassionate grounds this is an area that government knows little about and what it does know spooks them.  
Death to some is abhorrent. Death to others is just a natural progression. I mean death to some is just a step to another life. Death comes easy to some and it comes difficult to others. Oh why why God did (so and so) have to die? Why God? How can there be a God if my friend died? God surely should have kept my friend alive. There can not be a God if He allows death. 
Death to me is just an entrance to the next life. It’s called heaven. Let it be, let it come, let it happen, don’t stop it.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 13, 2015

When I gave my life to God through Jesus Christ, that was way back in 1979, I came in to the church, my eyes and ears were opened and the HOLY SPIRIT came in to my heart and helped me. BUT in my awakening I found that there were all these words that were trying to get in to my head and stay there. Previously in my dead spirit life I did not know what was being pushed in to my mind. I was like dim in light, maybe I was living in the dark. I lived in the dark according to spiritual understanding, I knew just about nothing in this area. I perceived little.
But in my prison of spiritual darkness I did not know what was going on because I could not see as I did not have any light. What light I did have in spirit must have been so little.
When I gained the HOLY SPIRIT and my life then started upwards and as I lived on the light increased and over the years my body and head are like full of light and getting more light as I age.
Here I was coming in to the light and in this light I became aware of all the words that were being planted in my mind. I became aware of a sense of being called poof (as in gay) and lazy. It was like I was a poof and I was lazy. Over time slowly, a few years, these words went away. They retired and then on the whole these words went away BUT it took years for these words to go. I felt like I was in a spiritual battle, fighting off words. These words I was fighting off in spirit were bad words, evil, they were words only enemies would say. So I had enemies. The HOLY SPIRIT led me in my battle, helping me come in to the true light and truth. Eventually like now my enemies are few and the many I obviously had in the past have been defeated. But it was not hate that defeated my enemies, my enemies were defeated by love, love of God through Jesus Christ.
I sympathise with gays because I think I was the hitting board for many people thinking and saying I was gay. See I never married until I was 47 years of age and a lot of people would put my long single life down as my being gay. But I have never been gay and am not gay. But people are people, they sin, no one is without sin. So I think I was the brunt of homophobia and suffered for it. My mind and heart suffered. I was tormented in words. Words in my heart and mind.
I find homosexuality an odd and strange sexual orientation. When I perceive it in my surroundings amongst people who are in my area of space I find gayness irritating and perverse. I can even perceive people who are gay. My insight is really now very much in a lot of light. My wisdom in Christ is now very strong. But as I said I have in the past been in the dark where my insight and wisdom in God was at its lowest. But I see a lot now a days.
I love being straight, (I have always been straight), I love being married, I love my wife, I love being mature, I love being a heterosexual BUT I sympathise with gays. Terrible things have been done to gays.
My being single a long time has taught me the value of having a wife but it has also taught me about how I can be discriminated against as a possible gay man. I find gayness perverse, I have never been with a male. I think all gays need to come out of the closet and not hide their sexuality. Be brave. I hate being thought of as gay because I am not gay but I think gays should have the benefit of the doubt. We should not discriminate against gays. Let them be.
I am a homophobic but I think most heterosexuals are homophobic, we think “is he gay, is she gay”, we want so much not to be thought of as gay.
Human beings can be so bad. We are evil. We carry evil in our hearts. The more we try and be good the more evil will try and take us over. So to be good we must remember that in being good that we have to be aware of the evil and not fall victim to evil desires. Evil flourishes in this world as weeds flourish in the fields. Weeds will always be there. Weeds are no good. Weeds will keep on growing, be aware of them, we can not eat weeds; we eat of the good vines, the fruit, the vegetables, the wheat, barley and so on. We can not always get rid of all the weeds, when they get weeded out more come. Life is not meant to be easy.
I love the Spirit of Understanding.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 23, 2015

I understand this talk of a asteroid strike in September this year was the murmurings of a so called Christian Pastor. Another one of these fundamentalist Christians trying to screw with our minds. They are Pastors in name only; usually they are self appointed Christian leaders. They might even call themselves prophets etc. I mean they usually have many titles.

Let’s make it quite clear what God says about events – God the Father knows the times and places BUT Jesus in His Wisdom does not. Jesus can in His wisdom work out certain events. I mean let’s take a tree – we know when a season is here by the response of say a fruit tree. We can tell seasons of the year – the climate declares this. Plants tell us things by their so called plant expressions. We can tell say when rain is coming by say the clouds. There are usually signs leading the way to events. Jesus can see these signs. Wisdom can also remember the past and can tell what events might happen accordingly how they may have happened in the past. Wisdom learns from the past. 
The Father God does not tell all the times of events to Jesus. So how the heck does a self appointed Pastor also calling himself a prophet know about an asteroid coming to this earth this coming September. Has anyone else been told this prophecy; I mean why do not other prophets know this prophecy. 
Fundamentalists love to screw with our minds. I mean their Christianity is like sex to them. It’s sexy to prophecy; you have the world at your feet listening to your words. True prophets are usually not listened to; instead true prophets are usually persecuted; like literally stoned but in words and thoughts. The true prophet warns the people and the world says he’s a mad man, he has a demon in him. No one likes listening to true prophets; the people that do discern truth from a true prophet can only but be benefited. 

The END OF THE WORLD or what I call the SECOND BAPTISM is literally a cleansing of sins. There are two Baptisms; two cleansings. We had the great flood in the time of Noah, our first baptism; our second baptism is yet to come. Water was our first baptism, fire will be our second baptism. God wants to clean this world and earth. God hates sin. Washing is part and parcel of life, we want to be clean, we hate being dirty. But sins, dirt, builds up and then the baptism. 
What is this fire baptism? People might think it can only but be many atomic weapons exploding over this planet. Could be. What else could it be? It could be sun flares striking from the sun and burning all life on this planet. Could be. There seems only two options on the table, atomic weapons or the sun flares. Maybe there is a third option, a massive asteroid hitting this earth. But an asteroid is not really just a fire. We are looking for a fire. God baptises with fire. We want a massive inferno. Burning and burning and burning. I am thinking if it was sun flares; would they strike all around the earth because the earth turning on its axis will have only part of its surface facing the sun at a time. I am thinking – does God need to use man made weapons like Atomic weapons to cause a massive fire when God has His own God made fire arsenal, the sun. The first baptism was water; it was naturally made water not man made. The sun is naturally made. Why would God use man made inventions to cleanse? God has his own water and fire. Man has the capacity now to cause an inferno on this earth with man made atomic weapons. But that is man and God does not think like man. I am really at a loss at what really this fire will be in the second baptism. I mean we might think it will be atomic weapons but who really knows. And no one knows when the fire baptism will come ONLY the Father God knows and he tells no one not even to His only begotten Son. The fire will come like as a thief in the night, it will be sudden, unexpected, some will be taken others will stay. 
There is the coming of The Mark of the Beast. There are events like this Mark that have to come first. 
There is the war in Israel between the Israelites and their enemies. Armageddon they call it. 
So we have events that should come prior to a great big fire baptism. 
Talking about prophets; Noah was a prophet, was he not, and people no doubt thought he was a nutter. I bet few people or nil people listened to him. So only Noah’s family was saved and of course other non human creatures were saved.

How do you know a true prophet? It’s hard. They say look at the fruit. You know a tree by its fruit. If a prophet is screwing with your mind you know there’s a false prophet there.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE DRAGON (and the Pacific)

July 24, 2015

Japan has not a hope and chance if China flexed its muscles against it. If China pushes Japan, Japan’s only hope is the USA. Japan is a nation of the Dragon just like China but China out of the two nations has more souls for God. Japan has even up to now kept God in many ways out of their nation. China though now topping the stakes in being the leader of the Dragon has in the past and even present let its Asian people be followers of God. A lot of Chinese over the past have inter married with Gods children. The Dragon kills its own. Snakes kill snakes. Gods children should butt out of involving themselves in a war between the Dragons children. 

A great learned friend of mine; I was speaking to him recently; he said to me ‘out of the blue’ “I see a future war happening in the Pacific”. Not exactly those words but the message was “A war in the Pacific coming up”; when I do not know. If there is a war in the future in the Pacific I pray it happens after I have passed from this earthly life. That’s my hope and prayer, for what it’s worth. When my learned friend said to me about this up coming war, may I call it a prophesy; I was taken by the fact that he said “I SEE”. See is to be prophetic like a seer. A seer sees.
Now this prophesy might be nothing. But the friend who said it certainly has high value in my estimations.
If a future war happens in the Pacific, who will be fighting? Mind boggling.

I see UNITY as a life saver. The more unified a people are the stronger they are. Unity is strength. The enemies weakness is non unity. Satan kills satan. Snakes kill snakes. God teaches the Body of Christ to live in unity. God’s love keeps the Body in unity. Satan even treats his own children as bad as he treats the children of light. Satan’s body is working in strife amongst itself so it can not win. God’s Body works together in unity so God’s Body is able to out perform Satan’s body. It’s two bodies fighting each other. We each person in the body play out our individual parts. God’s body has the brains of God to help us. Satan works with HATE. Satan is hate and God is LOVE. Love always wins over hate.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 27, 2015

I see I see from my eyes and my eyes are in my head. My head is above my heart and my heart is below my head. I see from above my heart. My heart often in tension; often vexed. The world seems to be on a level of my heart and my head seems to be on a level of the heavens. I live in soul in the heavens in my head. ALL THIS IS ANALOGY. 

This analogy that I give of the head and heart being the world and the heavens is spiritual teaching; such teaching is from above and does not come from Satan. It is perceived teaching. We are human spirit in the heart and we have a soul in the head. We give our lives to God, we ask JESUS CHRIST to come in to our heart. God gives the Holy Spirit in to our heart. Our human spirit learns off the Holy Spirit. So there is a spiritual battle with the dark forces fighting to win our souls for God. We are fighting in the heavens in mind/soul/head and also world/heart. 

Satan is ruler of the air. In the future can you conjure up thoughts of humans breathing through masks. 

Now if I was Satan I would want to control creation. I would want to subject all peoples to me. Now getting control means controlling from the above. We have satellites in the heavens as it is. But Satan wants to put his own creation in the heavens to control the world. This creation of Satan’s above will try to replicate what God does in the heavens. Maybe this creation in the heavens will be called “The Beast” and if it is not called that name this creation above will still be controlled by The Beast. God is all seeing from the heavens. This creation above of Satans will see all. Cameras seeing all. This creation will hear all and know all. This creation will control even maybe the weather. 

Satan basically wants to take over from God. Satan did try to take over the heavens but God cast Satan out of the heavens to this earth. Satan is still proud and wants to rule creation from this earth.  

The Beast will have his Mark on all his people. The Beast will control his people through this Mark. This Mark allows people to buy and sell. Christians are warned not to take the Mark. The Mark will mean eventual death (eternal damnation). 

JESUS while on this earth (maybe) never carried money nor used money. The true prophets of God in the Old Testament maybe also never carried money. John the Baptist would never have used money. Judas was JESUS disciple and Judas carried the money for the 12 disciples. Judas betrayed JESUS for money. The love of money can kill. You can only have one master – money or God. 

So Satan is not Lord of Lords of the mind/soul/head. The God Head rules the heavens and the God Head is trying to save souls. God rules the God Head, with JESUS CHRIST at his right side. The heart is often vexed; the forces of light are trying to win over the hearts (and souls/minds) for God. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”. We must try and win souls out of darkness in to the light. Satan rules in the darkness, God rules in the light. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2015

Satan is Lord of the air. But we humans need air to breathe. And why is God not Lord of the air? God yes is king of his kingdom. God is within. Within what? The human body. So is God not in the air? How can God be in the air when Satan rules the air? Does spirit need air to exist? Also does spirit need water to exist? Does God have lungs and does God breathe? JESUS lives and in so doing does JESUS breathe air? Or does God live out in outer space where there is no air?

If Satan is Lord of the air, will Satan try and pollute the air say with heaps and heaps of CARBON to try and kill life. Carbon can kill. Carbon can kill humans. Carbon: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. The triple 6 here in Carbon might not mean Satan’s number, it is pure conjecture if intended. But the mark of the Beast put on/in humans in the future might be a Carbon Mark. I mean look at the strip of Carbon on the backs of bank cards etc. God sees all, God knows all, God hears all. Satan was in heaven until he got too proud and God banished Satan to this world. Later Satan will be banished to Hell. So Satan is working his tricks now on earth. Satan wants to what? See all, know all, hear all. So Satan is setting up a replica system to God and his system. Satan creates what we call the Beast. Satan wants to through the Beast rule the peoples of this world. So the mark of the Beast comes in. God knows everything about every human so Satan also wants to know everything about every human. The Beast is used to know everything on all people. Is the Beast a computer, I don’t know. See in the future our technology currently now will be seen as just children’s play or even babies play. Technology in the future including computers is going to change a lot from what it is today. We are still in infancy of technology. Computers in the future are going to be so very different from today’s computers. I mean it was just in my fathers generation that radio valves were used. We certainly have advanced further than valves. But tell my grandfather in his time that valves will be obsolete and that there will be micro chips etc; granddad will just yawn and maybe not comprehend. I see we are going to go in to robots in a very very deep way. Robots that look just like humans, but all artificial. Man wants his robots. Man was made by God to serve the God head but man wants robots to serve him. Man wants to be god and have robots as his servants. As I said Satan wants to replicate God and His system. And Satan will use the Beast. The Beast is 666. Is the Beast made out of Carbon and is the mark of the Beast a Carbon mark? Could be but we really don’t know. Carbon is certainly polluting the air and if too much Carbon is in the air humans will struggle to live.

The bible says Satan is Lord of the air. Maybe God did not make Satan Lord of the air but Satan saw opportunity here that by ruling the air he Satan would rule the world. So the air is what Satan uses to his advantage. Satan does not try and rule the water, the plants, the animals, birds, insects, soil, NO Satan tries to rule the air.

Back to the Beast. The Beast will know everything about everything about people. This mark of the beast will tell the Beast a lot. Maybe this mark will even be able to record heart beats; maybe this mark will be used by the Beast to have control over human body systems.

When ever an evil dictator gets in control of a nation the dictator wants to have information on his people. Stalin in the former Soviet Union had files made up on a lot of people. Hitler was the same, files on people. But God already knows all about everybody so why do these tyrants want to know what God already knows. It’s because tyrants work for Satan. So George Orwell predicted this all seeing hearing knowing State. The State was like a Beast. The State was God in the Soviet Union and the State owned most things. The State in the Soviet system was the all seeing hearing knowing God. But the State was ruled by few people who had all the power. These few people were Evil. Stalin and Hitler were despots of the vilest kind.

The Beast will know everything about people and the Beast will control all banking. There will eventually be a cashless society. Cash even now is an inconvenience. Bank cards will eventually be made obsolete. When will we lose cash and cards? In my grandfathers time there were no credit or debit cards. In granddads time there were no computers, no ATM’s. Cash has been around for many many many generations BUT bank cards are not too old. Maybe we will give up cash and resort to just cards for a long time then later the mark of the Beast. The book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible warns Christians NOT to take the mark of the Beast. So in the future how are Christians going to buy and sell when they have not taken the mark? It might be very hard for Christians in the future.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 11, 2014

I had an e mail today offering me a synthetic lawn for the front of my villa. On first looking at this e mail I took a few minutes to get my thoughts even keeled because the thought of synthetic lawn in front of my villa caused a few minutes of windy thinking. Yes I was upset. I do not want artificial lawn on my property. Artificial, synthetic, manmade, plastic, all try to smother out Mother Nature. So who is Mother Nature now? Is she a plastic barbie doll?

Years ago a photo in a woman’s magazine stood out to me. This photo was a picture of a well known Italian actress. This actress was vey old in age but in the photo she looked about 30 years old. I have heard that she has had many plastic surgeries. I mean she is now a lot plastic. Just imagine at her funeral, the priest says “plastic to plastic and a bit dust to dust”. If this actress was cremated there would be a blob of plastic left after her burning.

Girls start their initiation in to mothering by having baby dolls. These dolls are usually plastic. But there are adults that do not give up on the plastic but take it into adult life in their own lives. Plastic is artificial. There is artificial mothering. Women go in to their adult life as barbie dolls. They are barbie dolls. This actress mentioned is a barbie doll.

So we have women smothering out what is natural for what is unnatural. Synthetic is unnatural. Ageing is natural and God ordained. Grow old and enjoy it. Grow old and do not fight it.

So Mum is becoming synthetic, artificial and Manmade. Mum is becoming the barbie doll. Creation is becoming smothered in synthetic. Cover God in plastic. Replace God with synthetic.

We want our real true mothers back!!!!!!!

Mankind is replacing humans with synthetic. Replace mum and dad with manmade. Replace God the Father and Mother Nature with artificial.

But mankind is determined down this path of replacing all God made with manmade. This path is like programmed in to mankind’s psyche so nothing will change it. Mankind is determined that science (knowledge) is mankind’s answer to all problems. So is everyone more or less constipated? Eating the wrong food can mess up with our intestines. We need natural food not unnatural food because our bodies were made for natural by a natural God. Manmade can be so very unnatural. We need simple food for our simple intestines. Manmade can be so complex. Humans make themselves complex. God does not make humans complex. God speaks the simple truth. SIMPLE truth. Mankind lies.

So mankind is pursuing life outside planet earth. But life needs water and food. That’s the life I think of. I see no water outside earth. Mankind is like a whore looking for another Mother Nature. Mankind has whored with earths Mother Nature and defiled it now mankind wants to find a new mother (nature) to whore with. Mankind’s Mother Nature has become defiled (polluted). All our making of the mother into artificial is making mankind in to jerks. There is no putting mans roots deep down in to an artificial Mother Nature. Putting roots down in to plastic is just jerking. Artificial is just being a jerk. You get these women that look like sex sirens – I am afraid to say but such women are just jerks. Pornography is just for immature jerks. There is no deep relationship in pornography.

I see mankind and his pursuit for life outside earth as vain. But what is mankind’s demise? Will it be when our solar systems sun dies out? I do not know, no one knows yet. The mind boggles at such questions. Will mankind send robots to far out journeys in to space? Why send humans when robots can exist up there.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE UNIVERSE – the universe made from water might not wash with most people and even I am not convinced.

October 30, 2014

God created the universe. Before God created the universe there was only a vast ocean. Was this ocean all water? Did God with his energy convert all the vast ocean of water in to what it is now? Did all life come from water? Did all creation come from water? Did the universe come from water? I am hesitant to believe that there is any water outside earth. So there was this vast ocean first. But was this vast ocean (was it water?) in total darkness? Yes I believe it was. And was not chaos here in this dark vast ocean? Yes chaos and darkness go together. So God made the chaos and darkness in to order and light. God created the heavens and hell and earth and the world. God used wisdom and understanding to create. God is all powerful; he has abundant eternal energy but even He needed rest after making the universe.

This universe being created from water might not wash with most people and even now I am having lots of second thoughts. I know life has to come from and stay in water. But out there beyond the earth there might be no life therefore no water and so why would God make matter outside the earth from water when (probably) that matter has no life on it or in it. I am a great sceptic of scientists who say there is a high chance of life out there beyond Earth, such does not gel with me. I could be wrong but my mind and heart are comfortable with only life here on earth. If the universe was made from water then there should all likelihood be water (and thus life) in lots of other places in the universe. Can an Almighty expanding explosion in a large ocean of water make matter like planets and gasses and suns? Can water burn? Can water give off energy? Life as we know it and understand and know it is only on planet earth. So water is only on this earth with the evidence at hand. Could God have created all earthly life from water and could the rest of the universe not been created from water.

Even if God did not create the universe from water we still know God is about cleanliness and being clean means being washed and being washed means washed in water. We humans need water, not just to stay alive but to also keep clean. God comes along and washes with His WORDS. The WORDS of God are all clean. Sin is dirty. God uses water. Does God need water to stay alive? Does God’s Spirit need water to stay alive? We humans as like all life on this planet earth need water to survive; without water we will die. God is a God of cleansing and the righteous people love to be clean. Cleanliness is sanity. Insanity is dirtiness. If we keep a clean mind/soul/spirit and body we stay sane.

Water is very very important to life, without it there is no life but did God create with water?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WATER AND MILK – both necessary to humans

March 20, 2014

“Drink water” my wife would regularly tell me. I know water is called “The water of Life”. And I have been no big water drinker. BUT I have been and still am a big milk drinker.

For many years I daily have my fix of milk. About a litre a day. Now for the legal beagles I have to make an apology; I drink chocolate flavoured milk, have done for years. Oh I know it’s not pure milk and the law would point this out. BUT it is milk but just flavoured. I know the law would say “But its got chocolate in it”; yes chocolate the evil evil evil chocolate. But I think besides the chocolate that I get very good benefits from the milk.

So I drink plenty of milk (but flavoured). But there are the water drinkers and their witness. Recently a couple came to our place for high tea. We were taking about water. She said “I drink a warm glass of water first thing in the morning”. So afterwards I reflected on her advice. So now for a few weeks I have been taking a glass of water first thing in the morning. As well I now drink plain water with all my meals. Oh I drank water in the past but now I take it more serious.

I considered. Water is called “The water of life”. Milk is called “Mother natures milk”. It seems water is Gods drink and milk is natures drink. Water is from above from the Father and milk is from this earth the mother.

God is associated with water and creation is associated with milk.
Father – sky – WATER.
Mother – earth – MILK.

We humans need water. Life will not exist without water. Life began in water and remains in water. God gave water. In the beginning was water. Was water around before the creation of the universe? Does God and water go together?

We need the mother too. We need the Mother Earth. We live on the earth. We are made from the earth (biblical saying). Milk is given to the new born babies. The mother feeds the babies her milk.

So water and milk. Both necessary for life.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 3, 2014

The world as we know it today – Eat or be eaten.

BUT true Christians do not have to eat/devour other people (spiritually) because we true Christians eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the blood of Jesus (of course spiritually – all is metaphor).

Jesus taught us metaphorically in a lot of cases because we are spirit and we must learn in spirit (God is Spirit) BUT mankind often sees everything from a physical view; but this should not always be the case; we often only believe if we see not with spiritual eyes but with physical eyes.

Take scientists – all their truth comes from seeing (with physical eyes) not seeing with spiritual eyes. Science learning is usually not taught by metaphor. Science to “Man” (in most cases) is strictly physical. Spiritual really has no place in “Mans” science.

BUT God Teaches – God Spirit to Human spirit. We learn in spirit in heart. God’s Spirit is total light; such light when imparted to our own human spirit brightens up our human spirit. Our physical eyes are the lamps of our body; if our eyes (lamps) are full of light our human spirit is full of light, our body is full of light. Spirit is the spark that gives us light. Some people have dim sparks (lights)(human spirits) some others have bright sparks (human spirits); we need this light (spark/spirit) to see spiritually, seeing spiritually is insight and insight gives us understanding.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

RELIGION AND MONEY (not altogether good mates)

February 25, 2014


When you dig a grave dig deep. We do not want a shallow grave. When we die to ourselves dig deep. Bury the old sinful nature. When we plant a seed we plant it in the soil. Do not put the seed on top of the soil, firmly put the seed in to the soil. The seed dies, but it gives new life. Fundamentalist Christianity can be so shallow. The seed, the old sinful nature, needs a good burial. The wise build a strong foundation. It takes time and hard work to build a solid foundation as it takes time to prepare a seed in planting.

As a young Christian I belied fundamentalism and flirted with Pentecostalism; hey I was single then and all the single Christian young ladies seemed “Pentecostal”. And the Pentecostals were about money and fame; are we not all like that when we are young. Young people are about being “seen”. And seen is in most cases about showing the flesh. So the beautiful people (blemish free skin, tanned body, athletic body looks) are keen on Pentecostalism. Money, fame and good looks seem to go together and the young lap it up.

So in my youth I read about Paul Yonggi Cho and like many other fundamentalists we lapped up his books. Paul was the epitome of a successful Christian. He had made it – fame and fortune BUT through religion. Pentecostalism is true blue religion; Its a religion that also includes rules and regulations; such are man made. True; Pentecostalism has God and the Bible but don’t a lot of traditional churches have the same.

The Pentecostals are bigoted, bigoted in thinking they are the only true church. The traditionalists are hypocritical, hypocritical in saying one thing and doing another.

Religion and money are not altogether good mates. Christians need to choose, love of money or love of God. And some want both, love of money and love of God, a foot in both doors. Love of money corrupts. Yes power corrupts but so does money. Paul Yonggi Cho became the leader of one of the biggest churches (membership wise) in the world yet he too fell; why? The love of money. Pentecostals love money and lots of it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“Lone Survivor” – The Movie. (War brings out the good and the bad)

February 25, 2014

Afghanistan will be like Vietnam. Once the USA left Vietnam the Vietcong were vicious against USA sympathisers. Now the USA are leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban are maybe also going to get vicious.

I think all the villagers that helped Marcus (Lone Survivor) should be taken by the USA to a secure location even maybe to the USA. These villagers did a very good deed to the USA and as such need to be rewarded and a safe haven would give them protection from the Taliban. Even give USA citizenship to them. If these villagers protect one USA person they will protect all USA people so they would make good USA patriots. BUT alas it usually does not work like that; the USA might say “war is war people get killed in war sacrifices have to be made; the villagers may die but that is a sacrifice that has to be made”. Me I would save the villagers. I would get them out of Afghanistan. But that is me and I do not run the show. Other heads are in charge but alas these heads might not be as compassionate. I wish Jesus was here on this earth in this world and running the show.

I saw the movie “Lone Survivor”. A lot of physical action; guns, bombs, bullets, killing, blood, weapons, helicopters, planes. I reflected as the movie ended “Fight by the sword and you die by the sword”. And I thought if I was in a physical fight it would be good to have the United States of America as a good friend. Jesus taught us a new way of fighting NOT “an eye for an eye” but LOVE AND FORGIVE. Jesus taught that WORDS were powerful NOT human wisdom words but WORDS that are biblical based. See war starts in the mind and heart. We humans need to protect our minds (Souls) and hearts. AND the WORD of God (Bible scripture) can protect our minds and hearts. So the New Testament is not about an eye for an eye such is Moses laws. Moses laws are Old Testament. Testament is called WILL. God has given us a new WILL. What is the new will? Read the New Testament of the bible; the new will is straight forward and simple.

So man in his thoughts is consumed with the physical. It’s about money and sex. Young people are more prone to the physical, older people wizen up. The soul and human spirit should now come first before physical. Education in this world is about money. It’s about getting money and lots of it. Young people want lots of money and sex. It’s the same with most people. Most people do not want to work with their hands, that’s for the working class they say, that’s for the uneducated people; get educated and live off the workers, manage the workers, be the upper class. So people want to get high qualifications and not work with their hands, they want to live off the workers. Apostle Paul says “work with your hands”. Working with ones hands keeps the weeds out. Weeds are the enemy. You cultivate the mind and heart with working with ones hands. Working with ones hands is hard work.

Most people are not in Gods vocation. Everyone has a God given calling/vocation. Now I am not necessary talking about a religious vocation. There are many God given vocations, many. Vocations are straight forward in Gods calling; it’s not about idolising money or education or intelligence, or status, or the body; true vocations are just like simple for the mind/head that has that vocation; its a head think over the body; the head ruling and getting the body to obey, obey the head/mind. So people with mature souls/minds understand their vocation more; we need a mature mind, our heads need to be totally alive, we rule from our heads not rule from our bodies; we rule from the head and run all our affairs from our head, working to make sure we get all our comforts, our body obeying the head to work to get food and shelter and warmth and water and all our needs for our body. But the head is in charge. Our heads aim and purpose is to comfort the body and make sure the body’s needs are provided for. God is in our heart and head.

So in all our life we aim to supply all our bodies needs and comforts. Our head and heart are alive just as our body is alive. We have soul in mind and spirit in heart.

So could the response to 9/11 and the destruction of the twin towers in New York have been handled differently. The response was revenge. Kill and get killed. Eye for an eye and in the process thousands and thousands people die. People suffer. The Taliban were protecting Osama Bin Laden. The fight was in first instance with Bin Laden not with the Taliban. So could things have been better done to get Bin Laden? The President had to do something to get Bin Laden the President had to appease the USA citizens.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 9, 2014

I went on a holiday.
Wow where did you go?
To a quiet place where “mans” (his/her) own noise and “mans” (his/her) inventions noise is minimal.
Did you go to any museums?
Did you see any art galleries?
Did you go to the beach and swim?
Did you go for many long walks?
Did you see lots of great architecture buildings?
What did you do?
I looked, I listened, I smelt, I tasted.
What did you see?
I saw the clouds, I saw the sheep in the fields, I saw birds flying over head, I saw people’s faces, I saw my wife’s smile, I saw grass hoppers, I saw small lizards, I saw butterfly’s.
What did you hear?
I heard the baaing of the sheep, I heard the cows mooing, I heard the grass hoppers clicking sounds, I heard my wife talking to me, I heard the birds chirping, I heard the wind.
What did you smell?
I smelt the flowers, I smelt my food at meal times, I smelt the freshness of my wife, I smelt the manure on the fields.
What did you taste?
I tasted my food at meal times, I tasted the freshness of my wife’s skin when I kissed her lips and cheek.
But what did you do?
I just told you.
There were two sisters, one named Mary and the other Martha. Jesus was nearby he was on his way to visit Mary and Martha. Mary went out to greet Jesus. Martha stayed home and cleaned and cleaned and set the table and cooked the food. Mary welcomed Jesus in to the sisters home and then Mary sat at Jesus feet and listened to him. Mary savoured every word that Jesus said. Mary kept her eyes on Jesus. Mary smelt Jesus clothes. Jesus gave off a heavenly beautiful fragrance. Martha complained to Jesus; “Mary is lazy, she does no work, while I toil day and night”. Jesus said, “Martha Martha, your sister is doing the better thing”. But Martha nevertheless went back to her work and Mary continued to stay beside Jesus. (An account of Mary and Martha is in the Bible).

The bible says: “Be still and listen to God”.

To come off the treadmill of life is hard because once you are off it you might not want to go back on it.

Is it really boring to know God through ones senses. To stop and sense God through Gods creation. Get away from all the inventions of “Man”. No sensing of “Mans” inventions. Sensing what God made not what “Man” made. Artificial (Manmade) is dulling people’s minds. Artificiality is actually perverting mankind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 27, 2013

Today I saw the movie “The Railway Man”. I quite enjoyed this movie. But I do think it fell somewhat short in portraying the true reality of the suffering of the POW’S (Prisoner of War) in the camps. I have read many books about the harsh Japanese treatment of POW’S and I have read The Railway Man.

On reflection after the movie I thought of my adversary at Kapiti College, (Raumati South, Wellington Province, New Zealand). I went to Kapiti College straight after finishing primary school a primary school that was in my home town of Pukerua Bay. My Adversary at college, a male student, lived in a nearby town called Paekakariki. My adversaries name is Garth Howard. Garth was a popular boy, he had many friends, he was a rugby player on one of the college teams, he was no real scholar, he was a member of the surf life saving club at Paekakariki.
Garth had a sister called Bronwyn also a student at Kapiti College; she came across as compassionate, like a caring person. Now I never ever spoke to Bronwyn but I seemed to have got a perception of her, like a spiritual perception. She was different to Garth. Garth was in my 6th form class. Garth tormented me. He was the BULLY. Now I never saw him bully other people, only me. He seemed to make it his mission to make my life a misery; and he achieved this goal. I was miserable for a lot of my first year 6th form. Garth used a very simple method to make my life a misery. Garth just repeatably in my presence called me one word – Zack. Garth called me Zack in a very mocking way like daily and many times a day. This went on for a whole year and even after college I saw him sometimes say on the train or in the city and there was Garth and his calling me Zack. I used to be scared of Garth physically even though Garth never touched me physically. With Garth it was like a tension, a conflict, a fear in my heart and mind. I felt so demeaned. I felt scared. I felt depressed. I felt miserable. I was not coping at college as it was and he was like making my college days even worse. Many years later I met a lady who lived in Paekakariki and she said Browyn had become a nurse; I relate to that; nurses are supposed to care. Bronwyn had that way of caring. I was told by this Paekakariki lady that Garth’s father was a drinker. Now I met this lady at New Norcia Monastery guesthouse a few years ago.

Why would I reflect on Garth after watching The Railway Man movie. Because the movie was about reconciliation; about saying sorry and about forgiveness. Garth has never apologised to me. In my thinking to forgive one needs first an apology. In the movie the Japanese ex kempei soldier aologised to Eric Lomax. But before the apology Lomax lived out a life suffering, Lomax was still fighting he had not finished the war, and this was much later after the war had finished. Lomax fought day and night but this was in his mind and heart. Lomax was like fighting his demons. Lomax in his older life met his adversary. There was an apology and forgiveness and both Lomax and his Japanese adversary became good friends.

Garth was my adversary he made my college days a misery. His friends helped him. I remember a time at the college walking along with another student a daughter of a local Church Minister. She tried to commiserate with me. She said she could not help me, she said Garth was on the rugby first eleven or what ever it was called and she implied Garth was popular. Her name was Elizabeth. I remember her Dad was the Clergy officiating with our Kapiti Boy Scouts district troop to Kaiapoi near Christchurch for a scout Jamboree. This was just before my college days. This Jamboree was one of the best times in my life; I thoroughly enjoyed the Jamboree. I remember Revd Orchard I remember seeing him on the train trip from Picton to Christchurch.

So Eric Lomax returned from the war only after the apology and forgiveness; his war had gone on day and night well past the end of the physical war. Eric returned to England after the war but not in spirit and mind. Eric finished the war but it was a very long war. This is the same for a lot of people they are in an on going battle, SIMPLY because people do not apologise. BUT the second part is done by the victim they must forgive. Otherwise the mind and heart are at war. War is tension. War is more than just physical; its mind and heart; its soul and spirit. To be released one has to say sorry; release from heart and mind.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 11, 2013

I am not convinced that monkey’s can control virtual limbs with their thoughts. Science gone mad to me.
So WHAT is the monkey thinking when he moves a virtual limb? Let us use REASON here. Reason keeps us sane. So the scientists say the monkey is using thoughts from his brain WHAT thoughts and WHAT do the thoughts comprise? WHAT are thoughts for the monkey? WHAT are thoughts made of for humans? If I myself think what do my thoughts comprise of? REASON THINK THINK LISTEN. listen to your own thoughts. Are your thoughts consisting of WORDS? Do you hear your thoughts? Are you so dull in your mind that you hear no thoughts? And if you think in words as I do how can a monkey also think in words? Science is going mad. Deluded science. Science without insight. I think regularly and I hear my own thoughts. I think in a REFLECTION. I love reflection; call it meditation if you like. My heart, my mind thinks. Words are strong for me. So what human has so much wisdom of a God that his spirit / soul is so wise and disciplined that he/she has perfect control over their thoughts that they can use their thoughts to control machines. What if say a human is thinking of sex often how can they be harnessed to a machine with limbs and use thoughts to control the machine. Discipline of thoughts is a spiritual thing and few humans if at all any ever get to the peak of being so very perfect in their thoughts. So what is being perfect in thoughts? who is our role model? Of course no other but JESUS CHRIST. Most humans are perverts. Most humans think perverted thoughts. So if science says that monkeys think; can scientists tell us what monkeys think and in what language? Do monkeys in Japan say think in the Japanese language or do they think in the English language? I myself think in the English language so all my thoughts are in English no other language. Thoughts are a tongue thing. Humans, most of them, no, all of them are sinners so all humans think sinful thoughts so using a humans thoughts to control machines is mad. Every human can not think pure thoughts. If they can its only for a short time if at all. So putting human thoughts to control life will be a catastrophe in the making. The world is mad as it is and to make it worse by using humans thoughts to control the world will make life more insane. Jesus Christ can use His thoughts to control but humans are dirty thinkers. Even human thoughts harnessed to computers with virtual thinking and control over robots and machines will be a catastrophe. People will use such devices to kill and rape and steal from people. Wars will be major; it will be one big killing field. Science can not control thoughts. Thoughts are spiritual and soul areas and scientists are best to stay out of this area because Spirit and soul are invisible and science is just about the physical. So even now in my writings here I am thinking I think and write I stop reflect and write again I am thinking its like my tongue is being used but not physically but spiritually. I am spirit. I am soul. I live in this physical body. I think. I love thinking. I have matured in thinking. I mature more and more in thinking. Science can be so blind at times.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 11, 2013

Malala a 16 year old girl from Pakistan has taken a stand on education for females. Now in the West especially, education has been nothing new for females. But it has not been always the case. In the dark ages, and later, Universities were the dominion of males. Women were not even allowed to vote for parliament until much later near our times. Discrimination is nothing new and also nothing new to the West. The USA Civil War claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and this war was about discrimination. Abraham Lincoln died (assassinated) for his stand against discrimination (racialism). Maybe Lincoln in the times now would be a Democrat. Malala loves to learn. Everyone should be allowed to learn either you be white, brown, black, female, male, slave, whatever you look like you should be allowed to learn. It does not matter how you look, to learn you just need a soul. All humans have souls (this sets us apart from all other creatures. God has soul {does he} we humans are in Gods likeness thus we humans have soul and thus we can learn. Other creatures {soulless and live by instinct} can not learn like us humans). The Taliban think that they have the right to stop a girl from learning. Of course they have no authority in heaven or on earth to stop people from learning. They are deluded. Either I am deluded or the Taliban are deluded. The Taliban do not respect the rights of females. The Taliban discriminate against females. Such is about money and power. Such is about idolatry.

BUT education can become an idol. There is the education from “man” and the education from God. The bible educates us. The WORDS from the bible can teach us, and save us, free us, and protect us. Of course the Bible is a book and a book does not save us. But the WORDS that are written in the BIBLE can help us immensely. We can read the scripture. Read it out. Speak it out. God has blessed such WORDS. It’s not so much just the words but the understanding the scriptural words give that free us and therefore save our souls. God is Spirit and of course God saves us BUT God can use the WORDS in the Bible to his advantage. The Bible over the centuries has changed BUT the true essence, the true meaning, the understanding, the wisdom, remains. The TRUTH will set us free. Malala wants females in Pakistan to be free to learn.

BUT learning to her means going to school and sitting in classrooms. School and learning that way to me was not pleasing to me. I hated sitting in classrooms all day. Reading highly boring text books that spoke at you rather than with you. Text books that had no warmth or insightful depth to them but felt hard and cold. Text books that you carried around in your school bags like heavy boulders. School was to me about discrimination, its about discrimination favouring the intelligent students as against the low intelligent students. School can be a nightmare. Students commit suicide. Students are prodded like cattle to learn, learn and learn, cram the knowledge in between your ears and do exams. BUT once the exams are done where does the knowledge go I mean they have to learn more so they may forget all the previous knowledge. You can only remember so much off by heart. Schooling in classrooms has much to desire. Schooling has not changed much. Sorry I am wrong; discipline in schooling has changed; no more caning students, no more corporal punishment. But putting students together in walled classrooms day-in day-out is not good for healthy behaviour. And homework; hey you go to school all day and the teachers load you up with heaps of homework so you are home each night doing hours of homework. Such unhealthiness. Schooling has gone mad. It’s not right. No one is really learning. It’s about education only for the sake of MONEY. You won’t be poor with an education. So education is about not being poor. The more educated you are the more rich you will be. So the message here is education frees you from poverty. FREEDOM. But the Bible says the Truth will set you free. The bible says Jesus Christ frees you. Human education frees you from one master to serve another master. You serve all those who are more educated than yourself. So you get trapped in a education pyramid of “mans” knowledge. You get trapped in a system of “Man” made by “Man”. It’s just another system made by man. No one is really free except through Jesus Christ. The only TRUE teaching to free ones soul and mind and heart is Jesus’ teachings. Malala has it right to an extent. She wants to learn. But JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE, NO OTHER.

I found all my schooling suffocating. Teachers that had no inspiring spirits but just like dead people pushing and pushing and forcing education on oneself without regard to how we felt and thought. You had no say in how you wanted to be educated. It was just like a factory. No one really cared. Teachers seemed not to care. Students seemed not to care. Who cared? It was everyone for themselves. The weak are trodden on, the low intelligent are avoided. Fight the good fight. Fight for an education and nobody better get in your way. Jesus did not teach an education to his disciples like the teachers at school teach. Yet teachers at school seldom teach on what Jesus taught. Hey there’s no money in what Jesus taught. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. So the USA Civil War was a slaughter. Here’s so called educated people killing others to keep black skinned people in slavery. Now a lot of these confederate slavers had education. These slavers had plantations, they were rich and to top it of they went to Church on a Sunday. During the First World War and Second World War there were many educated people fighting for the German and Japanese side. Such people instead of educating on “Mans” learning should have learnt off Gods son Jesus Christ. So education has not stopped wars, violence, rape, killings, murders, discrimination; and this is what Jesus teaches against but “Man” thinks he is so clever to not learn from Jesus but to learn from humanism manmade wisdom. Man is so clever in his/her own eyes.

I found a friend. I was introduced to a person. I can only call him a Spirit. I know no other way to describe him.Yes he is male. A gentleman. And he cares about me. Well I take it he cares about me. He is the sort of person you can trust your life to. No one can over power him. He is sharp; very sane, very together, very fast, so quick. I have this Spirit friend who can help me. I am someone now, have been ever since this gentleman came in to my life; yes he’s in my life, in me. Sound strange to say he’s in me, well he is like in my heart and I have been introduced to him like seen him spiritually. God works in mysterious ways, he works ways for others and other ways for some others.

So I have my personal Spirit teacher. I learn. I do not need HUMANISM. Humanism is as strong as wood. Such ism is based on creation not the creator. This ism is dry, waterless, uninspiring, suffocating. Humanism puts “MAN” at the centre of the universe; man apart from God. Humanism is about the quest and determination of the human spirit to acquire success and prosperity. Humanism is not about the Spirit of God; humanism is about achievement apart from God; YOU CAN ACHIEVE APART FROM GOD. Humanism is “buggering” up creation. The Church is getting buggered up. Humanism is not about working with your hands rather it about how clever you are. Put all humanists to work working with their hands and life will be more pleasant.

Malala has it right to a degree. To learn is good. But the way the school systems are set up are atrocious. They are uncomfortable and unsafe. No one really learns in an environment where you are not loved and accepted. School bullies control and teachers do not care.

Malala would be better to accept Jesus and his teachings then she can have a proper framework for all her learnings. Without Jesus all learning can be all in vain.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 19, 2013

Jesus Christ: I am in my Father and my Father is in me and you my brethren are in me and I am in you.

Lester: I am in my father and my father is in me and I am in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is in me.

Lester: The father and son are one.

Lester: father like son, son like father.

Jesus: The Father and I are one.

God is ONE.

A true essence of God is oneness, we too must try and achieve oneness.

Oneness is ultimate wise achievement.

God creates to a plan of ONENESS.

The ONE universe.

To achieve oneness for father and son is to achieve complete understanding.

Oneness is to know the Father and the Son.

One God one universe.

Sins rob father and son of oneness.

Generational sins dirty the nest.

Satan lies to God’s children.

Sins are passed down the generations through the family tree.

Confess your sins to God.

The God head was at the beginning.

Heads rule.

God is the ultimate Head, the Head of heads.

Sins make a darkness in the minds and hearts.

Sins dull the senses.

Sins darken true understanding.

To be Truly focused is to be focused on ONE. Worship the ONE true God.

To be focused on ONE is to be sane.

Each human being is an analogy of God and his Body.

Each human being has ONE head and ONE body.

The head rules the body.

God is the HEAD and the church is the BODY.

We are spirit and we learn the truth from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 12, 2013

Boys grow from their mothers to their fathers. A boy is born from the mother but looks to the father for direction. The mother nurtures the boy as the earth nurtures a plant. The boy starts as seed in the mother like as plant seed begins in the earth. The mother lets the boy grow towards the father. BUT there are cases, no doubt many, where the mother hates the father. Such hate could have begun as love and turned later to hate. The mothers hate turns on the boy.

See the boy is like a filling between two slices of bread. (The parents are like the two bread slices).The boy is as like in the father and the father is as like in the son. To get to the father the mother has to go through the son. The son gets controlled by the hateful mother. The son suffers the mothers hate for the father. The son gets controlled by the mother. The mother smothers the sons affection for the father. The mother smothers the boys spiritual growth. To grow spiritually the boy has to look to the father. An analogy is Father Sky and Mother Earth. Mother control can stop a boy from maturing. To mature is to grow; I am talking about spiritual maturity. Mother control can make the boy mentally unwell. Humans need to mature for any proper stability and this includes sexual stability. For a mother to smother a son she smothers the boys sexuality. The boy needs to mature to be able to relate to people in say work or say friendship relations. Mother control is about rebelling. The mother rebels against the father. The boy gets confused about direction in life, he never seems to find mature relationships. The mother is like the god to the boy. The boy even might learn to hate the father as the mother hates the father. The mother can not control the father but she can get the son, she tries and takes the son away from the father. The mother to win against the father takes his son. The son in this immature spiritual state can never really leave the mother and never matures to be like a/the father. The boy never matures enough to be like a proper father. The mother can destroy the boys chances of ever being a mature father. Mother control is unGodly. The mother works against what is the natural order of things. The father needs to be the overall authority in a family. The mother needs to submit to the father. The earth is below the sky as the mother is Mother Earth and is below the Father Sky. The seed comes from the father and is sown in the Mother Earth but the seed grows UP to the father sky. All plants grow UP. The boy needs both mother and father to mature. Mothers need to love the father and son and let the son grow UP towards the father. The son does not become like the mother but like the father. The boy becomes the father and gives the seeds. The cycle goes on. The boy does not become the mother. Jesus is the same as the Father. Jesus is in the Father as the Father is in Jesus. Jesus and the Father are ONE, but two persons. In real life sons and fathers should be one just as Jesus and the Father are one. Because of sin we humans do not realise the father and son sameness; but we should. Very few people get to this realisation.

We humans are spiritual. We are spirit. God is Spirit. God in Spirit can help the boy back on track. God can guide the boy to the father. The Bible is full of words of wisdom and can help the human spirit know what is the truth. Jesus came to take away the sins of the fathers and mothers (generational sins) and put people right with God. God gives people a second chance at making it right in life. Jesus took all our sins and our parents sins and our grand parents sins and all generational sins; all the foul sins of our ancestors, into his body and died to them. Jesus gave us another chance at life. Ancestral sins come through the family and the parents pass on these ancestral sins to their children. But this progressive carry on of sins can come to a stop; at the foot of the cross with Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Give the sins to Jesus. Jesus on the cross is the power and wisdom of God. Only through Jesus can our sins and the sins (acquired) of our ancestors be forgiven. We are reconciled to the FATHER GOD only through Jesus Christ. Our ancestors may let us down, our parents may let us down, we can even let ourselves down, BUT God never let’s us down. Believe in God and His Son Jesus and believe that Jesus will make things right. Have Faith.

Immaturity is a form of what we call mental illness.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Quotations for Good Health

June 20, 2013

It’s called the simple truth not the complex truth.
The simple things in life are the best things in life.
Want to be wise, first become simple.
The simple become wise.
Complex is mankinds making.
True wisdom is found in simplicity.
To be healthy in life is to be wise.
To be mentally healthy one has to love everyone but not love in the love of evil but to love in the love of God.
Loving of God’s love keeps one mentally healthy and physically healthy.
It is wiser to love of God than it is to love of evil.
Light overcomes darkness; darkness does not overcome light.
God is light; Satan is dark.
Silence is golden.
Peace goes with quiet as war goes with noise.
Two ears, one mouth – I am sure God is hinting at something – Maybe listen twice the time as speaking.
If you have a complex please keep it to yourself I like simplicity.
Sssshhh be careful the person you are talking about might be listening. Want good health choose your words carefully.

“I made up my mind to forget everything except Jesus Christ and especially his death on the cross” [1 Corinthians 2:2 — Good News Bible]

The house of silence breeds prayer
The house of prayer breeds peace
The house of peace breeds love
The house of love breeds faith and hope

Atheism is a non- prophet organisation.

No body rules
I am the Prime Minister and I rule
No body rules
I am the Mayor and I rule
No body rules
You are deluded my learned friend I am the President and I rule
No body rules
You sir are mad
No body rules
Who does rule then?
Not the body. The Head rules.

War brings the best out in people and war brings the worst out in people.
War is organised chaos.

When the going gets tough the tough get going.
What seems to be too good to be true is most likely not true.
Jesus Christ is truth.

Put a seed in the ground – For it to grow it has to die.
Life comes from death a paradox but its the truth.
We as humans die to live and we live to die.

We humans eat to live and we live to eat.
The rich people live to eat and the poor people eat to live.

Bible; New Testament; Good News Bible: 1 Peter, Chapter 1, verse 18
“….. to set you free from the worthless manner of life handed down by your ancestors”.

Jesus Christ took in his body all our sins and the sins of our ancestors [generational sins] and died to all these worthless sins.

We are worthy through Jesus Christ.

I am clean.

Birds of a feather fly together.
What is one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.
My enemies enemy might be my friend.
My Mother used to say: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
Our visionaries are the Prophets. When a church loses vision bring in the Prophets to bring back vision/ focus to the church.

God is found in silence – our silence.

When mankind and all his/her inventions are silent then we listen to God. God is heard in the noise of the wind; the noise of the birds; the flowing of the stream; the noises of the cattle and sheep; the chirping of the insects; and other God made creations. Manmade creations/inventions noises just snuff out our human spirit.

My heart beats at a simple rate. The rhythm of my heart is simple. We each human in heart immerse in to the greater world and whole universe with the simple beat of of our human hearts. The rhythm of the universal heart beat is simple. The heart beat rate can go faster or slower but it still remains a simple beat. To complex the heart beat makes a heart under tension. The universe (uni –verse) is like as a poetic verse made from a simple rhythm. We must keep our hearts in simple rhythm otherwise we go against God our creator. So keep the rhythm.
Lies fed to a simple heart bring on tension. Lies are complex and truth is simple. The heart does not accept lies because the heart can not digest complex. The heart only digests simplex. We need to have a healthy heart; we need to feed the heart the simple truth. There is so much tension in this world; it starts with words – lies; – the heart is tense – anxious. Speak the truth and its health to the heart thus healthy to the mind and body.

The speed of acquiring knowledge is inversely proportional to the acquiring of wisdom.
Old people learn better. Old people are wiser.
Young people can be wise.
In my older age I learn better.
But knowledge can puff one up. Getting wisdom is better.
Humans want to know as God knows.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Seek God’s Wisdom

June 20, 2013

Seek wisdom. The photo of a crest of the ‘University of Western Australia’. God the creator gives His wisdom to mankind only through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. But if the name Jesus Christ is mentioned at all in classes at the University by students the students will be reprimanded. Also you don’t mention the name Jesus Christ in assignments or exams, if you do your grades will marked down. And if you persist in the said you will be failed. Universities do have classes on theology but this is about comparative religions not studying Jesus’ teachings as being the way, truth and life and saving people’s souls. So this University crest says ‘Seek wisdom’; what wisdom? whose wisdom? If Jesus Christ is like nothing more than swear words at University, where does Jesus Christ come in in the teachings / learnings / knowledge at University? Jesus Christ is the HEAD of heads, the MIND of minds, the SPIRIT of spirits, the HEART of hearts; so why is Jesus Christ not recognised as the HEAD of all Universities, the top MIND of all Universities. Scripture (bible) should be at the forefront of University teaching, such biblical teaching should be our frame work of all other learning. We must be anchored by our frame work, it keeps us from being up with the fairies. We have to check our wrists, we do not want to weaken our spiritual (human spirit) strength. Strength in the wrists is good. We work with our hands. We cultivate our minds and hearts with our hands. We keep the weeds out of our minds and hearts with working with our hands. Weak wrists, weak spiritual strength; weak spiritual strength, weak morals. We work for God with our hands, we work for the God Head, we work for the brains of God. We have the mind of Jesus Christ. We are converted we have our souls converted to the soul of Christ. Our soul is like as in heaven. We wait for the glorious heaven above, we have a taste of it now. We in human spirit serve our soul, we love our soul, we save our soul (through Jesus Christ, no other). We in serving God the creator the God of gods serve the Christlike soul, serve all Christlike souls. But we are ultimately serving The One and only True God. So if Jesus Christ is not acknowledged at University, what is the University teaching? What wisdom is the University teaching? To teach wisdom outside Jesus Christ, we need to check our wrists. We have a perverted world. Man is becoming God in his own eyes and man is being worshipped. Satan has deceived the world. Satan and the women who sits on the Dragon deceive.


To me secular education is not about learning God’s wisdom. Jesus Christ is far from people’s thoughts in their pursuits of learning say at a University. Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God. Most education is about getting qualified. Education is about having a document that proves you are qualified in some field. SEEK WISDOM is the motto on the crest of the shield of the University of Western Australia. But what wisdom? Jesus Christ wisdom? But Jesus talk would most probably not be tolerated at University. So education on a whole is not about seeking God’s wisdom but seeking a qualification. You could come away from studying years at a University and have a qualification but not learnt God’s wisdom. People study and get qualified but they get qualified for work that does not sit with their human spirit and soul. They do not work for the head of God. They work but they are not working. It’s like an act. They are like actors. It’s about money yes. Get qualified so you can work for lots of money. It’s not about working with your hands its about money. And parents encourage this. Most people do not work in the field that God has chosen them to work in. It’s about the body and not the head. SO EDUCATION IS ABOUT GETTING A QUALIFICATION NOT GETTING GOD’S WISDOM. And most people get qualified and work not in God’s will because they were not wise enough to find God’s will. SEEK WISDOM, the motto on the crest of the University, is an anomaly.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



June 18, 2013

Sensible eating and drinking should be a forte and focus of human thinking.
So what is good to eat and drink? What is our frame of reference when eating and drinking? The frame of reference is God. There is God made food and drink. Who else on this earth makes and creates? Yes mankind (people) makes and creates. Mankind makes food and drink. What we call manmade (term for people both male and female) is called artificial. Artificial is all unnatural. Unnatural is to be perverse.
What should we not eat and drink? Do not eat manmade food and drink if you want real sensible eating and drinking. To be truly wise is to eat and drink only God made food and drink. Eat a banana, eat an apple, eat a orange, eat nuts, eat wheat and barley, eat carrots, eat potatoes, eat lettuce, eat cauliflower, eat parsnip, eat cabbage, eat meat, eat chicken, eat fish, and the list goes on; we are speaking about God made food here; all these foods are God made not manmade. Drink plain water, drink milk; both God made too. Anything that is outside natural food and drink is unnatural and should be avoided. Natural is to honour God our maker. Man makes food and drink; man tries and passes food and drink off as God food but it is not; it is a deception. A lot of processed food and drink is manmade. Man even duplicates God’s flavourings. Manmade food and drinks are inferior to a God made food and drinks. Man tries and copies what God had made. Artificial is unnatural and perverse. Mankind is heading (like a steam train, all go) on a path of perverseness. Perverseness is about complexity. To be straight of God is to be in simplicity. Live straight thinking lives. God wants us to think straight. Mankind and his creations are arty and perverse. Get back to God and his creations in a life of simplicity. Give up manmade, give up artificial, give up complexity, give up perverseness. Mankind leads us away in his/her creations to worship mankind. Mankind becomes the God, the maker God. Humans then worship humans and turn away from our true creator, humans become perverts (means turning away). We get mans wisdom, mans philosophies, mans understanding, man and man not God. “Humanism” becomes the religion of mankind. Humanism is manmade understanding. Humanism perverts.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Life can often be unfair

June 18, 2013

A lady is dragged in to an alley way. It is night. She screams. Passers by carry on just passing by. She screams then quiet. A man a Good Samaritan calls out “Does any one want help?” Still quiet. The Good Samaritan, Sam by name, steps in to the alley. It is all dark. No one is to be seen. It is too dark to see. Suddenly there is running of steps, a person runs past Sam; this person is just shadow like in the dark. The person is gone it is now quiet again. Sam walks down the alley. He feels his way using his hands along the side of one wall. He comes to a bump in the ground. Sam bends down he feels a human body, there is blood it gets all over his hands. He tries to wipe the blood off his hands with his handkerchief. “Hello he calls”. No answer. Sam moves his hand over the body. It is a female body. He touches a handle of a knife. He pulls on the handle the blade comes out of the body. No one is around, only the two of them. Suddenly theres the noise of screaming car tires then the alley way is all lit up. “police, move away from the body, put your hands in the air”. Sam is still holding the knife in his right hand. He has blood all over him.
Camera’s click, flashes go, there seems to be a time of just many cameras clicking. “Put the knife down, both hands behind your back”. Sam is taken in to custody. The newspapers have a field day. On front page news there is a large photo of Sam standing hands in the air with his right hand holding a bloodied knife. In everyone’s eyes it is too apparent who the killer was. Yes the woman was killed. Sam is the chief suspect and in court the jury find him guilty and the Judge gives Sam a life sentence.

What do we learn from this:

The obvious is not always right.

The passersby did not want to get involved. It’s true that in society if you get involved you are likely to get trouble. Sam got involved and he got trouble. Sam got a life sentence in prison. The law does not always work for the good person. Law is not perfect. We can not always trust the Law. Law can not protect. It just protects in name, but in name is not enough. Wisdom of God does protect. Law is made up of people who are fallible. Judges are fallible. The courts are fallible. Trust God with all your heart do not put your hearts trust in mere humans. Flesh and blood are no match for God. Flesh and blood are weak but God is all strong.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 14, 2013

Yesterday I had an awkward experience. I was in a Catholic Church and meditating. I like to call meditating ‘reflecting’. Well here I was reflecting. I was way up front of the church. The church was near empty. This church is open all day for prayer and meditation. Mass is midday but it was now afternoon. I sat in my seat, as always very quietly. I had my eyes shut but knew a person was walking near me. I inwardly shunned this person hoping they would not disturb me. But no my quietness in this case was not to be. I opened my eyes, a young man was walking towards me. He got close to me, I looked intently at him, I was not glad of his presence, he started to speak to me, I was eyeing him, he looked afraid, he was about to leave me, I noticed the young man had longish hair something I do not approve on a male. Why? The head of a male should not be covered, the head is to glorify God. As he was to leave, I said to him “Go on, say what you have to say”. I was being a bit facetious with him and I was also thinking “He might just be the real mcCoy he might have a message from God for me”.

But alas what he said has troubled me ever since this encounter. I should have read the signs more properly at the time; when he first looked me in the eyes he was going to leave me but I inadvertently thought there might be a message from the divine for me. The long hair and the afraid to speak at first were obvious signs but not enough for me to know exactly. He looked gung-ho, a young man making out that he was clever. Clever of things of God.

On reflection after this encounter I can only think of the Pentecostal Church denomination. I align him in my thoughts with the said denomination. I in my early Christian days flirted with the Pentecostal religion; it was vexing on a number of occasions but I stayed with it trying to learn but alas my learning did not seem to generate the maturity I was after. I found growing more sustainable within the conservative traditional denominations. I am presently with a traditional congregation and here I have matured. Where I worship I am in a church that is in the holy catholic communion. This makes our church Catholic but not Roman Catholic. Most of the conservative mainline traditional churches are aligned with the holy catholic communion. And of course the Roman Catholic Church belongs to the holy catholic communion. I find the Pentecostals are more heart led than led by the head; the brains come second to them where the heart comes first. They seem to be an immature minded denomination.

Lets go back to my encounter with the young man; so the man spoke, I asked him to speak, he seemed shy now and mumbled some words about let the heart lead and that in this church I will not get my spiritual needs met. He then left. I thought at first he was saying something profound and that it was a special message to help me. But alas what he said has triggered off a lot of my known thoughts from my experience in Pentecostal churches in the past. I never now go in to Pentecostal churches; I try and avoid them. I never really enjoyed all the loud music and hyped up atmosphere. It was like a concert. There at the front was the most attractive girl or girls singing at the front holding a microphone leading the congregation in to a frenzy of feelings of so called joy. To me it was all feelings and these people get addicted to the joy feelings so they look forward to coming back for more and more. The feeling highs last only a short time. The males are staring at these attractive girls who are leading the singing worship and it looks like something out of one of these big entertainment concerts where the girl at front is “dressed to kill”. Slain in the heart. I think of glamour here, a glamour church. The Pastor all kitted out in his suit and tie looks like he is a successful business executive who is trying to sell you something. The feelings in such a church go on the high; the music uses mood music to generate the high. It becomes addictive this high in feelings. But like all feelings they have to come down to base. So is this church conversant to growing in maturity. For me probably not. I over time see feelings as a danger rather than a good. I see being rational as a better rule to live by. I see that maturity means maturity in thought and living by mature thought not by feelings. I do not want my heart to rule; I want my head to rule. Jesus rules from above. Jesus is the head. The Holy Spirit helps but Jesus above rules. The head is above and should rule. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit in to our hearts to help us but it is Jesus above who rules.

So we get these people who are called “Born agains”. These people are the prodigal sons and daughters. They and maybe their ancestors (Maybe going way back) left God. They thought they were clever. They whored and warred. Now I myself was a born again. Yes the born agains come back in to the body of Christ. They think now God favours them; yes it looks that ways at times but the real truth is far from the way it looks. Yes the prodigal son / daughter does come home but we must not forget that there was already a son / daughter at home and these stay at homes did not whore and war. These stay at homes stayed with God. With the return of the prodigals there is sibling rivalry. Rivalry for the Fathers love and blessings. Sometimes the rivalry never stops and sometimes there is animosity here. The prodigals get on a high and never want their high feelings to stop. The prodigals never seem to settle down and live quiet lives; they are so happy to be home and want the Father to keep on giving them things.

The young man that came up to me in church did not bring a message of solidarity. His message was divisive. He said to me to “let my heart lead”; this to me was obviously wrong. Feelings and immaturity seem to go together. We do not let our feelings lead us. A mature person uses reason. The head rules with reason. The heart seems to be the seat of feelings (Emotions) and the head has the seat of reason. Reason is to learn and mature. Reason has ‘Who, what, where, when, why and how’. We must question and sift. Sifting is called discerning. Discerning is to be wise. Wisdom leads to maturity.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

14th January 2013.

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New Norcia – holy meditations

September 1, 2012

The monks are asked what do they do? I think of writings that I read in a booklet in my guesthouse room. A well known catholic saint went in to a chapel. Later on coming out of the chapel friends asked her “what did you do?” “I listened to God” she said and before her friends were able to ask she said “and God listened too”. When we pray to God we are speaking to God but when we are listening to God God could also be listening or he could be speaking to us. But in spirit we listen and often our mind does not know what out spirit is listening too.

So it is by faith that we listen to God and thus God enlightens our spirit thus enlightening our heart and mind. In this enlightening process we in heart and mind are lighted up so we discern more we see more we understand more. So in listening to God why should not God also listen. It is a mutual listening, God and we listen together. God is Spirit and it is understanding in spirit that gives life. Spirit is life and gives life. Spirit gives life to flesh. God listens to us. We do not want a God that is continually yapping away; constant chatter is unwise. The wise person often stays quiet and listens. The head has two ears and one tongue meaning listen twice as much time than talking. Talking can get us into trouble. Listening gets no one in to trouble. Words should be used with measure and used carefully making sure our words are doing good. God gave us words and words are a tool of the person to help or hinder. Words spoken or written can bring on wars. Wars can and have killed millions of people. Wars start with words. Words start with thoughts and thoughts are in words. So at New Norcia people come to listen just as the monks are listening. Wisdom is not found unless one has done a lot of listening first. Listen, learn, then talk. Listening to God is spirit listening as God is Spirit. What is God saying? People say we don’t know what God is saying. We never hear from God. But God is Spirit and he speaks to spirit. Have faith, listen and soon you will be wise you will understand. Teachers of the world teach knowledge but unless it is knowledge in spirit the knowledge is vain. Knowledge not of God can just puff us up and make us feel important we are proud. And “pride goes before a fall” as the wise saying goes. Knowledge of God can be eternal but it has to be knowledge of Jesus Christ. Only the mind of Jesus Christ is eternal. Mind knowledge of the world is temporal such knowledge leaves us it burns off in the refining / growing. Worldly teachers carry a pride such pride leads to arrogance. They believe in themselves apart from God. Arrogance means that a person is not listening to good sense. The mind of Jesus Christ is good sense. The mind of Jesus Christ is the superior mind to all other minds, other minds are in to idolatry.

We run a race we want to win the race we drop off all unnecessary luggage we give up all things that will weigh us down we run keeping only the simplest of needs we give up all wants and desires we only go with our needs. We run a straight path we keep straight and we keep our words to a minimum if we speak or write we keep to the truth we run with faith believing all our running is not in vain we endure suffering and troubles but we persevere knowing that what is ahead is all worth it. Worldly people need not come to New Norcia there is nothing much for them here. People of the world climb mountains but not in spirit but in the physical. The world is all amazed when people climb say Mount Everest or some other high physical mountain. These climbers even die climbing their physical mountains. What a waste. What vanity. To achieve in spiritual is much much more beneficial than achieving in physical. Physical is only temporal, spirit can be forever. But there are good spirits and there are evil spirits. It is vain to achieve in evil spirituality. So I am listening, I listen day and night, my spirit listens, my spirit listens to God and my spirit listens to other people. My spirit is continuing learning. And in later life (hopefully soon) when God overcomes the world completely through me my spirit will be of a maturity to hopefully fully understand. But patience is needed by me. Faith is needed by me to believe in my fully enlightened state in my later life. The wise of God climb a mountain but it is not a mountain in the physical. This spiritual mountain is not like any other mountain this mountain of God prepares us for eternity.

I said there can be mutual listening we listen and God listens. But is not this an impasse? What is the point of listening to God when He is also listening? But in our listening we can just reflect and mediate. We reflect off God in spirit to Spirit. God is all pure in Spirit and such God purity reflects on us in our spirit. In coming to New Norcia where the place is soaked in prayer and evil does not like to tread we can not be molested by evil spirits thus ensuring a good reflection off God and great meditating thoughts. I love holy meditation, such thinking is like heavenly thoughts.

Regards; Lester John Murray.

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31 August 2012

I Had a Dream

August 23, 2012

My dream is worthy of note because my dream was not just one of my usual dreams my dream was as vivid as seeing through my physical eyes right in clear daylight. I knew that after I had this dream that this dream was no ordinary dream but an extra ordinary dream. I guessed that rightly this said dream can only have come from God. I was a new Christian not that long before I had this extra ordinary dream. This dream stands out to me it is a dream that I can never forget I remember even most of the dreams intricate details. I like every human have dreams when sleeping but this dream was nothing like my other dreams. I can not remember other dreams as well as this said dream. I know the Bible talks about people having dreams. God speaks to people through dreams. I believe the said dream came from God our creator and that the dream was to give me understanding.

I have considered this said dream many times in the past and wondered at its amazing images that were cast in my minds eyes in my dream state of sleep. I have definitely wanted to understand this dream. Was God intending to enlighten me through this dream? I guess so. But it was up to me to reflect and meditate and commune with God and hopefully glean the answers to this dream. Truth comes from God. Truth can come from Gods lips. Truth can also come from the people on this earth. In Christ we true believers are on a journey this journey is likened to a climb of a mountain. On climbing we get higher and higher. We climb the mountain of God. In climbing as we get higher we see more. So our understanding is increased. We know more. The people of the world are like the river at the base of Gods mountain of knowledge. People of the world do not get the knowledge of God.

I had this dream. I will keep my explanation of this dream very simple. I do not want to go outside any lines of thought where this dream can be interpreted as false. I can only be truthful and God is my witness. So my dream is as follows:

I saw a shadow a little shadow holding a little disc thingie and waving it, I think with both hands on it, and waving it up and down vigorously. It was like the shadow was beating the air with this disc. I felt like the shadow was trying to protect itself. Was the shadow in my head? I could only guess. After the shadow was vigorously beating the air with this disc for a very short time 3 other shadows appeared on the scene. I am not trying to be obnoxious here but here I must add that with these 3 new shadows on the scene accompanying them was a (okay here goes I can only say what it appeared to be and my perception tells me I am right) penis. Yes a penis of a male human. I am been honest. These 3 shadows and the penis and the shadow (the shadow that had been beating the air) then ran around in a circular fashion running around a central whatever. The first shadow dropped off this circular platform and like hid. I think it was trying to get away from the 3 new shadows and the penis. This first shadow was like laying low just to the side and lower side of the circular platform. The 4 shadows and the penis were all about the same height; in the dream they all looked about quarter of an inch high.

This dream is still as strong in my memory as it has been ever since I had it. Of course my memory imprint is not as fresh as it used to be but my memory seems to have still an imprint of it that still validates the dream as a divine dream that only God could give.

I want to understand the dream. Now the following explanation is from my perception of the dream. I can only say what I perceive the dream to be it may not be all correct. I have mused over this dream in the past and consider I may have unravelled the dreams secrets. In doing so my intention is not to offend any person.

The shadows are souls or spirits. The first soul was mine. The location of the dream might be the head. The other 3 new souls on the scene might be my mother and 2 sisters souls or spirits. The penis I do not know.

I lost my mind to other souls / spirits. But I did not totally give in. I Had my mind taken over. I in my soul/spirit endeavoured to carry on the best I could even though I had my mind taken over. My mother and sisters had over run me they 3 together were stronger than me. I could not keep up the defence I was over whelmed by superior numbers. My soul beating the air was to keep the other souls from entering my head. I lost but I had not given up. Some how I still managed to keep going from my hiding place. I did not lose my mind altogether to these other souls as I kept up a vigil of faith hoping that the future would hold a hand of help out to me. I had a faith but what in I do not know. I knew little about Jesus Christ. I was not schooled in Jesus Christ teaching. I guessed there was a superior God. So I was holding on to my mind as best as I could from within the place of my hiding. Each year I was losing more strength my spiritual strength was lessening but I was going to hold out the best I could. Maybe I had a prophet spirit and as such had a strong spirit / soul. Later in life I perceived that I was given a prophet calling from God. In the mean time my strength in spirit was taking a lashing. I was desperately in need of help. No help other than God help would or could be of any use.

So am I deluded in thinking my mother and 2 sisters were my enemies. The bible does say that a prophet is not honoured in his own family and again not honoured in his home town and maybe even not honoured in his own country. The bible does say that a persons worst enemies are the people in his own family. The bible is true.

In all this God preaches forgiveness. So my mother and 2 sisters are saved. Saved? Saved from what? Saved from their sins. Souls / spirits are simple they are made simple but transgress. We in soul / spirit are like children we misbehave as children what ever age in human years we are. We are always children to God.

I in soul endured suffering but in Jesus I now live in strength wisdom and power. I did not let evil prevail and break me I in Jesus rose above the evil and now live above ruling with God.
In ruling above my words in Jesus are honed and sharp. In Jesus I have risen up and overcome the world. The world can only be overcome in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ overcame the world at Calvary on the cross defeating all the wicked worldly dark spiritual powers. Jesus lives. He died but came back to life.

My mother, sisters and brothers are those people who serve God. My family is the church.

I have been blessed with a simple soul. God does say that he protects simple souls. So God did rescue me even though I suffered enormously but in my suffering other souls eventually got saved. Jesus took suffering on the cross to save many people and we mortals also suffer and in doing so people get saved.

Regards; Lester John Murray.

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23rd August 2012.

A Time for Everything

May 25, 2012

I was walking on my usual rounds of the day; I came to one of my favourite spots. I was on the grounds of a large city Cathedral. I often come here. I do not bother much with the gardens here; I am one to go in to the Church and meditate. But this time I noticed something different. As I came up the driveway of the Church my eyes glanced over to where a tree was. But the tree was no more. My mind thought; it thought and thought. I was in a thought crisis. The lovely tree had gone. All that was left was a neat cut stump lying low in the ground. “The tree; the tree” I gasped in my thinking; “What have they done to it”.

The tree and its cut down brought on more of my thinking. Such thinking is as follows:

Gertrude (A tree near Henry) what are you looking at?
I am looking at you.
You are for it.
What do you mean?
Never mind.
Come on tell.
Look at all the mess you put around.
A few sticks.
More than a few sticks; more like many branches.
Hey that happens when you get old it happens to all of us.
But it’s happening to you now. And the children are not allowed to sit in your shade now. You see those notices put up by the head gardener they say no sitting near this tree; you. You are dangerous.
Phooey I am no danger.
You are.
(The phone rings in the head gardener’s office; the Bishop is on the phone)
Yes Your Grace; yes I will see to it.
(The head gardener goes outside; he looks at the tree) “Tut, tut” he thinks.
(Another complaint has come in about the tree. Branches are falling on people)
Henry sighs “I wish the children would come and sit in my shade again. I loved to hear their cherry chatter”.
(Evening comes then morning)
(Henry is still asleep he is known now to take long sleeps. He dreams of his younger days as a young big strong tree; the sunny days with children sitting at his feet laughing)
Henry, Henry.
Urrr aaar what? Who is it?
Henry the word is out; you are for it today.
Gertrude you woke me up from a lovely sleep now stop it and all this silly talk.
You are for the chop.
Leave me alone you talk nonsense.
(Henry goes back to sleep)
(Bbbzzzzzzzzzzzzz the chain saw goes)
What the; Can a tree get some sleep.
(Henry feels queasiness; it is like a knife is going in to him)
(Henry feels faint he starts to lose consciousness)
Who is there? What is going on?
Bye Henry.
Gertrude; help, help me.
(The assistant gardeners finish the job. Henry is fallen)
(That afternoon a truck comes to the Church grounds and the tree is cut up and put on it)
The assistant gardener says “That will make good firewood”.

As I said I was looking at the stump. The tree was no more; it obviously had served its purpose and was wanted no more. I thought “Everything has it’s time. But there are new beginnings; the stump is still there”.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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