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WORK – it’s become an anomaly¬†

July 3, 2017

I walked to the down town city from my home today.
Left home at 12.52pm. Arrived in the city CBD about 2.37pm. 
I did take a break for about 15 minutes stopping at a cafe for a milkshake and a savoury. I got the bus back but not all the way. I went shopping at Coles and walked from their another 8 minutes loaded up with heavy bags. 
I find walking exercise suits me best than all the other aggressive competitive exercise. I need to walk regularly because my heart needs a work out in a good benign way. Exercise in a non aggressive way helps me sleep better at night. 
On the walk I noticed a number of gyms. People pay big money to work out in a exercise gym. I muse on this, I think of it now and then, I am not wanting to offend, but I find people who work all day then go to a gym to work out defeats the whole issue of work. Why pay people to work out when people can get paid to work out. A lot of people now a days try and work with their minds rather than working with their hands. Working with ones mind is ok but why not work with both mind and hands. And why pay people to work out? There’s plenty of jobs where you can get paid to work out. But who wants to work out for money? It’s about getting a cosy well paid job where you don’t have to work out. I could find plenty of work for a person if they want to work out and get paid. 
Now I know God calls people to work in office work. Vocations abound where one is not using ones hands in hard labor. But not everyone is called to do office work. 
So you ask a person, “how was work”?

They reply, “I have been working my butt off”. 

So people go to work to work their butt off. Is that correct? Does it have to be about the butt? What about the hands? Why not work with the hands? 

You might say “I am not a labourer, I am educated, I am sophisticated, I work with my brains”. 

So who wants to really work? 

God gave us hands to work with. 
So people end up all day, day in day out, working their butts off. Is that not crude? In the old days life was simpler, people worked more with their hands. 
People work their butts off during the day and in the evening try and make amends by going to a gym and trying to work with their hands and legs. 
God can not be defeated. God made us. We have a purpose in God. God made us with simplicity. We humans are the ones who try and complicate everything. We need to treat our bodies and minds with simplicity. Simple tasks. 
So you go to work in the day time and everyone is trying to screw with each other’s minds. It’s butts. Perverted.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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