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Brain lapse

June 18, 2018

Who has brain lapses? ie they have a moment when they disengage their brain. But are there people who all the time don’t engage the brain and run on idle? Idle may sound fun to people but they have lives that do not move (rolling {moving} stone gathers no moss), they are literally useless to the body and society. The body without the brain is dumb. The senses are in the head. The head is the brains and senses. The God head. The head belongs to God as does the body belong to God. God is in the head as well as in the body. God is in the heart and brain. God is above. God is with us in heart. The soul is with God as is the human spirit with God. We are with God above and also here.

There is much God light in the brain. It’s about connecting up to that God light. We are truly bright only in God, all other brightness is false. You can not be bright apart from God. God is light. Generations of a family tree line are blessed to have connection to the God Head because they love God but there are also many family trees in darkness because they hate God. Many people are cut off from God, many people live in darkness and are lost. To educate oneself while in darkness of soul and spirit is foolishness. So society is stupid to think that everyone can be educated. Society pushes education on children and adults, the God headed people are not wise to force education on the lost souls. Lost souls are in darkness. To live in the dark is not to see. God headed people need to express that God will forgive people for their sins if they repent to God. The Governing authorities are pushing education like never before. But alas education can just wind up people who are disengaged from the God Head. You need to see and hear and smell and taste to get educated. The senses are our tools of education. The brain picks up what we sense and uses that information to educate us. What breaks our connection from the God head? Sins, sins sins and sins. We break up from God because of sins. John the Baptist came saying “Repent of your sins”. Jesus came saying “The kingdom of God is near”. God can not be tricked, you can not hide from God. You break up from God it is your fault, you will leave the light, you will live in the dark, your body will be full of darkness. People in the light need to help those people in the dark in to the light. The people of the light should not be forcing education on people who are in the dark, stupid stuff. The people of the light need to help those people in the dark by leading them to Jesus. Jesus took all our sins in His body and died to them, a mystery? Yes but it’s true. Only after sins have been forgiven can we live in the light. Our sins are washed away by Gods forgiveness and we connect again to the God head. God’s words wash us clean. God’s Son Jesus blood washes us clean, a mystery? Yes but it’s true. You can learn while in the light, the light gives you insight. You need insight to learn. Sinners have problems learning. People in the light also sin but they have an intermediary in Jesus Gods Son between them and the Father God and they can confess and be forgiven. People in the light have to confess regularly to keep up a good connection to God. You want good sense confess to God. Even if a person of the light forsakes God God will be patient and hope the errant person will confess in due time. God can wait. People can cut off all connection to God and God can turn his back on people. You will be thrown in to the darkness, you will gnash your teeth and be lost. If an eye sins too much and for too long cut it out, the body is better without an eye than the whole body go in to hell. So God prunes and prunes off worthless branches. Families are cast off the true vine they are thrown in to darkness. God is loving but he is no fool, you can tolerate fools for just so long.

The body needs the head and the head needs the body. Jesus is the head. We are the body. Does Jesus need us? Maybe I don’t know. But a head without a body is useless. We use our heads, no, our heads use us. The body does not use the head, the head uses the body, we are not in charge the head is in charge. Repent to God all sins. The body sins. The members of the body are us the believers in Jesus. Jesus has His own body. We each in the one body come under the one head. We each in the body are as close as words. Words make us in the body. The head is the Words. It’s about words. Words give light. God is Words. Education is in words.

I see. I am the eyes and the head. I am the spokesperson of God. I teach and preach. I am a prophet of God, my boss is God. Prophets see, they have strong insight. I have not always been in the light, I used to be in the dark. I was once lost. I know what I know only because I can see and have seen over many years. My body and eyes are slowly gathering more light. My eyes are becoming more sound. Wisdom comes to prophets. Wisdom is good sense. Wisdom is knowing right from wrong. Wisdom is having righteous thoughts. We are what we think. You can only be caught out in your thoughts, one must get through your thoughts to get to your body and your possessions. You are only as strong as you are in your thoughts. Wisdom of God makes for strong thoughts. The universe is one universal thinking mind, a universal mind full of words and God’s words are supreme over all other words. Jesus is the head and reigns above and His Words are above all other words.

You get body builders. These builders build up their bodies to make them strong, these people work out daily for many hours pushing themselves hard physically to make their bodies strong. These people are praised by others, but all is in vain. The real strength starts from inside, in the soul and spirit in words. It’s words in the thinking that should be our major defence. Think wise then you are safe. But there is human wisdom and there is God’s wisdom in Jesus Christ. Human wisdom is not genuine wisdom, it is false like false gold. False gold looks good but it is a sham. Christ’s wisdom keeps us safe. Human wisdom will not keep us safe, Satan knows that. Satan can walk through human wisdom easily. Quoting man’s poetry or man’s philosophy at Satan might even make Satan laugh. Human wisdom is about man not God, it’s about seeking man’s praise and awards not Gods. Man seeks praise, it’s like an ego massage. Man wants to look and be important, it’s dignity relying on flesh and words of man not on God. Human wisdom is fake wisdom, Christ’s wisdom can see through it. Human wisdom is the veneer, the gloss, it’s acting, it’s wearing a mask, it’s hypocrisy. Christ’s wisdom is not wearing a mask, with Christ’s wisdom you are what you really are. Christ’s wisdom is true and not perverse, human wisdom is perverse. This world is so perverse now, who is not perverse.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


THE HEAVENLY HEAD – JESUS (the brains of the body)

February 7, 2018

In Christ we are washed clean, that includes our mind soul brain. Our brain is clean so our brain when fully clean can do It’s job. God enters the heart but God is also in the head in the brain. God uses the brain, and the brain uses us.

We are like in the heart and brain. Our human spirit is in the heart and our soul is in the brain. Very mysterious. How can we in two places at the same time. God is in two places, God is in the above, and He is also in our heart. God is the Father and Son above and below the head in the heart God is the Holy Spirit. God is three persons but one. It’s a mystery how God can be three persons. So we are flesh and spirit and soul. How can we relate to a three person God, we may get confused. Who are we taking to when we pray to God? So yes the brain is in charge just as the Father and Son above are in charge. The heavens rule. Confusing??? It might be. So we don’t use the Father and Son, the Father and Son want to use us. We let God in to our lives to be master ruler the boss. God sits up there too, not just in our heart.

If we don’t use our brains and our brains use us, how can we apply ourselves to learn skills and knowledge? God gives callings and gifts. These gifts in to the heart from above help us to do our calling. Most people do not find Gods calling, they do still have the gifts and so they use the gifts in a calling not their own. All God’s people have gifts. God’s people are many and include even many who are strayers and not in flocks.

God also gives intelligence. This is the ability to do the God calling. Most intelligent people are also not in Gods calling. Intelligence, the ability, can become the focus for people and so we get the intellectuals. Ability/intelligence is treated like an idol in this world.

In Christ we have the Headship of Christ. We are in the body of Christ. Christ is in the temple. We are a living temple. God does not live in man made structures.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


January 18, 2018

Head first and the body follows.

So true. The head is first and the body second not the other way around.

But people abuse the head. The body abuses the head. And with this we can get mental illness.

People grow up forsaking the heads health to work on body health. It’s about the gym and working out. It’s about nutritional food for the body. But what about the head?

What about the head?

We need good mental health (the head) as well as good body health and the heads health should come first. It’s not body first, it’s head first. So to go in to any task you go head first not body first.

Don’t abuse the head. Don’t abuse the mind in the head. Don’t abuse the soul in the mind in the head.

Mental health can be about abuse. Abuse or not abuse.

Mental health is about a healthy mind. The soul is in the mind. We want a healthy soul. Mind and soul is in the head.

To have a healthy soul be converted in to a Christ soul. Let the WORDS of Jesus Christ convert the soul. Give up on your old sinful self and be a Christ self. A new self. Soul is self. We die to our old nature the sinful nature to live new lives in Christ. Christ never sinned and never sins. Christ is the light. We want light, don’t we? We don’t want darkened souls. Satan works in the dark. Resist Satan and he will flee.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 7, 2017

It was now later in the day. Usually when I rise in the morning from sleep I don’t take much time before I turn my attentions to heaven. But today I took my time before heaven with God became my focus. So what did I do? I attended to my bodily wants and needs first. When I did pray to God I reflected and understood what I had done. I have an alive body but I also have an alive head. My head should come first not my body. My body submits to my head. My head is not dead. My mind my soul in my head is very much alive. My soul above, saved, saved in God. God is above. 

And God is in my heart in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is part of the God head because He comes from the Head. The Holy Spirit comes from above in to my heart. The Holy Spirit is sent by God. The Holy Spirit is also God, God the Spirit. God is above in the God head in WORDS and next to Him at His right is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is in flesh, an immortal flesh whatever that might be. Immortal means not death but ever lasting. King David said “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”. 
When I got around to praying to God today I reflected on my giving the body first place before my head today and my thoughts wondered on to university professors. Professors, the big “humanism” sticks out its head. Humanism is not Jesus Christ’s wisdom. Then I thought – humanism might have its place in the grand scheme of salvation. No one just gets all wise of God in minutes or just years. Wisdom of God comes slowly. Gods elect are put under the leadership of human wisdom until they are wise enough of Christ to think for themselves. Human wisdom is about humans apart from God. Human wisdom is humanism. The wise of God break free of human wisdom as they grow in Gods wisdom. Gods wisdom is Jesus Christ. 
So I prayed to God today later than usual. I put my body first today. I realised my mistake. My body is not to be first. My head comes first. My head is in charge of my body. My head is very much alive. My head holds my soul. My soul is in my mind. My mind (thoughts) is not dull. My mind (thoughts) is sharp. I sharpen my mind up using words, Gods words. I read the Holy Scriptures from the Bible. The scriptures are simple, the simple truth. The simple truth is sharp. 
There are many versions now of the Bible but the true essence of God is still there. Read and discern, perceive and understand. God is invisible, God is a metaphor, meta meaning beyond, beyond the physical. God teaches us in parables, He throws a story a long side another story to try and show that there is invisible along side visible. Jesus would talk about a story in the visible to impart a perception of the God teaching of the invisible. We humans are human spirit, the teachings from God via the Holy Scriptures, are essentially for our human spirit to comprehend. Parables teachings are also called analogies. Metaphors are words used in analogical teachings to help our human spirit to see that there is a beyond, this beyond is where the human spirit is living apart from the physical existence that we live in. Metaphors describe something in the physical sense to make it real in the spiritual sense (to give meaning to our human spirit). 
We are essentially trying to teach our human spirit to be wise and understanding. Remember God is invisible and the invisible made the visible. Human wisdom (humanism) has little place for Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. God teaches about another kingdom apart from all worldly physical kingdoms. There is a Spirit kingdom of God. We the elect of God in spirit live in this Spiritual kingdom. We the elect live in the world but not off the world. We elect are just transient. We elect don’t belong to this world. 
To give first place to my head before my body is as simple as just praying to God above. Pray from heart. Pray from human spirit in heart to above. Pray with words. Speak. To give first place to the head means giving the head glory. Do not glorify the body. Glory the head. Moses was glorified in his head when he went up Mount Sinai. Moses even put a veil over his head so that the Hebrews could not see the glory of the head (the people were not worthy to see the glory of God). There is a veil even now over people’s minds, they see but they do not see, they hear but they do not hear, they do not understand in their hearts. Moses and many prophets gave/give glory to God. God above first. We know each other by our faces we know God by His face. The face is on the head. Simple.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 31, 2017

The Holy Scripture is quite straightforward and simple in its explanation that the husband is head of the wife. Just as long hair on a female and short hair on a male is straightforward and simple to understand. The headship of God is sanctified. To understand God is to understand the God Head. 

The Father God and Son God are in the God head. They say the Holy Spirit is also in the God head. The Holy Spirit comes from the Head. The head is in charge of the body. The head has the brain. The brain is not the power, the power is in Spirit in the heart in the body. Gods Spirit is the ultimate power. God used the God Spirit to create the universe. Spirit of God hovered over the deep (deep what? Ocean, ocean what? Water maybe). God Spirit triggered the energy to create the universe. The head is above the body, the body takes orders from the head. The mind of Jesus Christ is in the mind of the converted. With husband and wife we have a male mind head and a female mind head. Jesus Christ is male not female. Jesus mind is in the male the female submits to the male mind of Christ. The Bible clearly says “The husband must love his wife as Christ loves the church and the wife must submit to the husband as the church submits to Christ”. This scripture is a mystery but it is real and true. Headship is real. We think in the head. Adam was created first. Adam a male. We call God Father not mother. Jesus was born of a woman but Mary Jesus mother is not in the God Head. The God Head is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Husbands beating and or abusing their wives. Women should not have to tolerate domestic violence in any form. You walk away from trouble not encourage it. I know divorce by many conservatives is frowned upon. Even the Bible speaks against divorce unless there is adultery. But no one should have to be violated. The women must be empowered to make their own decisions. In the past wives stayed with their abusive husbands because of financial considerations. In the past the male was the bread winner, now women work at careers and earn money. In the past women were just breeders and house wives. Women now also are much educated, in the past women were just educated in few things just until they could be married off. 
No woman or girl should tolerate domestic violence. Husbands who prey on their wives are not loving their wives as Christ loves the church. A husband needs to love his wife as he loves his own body. If the husband is not loving as Christ then the wife is not beholden to the husband. The wife only submits to the husband if the husband is loving as Christ does. There is love and there is love. The people think the world’s love is the way to go, wrong. Christ is above in heaven, use your heads people, Gods love is not off this world, Gods love is from above. 
Use your heads. Use your head in the proper order and fashion. Jesus wisdom of the headship is there to help not hinder. God is male and female but the headship is male. The God Head has no female in it. Mother Mary, mother of Jesus even is not in the God Head.
Is the God Head teaching wrong? Do you want Jesus’ Mother in the God Head? Will God let the female in to His God Head????
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 29, 2017

Wise people plan for the end. Fools live for the beginning. This earthly life is a means to an end. There is no real end, life is endless, but we live for the endless end. This physical life is only temporary. The Spirit came first, physical came second. Spirit was here before the physical. Spirit created the physical. The invisible Spirit was before the visible physical. The invisible created the visible. 

We humans are also spirit. The real true learning comes from Spirit. Listen to the Spirit. How do we listen to Spirit? Spirit is God. God has always been here, God is eternal. Where did God come from? It’s like the question: What came first the chicken or the egg? Neither, the rooster came first. But that still does not answer the question where did God come from? The rooster is male and we may see that the male comes first in the creation equation. God the Father, father is male. Certainly Jesus Christ is male and Jesus is Gods only begotten Son. Father and Son together above. So where’s the female element above? Beats me. The headship in heaven seems to be male, just male. But that does not make sense when we have female humans. Don’t female humans worship pray to the God above? I mean do female humans pray and worship a male God head above? Or do female humans go through the male humans to connect up to God? Adam was the first human and he was male. Eve was made for Adam and was she made out of Adam. The male human has the male God head above and the female human connects up to the male God head through the male humans. The father is the head of the family. The mother is not the head of the family. Where mothers rule the family there is perversion. Where the wife rules the husband there is perversion. Perversion is a turning away from what is natural to what is unnatural. It is unnatural for a woman to rule a man. The man comes under God and the woman comes under the man. The Man on top. The man on top of a woman is not perverted, but a woman on top of a man is perverted. So the rooster came first. The man came first. 
But we know the male rules. That is natural. But God is supposably male and female. Still the answer is not there. The God Head as we read it in the scriptures is male. How can God be female when the head is male. But the female human has a head. So is the God Head male and female or just male? Do we recognise the female humans heads? The female humans have brains. Is not God in female human heads? But Jesus Christ is male and is above in the God head. Male Jesus in a female humans head? Why should the female worship a male head? And is the Holy Spirit male as well as being female? I go back to the original teaching and say The God Head is all male. The female humans worship God through their male father or male husband. The male is the head of the family. Is not God female too? Mother of Jesus Christ is not in the God Head. We do not pray to or worship Mary (Jesus Mother). We pray to the Father and Jesus Christ. Father and Son are the same, separate but equal, but the Father is honoured more than the Son, the Father knows more than the Son. 
We have a rooster, we have a male God Head. The God Head being the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, all male. Is that discrimination against females? Not having a female in the God Head? Is that a male ruse to rule the females? 
So we have a male first. Adam was first. But what does the wise person live for? Eating? Sleeping? Defecating? Work? Play? Sex? Drinking? The wise person lives for the end the endless end. We don’t live for this life we live for the “After life”. We don’t live for eating we live for defecating. We eat to survive but we also defecate to survive. Eat to defecate. Look at a pretty woman but before you eat remember you have to get rid of the waste. Eat pretty food by all means but remember you have to defecate; if you don’t defecate you will die. So we spend a lot of our time in the toilet. Defecating is a key to sanity. Getting the waste out regularly is sane. Keeping the waste in is insanity. Good sanitation is sanity. Get the waste our of our minds and hearts and physical bodies. Waste is spiritual and physical. 
So a pretty woman is all skin deep, you desire, you want, eat up, but beneath the surface could be rot. Eat pretty but pretty is surface. Look beneath before you try the goods. Get insight. God looks at the heart. Don’t just judge a book by its cover. Covers do give some hint of what’s offering but plain covers could cover real food. The youth are not wise. Wisdom comes with age. The youth are about looks. Most youth are about looks. Youth make their decisions on looks, they pay dearly afterwards. They were not so clever after all. 
A person who is regular is a wise person. Get the shit out, do not live on shit. Marry a regular person. Regular is sane. The food goes in to the body but it is also the end that matters much. Get the shit out. Live for the present but also live for the end. There is an end to our lives on this earth, live for the end to go on for the endless end above in heaven. We live on. The blessed ones live on in heaven. 
So the male God head is God and he is in charge. The church is the body. We are that body, we the elect. We elect are in that body, we come under the God head. The male came first. The Father came first. The Father is the ruler of the family (the body, the church). The Father is male. God made a partner for his male creation. Does the female have to submit to the male, in sex yes, what about in everything, probably yes. Sex is normal when the female submits to the male the male does not submit to the female. The male takes the lead in dancing with the female. The husband leads the wife. The end is better than the beginning. We die to live. We live to die. We live after our mortal life. We live on. The heavenly life is paradise. The earthy life is not paradise, if you think it is, you deceive yourselves. 
Home James (Heaven).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 19, 2017

The brain is in the head. And we know the head is up there. We are up there in thought. We are the head. God is the HEAD too. God is the head of the body of Christ. We die and rise to be with God above. We die to our old sinful selves. We are raised to think like Jesus Christ. We rule with Christ in the Heavenlies. We are saved. We think and we are saved. Salvation is in Words, Words of God. 

The brain has two hemispheres, or two main parts. The brain has the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. 
Humans have a brain like most creatures have a brain. But human brains are unique. Humans are made in the likeness ((image) of God. 
So humans think from two brain hemispheres. But are humans more prone to more one sided brain than the other. I mean humans are either right handed or left handed so why would humans not be either right brain or left brain. So humans have one dominant side of the brain. 
We also get right extreme thinkers or left extreme thinkers. The right side of the brain is the side that acts like a king. The right side lords it over the body. The right side is like Jesus Christ and His rule. The left side is like the Father Gods rule. Now all this teaching is metaphorical. Meta means beyond. Beyond the physical. We have a Spiritual side to us, another completely new dimension from our physical awareness. 
Who thinks right brain? Pauline Hanson is to me a right wing thinker. Right thinking is politically right wing. Right wing thinkers do vote Liberal and are usually of the Pentecostal churches (that’s if they are of any religion). 
The left side of the brain is more the Words of the head and body. The Father God is in Words. The Father God is not visible. The right side is more of the physical rule as Jesus Came in to this world in physical and was raised physical. Right side people, being more of the physical than the left side people, we can call them (the right) more objective thinking and the left we can call more subjective thinking. Objective is “out there” and is about objects of physical. Subjective is subject in Words. Words are invisible and God is invisible. 
The left side thinkers are more prone to be of the heart than right side thinkers. The heart in the body is tending towards the left side of the body under the left side of the brain. Left side thinkers are more prone to follow causes made up in words whereas the right thinkers being objective see people as their cause to follow. People see Pauline Hanson and see her as an object to follow whereas left thinkers look to ideas, doctrine, dogmas; such are in words. Right thinkers are prone to be cultish with their leaders. Right thinkers want a leader that stands out. Jesus is in the right thinking and Jesus is the ultimate King of kings. Right thinking wants a strong leader. Right thinking thinks Jesus rules like a almighty ruling King who has all power and majesty. Right thinkers want a leader who acts like a majestic King and lords it over all. 
The parts of the body are the people. We are the parts. Jesus is the head. We have the mind of Jesus Christ. We submit to the head. We obey the head. We do not control the body. The head controls the body. We listen and obey. We act subservient to the head. We let the head rule with the brain and the senses in the head. We do not rule. The body does not rule. We just obey. 
God commands us to love. Love God and our neighbour. It’s SIMPLE. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 5, 2017

​I don’t know why women don’t protest more publicly against discrimination of their gender.
I mean from the year dot it’s like women are treated as soulless and just to be used by men to satisfy their lust. Lust is not love. To lust for something does not mean you are in love with it. No wonder a lot of marriages break down. After the honeymoon stage or in many cases what we can call the lust stage there is no union. Men rape women in lust. Husbands rape their wives because there is no real love between them. Rape is considered normal. Parents rape, children rape. 
But maybe many can not think otherwise. The Devil has most people in a spell. The Devils women keep people in a semi dream. Males are dethroned of their headship in Christ. Women rule men to the men’s detriment. Males are not the head of their household, women are. The wife rules the husband. 
From our conception we are taught that money is the God, that “money makes the world go around” and that sex is our goal. We serve money and sex. The spell over people’s minds is money and sex. People live in a day dream. 
The God Head is male. Father and Son God. So I guess this means the Holy Spirit is male too. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the God Head, ALL MALE. But is the God Head truly all male? Women have a head, they have a brain. Why are not women in the God Head? Is this male discrimination? Is the woman really in the God Head? Hey if I look at a woman I see a head. Women are not just bodies, they have a head. God is male and female so why is not the female in the head. So do we see women as headless, mindless, soulless? Are women just bodies for males to satisfy their sexual desires? Is RELIGION culpable for how males treat females with objective lust. Men are supposed to see women just as a body and not a head. Women have a head and a brain, there’s no two ways about it. And God is both male and female. Religion can be bigoted. The Catholic Church has tried to be unbiased to women by promoting the adoration of Jesus’ Mother Mary. But the Catholic Church won’t ordain women as priests. I respect that males are the headship over females and this is in accordance with the WISDOM of Christ. So Jesus WISDOM may look like it discriminates the females but in fact it is not doing this it is in fact trying to keep the body of Christ sane. We have two sexes; God wants order here; someone has to rule. You can not have two leaders, one must lead over the other. 
So males have lost their mind of God for heathen Godless minds so the males love females in degenerate love, which is lust. Females do not submit to the headship of males but try and rule the males minds so there is degenerate lust from the females. 
The female might in fact be in the God Head but even if she is the WISDOM of Christ stands. We must have order in the body. The mind can not have two minds vying for control over the body. We know the Son of God Jesus Christ is a male. We must respect the Father Gods wishes and let the mind of Christ rule the body of Christ. The world and those outside the body rule as they like but we in the body of Christ uphold the WISDOM of Christ. We love and adore Christ, He is Gods only begotten Son. We follow a male God. 
 Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Student (male) sent home for too short haircut

December 13, 2016

For the information of this college I had a number 2 haircut recently. I love my short haircuts. I usually have a number 2 and a half but now I like getting a number 2. Males I think should have short hair and females can have longer hair. 

It is to the glory of God that a male has short hair. The female glories in the males head if she has long hair. The head is so very important, more important than the body. The head is in charge not the body and the Wisdom of God says the males head is in charge over the females head. That is the wisdom from above. When males put the body before the head and glory in their bodies they are glorying in the female, such is really weak and false. You get body builders who try to bypass their heads. You can not outwit your head. The body is not in charge. The head has the WORDS. The head rules through Words. Words rule not flesh. Words are eternal. The flesh is mortal and dies whereas Words can go on for ever. Gods Words go on for ever. Spirit feeds the mind in the head; the mind the soul. The soul needs Words and feeding the soul Gods Words is like feeding one sweet honey. Those people who glory the body glory the flesh and not the Words. Words bring life. Gods Words. God is the Words. Words bring light and life. The source of life comes from Gods Words. We think in Words. 
I love my short hair cuts I have no shame in my head. I am my head. I think and use the senses in the head. My head is in charge. I don’t cover my head. My head is there for all to see. God is in my head. 
I cover my body. My body is to glorify my head. My body is not to glory in it. My body is covered up to give glory to my head. The female covers up both body and head. The females long hair is her cover on her head. 
To glory my body is for me to glory the female. But the female is not in charge of my body. To glory the body for me is for me to follow the female. That is wrong. The female looks to the male to take the lead. 
Perversion is to turn away from; to turn away from letting the head rule to letting the body rule. Perversion is big in this world now. Bodies rule and females rule over males. Male children are led to believe that the mother is in charge not the father. Males get perverted in childhood. The father should take the lead in the family. The mother is the earth where she makes a home. Mother Earth. The earth is where the children put their roots down. The father sky is where the children grow up to. The father light. 
Both father and mother are needed. But don’t let children get the wisdom wrong. Roots go down but you grow upwards. Don’t grow upwards to your mother and don’t put your roots in to your father. We can have upside down wisdom, such is perversion.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 8, 2016

God is in me 
I am in God

We of God are parts of the same one body

We parts of the body commune with each other

We parts also commune with God

We are in Gods body

God is the Head of the body

The body of God is alive

The Head of God is alive

The parts take their instructions from the God Head

The Head and the body are joined together

We parts of the body are part of each other

We parts of the body think together

You are in me I am in you

Be wise, think wise and act wise

To act and think apart from the God Head frustrates

Wisdom brings with it peace

The parts get sick and frustrated when working outside the will of God

Wisdom means Gods wisdom not the wisdom of the world that is demonically inspired

You trouble me when you think, speak and act unwisely to me

My heart is under regular vexation

You vex me

All the world’s wisdom is trouble

Go for the wisdom from above 

Gods wisdom is through Jesus Christ

I am in you, you are in me, we are in Christ, Christ is in us

Think wise, be wise of Christ

Thinking Christ’s wisdom is good health for you, body mind and soul

Christ’s wisdom enlightens you

In Christ’s wisdom the body is full of light

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are sound

In Christ’s wisdom the eyes are like lamps

Seek to be in the light of God

God is light

Ask Jesus Christ into your heart 

Ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord

Repent to God all your sins

Don’t deceive yourselves to think you are not a sinner

We are all sinners

The kingdom of God consists of all the parts of Christ’s body

We are never alone in Christ’s body

Pray and you will be heard

Words are where it is at in Christ’s body

Watch what you say

Watch what you think

God is the living Words

Reflect often

Meditate often

Pray often

Read Bible scripture often

The heart is created to love

Hate brings on your sickness
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray


September 7, 2016

Nash, who added she gave her whole life to the church. “I also feel so stupid that I used to fear and revere these people.”(these people meaning the Catholic priests and brothers). 
Nash, wrong wrong wrong, you don’t give your whole life to the church you give your whole life to God. It’s called the “God Head” for a reason. Don’t live for your body, live for the Head. The HEAD of heads rules. The body submits to the head not the other way around. God is Head. God rules from the HEAD. 
But the priests can excommunicate me from the church. 
If you are truly in the true body of Christ then only only one person can separate you from God and that is God himself. If you are in the true body of Christ no one but God can exit you from the body. The body of Christ is the true church of God. 
A Prophet of God is in contention with the parts of the body of Christ, the prophet speaks and writes the WILL of God. A prophet is seldom contending with Satan and his church but contends with his own people. The parts of the body of Christ are contending against each other and with the head, the body is in stress, there is tension in the body because the parts of the body each try and do their own will as against the Heads will. The church is the body not a man made structure. The body of Christ is a living church. Man made structures are temporary whereas Gods body is eternal. Man made church is not alive. In the body of Christ our heads are alive and our body parts are alive. 
Giving your life to a man made church is wrong. Church can be full of man made teachings. Church can be about man made:- rules, regulations, church laws, buildings, doctrines. Church of this world can not save the soul. God saves the soul. God is the living Words. 
Church fellowship is good. Christians coming together to pray, share and worship God is good. But man brings his her ego to these church gatherings. 
A servant, slave, becomes a friend of God. We were once slaves, slaves to sin, but in Jesus we are friends of God just as Jesus is the friend of His Father God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE BRAIN – and its thinking 

July 27, 2016

The brain has two hemispheres. One brain two main parts. Humans are homosapiens, we think. Only humans think in ALL creation. The words were given only to humans. God is the ultimate supreme WORDS. GODS Words are our plumb line for our own words. 

Gods words keep us in a good frame of reference so if we go outside Gods framework we lean towards the insane. It’s sane to think within Gods truth. Truth is identified as sane. God is all truth. Humans were given the words because humans are in the image of their creator God. Humans were chosen to be with God. We commune and communicate with God with words. 
We stand on our words, meaning our words are what we are and if we use bad words then we stand on bad words and then our foundation of words we make becomes unsteady. If we make our foundation, what we stand on, strong then we get through life more safely and enjoyable. Using Gods Words as our foundation secures us a good standing in the community and a better stable life. Truth is our best foundation but fools stand on a shaky foundation, fools lie. The foundation we build will be tested over time as the winds come and go. The dogs will attack. The snakes will bite. The wise build with Gods Words. Gods words are like a secure fortress. 
Thinking is where it’s at. “We are what we think”. You think, I think, we think, and we think together. There is a “sea of thoughts”. Everywhere we go we are in this sea. It’s a sea of words.
The brain has two parts. Left and right part. We have two types of thinking. The left side of the brain is the words side. It’s words words and words. The right side of the brain is the objective side. 
Left is subjective and right is objective.
It’s easier to think of the God Head. We have a head and we are part of the greater God head. 
Jesus sits on the right hand side in heaven, right of God the Father. The Father God is in WORDS only. Jesus on the right side is in physical with Words. This is an ANALOGY to explain our head as against the God Head. The God Head has the Father God, the Son God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit God. The God Head has three persons but each the same and each making up the ONE God Head. The God Head sits with us as we are a God head but not the God Head. We carry God in us. God within, Emanuel. The Holy Spirit is in our heart and God the Father and Jesus the Son are above. We are not God, we die to our old selves, we are a new person in Christ. 
Our right brain thinking is based on Christ’s thinking. Our left brain thinking is based on the Father Gods thinking. The Word reigns both sides of the brain but the Father is more honoured than the Son so maybe the left side of the brain might be more dominant. I know the father is always more honoured than the son. King David said “The Lord said to my Lord sit at my right hand side until I put all your enemies under your feet”. David is speaking about what is going on with him in his mind and heart. David had insight. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 8, 2016

I had a dream. Oh yer you had a dream what of it, I dream all the time, night and day. No I had a real dream a dream of dreams. A dream I had when I was young but now in my senior years I remember this dream as if it was still looking me in the face. I had this dream but it was not like all my other dreams. Actually that is not true, I have had two dreams that I call my divine given dreams, they were dreams that were picture perfect in the dream. It was like watching a movie. To be honest out of all my dreaming I remember only these two dreams. I wake up from a regular dream and I forget the dream within minutes, as soon as I get my thinking cap on the dream fades away totally. I believe my two divine dreams were given to me by God. 

Let me explain the one dream concerning what I now call the Dick Head. This expression Dick Head is one we pick up at school from other students. I remember hearing it at I think primary school. Dick is of course meaning the male humans private part. Being called a Dick Head is meant to be offensive and a put down. You call boys and men Dick Heads. We know where the head is but what is the Dick supposed to do with the head. There might be a simple explanation besides from all the crude explanations one may think of. There might be a clinical explanation away from the crude sayings on toilet walls. 
I had this dream. I was about 25 years old and had not long become a follower of Lord Jesus Christ. As I said I have had two divine dreams but here I will write about one of those divine dreams because this dream may explain about the head as in who do we worship. 

The dream: There were about four small shadows. There was what I understood as a penis. All this is on a small scale. There was a circular platform. The shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. They ran in the same direction. 

Now the dream opened up as follows: There was a shadow with a disc in both its hands. One disc. A small round disc. This shadow was beating the disc up and down like waving it fast. It seemed the shadow was beating the air. Then suddenly three other shadows appear in the circular room. I think three. The first shadow seemed to be overwhelmed. This first shadow then seemed to cower or try to hide to the side at a bit lower on the circular area. This first shadow was not running, it was staying in one place. The other three shadows and the penis were running around the circular platform. Now when the three shadows appeared, also the penis appeared with them. In the middle of the circular platform was a circular column. I did not see above this column. 
Why did I think that there was a penis in this dream? I knew from revelation, I just knew. What were these shadows? I think they were souls. Whose souls were they? I do not really know, they could be my immediate family. Whose penis is it? I really don’t know, it could come from my human father. Now my understanding of the dream is limited, a lot of my understanding I write to explain the dream is up to conjecture. But the dream is very real. To point the dream at my family could be wrong. So where are these shadows? I think the shadows are in the head, again this is up conjecture. But the soul being in the heart does not gel to me and it makes sense for the soul to be in the head. To me the heart is home to the human spirit and also home to the God Spirit. The God Spirit is given to the ELECT. Who are the elect? That question is hard to answer. I like to think I am one of the elect. What did the shadows look like? The shadows were amazingly able to move fast like at a quick pace and their movements seemed so individualistic that one may wonder that in that shadow there is more to consider. Like the shadow is more than just a shadow, it may think. The shadow was like a person. Why did the three shadows come in the dream? I think these three shadows and the penis overwhelmed the first shadow. The first shadow belonged in this area and the other shadows and penis came in a bad way. The first shadow was like taken over. Who is the first shadow? I think it was my soul. So what is this area where the shadows and penis were? I could call it the mind. So did you lose your mind to other souls? That is up to conjecture, but it looks that way. Why was this dream shown to you? I think it was to make me understand my predicament. I seemed to be having what people call mental problems. But then again the dream can be used to give lots of people understanding. What has happened to your mind since you had the dream? I had already accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life and I leave it up to God to unravel all my mind problems. The WORDS of God can help my mind and soul and heart and body. I do not want to have a Dick Head or what people might say a Penis Head I want to have a God Head. I do not worship the penis but God. God is the HEAD of my body. God is the Head of the church, the body of Christ. 
So I have moved from Dick Head to God Head.
The Head is head of the body. The head rules the body. The head has the brains. Don’t be ruled by the penis. The penis is not meant to rule the body. You don’t get your strength from the penis. The penis should not be giving orders to the head. The head should have God’s WORDS and God’s WORDS give strength and understanding. The penis will make you go mad if it was in charge of the body. Worship God. Gods strength is eternal. It’s natural for a human to be ruled by God’s wisdom. 
The husbands head, mind, rules the wife and the mind of the husband should have the mind of Jesus Christ. The man having an empty head, no mind of Jesus, makes the man’s mind open to being a mind taken over by the woman, the wife. The wife should not be the head of the family, the husband should be the head of the family and ruling with the head, mind, of Christ. Woman should not rule the man’s head. Now a days there is so much mental illness in this world just because people’s souls, minds, are not obeying the wisdom of God through Jesus Christ. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 18, 2016

Castro and his lieutenants aged in their 70’s and 80’s and even older still trying to play at their old game “revolution”. These guys are ready for the old folks home where they can talk amongst themselves about all their so called mighty achievements. 
Open mind, open borders, trade and prosper. 
Closed mind, closed border, dark and poor. 
The light comes in when you open up. 
It’s true what Castro says “There is not much difference between the democrats and the republicans in the USA”. The difference between the USA and Cuba is that the USA is free and Cuba is not free. Cuba is not part of the “Free world”. The USA is a democratic nation whereas Cuba is a authoritarian nation. 
To me DEMOCRACY is a winner. 
The Greeks came up with democracy ruling a nation. Democracy is the rule by the people ruling through elected representatives. 
Cuba is communist. The socialist rule. Rulership of assets is social owned, owed by the Government. No one owns land or capital, except the oligarchy the ruling communist class. 
Social rule smothers incentive and initiative. People are not inspired by social rule where the ownership is collectively owned under the Government. We must use our own brains. We each have our God given gifts and calling (vocation) and communism stifles out God. Communism does not want God. Communism sees God as a threat. Communism is mans wisdom not Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ. Democracy and capitalism serves Christ’s ideals. Christ is Gods only begotten Son. To worship Christ is to worship the supreme creator God.  
Man gets inspiration when he can work for capital that he can own. 
If one wants to live the communal life in Christ then join a monastery or nunnery. Communal life in God is not bad. Communing is good. But we commune with Christ as our Head (mind). 
Because communism (left extreme thinking) has no place for God (THE GOD HEAD), I have no place for communism. Right wing fascism (right extreme thinking) also has no place for God (THE GOD HEAD) and I have no place for fascism. We need to let the brains in the HEAD rule. People who rule to the extreme left or extreme right use weapons like guns to keep them in leadership. We need to use words to rule with and the words that are our framework of thinking are Gods WORDS. The Bible must be our reference point always. 
Because the democrats and republicans seem the same, that is good, because one party leans left and the other party leans right. So if there is little difference here that means both parties are leaning towards one another making a more or less centralised political thinking. To walk central is good. A bird has a right wing and a left wing but the bird uses both wings to fly straight (central). To lean too far left or to use our left wing too much we don’t fly straight but fly in circles. It’s the same if we lean too much right, we fly in circles. Cuba is leaning too far left politically. Cuba has not flown straight for many years, it has flown in circles, Cuba has made no head way for yonks. Cuba is backward. The USA has made headway and keeps on making headway with its central forward going politics. Left politics and right politics are needed just as a bird needs both its wings. But we must use our heads, our brain is in our head, the head is between the two wings (left and right) and the “head is in charge” not the wings (political) — UNDERSTAND. The HEAD uses both political wings to go STRAIGHT. 
So for me to see a nation going in circles and stays backward, because to go in circles you do stay backward – the whole thing looks silly. If you saw a bird flying in circles would you not think that was silly or maybe you would think that the bird was SICK. Maybe nations who go in circles are sick. To be backward is sick. Cuba is definitely backward. Cuba’s leadership do not use the head. 
Jesus Christ is the HEAD of the body the church. My mind is the mind of Jesus Christ. My mind is in my head. My mind of Christ rules my body. My body is under the head, the head has the senses, the senses help me to discern.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 20, 2015

Yes I had a hair cut today; a very short hair cut and you know what, I am loving it. 

The cutting blade (for my haircut today) for those who want to know is cut number 1 and a half. I had not long ago gone down to a number 2 cut but this is a first for anything below number 2. Oh its so good. 
Finally showing my head off rather than trying to glorify my body. Yes I have no qualms glorifying my head over my body. Yes the brains are not in the body; we all know the brains are in the head. Yes I am a thinker, I love thinking so I glorify the good thoughts over the bad thoughts. Conscience rules. The con-science is science being knowledge within. Not the science out there (the science taught in academia) but the science within. The science of true wisdom in spirit from Spirit. The mind over matter. The body is the matter under the Mind of Jesus Christ. 
I hate it when I see men or even for that matter boys with long hair. Such means that these persons put the body before the head. They rule from the body and not the head. Urrrr excuse me I think that some people are missing a few intelligent principles, THE BRAIN IS NOT IN THE BODY. So when I see a body builder with his body exercised and muscled I often also see a puny small head on top of their body. So who here is respecting and glorifying the head? not the body builder; he or she do not glorify the head. 
We Christians have or should have the MIND OF JESUS CHRIST. The mind is in the head. The soul is in the head. The mind are the thoughts of the soul. We think Christ like thoughts. Thoughts are in words and words of GOD in us rule. The words rule but Gods WORDS rule over all other words. Gods WORDS are supreme. 
We have a soul and a spirit. I have a soul relationship with my wife. My wife is my soul mate. I have a spirit relationship with God. God is my Spirit mate. 
Do we worship God from our souls to Gods soul? Or do we worship God from our soul to only God Spirit? Does God have a soul? When we pray do we say God soul in praying to God? Jesus Christ must have a soul. But does the Father God have a soul? The Holy scriptures do mention people’s souls worshipping God. So we do worship God from our souls. We are comfortable saying that God is Spirit but are we comfortable saying God is soul? 
God says “those who are true worshippers of God worship God in spirit and truth”.
Speaking about soul – those of you who are married; did you marry a soul mate or just a body mate? To marry a soul mate one has to see through the outer layer the skin and discern the within. The soul can be hidden behind all the glory of flesh. A true connection to a beloved is through soul and the flesh will follow. Soul love is the true deep love; anything else is skin deep and fizzles away. Skin deep love does not endure. Love the soul. So outer looks can deceive, they can lead you astray and in to a very bad relationship. It will cost you heaps. 
There are two types of marriage: One made in heaven (ruled by the head). 

And one made in hell (ruled by the body).
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


August 30, 2015

Your mouth and tongue is in your head – speak with sense – and your eyes seeing and your ears hearing and your tongue tasting and your nose smelling – all these are in the head and help to give good sense.

So the Christ Head Rules.

The thoughts rule conscious and the conscious head is what rules the body and the body is either satans body or Jesus Christ’s body or a body that is of the wild. So what head (thoughts with conscious) should be ruling over ALL? I Say the Jesus Christ head. Jesus thoughts should rule. So the humanist – does he or she rule with Christ thoughts? No no, the humanist rules with mans wisdom, man made and not God made (not Christ made). The humanist and satanist do not help at all, about nil, they are not ruling in their thoughts from Christ. Humanism is a type of fools gold. It looks good but it is false. False to God. Christ’s thoughts are the true wisdom of God thoughts. Thoughts are in Words and Words rule. Words rule through conscious (and sub conscious). Christ thoughts rule over ALL. So the satanist and the humanist are really useless when it comes to helping the community keep in wise order. Christ is the true head and we as members of the body of Christ need to obey the ruling of the Words of Christ. It’s very very SIMPLE. Christ does not rule with complications. Keep it simple and you learn from Christ’s Spirit. Don’t try and complicate God, you won’t learn true wisdom of Christ that way. We must adhere to our souls being converted to the soul of Christ. The mind (soul) of Christ no other. Let’s be WISE (truly wise).

Who rules? The God Head rules, no question about it. We call the God Head, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent by God above in to our heart. The heart does not rule, the Head rules. Does the Holy Spirit rule from the heart? The Head rules and the Bible says Jesus Christ is the Head of the Body. Jesus Christ is in the Head ruling from above, the above heavens. The Kingdom of God is within. Emmanuel God within. Coming to terms with the subjectiveness and objectiveness of God is not easy; one has to balance the God in Jesus who is in the physical and is out there somewhere and also come to terms with the God within. Heaven can be out up there and also within us. We must balance the object God and the subject God. We can not just make God an object. But we can not dwell in introspective subjectiveness too much. Walking a straight line between subject and object is very hard; one must have plenty of self control. 

Young people are too much in to their passions; the elderly have more self control than the youth. The elderly have more experience too. Passions do not go with self control. You will find more good sense with those who have self control.  

In our human spirit, do we understand the up there? The human spirit in the heart, do you see a head up there? Are your spiritual eyes open to see the head on top of the body or are you devoid of such thought of a head ruling above. Human spirit can be ignorant of a lot of things, we just have to hopefully understand with Gods Spirit help. But no doubt in our own spirit we struggle with Gods Spirit; I mean we know better or do we. So we struggle with God. We would rather learn off man out there than learn off God. Human wisdom is more appealing; we don’t have to struggle with God that way. Who wants to learn off the Holy Spirit when there is no real glory in it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 24, 2015

 And its spiritual associated weather.
Einstein was about the physical I am about the spiritual.

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. 
A psychologist is saying you can be sad because of the cold winter weather. 

I remember being sad for some of my life living in Wellington region New Zealand. Wellington has atrocious winter weather so that might account for my sadness. I hated the cold and wind in Wellington region. The weather might have attributed to my sadness in Wellington but I think there were many other factors contributing to my sadness in Wellington factors which seemed out of my control because they were spiritually connived. 

The Bible says “A prophet is not honoured in his own country”. I myself relate to this verse. Kill the prophets. Stone the prophets. Prophets are Gods messengers. Stone the messengers. Curse the messengers. 
I am far too strong now in Christ to bow down to pressure from out side forces to let evil into my heart and mind. Christ Jesus protects me. The clouds soon part over me and the sun shines often. 
Weather of the soul/mind can be attributed a lot to words. And words come from mouths. And humans have mouths and speak words. There are thoughts too.

We humans are relational. We humans relate together. There is the church. I am talking about the body of Christ Church, not a building church. God lives in a living body. This living body is a human body. We humans of God are that living church body. God does not live in a building made of wood, concrete or brick but in a building of human flesh and we in God are that building. God lives in us of God. Immanuel, God within. So we humans are relational. But relational is specific to what body you are in. Because there is Christ’s body and there is Satan’s body. Then there are the lost. Do the lost live in a body? they must do but where are they in relation to God’s body and Satan’s body I do not know. 
So Gods people live together in heart and mind. Satan’s people likewise live together in heart and mind. The two main bodies living on this earth. My life is in God’s body. I relate together with all God’s people. I relate in thought, word and deed. I am in a great big family of God. This family is the church, a living body church. Jesus teaches us to love one another. Love is of God, and love keeps the body healthy. The body is meant to grow in love. We in the family of God are commanded by God to love otherwise we are disobeying God the HEAD. The brains of the body work in true love. To hate is to go the way of unhealthy ness and the body (you your part in the body) gets sick. 

We all in the body relate. Words are our relational tools. Heard of the saying “All things are relative”. God is the HEAD of the body of God’s people. Think wise and speak wise less your words come back and strike you. God is above listening and seeing (and tasting and smelling) and knows when each person in the body (below the God Head) sins. God hates sin.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

“The heart is deceitful and corrupt”: Jeremiah 17: 9,10

July 4, 2015

We get people who are so called wise and intelligent and they say follow your heart. I think these so called clever people saying follow your heart are people who are basically immature. A mature minded person knows reason or what we call wisdom leads us or should lead us. Reason is to question Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? To Reason is to be rational. Wisdom of God is to be reasonable – QUESTION.

 Answers come after questioning and we question to get to the TRUTH. The truth sets us free. When we question with the Holy Spirit along side us in our hearts we get the right answers. Our HUMAN SPIRIT needs to learn to QUESTION. We learn from asking questions. 
Immature people follow the heart. Mature people follow the HEAD. The HEAD rules not the heart. The Head is the brains and the brains give the orders. The Heart is not the brains. The heart does not rule the body. God is the God Head.  We know the GOD HEAD as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But how is the Holy Spirit in the God Head when the Holy Spirit is in the Heart? I think the Holy Spirit comes from the HEAD but it resides in the heart of the ELECT. The God Head is the Father and Jesus Christ the Son. The human spirit needs to understand that the mind of God in the head rules. 
But for our minds to rule we need our minds to be converted (transformed) in to minds of God. Conversion takes time. In the mean time the young elect fumble along with their heart and its associated feelings and these feelings have a lot of control until the head comes on line fully. When the head is fully mature in the thinking of God we are able to then have more control over the body (the church) and then we are able to fulfil Gods intentions for our lives.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 27, 2015

I see I see from my eyes and my eyes are in my head. My head is above my heart and my heart is below my head. I see from above my heart. My heart often in tension; often vexed. The world seems to be on a level of my heart and my head seems to be on a level of the heavens. I live in soul in the heavens in my head. ALL THIS IS ANALOGY. 

This analogy that I give of the head and heart being the world and the heavens is spiritual teaching; such teaching is from above and does not come from Satan. It is perceived teaching. We are human spirit in the heart and we have a soul in the head. We give our lives to God, we ask JESUS CHRIST to come in to our heart. God gives the Holy Spirit in to our heart. Our human spirit learns off the Holy Spirit. So there is a spiritual battle with the dark forces fighting to win our souls for God. We are fighting in the heavens in mind/soul/head and also world/heart. 

Satan is ruler of the air. In the future can you conjure up thoughts of humans breathing through masks. 

Now if I was Satan I would want to control creation. I would want to subject all peoples to me. Now getting control means controlling from the above. We have satellites in the heavens as it is. But Satan wants to put his own creation in the heavens to control the world. This creation of Satan’s above will try to replicate what God does in the heavens. Maybe this creation in the heavens will be called “The Beast” and if it is not called that name this creation above will still be controlled by The Beast. God is all seeing from the heavens. This creation above of Satans will see all. Cameras seeing all. This creation will hear all and know all. This creation will control even maybe the weather. 

Satan basically wants to take over from God. Satan did try to take over the heavens but God cast Satan out of the heavens to this earth. Satan is still proud and wants to rule creation from this earth.  

The Beast will have his Mark on all his people. The Beast will control his people through this Mark. This Mark allows people to buy and sell. Christians are warned not to take the Mark. The Mark will mean eventual death (eternal damnation). 

JESUS while on this earth (maybe) never carried money nor used money. The true prophets of God in the Old Testament maybe also never carried money. John the Baptist would never have used money. Judas was JESUS disciple and Judas carried the money for the 12 disciples. Judas betrayed JESUS for money. The love of money can kill. You can only have one master – money or God. 

So Satan is not Lord of Lords of the mind/soul/head. The God Head rules the heavens and the God Head is trying to save souls. God rules the God Head, with JESUS CHRIST at his right side. The heart is often vexed; the forces of light are trying to win over the hearts (and souls/minds) for God. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”. We must try and win souls out of darkness in to the light. Satan rules in the darkness, God rules in the light. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Captain Rules (He is the Head from above)

February 11, 2013

The captain of a ship is in ultimate charge of the ship. The captain is the supreme head of the ship. The captain works from above decks at the top end of the ship. The engines in the ship are way below. The engines power the ship. The chief engineer and his engineer assistants do not have charge over the whole ship. The chief engineer is subject to the captain above. True the chief engineer could easily turn off the engines or turn them on. But still the captain above rules. The heart has the power source. The Holy Spirit is in the heart. The Holy Spirit is the power just as the engines in a ship are the power. But the heart does not rule the body just as the engines in a ship do not rule the ship. The body comes under the head. The head rules. The ship comes under the captain who is the head. The captain or head of our human bodies is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the head he is the captain ruling from the head above. The head rules; not the body. The chief engineer being in the engine room below is not in charge of the ship; the captain is in charge of the whole ship. Jesus rules from above; the Holy Spirit though giving the power is himself subject to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ in turn is subject to the Father God. We must have the mind of Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 7, 2013

Feelings, feelings, feelings. I feel in love with God. I feel in love with my wife or girl friend. Feeling is touch. Feeling is a motion to touch. You are moved by feelings to touch. Emotion is a motion (moved) to touch/feel.

Young people base their lives a lot on feelings. Immaturity is based a lot on feelings. Mature people are more rational (reason) they discern and do not let feelings control their lives. Feelings can be so irrational. It is better to be a mature thinker. People’s feelings change, they are called mood swings. Wise people think and think wisely. You can feel in love with a person one day and not feel in love with that same person another day. To look to feelings for happiness is wrong. Feelings are about self. Feelings can lead to depression; you feel low. Rational thinking is having a mind of reason. To be sane is to have reason. You love God for reasons not for high feelings. Young people love to feel good. There are modern Christian Churches where young people go to these church gatherings just so as to feel good; feel on a high; they get addicted to highs at church; it becomes like a drug. People want to feel joy. Feelings/touch is so unreliable. You should not let feelings direct your lives. You love someone for a reason(s). Love is touch/feelings to a point (you of course touch your spouse) but touch in love should not be the end all; reason has to be the main purpose of love; never lose your reason. Reason of God is to be wise. If Jesus Christ appeared on this earth right now you do not go and feel/touch him. You do not touch God (there are warranted reasons to touch God but only if such touching is of a clean pure nature). Affection and feelings are aligned. Feelings are not a good foundation of a marriage or any relationship. Think, think, discern. To have feelings as a basis of life will lead to lows and highs, and can lead to suicidal tendencies. Don’t base your life on feelings. Immature people run on feelings; mature people are more rational (reason). Touch as a sense should be very disciplined. Use the senses in the head first. The head rules; the senses are in the head. Before you go touching someone first use your head senses and think/discern. Your head protects the body. The head is alive; it has the mind of Christ (Christians have the mind of Christ or they should have). Mental illness can be caused by going too much on feelings. Rational thought keeps one sane. Feelings in excessiveness can make an irrational life.

A rational life is a mature life. A rational life is an understanding life. You understand and you are wise. Wisdom (through Jesus Christ) gives happiness; feelings don’t give happiness.

P.S. I liken a person who goes a lot by feelings to a blind person (no offence meant here). The blind person does not see so they try and guide themselves by touch/feel. Take a person who lacks insight they too would try and find their way by touch/feelings. Insight allies itself to wisdom. The person who lacks insight is a person who usually lacks wisdom. Feelings do not make a person wise; insight can wise a person up.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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An Analogy of the Head and the Body

June 14, 2012

Come out spirit look up.
What is it?
We call it a head.
What does it do?
Look closer; see those two slit things in the front they are what we call eyes they see. Here give me your right hand; this; these are my eyes in spirit; I see in spirit like you too in spirit see; the head has two eyes to see too. Look at the head’s sides see an ear on each side, these ears hear. You and I hear noises so does the head. See that thing between the two eyes; it juts out abit; that’s called a nose. Here look at me this is my nose; it smells. See this; this is my tongue; look at the head; the head has a tongue in its mouth too and the tongue tastes.
I understand about seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling but what about the sense of touch or what we call to feel.
The head does not touch or feel.
Why not?
That is the way it is. The body does the touching and feeling.
What do you mean the body?
Come here spirit; hold my and; see the head; now look below the head that is what we call the body.
Is it wrong to touch or feel?
Let me put it this way; a lot of trouble in this world has been caused by touching and feeling. The head is rational it uses reason and this reason is based on seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling but not touch. You don’t see the head touching or feeling people or things it is the body that touches and feels and look at the trouble feeling and touching has caused in this world. The body relies on touch/feelings whereas the head relies on the other senses. Actually the body should rely on the head to know not go on touch/feelings. The head should be in charge the body should not be in charge.
What does the word analogy mean?
Analogy can be defined as: – A similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.
The Bible often refers to God or Jesus Christ as the head and the Bible often calls the Church the body of Christ. We see an analogy between the human head/body and God with the Church. The Bible makes it clear that this said analogy works for God/church the same way it works for head/body. We humans are an analogy of God and the Church. We humans are each a simple version of Almighty God and the wider Church. Every truth has its simple understanding. All truth has simplicity underlining it. Without simplex understanding we get so complex that we might as well be up with the fairies. Spirit (ours) needs to understand to be relevant in this world. When we build a house we first put in a foundation for the house. We put in a sturdy foundation and usually the foundation is made of concrete. Concrete is the simple foundation it is not complex. But instead of building the house on top of the concrete foundation in wood we can also build the house in concrete. A lot of people may put down a foundation in concrete but build on top of this in wood. Wood is nature based. Wood is only as strong as nature. Wood is weaker than concrete. Of course the wise person builds in iron and such people are usually the servants of God. Prophets of God are the iron people. We talk about a person as been “very wooden”; they get their strength from wooden / nature / humanism / worldly endeavours. Such people are known as “dry” they do not look or act inspired not inspired in spirit from God Spirit. Nature loving people are more mother orientated rather than father orientated people. We call nature “Mother Nature”. So when a person is in deep distress – Do they call out for the mother’s help or call out for the father’s help? Mum is usually the word (“Mums the word”) for most people and it shows that the father’s word has less respect than the mother’s word. The Bible teaches us that God is the Father and His Word is supreme. Mother Mary’s word is not supreme.
Who am I?
You my dear man are a spirit.
Who are you?
I am God’s Spirit. I have understanding.
What is the old sinful nature person?
That is the old nature person in your heart that dies; you in spirit have been raised up and you live for spirit. Your knowledge is in spirit you do not need to be ruled by the sinful nature flesh man in your heart. That life in the sinful nature flesh is of the past life you have a new life in spirit with God.
God, you and me, are we in the heart of the body?
We in spirit are in the heart but we in spirit worship the head.
But the head above the body – is that God?
God is every where but his seat is in the head. Just as your seat and mine (in spirit) is in the heart. God is above in the head too. This is a great mystery and needs a lot of thought with discernment. Ones eyes have to be very clear to see and understand. God is a God of analogy and metaphor. It is time to retire and think about these things; ponder and amaze oneself. You won’t know the truth unless you speak out and think. Jesus came in to this world and he will come again. Be watchful.

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

The Body Builder as against the head the God Head Builder

February 18, 2012

You get Dave the rave he’s a body builder he works on his body hours each day. You look at Dave you see a small head (puny in many people’s eyes) but his body is massive all muscles. His head looks so small on his massive body. Looking at Dave you know who is boss; his body is in charge not his head. Dave thinks he is …so very clever to make his body in charge. Dave thinks that he has out witted his head. To be in charge from his body is no mean feat for Dave – it is a lot of consistent hard work. For the wise person of God they make their head to be in charge of the body. The wise person of God looks to the Word of God for their power and wisdom. Wise people exercise spiritually. It is in spirit / Spirit that they see as giving the strength. God’s Word is strength. Wise people look to the knowledge of God for their strength. Wise people exercise spiritually everyday maybe for hours on end.
Dave is popular with all the loose women because they know he is not subject to the one head. In other words Dave is not faithful to one woman. Dave therefore is not faithful to the one God. Dave is not faithful to the one God Head. Dave is faithless and faithless women like him. Dave has one head on his body but Dave chooses to put his body before his head (brains). Dave to achieve all this has to to work out physically hours on end each day going through much pain to his body. But is Dave clever?

Kind regards; Lester John Murray.

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