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My Italian Adventures by Lucy de Burgh

June 18, 2018

My appetite for Second World War memoirs is strong. Lucy did not let me down. Lucy is a author I approve, she has good morals. I like the positive side of war, I hate the deaths.

I see how war can bring the good out of people. War is a necessity. War has been with us since Cain killed his brother Abel. We are all related, we carry similar genes. Life is relative. Everything is relative. We hate war but we need it. Love overcomes all evil but love to overcome has to give up its own life, Just as Jesus Christ died. Love has to die to give life. The seed dies to live. We die to live. We die to our old sinful self (for the born agains).

Lucy describes Italy and her relationships well. Lucy has a deep love for Italy. Lucy meets many an interesting person. Lucy related well with her environment and fellow persons. Lucy writes very intelligently.

I got to know Italy and the Italians more so having read this book. You know your true friends during war. Italy though being fascist and an ally of Hitler had at its true heart the British/USA cause.

Some Philosophical thoughts follow:-

(Just now my mind is thinking elsewhere)

In the beginning there was a vast ocean of darkness, it was chaos. God burned and turned much of the darkness in to light. God turned on the light in the dark. God is light. The light spread in this ocean and the light is said to be expanding to light up even more of this ocean as we write. The ocean is the universe. Lights are stars. More lights are coming on. The universe is expanding. Will the universe always expand? This is up to contention. Does the universe have an end? Or is the universe unlimited? If the universe has an end then in the future when, no one knows, the universe at its end will implode, the opposite of explode. We had the explode what we call the “Big bang”. God is eternal so is the universe eternal. Scientists say that the expanding universe is slowing down, thus a clue that there is an end to everything. Is there an end to God though? The Bible says God is eternal and we have to believe this.

A question, does there first have to be dark to have light? Without darkness there can be no light. Light is put on in the darkness, darkness comes first. The universe being first a ocean was dark. The universe was created out of darkness. So dark comes then light.

What I really wonder is; was this first beginning before the universe, this dark ocean, was this ocean all water? And did this water convert to energy to become the universe? Are stars originally made from water. Water has hydrogen and stars are hydrogen. Water may be God’s main original energy source. Maybe.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


I am a “creavolutionist” (I think God created and life evolved) 

July 3, 2017

I don’t think the universe was created say 6000 years back. I think this universe has existed for thousands and thousands of years maybe millions of years. Diamonds in the ground may take millions of years to form. Diamonds are made out of carbon. 

Spirit created first. The universe was created from one point, the point is God Spirit. The universe started with an almighty bang, an explosion. “The Big bang”. Life came in with a bang. The universe is expanding. The start of the explosion meant the universe expanded initially at a very quick pace. The universe expanded initially at the speed of light. God is light. God can travel at the speed of light. God is energy. The energy of the Big Bang came from God Spirit. The energy of the universe over time is waning. God rested after the Big Bang. God put all his energy in to the Big Bang. Over time God will reenergise. Will this universe eventually lose all its energy and what then? Implode? And what happens if this universe wraps itself up; will God with his energy revitalised create another universe a new heaven and a new earth? When will our universe die out? The universe is still expanding but this is slowly slowly getting slower. It is like a rubber band; you stretch the band, but eventually the band can no longer be stretched, the band will then zap back to its beginning. The end becomes the beginning. All energy dies out after a time. God lost all his energy so He rested and in rest God restores all his energy. God may have to wait along time to restore all his energy and then will God create another universe? I don’t know. But God can do as He likes. To see the universe makes us think God had a lot of initial energy. And God is still resting. God can rest for thousands and thousands maybe millions of years. Gods time is not mans time. 
Evolution might have some standing. But it might not be all correct. The equation of evolution has to also have creation and creator. Evolution as it stands is minus intelligence and person. Evolution is about chance, it does not glory the head, it is brainless, it is about just nature worship, it is about the mother not the father. The father gives the seeds. The mother is not the seed. The seeds grow in Mother Nature. We must look up. We grow up not down; ok the roots go down, but we look up, to the light above, the father of light. We need Mother Earth to grow in and to put our roots down in but we also need the heavenly light. It’s the light that lets us see. Creation is about a person a creator person. Evolution by itself is not about a evolution person. We are human persons. We humans have intelligence. We humans think. So look to a creator person who is intelligent and thinks. We are made from the soil, the earth, the dust, but we are soul and spirit in the earth covering. 
The earth covering our planet looks like it took maybe millions of years to form. The earth is deep. Millions of years of plants growing and dying on the earths surface. Millions of years of creatures living and dying on the surface of the earth. Dead plants and dead creatures leeching through the soil. Plants and creatures are made out of a lot of carbon. This carbon leeching through the soil. Soil is made. Minerals are in the soil. Carbon makes coal, oil, and diamonds. Pressure in the earth fuses minerals together; hot temperatures below the earths surface fuse minerals together. We get gold and silver. Gold and silver may take millions of years to form. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2017

Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. I think so. Diamonds are made up out of carbon. That makes me think, humans are also made up a lot out of carbon. Carbon forms the key component for all life on Earth. So can we carbon date the Earth?

Carbon is in plants.There is a carbon cycle. Humans exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of humans. BUT what is one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. Plants need carbon. Plants take carbon from the air and use it to grow.
Carbon is in the Earth’s crust. Carbon exists in the Earth’s crust as coal, oil, and diamonds. Now to carbon date the Earth. Where does the carbon come from that exists in the Earth’s crust? We know carbon comes from life. Plants and all living creatures on the Earth’s surface are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon in the crust may come from this carbon source – plants and living creatures. Also carbon can come from carbon dioxide trapped below in the Earth’s crust.
Coal, oil, and diamonds are carbon but they do not appear over night; they came about through much intense heat and pressure. Coal, oil, and diamonds do not grow like plants and creatures do. Coal comes from the surface plants and animals, creatures. But coal may take hundreds of thousands of years to form. Coal may after much heat and much pressure form in to oil. And oil after a long time may turn in to diamonds. Diamonds are the purest form of carbon. To refine something to make it pure you need very high temperatures. The purer to make something, the higher the temperatures are needed. This takes time. Diamonds take longer than coal or oil to form. Diamonds may take millions or billions of years to form. Now we are getting close to understanding how old our Earth is. Yes a age of nothing less than maybe billions of years. Carbon is our measuring tool of the age of our Earth, and diamonds are the peak of understanding of the Earth’s age.
I do not know how old human existence is. Who knows? Life may have come much later after the Earth was formed. But the carbon in the Earth’s crust could not have all come from trapped carbon dioxide. Plants and living creatures must have contributed to main source of coal, oil, and diamonds in the Earth’s crust. So life must have been around a long time. Dead carbon life on this Earth leaches from ground level in to the depths of the Earth’s crust.
I do think all things start simple. Simple is one. One cell is the beginning to make many cells. Everything starts with one. One with water makes many. Water is needed to make life. A cell needs water to live. So in the beginning of life there was water. Life first existed in the water. Life started in water. Life emerged out of the water but life has to still consume water. The Christian symbol of the FISH may tell us more than most people think. Fish live in water. God may have subtly sent a message to humans in the fish symbol. Fish may be the beginning of human life. Truth maybe staring us in the face yet people see but do not see, they see but do not understand.
The Earth looks like it has been in existence for billions of years. Life came later. But how much later? When did water come? Water has to come for life to exist. So the Earth had water. When water came life came too. Did the Spirit of God hover over the WATERS and create the universe? Was water always here? Was water before the universe? Was the universe created out of water? Did God use water to create? Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is power/energy. Was hydrogen and oxygen in water used to create the universe? If water was always here then the Earth in the beginning might have had water. If water was in and on the Earth at the beginning then life might have followed soon after the Earth’s conception. Another thought: If water existed before the universe was made; there might have existed life living in this water. Life existed before the universe was made. Now these are only my thoughts. Fish the Adam and Eve ancestor and snakes the Devil ancestor. Just my thoughts. Fish and snakes in a large ocean of water.
Now I do not profess to know. I think. That is not a crime. I discern. If I am correct in my words, I am only correct in God, if I am not correct I am incorrect in me. I still carry some of me in my body but I do carry God in me too, I want to die to myself and carry God in me, but all takes time just as a tree takes time to grow.
I think God created and life evolved. I have not always thought this. In my youth I too thought I knew it all. I flirted with fundamentalism a lot. We young fundamentals knew it all, the older more mature people knew naught. We were wise. To just stay with the fundamentals and not grow past such make for immature thought. We need to get past the milk stage and eat the meat. Many Christians never mature (in thought). What irks me the most is not the young immature fundamentalist people but the old fundamentalist people. Old should be wise. Alas it is not always the case.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 27, 2016

The Spirit hovered over the deep sea of water.
Life is in the water.

The water of life.

Did the beginning begin with water?

Does life need water to exist?

Without water there is no life.

In the beginning God made the universe out of water.

In the beginning there was energy.

God is energy.

Did the energy at the beginning come from water?

Water is hydrogen and oxygen. 

Hydrogen makes up the sun.

The sun(s) is the top energy source that we know of. 

Hydrogen one proton and one electron. 

One is powerful.

Power is in one not many.

God is one.

Small is powerful.

Many is complex and makes for confusion.

One is simplex and is undivided.

Complex can be divided, it is weak.

God used the hydrogen and oxygen in the vast ocean of water to make the universe.

All life came from water.

All creation came from water.

Hydrogen is the most powerful source of energy.

Hydrogen burns and the oxygen in water might help the hydrogen to burn. 

Maybe water can be used as a powerful source of energy.

God hovered over the waters and caused the big bang.

God is intelligence.

God is Spirit person.

I SPECULATE that water existed at the beginning and I SPECULATE that the universe was made out of water.

I do think that all life was created at the beginning by God and evolved from its first beginnings of simplex to later in to complex.

Everything begins simple.

Life begins as one cell. 

One is the beginning.

One becomes many.

God is simplex. 

God never changed.

God never changes.

Life can be to us a puzzle.

Life begins like a jigsaw. One piece at a time goes into making the whole piece.

The pattern becomes obvious overtime.

There is a set pattern.

Everything has it’s correct place.

The pieces fit in only where they are meant to go.

Technology is evolving.

Technology and electronics begins with a diode.

The diode is simple.

Diode to valve to transistor to chip.

Machines are evolving.

Machines and technology will evolve into the humanoid robot.

Man will create his likeness (humanoid), this likeness has evolved.

Man rebelled against his creator God.

Will humanoids rebel against its maker man?

It makes sense to see humanoids rebel. Why? There’s a pattern here.

Water is plain.

Plain is good.

Plain is good health.

Eat and drink plain.

Drink much plain water.

Never forget the simplex beginnings.

Simplex is our foundation of life.

Simplex is our foundation of thought.

Original thought is simplex. 

Complex thought can be hard to digest.

Complex thought can make knotty balls of confused thoughts.

Complex can tie ones thoughts up into unsolved problems.

All solutions to complex problems are simple.

Always use simple solutions.

Do not use complex solutions.

Simple is one and one solves the many.

Complex is many.

One is pure.

Pure solves the problem.

Problems are complex.

Simplex is not a problem.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 21, 2016

I was in a church yesterday; in the city; the church also open week days. 

I was trying to enjoy the solitude. But my thoughts went into plural. I looked at the communion table at the front. I could not help but notice the sign of the fish inscribed in to the wood work of this table.
My thoughts were this: If I was from another galaxy (but I don’t believe in aliens in outer space) and I came in to this church and wanted to know more about this human species I would see the sign of the fish and could not but think that humans originally came from fish. 
Carbon on/in this earth ages. Humans are made out of carbon as are most or all creatures as are the plant life. Life dies and in that dying life leaves behind amongst other things CARBON. Carbon goes back in to the soil. Carbon makes coal; makes oil; makes diamonds. But to get to diamonds the carbon may take millions of years to transform. 
Everything starts simple. Simple one. Simple one cell. Simple goes to become many. Everything has to have its beginning in ONE. But man wants simple to become complex. One never loses all it’s properties. One can be retained as a bigger one. Life needs water. Life began in water. Water of life. We need water to survive. Life began as a simple cell in water. The soul came later. With the soul came intelligence. With the soul came thought. ONLY humans think; no other life thinks. Soul was given to primates who were called humans. But humans to me came up the ladder of change a different way from the primates we see now. Humans to me had a different evolution (but similar in many respects) to say apes and monkeys we see in this world today. The primates outside human do not think; they have no soul. 
Evolution has credibility. But not exactly the way scientists say. We are not direct descendants the same as the primates we see in the world now.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 3, 2015

God made us humans in His likeness. Man makes robots in his likeness. 

Why does man want to create in his own likeness? Is creating robots in mans likeness a sin? Man wants to create; man loves creating. God creates and man wants to do what God does. I mean take a father and his son, the son wants to do what the father does. Man ate of the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden. Man knows. Man knows how to create. Man has the knowledge to create. God made us humans in His image so man wants to do the same, make his own creation (robots) in his image. Man likes being god. Man wants to be God.  

Mans creation that evolved:








Wireless receiver.


Micro chip.



Tape cassette.





Gods creation that evolved:


Living cell.


Fish with legs.

Small 4 legged land creature.



In mans creation the humanoid took years to evolve. Just as Gods creation took years to evolve. But there is no similarity in the time frame that both creations took to completion. I mean mans creation may take less time to create than Gods creation. 

Let us see how man’s creation evolved. The valve did not metamorphosis in front of our eyes. The valve changed to a diode and then to a transistor but the changes here were made changes (in other words there were creations made at each stage of the changes). So with Gods creation; the changes say from fish to land animal were creations. God initiated these changes with his direct input of changing the DNA etc. We get changes but to say they evolved or were created changes is up to speculation. We can say God creates and man evolves. There is an evolution because we see there are changes starting from the one to the many of the final product. But the product as said can be created at each stage of change. God wanted his creation to evolve in to a creation in his own image so God had to have input at each change of development. Humans did not come about because of chance. Human development is all precisely mapped out. We humans are the result of a design. Mans creation is the result too of design. Man did not haphazardly come up with his creation the humanoid. Mans creation is the result of carefully thought out design. 

God said to his creation “Do not eat of the fruit of knowledge”. Why not eat this fruit? If you eat this knowledge you will know as God knows. So will humanoids eat of knowledge and know as man knows. Computers already have knowledge. The FALL for man was knowing as God knows so will the FALL for humanoids also be knowing as man knows. AND WHERE WILL THIS LEAD?

Man with the knowledge he got (THE FALL) creates a creation in his likeness called the humanoid (artificial/man made). Man also creates an artificial environment, creating even (trying to) an artificial body for his soul and spirit to live in. 

So if robots called humanoids get knowledge, won’t humanoids also create? AND CREATE WHAT?

Man in his creations is killing off all God made so if humanoids create WHAT AND WHO WILL DIE?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE UNIVERSE – the universe made from water might not wash with most people and even I am not convinced.

October 30, 2014

God created the universe. Before God created the universe there was only a vast ocean. Was this ocean all water? Did God with his energy convert all the vast ocean of water in to what it is now? Did all life come from water? Did all creation come from water? Did the universe come from water? I am hesitant to believe that there is any water outside earth. So there was this vast ocean first. But was this vast ocean (was it water?) in total darkness? Yes I believe it was. And was not chaos here in this dark vast ocean? Yes chaos and darkness go together. So God made the chaos and darkness in to order and light. God created the heavens and hell and earth and the world. God used wisdom and understanding to create. God is all powerful; he has abundant eternal energy but even He needed rest after making the universe.

This universe being created from water might not wash with most people and even now I am having lots of second thoughts. I know life has to come from and stay in water. But out there beyond the earth there might be no life therefore no water and so why would God make matter outside the earth from water when (probably) that matter has no life on it or in it. I am a great sceptic of scientists who say there is a high chance of life out there beyond Earth, such does not gel with me. I could be wrong but my mind and heart are comfortable with only life here on earth. If the universe was made from water then there should all likelihood be water (and thus life) in lots of other places in the universe. Can an Almighty expanding explosion in a large ocean of water make matter like planets and gasses and suns? Can water burn? Can water give off energy? Life as we know it and understand and know it is only on planet earth. So water is only on this earth with the evidence at hand. Could God have created all earthly life from water and could the rest of the universe not been created from water.

Even if God did not create the universe from water we still know God is about cleanliness and being clean means being washed and being washed means washed in water. We humans need water, not just to stay alive but to also keep clean. God comes along and washes with His WORDS. The WORDS of God are all clean. Sin is dirty. God uses water. Does God need water to stay alive? Does God’s Spirit need water to stay alive? We humans as like all life on this planet earth need water to survive; without water we will die. God is a God of cleansing and the righteous people love to be clean. Cleanliness is sanity. Insanity is dirtiness. If we keep a clean mind/soul/spirit and body we stay sane.

Water is very very important to life, without it there is no life but did God create with water?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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