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November 2, 2018

You pump in you pump out. In and out. Where does all our education go in our mind? Is our mind a sieve that can take billions of words? Can we keep on forever pumping information in to our brain mind soul?

Then there’s qualifications, you just need a A4 size paper with a educational institutions seal on. Get the qualification and forget all the education.

True education comes with practice. Work with your hands and learn. You must practice what you learn. Practice makes perfect. Don’t just shovel all the information in without using it practically.

So to get jobs you need qualifications, not education but qualifications.

At college I was fed knowledge day in day out. But not only was I shovelling it in during the day but I had to shovel it in at home after college. I could not get the knowledge to stay. So there was the revising. Homework each night might be for 2 hours. Set homework was checked the next college day by the teachers.

What I found out about college school university was that it was the intelligent students that succeeded. I studied for school certificate (New Zealand) and studied to no avail, it was like just a waste of time, it was stupid, why? Take the school certificate science exam, 48% of this exam was multi choice, 3 answers were given you choose the correct answer. I noticed that the exam questions for multi choice had nothing to do with what we were taught in class, the questions were just what we call commonsense questions relating to science in every day life. So my conclusion was that high intelligent students could pass this exam and never have studied for it. I found that the rest of the exam was mostly not covered in our subjects taught to us in class. I surmised that highly intelligent students would find school certificate a breeze. Maturity is of note here. A mature student has a better chance at succeeding at exams. Maturity goes with discipline and highly intelligent students are more noted for discipline and maturity. Immature students tend to fail.

Homework was like hard labor. Sit in classes on chairs all day then go home and sit down for about 2 hours – this is no fun for a young person. The youth need out door exercise and running not sitting. Students need to explore, see, go to factories, learn how things are made, bus trips around the environs, speakers on different subjects of expertise to come to the school college and explain to the students, learning from movies, slide shows, trips abroad, see the world, staying in the wilderness at cabins, time in class just to read books. And the best education is being mentored and taught by the elderly; each student to be paired with an elderly retired person say the elderly living at retirement homes; the students can see their elderly mentor a few days a week for a few hours each time and can write up a biography on their mentor. This not only is good for the students but is good for the elderly so we get a better society. Students should also in pairs volunteer to help out at charities; students can write reports on their charity activities. Students who are interested in the military should be given training at College. Army officers in the army reserve should be allowed to come to the college say one day a week for a few hours and teach interested students; teach map work, teach physical self defence, teach out door survival. Students interested in flying should be encouraged that is if there is a local aerodrome nearby to take up flying lessons. Navy reserve and airforce reserve officers should come to the college and teach a class each week. I have already mentioned that invited speakers with expertise should come to the college and share their experience; lawyers, doctors, dentists, pilots, accountants, members of parliament, engineers, religious, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc etc etc. There is a wealth of experience out in this world to be tapped; many people who have an expertise would jump at the chance to share with students a few days a month. We are looking first for experience. Every student from College age should keep up with local and world news; reading the daily newspaper is a must; class time should be set apart to read the daily news and discuss it in class. Students should be encouraged to write letters to the paper editor about topics that mean justice and truth for others. Students need to be taught a desire for justice and truth and fairness and standing up for the under dog.

I am sure most of the knowledge I learnt in school college university left me after a short time.

The key to knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is a wise human spirit. Knowledge is learnt through a wise human spirit. Without wisdom knowledge is a waste of time. But there is wisdom and there is wisdom, wisdom of this world is called humanism, whereas wisdom of God is Jesus Christ. Most people choose humanism to learn from. Humanism is weaker than Christ’s wisdom. Humanism is limp compared to Christ’s wisdom. Christ’s wisdom is strong as iron.

In my youth I had neither humanism or Christ’s wisdom so I was a candidate for failure from the beginning. It was only later in my adult life that I received Christ and started true learning.

The more I think about all the education I received from academic institutions the more I am riled up to think it was a lot of wasted time. Humanism is rife in academic institutions now. God has been forsaken. It’s about competition not collaboration, this is stupid, we should not compete we should collaborate. Teachers should help everyone learn not just the high intelligent ones.

I hate humanism. Religion also can be bad. We must return back to God and His Holy Spirit. I know religion was bad in the past, so we got the renaissance; this was a birth of knowledge made available to everyone. We got the printing press. Religion lets us down. The priests have let us down. But humanism is akin to a betrayal of God. Humanism is learning without God. A lot of humanists are atheists.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


INVASION NONSENSE? (British invading Australia)

February 7, 2017

Is it nonsense?
I mean the Romans invaded Great Britain, the Vikings Invaded Great Britain, and who is William the Conqueror, he conquered so he invaded. 
Great Britain invaded the Americas; Great Britain became Great on the backs of many countries people’s. Great Britain invaded peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific; where did Great Britain not invade? European nations invaded Africa, Asia, Pacific etc. it goes on. Nations only became great and rich on the backs of other people. People enslaved others to get rich. Make other people work for you while you make yourself a rich lord. Empire building only works at the expense of others. Someone has to be the worker. The British Empire was great but it was at the ungreatness of others. In empire building there has to be the ruling CLASS who don’t do the hard work and there’s the working CLASS who do the work. 
CLASS is about the haves and the have nots. We start in the class system soon after birth. We go to school and are put in to classes. We are pigeon holed as children. We are labeled. God is about GRACE. Education classes us. Education labels us. Education grades us according to intelligence. School is about intelligence. God gives each soul a certain amount of ability, call it intelligence. This ability is given by God to suit the calling each person has from God. But man forsakes their God calling to fit his her ability for a calling that pertains to only money and status. God is not complex. Our true God callings are not complex. You look to the simple truth not the complex truth; truth is not complex. The calling one has is simple to do for you. For anyone to do a calling not meant for them is to do a complex calling (a complex calling is not the simple truth). To not work in ones true calling is to work in an another (someone else’s) field of work. If one works in the right field the work is simple. God given gifts are simple. To work complex is confusing and stressful. 
Education has its place. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is seemingly well engrained in to mankind that God must have used this knowledge for mans vocations. Knowledge is of God. God made the tree of knowledge. God also made the tree of wisdom. Wisdom does not have to mean the knowledge of good and evil. Wisdom is practical. Wisdom is doing. Proverbs are practical. Pro verb means verbs that are doing. Verbs are doing words. Proverbs are wise. 
I think knowledge will be used to kill off a lot of life eventually. But knowledge also does good. 
Man has used knowledge to set up systems of weapons that can be fired at the press of their fingers on machines and can kill off most of mankind maybe in a matter of minutes. A few people have the power to kill of most of life in a few minutes, give or take 5 minutes. This is fact, and knowledge has made this possible. The world can be extinguished in just minutes. Man has that power now. 
God obviously uses knowledge for mans callings. Man forsake simplicity in the garden of Eden for a complex world full of weeds (weeds: physical and spiritual). 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

WHY is EDUCATION treated like a SPORT? 

July 11, 2016

We compete to learn knowledge. Why not enjoy learning knowledge and learn together NOT learning against each other. 

The BIBLE says “Knowledge will die out but Love, hope and faith will live on for eternity”. 
We obviously don’t take knowledge with us to the “AFTER LIFE”. Yes love, hope and faith go with us to the after life. 
Knowledge is temporary. But man is so mad on knowledge. I mean it’s like a fever. But when man gets very old man can not remember all the knowledge he’s learned. Knowledge dies out. 
Children are taught to compete. Schooling is about competition. Sports is a big thing at schools. Schools teach us to compete. But WHY? Why are we taught to COMPETE? Why can we not get to our common goals together, helping each other. The strong can help the weak. The learned can help the unlearned. The healthy can help the sick. The rich can help the poor. 
School is feverish to compete. Teachers are like overseers whipping the students in to competing. The weak students are treated like inferiors. Weakness is taught by the teachers as being unnatural. Weakness is looked at as bad. No one cares about the weak. It’s jungle mentality the survival of the fittest. Weed out the weak. But JESUS never taught like this. Jesus was helping those marginalised by the world’s competing. Jesus welcomes those who are weak, poor, sick and He even welcomes the fools. In Jesus the weak become strong, the fools become wise, the sick become well. 
True CHURCH should not be about competing. We are all equal in Gods Church. The body has many parts but one head. Each part depends on every other part for the body to function and all parts are under the head and the head is in charge. Jesus Christ is the HEAD. Jesus rules with LOVE. 
Schooling is about TESTS. Who cares if they do not learn or remember knowledge students just care about passing the TESTS.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 13, 2016

What me become a tradesman?Who do you think I am?

I am going to university to get a degree and so get a good job.

So being a tradie is having a bad job?

Look here I am an educated person.

I don’t get it what is wrong being a tradie?

It’s a dirty job for one. 

So you think the dirty jobs are bad jobs?

No it’s just that I don’t want to get my hands dirty.

You want a clean job?

Yes yes.

The Apostle Paul says “Work with your hands”. 

I do work with my hands.

Yer but it looks like poncy around work. Working with your hands means “Work with your hands”. “And get them dirty”. 

I am going to university. 

Is university going to lift you up from the lower working classes; is this a class thing to you?

I am middle class but I want to be higher class.

So you want to live in the management class the class that manages the lower working class.

Yes yes. 

So you think working is managing the workers?

I am educated I don’t work with my hands to get them dirty.

So to be educated means you are not in the working class. So what is education for if not to really work with your hands?

It’s about the class system.

Is the class system fair?

It’s the way. It’s been that way for centuries.

I think things have changed. Tradies are now the middle and upper classes. Tradies are rich. Tradies don’t come in the back door but come in the front door. Tradies charge money just to come to your home. Tradies choose the work they want to do. University degrees are treated as an escape from real work but these degree people are now at the feet of the tradies. We want our toilet unblocked, we want our leaking taps fixed, we want our lights fixed. We want our plumbing and electrical problems fixed. We want our roof fixed. Tradies are the new middle/upper class. 

But I want to go to university to get an education. 

Wrong you want to go to university to get a qualification. You are only interested in MONEY and lots of it. What is your DREAM?

Dream, what do you mean?

What do you want to do for the greater good?

I want to get a home, get a good paid job, travel, have a good car, …….

Stop it there. I said what do you want to do for OTHERS? You talk just about me me me me.

Look here I am busy I can not talk now, I have work to do.

You are always busy, as soon as you get up in the morning till you go to bed you are busy.

That’s it, I am busy. Please leave me alone.

You are so busy that you have no time to reflect. Maybe you should have time out to reflect.

Look I am too busy to reflect.

There is your mistake. And when your body can not take it any longer will you reflect then? Me I reflect all the time. The body and mind can just take so much. 
Tradesmen deserve to be the upper class. They have earned that right.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 24, 2015

When I was a student at Bible College we had a lot of Asian students (from Asia) studying at this College. I noticed how hard they worked. They persevered and endured. 

I was living on campus in a 3 bedroomed unit and one of the other students in my unit a caucasian man brought up on english in Australian schools often helped the Asian students with their assignments. Tom (not his real name) often went through these assignments correcting grammar and spelling. Once I looked at one of these assignments previous to correction and I was quite amazed with the grammar and spelling inaccuracies. I thought my assignments were hard but for some Asian students brought up in Asian countries they were having it much harder here. These Asian students were not just doing a certificate or diploma like me they were doing degrees. Not a Diploma of Ministry but a Bachelor of Ministry. I mean a bachelor is a degree and people in this world swoon over degrees like they are gold. 

I considered all this and thought. Asians in Asian nations usually have to compete harder. Many Asians are poor. 

But it’s ALL about getting the qualifications. It’s not necessary about learning. Qualifications means getting money. Asian nations are predominantly poor when compared to Western nations. China might look rich but it’s only rich for a minority, most Chinese are still poor. Poor people want to get qualifications so they work very hard. These people may not be able to get in to universities in Asia so their parents work hard to send their children to Western countries to study and get qualified. Having qualifications means getting a better life. A western qualification is esteemed more so than qualifications in poor nations. English is esteemed because if one was qualified and spoke/wrote english one might be able better to get citizenship or permanent resident in an english speaking nation. English speaking nations are usually wealthy nations.  

Today at home I had a phone call. I don’t like answering my home phone because there’s a good likelihood the call is from a call centre in I think India. I get these calls sometimes often, thankfully not so much now but not long ago they just about came in every day or about 5 days a week. I hate getting these calls. But today was different. Today the caller said she represented an Education Provider. Yes education is now big business, has been now for years. But education has gone in to sales. Providers are selling education. In my youth you did not see education being a business and sales. Education in my youth was about learning AND getting qualifications; now it seems education is all about getting qualifications and not learning. 

Of course we must face the reality of qualifications. Do you want to be a street cleaner or janitor? Getting qualifications means a better standard of living. If you are really at the coal face of reality between being really dirt poor and wanting to have a good standard of living it helps to be astute and play the world game and get qualifications any way how; even buying qualifications. Who wants to live in a slum in some dirty crime ridden town or city in one of those third world nations when you could with qualifications live in a cleaner wealthier environment in say a western nation. Western nations may accept immigrants from poor nations if these immigrants showed that they had passed qualifications. So it’s about surviving for a lot of people especially those people in poor nations who live at the coal face of just surviving. So Asian students know the worth of just getting qualifications. So these students may not be good at writing english but they persevere and get degrees. These students may pay other people to help them. They may even pay people to do their assignments. I have even heard of a case in the USA where a male university professor was giving high assignment marks to a female student because she was giving sexual favours to the professor. I expect such a case is not just on a small scale, I expect a lot of students and teachers world wide sexual liaise so students can get good essay or exam marks. 

So now a days to get money you have to be qualified; never mind the actual learning. Chasing after the money does not include much learning its about getting qualified. Now not everyone is about cheating. Some might cheat and learn at the same time. I mean there are jobs that require a lot of actual learning say for a doctor, lawyer, airline pilot, dentist, builders, plumbers, electricians, mechanics and it goes on. But you can still learn and cheat together and still get those jobs. I am getting to the opinion that a lot of major sports people cheat. Cheating as in taking body performance enhancement drugs. I am thinking where are drugs not in say the AFL (football). Taking illegally banned drugs in sports is cheating, cheating to be qualified. 

So the reality is, that’s if you are willing to work at it, is to chase after the money and how you get that money is to play a game and in this game what cards you play means the difference between being poor or wealthy. People are known to cheat at this game. The cheaters think that they are clever. 

Me I play by the rules. So I am not rich. But I have a conscience that I can live with. I can get on well with myself. I am rich in the eyes of people’s in third world nations and I live quite comfortably. I don’t keep awake at night thinking of all the people I cheated. Where I cheated it was minimal. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


January 4, 2015

A 16 year old boy gets top academic prize in Western Australia. But is this fair? The boy says he seldom does any homework. Teachers in my young student days were often giving us heaps I mean heaps of homework – it was miserable; I mean studying all day then go home each night and do about 2 hours of homework //// yet our wonder 16 yr old boy seldom did any homework YET gets top academic prize in Western Australia – Is this all fair? Academia has a lot to answer for. This top student also says “the only time I really studied at home was a few days before tests and exams”. I still remember teachers in my youth pushing for us young students to do plenty I mean plenty of homework. What a sham this young 16 year old top student has made of education and it’s learning models. A student who hardly works get top honours and he’s top just because he’s highly intelligent. So it comes down to intelligence little else. But a lot of people are born low intelligence so they have a miserable time at schooling. The high intelligent do not care that the low intelligent struggle with learning – who cares? I do. God gives intelligence but man has corrupted his use of intelligence to glory man not God. Ability which is intelligence is to be used for a God calling. But man glories in himself apart from God. Who needs this God? All good things come from God above.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



December 28, 2014

Education is about getting qualifications. Qualifications is about getting work. Work is about getting money. Money is about buying things.

From a very young age children have to go to school. I mean it’s the law that every child attends school until a certain age; but is this a law or is it just an accepted regulation of Government; I don’t know. I do know that there are truancy officers employed by Government to seek out truant children and get them back in to attending school.

I did not like school or college. At primary school I liked some of the games we played like soccer but the intellectual side did not appease me much. I averaged out at primary school, did all the requirements and passed, but not with any distinctions or accolades.
I saw at school a fine distinction between two different sets of people. Ok there were three sets of people. One the higher achievers, two the average achievers and third the poor achievers. I may have been average at achieving, just managing to pass. I was somewhat envious of the high achievers; they seemed to live on a different part of the planet; they were different; they were the elite the high intelligent students. So I saw this thing intelligence and I did not understand it. I could not understand why I was not highly intelligent and why was I a low to average intelligence. I wanted to be of high intelligence because I saw that the high intelligent students were the ones who got the high grades and they seemed to be treated with respect by the teachers. The teachers were the raj at school, the teachers were the gods, they called the shots. The intelligent students got on well with the teachers; the teachers had time for these intelligentsia students. The high intelligent students were way up there with the raj teachers. The low to average intelligent students were just tolerated by the teachers. The low to average intelligent students struggled with their studies; to some of them the whole learning process was an institutionalised nightmare. The intelligentsia students were the teachers pets. Teachers loved it when the intelligentsia achieved. The intelligentsia students were given the school responsible tasks; they were given the school student leadership jobs.
At college one student said to me “See that student over there, he does not study for exams much, he might only study for exams a few days before the exams yet he gets very high marks in his exams”. Me I studied for exams say weeks before the exams, I struggled to cram in the knowledge and I still was a dismal failure at the exams. All this about intelligent students flying through their studies and exams without much ado certainly riles me up and makes me think “What really is going on here; is this all fair?”.

So why are people given different measures of intelligence? The atheist will say “Intelligence came from my parents”. Maybe so, but where did the parents get the intelligence? Oh from their parents. So how is intelligence inherited? I mean how does it happen? “In the genes” you might say. Is it fair that Johnny flies through his schooling days while Fred struggles a lot to get through. I mean Fred could turn out to be mentally scarred for life after his schooling. Fred may in adult life have to go to a shrink to face all his school demons. “Demons” you might say “are not at schools, schools are havens where children are safe”. So teachers are all saints and children are all lovey dovey. Be real – students like any children can be absolute monsters. Hitler was a monster and he went to school. So at school we are in this safe haven, we think it’s safe; but this school is where the future despots, rapists, bullies and murderers come from. And let us not forget the teachers they are no saints and some might be (during school time) looking at pornography on their computer tablets. We are psyched up as children to think schools and colleges are places of safety and virtue. And we are psyched up as children to think education at these schools/colleges is very normal; I mean so normal that if there is a God (I believe in Almighty God) then God would send his Son to a school/college (The Bible says “JESUS CHRIST was never schooled”). Schooling has been very much a tradition for many centuries. School is a tradition that has been engrained in the minds of mankind. Education is a ticket to a job and a job gives you money. Education is about money and the more money you get the more freedom you get. Money frees you. They say “Knowledge is power” but knowledge really is about getting money and money is the power.

I sometimes reflect about a persons God called vocation. Yes I see people have a vocation, call it a calling if you like, but I see this calling in my mind, in my thoughts. This calling is from God. Most people I reflect on about their true callings are not in their God callings but are in vocations of their own doing apart from God. And most people hate their jobs. I see the high intelligent people are also likely to fall in to the trap of missing out on their God calling. You see the high intelligent people do well at schooling and they usually go to university they get a degree or a few degrees and/or very high degrees then they go for the money. Yes the money. Some go for humanitarian jobs like doctors but money is still a motive here. High intelligent students like the status jobs too. Status jobs are the money jobs. Doctors get paid a lot. But doctors help mankind a lot.

So I see a person; they might have a university degree, they might be in a very high paid job with lots of responsibility but I see VANITY here too. Vanity is with most people. Why do you think mankind has many mirrors to look in to. One of the first things a person does each morning before going to work is to look in the mirror. We humans are so very vain. I am too. Vanity means people push their own agenda apart from Gods agenda. So we have most people trying to fit in to vocations that they do not fit in to. They know they hate their job but they put on an outer look of satisfaction. It’s HYPOCRISY. It’s all a mask. The man working in his vain job, his important well paid job, it looks good but his wife sees the real husband, the vain and hypocritical husband and likewise the husband sees his vain and hypocritical wife. They both live a lie. They try to keep their lie to themselves and few find out the truth, few see through these peoples masks. Hypocrites have to keep their masks up day and night. Only the spouses and children know the real husband/wife/parents. BUT illness kicks in. The heart can just take so much working in the wrong field. The wrong field is wrong you are not working in the field given to you by God. Sowing, reaping, harvesting, weeding all done in another’s mans/woman’s field. The owner might one day kick you out of his field. While you are in the wrong field you are nothing but a servant. In your own field you are like an owner.

“Vanities of vanity” says the wise man/woman.

So it’s all a paradox. The world is a paradox; it is not what it really should be; it’s a sham.

So in my reflections on people’s true vocations I find people just look foolish because they are not really what they should be. It all looks stupid. These vain people boast about their vocations, the money they get, the good they do, the accolades they have received, the university degrees they have achieved — BUT MOST IS JUST VANITY; all to be burned up on the LAST DAY.

You might say “How do I find Gods vocation?”. Good question. To me I see it is so very hard for most people to find out what is ones true vocation. You can not find that true vocation with your own understanding and most of the understanding from school, college and university won’t help you find your true vocation.

To find true vocation one must always tell the truth, never lie. All truth is simple. So one must live a very simple life; free of distractions, free of idols, and keep away from the sins of the flesh. The flesh can make one dark in the soul. Spirit is light so feed your spirit light from Gods Spirit. Keep in the truth. Confess your sins to God. Don’t love money. Work with your hands. Be kind to others. Pull off your mask and show your true self. Don’t hide from God but pray to him often. Read the Bible frequently. Life is not always easy, life is often hard. Help others. Respect your parents. Hold your parents in higher honour than yourself. You should start young to find out what your true vocation is before “Mans” understanding (Humanism) kicks in. Remember the vocation that you have found out at a young age and when in later life, money, youthful passions, status and idols creep in to your life try at an early adult age to have the courage to get in to your true vocation. Your true vocation will be the “simple truth”. If you are looking for true simple vocation in complexness you won’t find it. If you wrap yourselves up in knotty complexness in your mind/heart you will have to unravel this knottiness and get back to simplicity.

The Catholic nun might say “Education frees you”. During the Second World War the Nazis put “Work frees you” signs above the front entrance of a few concentration camps. But what sort of freedom is the nun speaking about? The nun is thinking of freedom from poverty. But here are we speaking about poverty of mind/soul or poverty of physical body. The nun might attribute poverty of mind/soul with poverty in a physical sense. Catholics are great ones about schooling. Catholics have many schools, colleges and universities. So education is about making money. It’s ALL about MONEY. Poverty for the catholic nun is about money. The Nazis said “Work frees you”. But did work free the incarcerated Jews in the concentration camps? No no no. Does education free you? No no no. The average Joe would say “Money frees you”; like you can buy your freedom with money. So MONEY is the GOD; even the God of this Catholic nun. The church is a lot about money. The Vatican is about money.

It would all make sense all this education thing if lots of people were in their God called vocation but alas few people are in their true calling. Most people are in the wrong vocation so there is a lot of education with its accolades that are vain; it all looks foolish.

The Catholic nun says “Education frees you”; the Nazis said “Work frees you”; someone else might say “Money frees you”; BUT I say “WISDOM of JESUS CHRIST frees you”. The Catholic nun might say “Education leads to money”. This nun is religious yet the true religious would make a vow of poverty before God and live for Spirit not for materialism. The true religious does not live for money, wealth or materialism. Mankind rapes the world, the earth, the mother, the wife, creation, Mother Nature – to get rich. The world’s people are besotted with money. The world’s people rape the earth; take take take from Mother Nature but give very little back. Mother Nature is raped often. Man wants to get rich but it is at the expense of Mother Nature. Mother Nature is expected by mankind to be a whore; but this whore gets very little in return.

Education in the wrong way can be just an IDOL. Education used in the way of true vocation can be useful. Education has become an idol. People glorify themselves in education. Intelligence is a tool used by people to educate themselves for vocations. These vocations are often not true to people and such people therefore live out their lives wearing masks.

King Solomon speaks about “Vanity of vanities”; so a lot of mankind’s achievements are filthy rags. You do not want to be wearing filthy rags when you are called to your Maker God in the End Times. Prepare in advance to meet your Maker; make good preparations; be wise. Do not bury your true vocation in the ground/soil. If you can not find your true vocation at least work at trying to find it.

In most cases your true vocation will be plain simple; simple for you because you will find the vocation simple to do. Your true vocation is simple because your mind/soul/spirit will find it simple. To those other people in their own other true vocations they will see your true vocation as complex (but those other people in their true vocations will find their own vocations simple). So if you find your vocation complex you are probably in the wrong vocation. Simplicity is NOT evil. Simplicity is definitely of God. So if everyone was in their true vocations, they will see only their own vocation in simplicity and they will see all the other vocations as complex. Complex is hard. Simple is easy.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

EDUCATION (Learning process out dated and unwise)

January 16, 2014

Education (learning process) has not changed much for decades or is it centuries. It’s still about exams and tests. True education – should be enjoyable learning.

Children are taught knowledge that has no bearing on them as a person in this world with what gifts they have or intelligence they have. Students are missing out on use of their gifts simply because the present system is antiquated. This system favours mainly just intelligence. People think intelligence is the beginning and end all of education. I mean if one is highly intelligent the world considers them God favoured. Badness seems to go with low intelligence in people’s minds. Not so, not true. Intelligence is merely an ability suited to a God calling be it a door man, lift operator person, dress maker, army soldier, accountant etc. Intelligence is merely a tool used for work it is not about putting intelligent people on a pedestal over lower intelligent people. Intelligence becomes an idol. A lot of teachers teach for money not to serve God. Every worker is entitled to their payment. Working for money is so selfish.

True teaching is about making sure students understand.

Say in a class of 20 students; if 15 students understand a theory and 5 students do not understand the theory, the teachers aim is to make sure all the students understand the theory and only then go on to the next learning. You leave students behind in learning they will fall back and back and back and never catch up. The teacher teaches at the pace of the weakest link. The class of students is a whole, no favourites, no teachers pets. The intelligent students learn with the less intelligent students. No favouring the high intelligent students. High intelligence can also mean a straightforward calling like a dress maker or cleaner or soldier. Intelligence does not necessary mean top paid jobs.

Tradesmen are now getting paid more than university educated people but in the past tradesmen were looked down on by university people and in the past tradesmen received less pay than university educated people. Tradesmen called the bluff of people; we won’t repair your toilet or shower etc; so people came to the party and paid tradesmen more. SO CALL THE BLUFF.

Most people are not in God’s calling so its easy to pull the plug on them because their careers/calling is based on a veneer, a coating of glaze. Veneer is thin it has no strength. It’s just a thin layering. God looks at the heart. Insight looks at the heart. You can not hide your true likeness from God. You may think that you can hide from people your true likeness but a stronger person might see through you.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


October 11, 2013

Malala a 16 year old girl from Pakistan has taken a stand on education for females. Now in the West especially, education has been nothing new for females. But it has not been always the case. In the dark ages, and later, Universities were the dominion of males. Women were not even allowed to vote for parliament until much later near our times. Discrimination is nothing new and also nothing new to the West. The USA Civil War claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and this war was about discrimination. Abraham Lincoln died (assassinated) for his stand against discrimination (racialism). Maybe Lincoln in the times now would be a Democrat. Malala loves to learn. Everyone should be allowed to learn either you be white, brown, black, female, male, slave, whatever you look like you should be allowed to learn. It does not matter how you look, to learn you just need a soul. All humans have souls (this sets us apart from all other creatures. God has soul {does he} we humans are in Gods likeness thus we humans have soul and thus we can learn. Other creatures {soulless and live by instinct} can not learn like us humans). The Taliban think that they have the right to stop a girl from learning. Of course they have no authority in heaven or on earth to stop people from learning. They are deluded. Either I am deluded or the Taliban are deluded. The Taliban do not respect the rights of females. The Taliban discriminate against females. Such is about money and power. Such is about idolatry.

BUT education can become an idol. There is the education from “man” and the education from God. The bible educates us. The WORDS from the bible can teach us, and save us, free us, and protect us. Of course the Bible is a book and a book does not save us. But the WORDS that are written in the BIBLE can help us immensely. We can read the scripture. Read it out. Speak it out. God has blessed such WORDS. It’s not so much just the words but the understanding the scriptural words give that free us and therefore save our souls. God is Spirit and of course God saves us BUT God can use the WORDS in the Bible to his advantage. The Bible over the centuries has changed BUT the true essence, the true meaning, the understanding, the wisdom, remains. The TRUTH will set us free. Malala wants females in Pakistan to be free to learn.

BUT learning to her means going to school and sitting in classrooms. School and learning that way to me was not pleasing to me. I hated sitting in classrooms all day. Reading highly boring text books that spoke at you rather than with you. Text books that had no warmth or insightful depth to them but felt hard and cold. Text books that you carried around in your school bags like heavy boulders. School was to me about discrimination, its about discrimination favouring the intelligent students as against the low intelligent students. School can be a nightmare. Students commit suicide. Students are prodded like cattle to learn, learn and learn, cram the knowledge in between your ears and do exams. BUT once the exams are done where does the knowledge go I mean they have to learn more so they may forget all the previous knowledge. You can only remember so much off by heart. Schooling in classrooms has much to desire. Schooling has not changed much. Sorry I am wrong; discipline in schooling has changed; no more caning students, no more corporal punishment. But putting students together in walled classrooms day-in day-out is not good for healthy behaviour. And homework; hey you go to school all day and the teachers load you up with heaps of homework so you are home each night doing hours of homework. Such unhealthiness. Schooling has gone mad. It’s not right. No one is really learning. It’s about education only for the sake of MONEY. You won’t be poor with an education. So education is about not being poor. The more educated you are the more rich you will be. So the message here is education frees you from poverty. FREEDOM. But the Bible says the Truth will set you free. The bible says Jesus Christ frees you. Human education frees you from one master to serve another master. You serve all those who are more educated than yourself. So you get trapped in a education pyramid of “mans” knowledge. You get trapped in a system of “Man” made by “Man”. It’s just another system made by man. No one is really free except through Jesus Christ. The only TRUE teaching to free ones soul and mind and heart is Jesus’ teachings. Malala has it right to an extent. She wants to learn. But JESUS CHRIST is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE, NO OTHER.

I found all my schooling suffocating. Teachers that had no inspiring spirits but just like dead people pushing and pushing and forcing education on oneself without regard to how we felt and thought. You had no say in how you wanted to be educated. It was just like a factory. No one really cared. Teachers seemed not to care. Students seemed not to care. Who cared? It was everyone for themselves. The weak are trodden on, the low intelligent are avoided. Fight the good fight. Fight for an education and nobody better get in your way. Jesus did not teach an education to his disciples like the teachers at school teach. Yet teachers at school seldom teach on what Jesus taught. Hey there’s no money in what Jesus taught. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. So the USA Civil War was a slaughter. Here’s so called educated people killing others to keep black skinned people in slavery. Now a lot of these confederate slavers had education. These slavers had plantations, they were rich and to top it of they went to Church on a Sunday. During the First World War and Second World War there were many educated people fighting for the German and Japanese side. Such people instead of educating on “Mans” learning should have learnt off Gods son Jesus Christ. So education has not stopped wars, violence, rape, killings, murders, discrimination; and this is what Jesus teaches against but “Man” thinks he is so clever to not learn from Jesus but to learn from humanism manmade wisdom. Man is so clever in his/her own eyes.

I found a friend. I was introduced to a person. I can only call him a Spirit. I know no other way to describe him.Yes he is male. A gentleman. And he cares about me. Well I take it he cares about me. He is the sort of person you can trust your life to. No one can over power him. He is sharp; very sane, very together, very fast, so quick. I have this Spirit friend who can help me. I am someone now, have been ever since this gentleman came in to my life; yes he’s in my life, in me. Sound strange to say he’s in me, well he is like in my heart and I have been introduced to him like seen him spiritually. God works in mysterious ways, he works ways for others and other ways for some others.

So I have my personal Spirit teacher. I learn. I do not need HUMANISM. Humanism is as strong as wood. Such ism is based on creation not the creator. This ism is dry, waterless, uninspiring, suffocating. Humanism puts “MAN” at the centre of the universe; man apart from God. Humanism is about the quest and determination of the human spirit to acquire success and prosperity. Humanism is not about the Spirit of God; humanism is about achievement apart from God; YOU CAN ACHIEVE APART FROM GOD. Humanism is “buggering” up creation. The Church is getting buggered up. Humanism is not about working with your hands rather it about how clever you are. Put all humanists to work working with their hands and life will be more pleasant.

Malala has it right to a degree. To learn is good. But the way the school systems are set up are atrocious. They are uncomfortable and unsafe. No one really learns in an environment where you are not loved and accepted. School bullies control and teachers do not care.

Malala would be better to accept Jesus and his teachings then she can have a proper framework for all her learnings. Without Jesus all learning can be all in vain.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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