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ARMS RACE – go back to default, simple

February 9, 2019

I think why is all this weaponry being developed? Why the billions of dollars going in to this new weapon technology? Who is developing weaponry to match this weaponry of the U.K.?

I can only think of two nations who are in the major weapon race AGAINST the U.K.


All this is about the threat from China and Russia. I am talking about the advanced weaponry, you know swarms of armed drones controlled from operators using virtual technology. And Lasers.

Okay we have other belligerent nations; Iran, North Korea, etc, but nothing of the size and power of China and Russia.

It’s an arms race. And the race means pumping endless billions of dollars each year in to arms. It’s a bottomless hole.

It seems so stupid this arms race. Can we go back to default; the basics, bows and arrows and spears. Can we start at the beginning again. What makes this new weaponry better than the basic weaponry? Simple is better. Has life been better in getting past the simple weaponry? People still die whatever weaponry we have but with this modern weaponry millions die in one war compared to thousands dying in a war using basic weaponry.

Ego. Self. Self preservation. Science. Knowledge.

Whatever weaponry we have it does not change humans sinful desires. It’s the heart at war. Man kills man because man wants what other men have. Man covets. Forget the weaponry made by man why not just have a fist fight. Nations put forward their best fighting men and they fight it out in a ring. The winners get the prizes. Maybe food and other basic needs can be the the prizes. Fist fights can have rules of fighting.

We don’t need to fight with all this science weaponry when humans can go back to default and fight with their hands, fight with their flesh; is that not what it’s all about, fighting with the flesh.

Christian believers are taught about spiritual warfare. The Bible speaks about spiritual warfare, Paul writes about it. The intelligent wise people don’t fight in the flesh but in the spirit with spirit against spirit.

People who come back from the wars say, never again. But war comes again and again and again.

War is coming again. And man in his ego will fight with ego, that is self, because man at heart is a sinner.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 5, 2019

The thing about technology and especially weapon technology is that it’s the West like the USA that initially develop new technology and China just steals this technology from the West enhancing their own nations economies and military.

The USA spends millions or billions of dollars maybe over decades to invent new technology then China steals it all and makes it themselves paying pittance to develop it. China pays for this new technology by paying people who work in the West who have access to the plans of the technology.

Everyone has their price. You can buy just about anything with money. The power of money is so strong. You can just about buy anyone.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 5, 2019

China can buy anyone. Or nearly anyone not quite all.

China will call the tune soon.

It’s going to be a conflict between two Goliath’s. The USA and China.

It used to be the conflict between the USA and Russia. During Kennedy’s reign in the USA there was a period when there was a possible all shootout with Russia. It came close. The hawks (the USA military and certain Republicans) were advising strongly that Kennedy order an invasion of Cuba. Kennedy though was not a hawk he was a dove. Kennedy did not want War he saw it as death to millions.

Will there be a conflict in real terms between the USA and China? A war across the Pacific? Who knows.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

Is Japan getting scared of China?

Japan in the Second World War was no benign influence on the Chinese people, rather the Chinese people were treated very very horribly by the Japanese invaders. And we must never forget “The Rape of Nanking”. If China wants to dominate Asia I don’t think the Chinese have forgotten the ruthless treatment by their former Japanese Masters.

Asia is Dragon and snake. The Dragon Throne is in Asia; where now? I am not sure but I guess it is now in China where it used to be. The Dragon can be ruthless against Gods people but it also can be ruthless against its own snake people.

Not all Asians are snake. But a lot are. Most are.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

War and old people

December 10, 2018

China is rolling forward in making its military BIG and ARMED. But why all this arming to the teeth? To support its economic drive especially overseas? China is copying the USA.

The USA has been very imperialistic, it has dominated this world with its money and military for a long time. The British and some European countries in the past did their bit of imperialism. The USA with its imperialism is now stalling, and that’s not without help from Trumps isolationist policies. China is now taking the lead in imperialism. China wants to take over from the former imperialists and rule through its money and military.

The USA rules through money, yes, loans, aid, world bank loans, IMF loans. China has its own main bank now from which it loans to many nations in this world. Nations are in debt to China and now under Chinas economic control.

I had a thought a few minutes back. Japan took on the USA. Japan by taking on the USA meant Japan losing the war. China should learn a lesson from Japan’s move on the USA. The USA is too big and too strong to win against without losing ones own nation. It would be suicide for any nation to nuke the USA. For China or Russia to nuke the USA, the USA might be defeated but China or and Russia will also be defeated. Japan lost the war early on in the war when it attacked Hawaii. Destroying a few battleships can not stop a nation like the USA. The Japanese to be effective at all needed to destroy the USA’s aircraft carriers. The attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour did not destroy one USA aircraft carrier. The three USA aircraft carriers were at sea at the time of the attack. The Pacific war was initially a carrier based war because of the planes. We had the battle of the Coral Sea and the battle of Midway. The battle of the Coral Sea most likely protected Australia from any Japanese invasion and the battle of Midway stopped the Japanese from advancing across the Pacific. So attacking Pearl Harbour was suicide to Japan, the war was won and lost then. China likewise or Russia have no way of winning a nuclear war with the USA (all will lose). Russia could attack Europe but remember France is nuclear armed.

The West had better wisen up; the next big war or world war is not aircraft carrier based. These big carriers will be just juicy targets easily taken out by the enemy. We can not fight battles based on past ideas and past technology. The British went in to the Second World War with First World War weapons. British Bi planes to fight Japanese zero fighters. The British were asleep.

The problem:

In my work with the church I came across this problem. In this church I was working amongst much older people. The leaders were all old. The church council was full of old old people. The Pastor was old old. The Church was not growing, no people were joining up. Ummm why? It was obvious to me. For starters these old old people’s children and grand children were not attending our church, though one or two were. No younger people were joining up. But why? Why would young people not join up, why? Why? Old people have old ways; old music, old buildings, old outing excursions, old everything. The old people could not see past their out dated ways. Youth want the newer ways. So this church did not grow, it stagnated. Now this church is waiting until all it’s old people die out.

Now the problem with the military. In the Second World War the British went in to war with old this and old that. The old First World War leaders were in command. These leaders knew old ways of military warfare, they knew about old weapons. The Germans and Japanese were more advanced in weapons at the beginning. Old should make way for new. New blood. The youth can lead too. Not young young but mature wise youth. At this church I was in I only saw death, old people dying; these old people needed to put younger people in charge to inspire younger people to attend, but no they thought they knew better. Old military chiefs in charge with out dated ideas can be easily overwhelmed by the enemy who may go with more advanced ideas with the help of intelligent youth.

Aircraft carriers are old ideas. The enemy can take these carriers out with swarms of drones. China is encouraging intelligent youth to work on military projects.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


December 10, 2018

We train the Chinese to rule the world.

Artificial intelligence will be China’s key to rule.

“What does that look like? A Chinese media article on his work paints the following picture: “Dozens of rows of fixed-winged aerial drones take off from a runway. At speed, they form ranks and fly towards a designated battlefield area for their reconnaissance mission.”

Besides battlefield reconnaissance, swarms of drones can overwhelm existing air defences and destroy aircraft carriers. Flying one of these inexpensive devices into the air intake of an F-22 fighter jet could take down the plane”.

So much for the West’s aircraft carriers. It seems the next war will be a drone war and possibly nuclear. Who knows? Not me.

It’s simply not cricket (old British).

Singapore is impregnable to attack. The Japanese simply came in from behind.

British and Australian troops faced off the Japanese. The Japanese simply out flanked them. That’s not cricket.

Aircraft carriers were a big deal with the USA and the Japanese in the Second World War, why? Planes, the control of the air. The Pacific Ocean did not have many airfields on both sides especially at the beginnings of the war here. It was control the sky control the war and planes were the key and planes needed aircraft carriers.

In the next war aircraft carriers maybe be a burden. Drones won’t need aircraft carriers to take off or land or will they; will they? Maybe drones will be able to travel long distances. Drones will need to take off but from where? China is effectively saying drones will be big in any next war and drones in swarm. Drones in swarm can attack an aircraft carrier. Is China also working on submarine drones? I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 2, 2018

And then the Mark of the Beast???

Ai is about the Mark of the Beast???

Artificial everything. Except soul and spirit and human tissue. Oh there’s the rest of creation, but will it slowly be killed off?

We may eventually live out our thoughts and senses in a virtual reality computer. Hooked up online with the Beast ruling us. Who is this Beast? Wait and see.

Artificial reality will be the name of the game. Satan will rule us through Ai.

To use our senses we can become sensible but what is artificial sensibility? Sensible for Satan? Our senses controlled by Satan. Sensible for Satan is obeying Satan. It’s sensibility gone wrong. It’s a perversion of good sense, we have bad sense.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 29, 2018

From news article: “Analysts believe the exercises are in part to train for a response to a potential nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula, as ballistic missile units are among those involved.”

So if North Korea and the USA had attacked each other – the news article surmises that Russia would then also have joined in the fight. Russia no doubt taking North Korea’s side. So Russia would be fighting the USA. And we see China involved in these war drills so China and Russia are showing their now close allegiance in time of war.

So why would the USA go to war with North Korea if this would involve Russia fighting on the side of North Korea and China also taking North Korea’s side; this is only but a Third World War.

So is this a sign? These Russian war games that include China.

China is waging an economic war in this world and its going to be global. China will have great economic clout in the world soon, and this will be backed up with great military might. So it’s a war on two fronts. Where people can not be bought by China, and most people have their price, China can threaten with physical might.

Why are these Russian war games happening over the East side of Russia, why the East and not the West? I suppose over West it’s too close to NATO military and Putin seems not to want to antagonise NATO. Putin if he goes to war, will it be towards and from the East or towards and from the West. Or from the East to the West?

Why is Putin having these war games? The USA had war games around the Korean Peninsula and Kim Jong-Un was livid. Kim thought the games were a drill for a future attack. So who is Putin exercising his troops against? Who is Putin threatened by? Kim was threatened by the USA and its war games. Trump has stopped the Korean War games. Putin is flexing his muscles but why, why on such a big scale? The USA, does it have big war games? The USA has war games but surly not on the big scale like Russia is doing. Is Russia just showing of its muscles to thwart any intimidation from others.

In my mind Russia is not carrying out these war games because of the Korean Peninsula situation, no. Kim has been ordered by Jinping to stop antagonising the USA. China is not ready for a war. China will buy everything it can buy first. Economic then military. Russia is mindful of the USA power. There is only one nation that Russia is shy of and that’s the USA. Putin I don’t think is shy of NATO. If Putin was going (alongside China) to war it will be across the Pacific.

War games are just that “war”. They are not called peace or defence games but war games. War is a state of armed conflict between different nations.

Most people are in a state of apathy; they are only concerned about where the next dollar is coming from. Their day consists of thinking of money and sex. They are consumed by their jobs. Their jobs eat away at them. People are dying from the inside so they have no time to think of looking for signs of war on the global stage. People are thinking about when they are going to get sex next. Most people are walking dead, okay not dead but asleep. People are thinking of lotto and a big win. Most people are slaves to their idols and false gods, either it’s nicotine or money or lust or alcohol or drugs etc. People are slaves. People crave freedom. People crave simplicity. You can run away from your gods, but run where? Your gods will catch you up, gods that hold you captive or you can get your freedom through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ overcame this world and its idols. Jesus put this world at His feet, and also at the feet of the church the body of Christ of those people who are in this body. Satan was only overcome by Jesus Christ. Fighting off your own demons and demons from your family coming through the family line can not be overcome from anyway but through the Words of Jesus Christ. Human wisdom, humanism, is a fools gold way to submit Satan or overcome sins. Satan can not be over come with humanism. You can not quote human poetry or human literature or human psychology or human philosophy at Satan; Satan will laugh. How can you overcome Satan with any science, social or physical? It just does not work. Science is taught as social or physical but not spiritual. God is Spirit and God in Spirit created this universe. Science does not teach about God Spirit. To a lot of science it’s deluded to think that the invisible Spirit created the whole physical universe. The invisible made the visible, what? that’s stupid, where’s the proof? Science has proof to back it up, there no proof of this invisible God Spirit.

Bathe in the Words of Jesus Christ to get clean of your sins. The Words of Jesus and Jesus blood are the only pure cleansing to get clean, all other waters are dirty water. Don’t bathe in human words, that’s humanism, words of people are just as clean as what the people are, you are your words, so cleanse only in Jesus Words. Jesus is all pure, Jesus is sinless. Don’t follow the gurus and so called enlightened teachers of this world, the water they give you to clean in is dirty water. Their words are dirty, they think dirty. Wise people of God clean in clean water. Jesus Christ is the font of clean water. Jesus is Spirit. Man’s human spirits are just as clean as the person is, no more, and everyone is a sinner, everyone except Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


September 29, 2018

The Chinese elite hate any threat to their rule. China is a totalitarian and authoritarian rule. The Chinese elite hate democracy, why? Democracy would take away the elites rule.

Churches are a threat to the Chinese elite rule. Churches foster independent thinking apart from the Chinese elite rule. Churches foster egalitarian and the Chinese elite do not want overall equality. The elite rule and the elite choose who will rule. Church is anti totalitarian and anti authoritarian rule. China’s rule is not based on Jesus Christ. Satan has China.

I feel like the Chinese rulers are impregnating this world with its control, it’s slow but it seems to be happening. It’s like the Chinese are wanting to saturate Western institutions. I see Chinese in the Western established church in positions of authority and I think are these Chinese linked to China’s rulers.

So I am suspicious when Chinese or any Asian person is in a position of power and authority in the free West. You might say I am racist. Could be but I think it goes much much deeper than the colour of the skin. I see snakes. Look at the eyes and see. Not all Asians are snake people, a lot are not, but the bulk are snake. I see. I see Asia as snake so that makes me think that the Dragon and his throne is Asian. Because China is the biggest and most powerful Asian country I think that the Dragons throne would be in China.

Most people or nearly all don’t see the snake in peoples eyes. You might think I am mad. I mean Sigmund Freud would think I have a snake complex. Complex no, not me, I am simplex. I am simple and straight. I see and think straight. I have no real time for the Freud’s of this world. I “see” where Freud though he had high intelligence he was no seer. Intelligence I like. I don’t mock intelligence.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 10, 2018

What is 666? Is it the Carbon atom, 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons? It could be, who knows? Only God knows. We humans are all stupid. If Carbon is 666 then is 666 the Beast and is the Beast made up out of carbon? Thought provoking. Is the Beast 666 or is the Dragon 666? The Mark of the Beast is 666 so is the Mark made up out of carbon? Do humans receive a carbon Mark? A Carbon Mark makes sense because the human body would accept carbon as the human body is made up out of a lot of carbon. The human body I expect would not reject a carbon Mark. That’s my thinking.

What is the Beast? Is the Beast made up out of carbon? God has His Son. Is the Beast like a son of Satan the Dragon? Jesus Christ is Gods Son and Jesus is son of man and Son of God. Jesus was both human and God; is that still current, I don’t know but it was current when Jesus was on this earth in this world. What am I trying to get at? I am trying to get at that the Beast being the offspring of Satan (like Jesus the offspring of God the Father) is also part of one and another. The Beast is son of man and son of robot machine. Satan is Lord of this world. God is Lord within. The kingdom of God is within. Within the Body of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ includes all members that are saved souls of God. The kingdom of God resides in the universal body the living body the true Church, a living human church. God has all power over words. God has all power over flesh. God has all power over thoughts. God is the supreme Words. Satan rules out there outside the body of Christ. The world is out there. Satan uses machines and artificial intelligence to rule, rule who? Satan wants to rule humans. Satan builds a Beast, this Beast may be part human and part machine. We call this a cyborg creation. Satan can not control humans with words so he resorts to machines to control people. The Beast might be made up out of carbon and human flesh and bone. Jesus was part man (human) and part God so it makes sense that the Beast will be both man (human) and machine. Because the Beast is part human God will still have control over the Beast. Human is God made, God controls all what He has made. Satan will control the machines. Satan will control the artificial intelligence. The machines will control the people. Satan can not control from within so he controls from the outside. The world is out there, God is within the people of God.

My thinking, but I don’t know, is that Satan will have a big machine with artificial intelligence in, based above in the heavens orbiting the earth and this machine will keep track of every human. But not every human, there will be those humans that do not take the Mark of the Beast. [On later reflection this big machine in space orbiting the earth might just be a series (many) of big orbiting satellites but still watching and tracking those with the Mark. Could the Beast be based in a deep bunker below the ground?].

Who will be the Dragon? China is known as the Dragon nation. The Dragon throne is China. Snakes and dragons are known to be in the thinking of the Chinese, and lots of other Asian nations, but especially China. Chinese children are raised up on stories of dragons. Japan is another fervent Dragon nation. The Asians are known to use Dragon and snake symbols to decorate their buildings. The Dragon and snake are religious symbols to many Asians.

China will be the Dragon. China will build the Beast. China will control a lot of humans through a Carbon Mark.

Mind you not every Asian is a snake child of the Dragon. There are Christian Asians.

I don’t profess to know the truth. I see. I think. But do I know that is up to contention. Am i “In the know”. I could be deluded. Jesus was told that he had a demon in him. I hope I do not have a demon in me. When I used to flirt with Pentecostalism there was a lady church leader who I told about a Ministers Spirit in my heart (the real McCoy, dressed as a Minister, the dog collar, the black nightie, the scholars board hat) and she was wanting me to go to a prayer group she knew to get this Minister Spirit exorcised out of me. She thought the Minister Spirit was a demon, she was being serious. So much for my time with Pentecostalism.

I have truth evidence to back me up in part. I have seen the snakes in people and the majority of these people are Asian. This is fact. I see the snake through peoples eyes. I used to see these snakes a lot in my 20’s and 30’s (my age) I do not see snakes much now. Not that the snakes have gone but maybe I have moved on to learn other things from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Mark McGowan goes to China

June 18, 2018

Mark arrives back in Perth. The press are waiting.

Mark what was it like?

Just fabulous.

What did you do?

It was a working holiday it was not all rest.

What did you do?

There were meetings.

How did the Chinese treat you?

Superb just superb. The food was just exquisite and the wine like the nectar of the gods.

(The Chinese were trying to lull Mark in to an attitude of least resistance)

What are the Chinese leadership like?

They are lovely people, just lovely.

(We remember that Donald Trump recently said that Kim Jong-Un was very talented. We remember that the South Korean Ambassador to Australia recently said that Kim Jong-Un is sincere).

Mark what about Huawei?

What about them?

WA State is giving Huawei the contract to build our railway transport communication 4G network.

Yes what about it?

Mark, is that wise seeing China could in the future have control over this net work in time of war.

China, war, China is very peace loving.

(The interview is going live over many television networks)

(Xi Jinping is watching television and is talking to an aid)

Did we bed him too?

No sir it was not thought quite wise at this time.

At least give him offers of free massages the next time he comes.

Bedding is on the cards maybe in the future, we see Mark as very pliable.

He’s stupid like a lot of Westerners.

The West is so decadent, they love their luxuries.

This makes me think China is invading the West. China wants to own Asia and control the world. China has being stealthy invading this world. This invasion is not like the usual way but economically. China wants to knock out all resistance. Mark McGowan is an example of China’s ability to knock out resistance. Mark is a State Premier, a job that has big influence in who can buy in to this State. The Dragon is clever in his own way. I think the Mark of the Beast will come from the Dragon China (I don’t know for sure).

People love to be pampered and the Chinese leadership know how to pamper. Our leaders go to China and they are easily won over. Our leaders are dined and wined and maybe even bedded. The only work they have to do is shit. It’s like paradise they say in China.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Chinese Dragon

June 18, 2018

That is what I see.

From article (The Australian Newspaper Monday 11th June 2018): “Dr Lee said China’s grand strategy was to ease the US out of Asia without major conflict ………………and convincing these regional countries not to take a hostile stand toward China”.

I see China wants Asia. Japan set a similar task for its nation (second world war) but it went about it quite differently from how China is now doing it. China does not want war, especially not a world war. China can use economic coercion. China has the military muscle in the back ground to warn off nations wanting to be aggressive.

So the Dragon this time might get Asia. I think it will. The USA and other Western Powers will pull back. I think the Dragon will have its area of control and the West will have its area of control. It will be like good and evil. Light and dark.

Will Australia be in the good area? China is busy and has been for a while trying to weaken resistance from Government and big business (in nations like Australia) to China. China is offering economic packages. China will control through a world bank and trade. I don’t think China necessary wants war. People and nations will side with China because of money. But will Australia side with China? Even now China has Australian politicians in its pocket. A few but nevertheless few is too much and it’s increasing. People go where the money is. Businesses will side with China.

So the area of free/light/good. We see the USA as the leader of the free world. Enough said about that when our free world leader is alienating the USA’s friends. Trump is making new friends with dictators. Trump should be shoring up the free world side encouraging these nations not discouraging them. Trump is making bad odour with nations of the free world. Trump is like helping the Dragon, maybe he’s had too many women, I mean he’s of the type that women are there for only one thing. Even the likes of Putin knows Trumps weakness.

The free world stays free and Australia is free. We are a nation of the light. Will China try and get Australia? I think China and the free world need to know their boundaries. Australia was not invaded by Japan. Australia is not Asian and China needs to know that. Australia might be and should be protected as it was from Japan.

I think China can have Asia. The USA should pull back and not go to war. As long as China does not take over nations of the light then let China be. The Dragon is powerful, we don’t want a world war over Asia. The free world does not need Asia. It’s right that the Dragon has its area.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

China the Dragon nation

March 20, 2018

Asia, snakes and dragons.

My thoughts for what they are worth goes like this. China will create a bank a bank so big that it becomes the biggest bank in this world. This bank will buy people. Buy leaders of foreign nations, buy diplomats, buy control eventually of most of this world. And this bank will lead to a new way of banking, all done online through a Mark. This Mark will be on the right hand or the forehead and will link itself to this China world bank. People will use this Mark on them to be scanned when they buy or sell.

China does not want to go to war with the USA. China would lose in a war with the USA (both nations would lose) so it buys the world and it buys peoples souls.

Russia is acting the agro nation to the West. Putin is a dictator as the President of China looks like being a dictator. Dictators have no place in the psyche of the conscientious thinking person. Dictators are a recipe for war.

China wants Taiwan and soon China will be literally able to buy Taiwan. Or will China just bully itself in to possession of Taiwan? China won’t say no when it gets very powerful.

How will China neutralise the USA? Will the USA and Russia fight it out leaving China as the biggest super power? Maybe not. Will the USA go insular and give up its imperialism? I don’t know.

I am angry to see Australian officials been bought by the Chinese Government. These officials love it when they are dined and wined, given expensive gifts, given free travel, these officials are living in la la land, their egos are massaged and they are made to feel important. It’s diplomatic cocktail parties and the high life, they love the attention.

We are at war in our minds. The battle for our souls goes on regardless even though our leaders are being wined and dined by the enemy.

The Dragon is not asleep. Why should our own leaders be asleep? The Devil charms our leaders with trinkets and pretty things and later takes all.

But maybe it’s all meant to be. Judas betrayed Jesus for what? Money. Satan knows mans weakness, MONEY. Judas was meant to betray Jesus, It was Gods will. The Devil also does Gods will.

It’s a TEST, money or God?

Most people take the money. We are not stupid they say.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 19, 2017

The Mark of the Beast. It’s a money system run by a computer system, is it? This system will be much more advanced than what we know computers today.

I mean there’s quantum computers on the horizon. Some people think the Beast will be a big computer and a computer so advanced that in our present time we can not even imagine it.
Technology is advancing all the time. I mean in my teens it was the transistor, in my human dads time it was the valve. So we have seen big strides in a little time between the valve, diode, transistor to the micro chip and so forth. It obviously does not stop there. Knowledge is ever going on.
Is the Beast a later model more advanced computer? I truly do not know. Who knows?
But this Beast will control the money system. There will be no cash. The Mark, on the hand or forehead; will this Mark also affect the heart beat and our respiration system? I mean the Beast; will he be able to control our hearts and minds? The Beast could even kill us through the Mark. The Beast would know all about us; where we are, what we do, may even know what we say.
I see China wants to control this world through money. This makes me think, will the Mark of the Beast originate from China? I don’t know. Will there be an enormous big space satellite station orbiting the earth above that is called the Beast? I am just speculating. The Beast sees all, hears all, knows all, and controls all.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

Important Meeting between two Super Power Presidents

April 22, 2017


Yes President.

Call me Donald.

You can call me Jinping. 

White tea?

No milk thank you.

One or two lumps?

One thank you. 

Nice weather we are getting.


How’s your handicap?



Improving all the time.

Phone call sir.

Just a minute Jinping.

No worries I can wait.

Sorry about that but we are in a a bit of a stew at the moment.

I like stew.

No I meant it figuratively. I just gave the go ahead to our military to strike Syria.


Another cup?

No I must be going. I just wanted to pass by to congratulate you on your new job.

A game of golf?

No I must return home, another time.

Sir excuse me. The media want to ask a few questions.

Jinping do you mind?

No a few questions will be ok. 

Mr President.

Which one?

Mr Trump did you discuss North Korea?

We had a very intelligent and enlightening discussion and spoke on many issues that are confronting our two nations.

But did you talk about North Korea?

The talk we had was sweet and refreshing.

That sounds like a sweet drink.

Next question.

President Xi what would you like to see improve between you and President Trump?

I hope that my swing improves.

What swing sir.

That will be all for now President Xi has a long trip a head of him he is returning home.

Sir sir what about North Korea? The North Koreans are getting war like.

President Xi is tired that will be all.

No let me speak. I am at peace with the USA. I see no call for war. I came here to keep the peace not to ferment war. North Korea is a sovereign nation it acts as it sees fit. 

But North Korea is making much noise.

China does not want a nuclear war with the USA, such would be suicide for both nations. In difficult times where tension arises, to ease the tensions compromises have to be made.

Sir do you mean you trade out of difficult situations.

Exactly TRADE.

We will trade, you trade. You can trade to get out of tensions. The USA has things we want. War can be averted by appeasement. Appease by trade. China wants things that the USA has. China can trade with things China has.

Sir you are also taking about trading national security things.

Yes national security. Taiwan is a problem to us. North Korea is a problem to you. But Taiwan is not making noise. Your problem is more heightened than our problem. There are also other international concerns we can trade on. I am tired.

That will be all. 

The tea was nice Donald.

You are welcome.

(Donald Trump later at home)

Darling how did the talks go with the Chinese President?

We just had a nice cuppa of tea and talked golf.

Nothing else?

Nothing else. He did talk to the media.

That’s nice, night dear.

Night dear.
Donald reflects:

Peace and quiet.

Noise and war.

Keep away from noisy neighbours.

Surely China does not want war!!!!! 

And Xi seemed to give off no angry vibes of war.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

OCEAN DEVIL – Written by James MacManus

February 25, 2017

A true story about George Hogg. George was well educated lived in England went to the best schools and when just out of university went to try his hand overseas. George went to Japan with his aunt. Japan was sharpening its swords for a fight. This was just before Japan greatly expanded its military take overs; they had already taken parts of China. George could not have gone to Asia at a worst time. Japan was acting belligerent to its neighbour nations and its military ruled the Japanese Government. George was young and single and curious about the world. 

George came from a deeply Christian religious family that hated violence in any form. George was taught pacifism from a young age. Georges’ family were pacifists so it is strange that a pacifist wants to be in an area that is so entering in on violence. George travelled to China. George stayed in Shanghai for a time then moved inland. The Japanese attacked Shanghai and George took up pen to write for Western newspapers. George moved where the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek had his seats of Government. The Nationalist Government moved its seat of Government many times going further inland retreating from the invading Japanese military. George met Rewi Alley a New Zealander who was sympathetic to the Communist cause. George accepted a job as a head master of a Chinese boys cooperative school. The school was a success but the Japanese were getting close to the school. George and all his pupils walked, some in a lorry, some on carts, over a number of mountains to set up a new school on the edge of the Gobi Desert far from the reach of the Japanese. George was playing sport with the boys and he stubbed his feet. Tetanus took a hold. The school or town had no serum. The closest serum was days away over mountains. George died before the serum arrived. 
George seemed like a saint to me. I think George Hogg is a man worthy to be read about in the good light of God. We can read about George knowing we are reading about good. Ok no one is all good, Yes we carry good and bad in us, but George leaned to the good. I won’t read a book if I am not enjoying it. I choose my books with my much thought and searching. I like my central character in books to be of good moral character. I don’t expect excellence but I expect attempts at good to very good. 
China was a melting pot of war and political furore. George came along and saw people in need. The bulk of the Chinese were poor and starving. The war was against the Japanese. But China had two Chinese factions vying to be in charge. There was the Nationalists and there was the Communists. The Japanese surrendered and the two Chinese factions fought it out. Mao the communist leader and Chiang Kai-Shek the Nationalist leader were both bad. It was nothing to both leaders for millions of Chinese to die. Mao and his forces won; the Nationalists retreated to the island of Taiwan and Mao and his Communists ruled China. 
George Hogg seemingly did not get involved in Chinese politics; he had his faith In God as the underlying theme and rock of his life. George was taught well by his parents to help those in need. The school boys that George was head master of were boys he could help and he helped them; such was Georges’ Christian duty. 
A very good read.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

The Movie “LION”

February 7, 2017

The movie moved my heart in places. Especially when Saroo at the end met his mother. 

I saw the poverty in India. And there was also the abuse against children. Australia obviously has no track record such as India on children abuse. Abuse is rampant in India. 
I thought what would I do to help the people of India? Not fly them all to Western nations. The mess has to be cleaned up at home. Home is where the heart is. Clean ones own home up. Not take people from their nation home and put them in another’s nations homes. Yes I know the West is cleaner than India. But why? I think maybe the problem with India is first their pagan Hindu religion. Religion is where ones home is. The heart of a person is their beliefs. Beliefs shape thoughts. And thoughts are words. We stand on our words. I don’t for one minute think Hindu religion helps a person. It works the opposite this Hindu religion darkens people’s minds and hearts. 
If I was in charge of India I would: 

Set up districts with Governors having wide judiciary powers. The Governors would be Christ believing people. 

It’s about having the mind of Christ in charge. 

The Governors would be strictly moral. The Governors would be audited and overseen by moral leaders based in the capital. 
Co operatives would be set up. Work places each employing hundreds of people. Rewi Alley a New Zealander based in China in the late 1930’s organised co operatives. Such were not too successful because of corrupt political interference. Rewi was an acknowledged communist. I am no communist but these co ops would manufacture goods. Co ops can also be in to planting and growing crops. The co ops would put back profits to the workers and their community. 
In Europe and Great Britain in the past we had Lords of the Manor. The Lord would have land given to him from the ruling Monarch. The Lord owns the land. Peasants called serfs worked the land. The lands would be big holdings. Many villages would be on each Lords land. The Lord owned the villages. Profits went to the Lord of the Manor. The Lord was like God to his serfs. The serfs were Christians and every Sunday worshiped at their village church. The village Church Minister had influence and helped keep some village records. 
So there are TWO ways we can tackle the poverty in India. 
India in the past had ruling Lords. These Lords were Indian, they had vast lands, much riches, big palaces – but we’re not really helping the people. These Indian rulers lived just for themselves. These Royal rulers in India were done away with and the Indian Government took on all governing. 
Why did the European model of rule succeed more than the Indian model of rule over poverty? Ok the population per square mile in India is much much higher density than it is in Europe. But still why did India not mature and grow in to a fruitful wealthy society. There is no good fruit from this Indian tree. India is like a dry and impoverished tree. Poverty is based on thoughts. Thoughts are based on beliefs. India has a religion based on idol worship. Idol worship is pagan. The Bible says “preach the good news to the poor”. The Words of God make us rich. Rich is a state of mind as is poverty a state of mind. Poor in thought, poor in spiritual, poor in physical. 
The European did not go straight to riches from heaven. The European state of mind grew and matured and with this mature tree came good fruit and with the tree we have a well manicured garden. 
So the people in to idol worship live in poverty of mind and heart and these people see Europeans as like gods. Europeans have Christianity as their basis of religion, whatever people might say. But not all Europeans/British have good intentions when they go in to business. Christianity has spread over this world but with it at times evil has followed. Missionaries go out but merchants follow or vice versa merchants go out and missionaries follow. Merchants are about profit at whatever cost. Merchants and business people have been bad examples to this world. 
India was the gem in the crown for the British. India used to be a colony of Great Britain. But the job was obviously too hard for the British to tame this Indian society. Hindu had taken root too much. Muslim had taken root too much. The British did not want to work too hard. 
There are two ways to help India:

Other than the obvious, change its religion. 

(1) We do what Rewi Alley did in China. We come from a left politically inspired direction. We create collectives, co operatives. All State owned. But this way has proved in lack of incentive. People hate working for the State. State working robs people of inspiration. The State is made out to be God. God is robbed of His place in people’s lives. 
(2) We create provinces ruled by Lords who are consecrated in their jobs by the the Christian leaders. The Christian Church has great powers given to it. The Christian Church has authority on all moral and spiritual matters. 

The Province Lords are beholden to the civil and religious authorities. The church and State are unified. Both church and State share the nations powers. In the past European authority was shared by church and State. Now church power is diminished; but is that good. But in the West the tree has matured and is some what fruitful.
States that choose or are based on Christian way of thinking have shown to be a better tree of life. Christian thought has matured and this has only but been good for the society that this Christian thought has been based in.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

THE DRAGON (and the Pacific)

July 24, 2015

Japan has not a hope and chance if China flexed its muscles against it. If China pushes Japan, Japan’s only hope is the USA. Japan is a nation of the Dragon just like China but China out of the two nations has more souls for God. Japan has even up to now kept God in many ways out of their nation. China though now topping the stakes in being the leader of the Dragon has in the past and even present let its Asian people be followers of God. A lot of Chinese over the past have inter married with Gods children. The Dragon kills its own. Snakes kill snakes. Gods children should butt out of involving themselves in a war between the Dragons children. 

A great learned friend of mine; I was speaking to him recently; he said to me ‘out of the blue’ “I see a future war happening in the Pacific”. Not exactly those words but the message was “A war in the Pacific coming up”; when I do not know. If there is a war in the future in the Pacific I pray it happens after I have passed from this earthly life. That’s my hope and prayer, for what it’s worth. When my learned friend said to me about this up coming war, may I call it a prophesy; I was taken by the fact that he said “I SEE”. See is to be prophetic like a seer. A seer sees.
Now this prophesy might be nothing. But the friend who said it certainly has high value in my estimations.
If a future war happens in the Pacific, who will be fighting? Mind boggling.

I see UNITY as a life saver. The more unified a people are the stronger they are. Unity is strength. The enemies weakness is non unity. Satan kills satan. Snakes kill snakes. God teaches the Body of Christ to live in unity. God’s love keeps the Body in unity. Satan even treats his own children as bad as he treats the children of light. Satan’s body is working in strife amongst itself so it can not win. God’s Body works together in unity so God’s Body is able to out perform Satan’s body. It’s two bodies fighting each other. We each person in the body play out our individual parts. God’s body has the brains of God to help us. Satan works with HATE. Satan is hate and God is LOVE. Love always wins over hate.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 4, 2015

Its peculiar about the mind set between the USA and Russia. I mean the two mind sets are different, they are enemies BUT why is this? Why there non compatibility between the USA and Russia? Russia seems to be allied to China and North Korea and what we call rogue states, these rogue states are rogue to the USA. 

So who is on the right here? Russia or the USA. The USA has its allies, the EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. So in this world we see opposing forces at work, and forces usually work for the good or bad. And who are the bad and good here? Is Russia and China and its allies on the DARK SIDE and is the USA and its allies on the LIGHT SIDE? To me it looks that way. And will China in the future dominate the dark side? The DRAGON.

The Bible says light overcomes the darkness and darkness can not overcome light. It’s true; you can shine a torch in the dark but you can not shine darkness in the light. So God is light and light always wins, it’s meant to, it’s programmed that way by God.

(1) Light overcomes dark

(2) Light is good dark is bad

(3) Good overcomes evil

Such sayings 1 and 2 and 3 are mandatory, they are set Spiritual laws and can not be changed. Satan would have to destroy God to change such set laws.

It looks like we have two main sets of opposing forces in this world:
(1) We have Israel (the Jews) and his opposing half brother (the Arabs).
Israel and his half brother will fight it out to the death in the battle called “Armageddon”. 

(2) We have the USA with its allies and its opposition China with its allies. 
Now the USA could be called “The Good Shepherd” and China could be called “The Dragon”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

I Saw the MOVIE “UNBROKEN” (Snakes and the Dragon Throne)

January 23, 2015

I went to this movie relishing high expectations. But like anything in this world we expect too much and it was the same for this movie I expected too much. But the movie still has about a 7 out of 10 for me because even though I wanted more I still liked the movie. Why did I expect more? because like the movie “The Railway Man” I had already read the book so I knew all the intimate details about “Unbroken” in the book and only saw say about half or even less than half of these details in the movie. Movies can not cover all the material in the book. I suppose in the case of both movies “The Railway Man” and “Unbroken” I would say I enjoyed the books more. That does not mean the movies are bad it’s just that the books cover more detail.

I like reading biographies and autobiographies I seldom read any other type of book. I hardly ever read novels. I love books based on true life and the same for movies I relish movies based on truth life. Thats true stories based around a person.

War brings the best and the worst out in people. In “Unbroken” we see the Japanese at their worst. Worst in this case is often leaning towards sadism. What is it about true Asians and their innate hate for the White Man? The true asian is the one having all its ancestors bred within just asian people. We are here talking about the true asian the one seemingly having their own true trait of the slant eyes – to me they are the dangerous ones. Japan up to the 1930’s seemingly had not been influenced much by christianity and even today Japan seems to have shunned in muchness christianity. Japan does not have many christians.

Then why do I or did I see predominantly the snake in Asian people’s eyes? I could be crazy. I could be a basket case. I really saw the snake. Now this snake was not in all Asians, but still it was in a lot of Asians. When I was younger in my late 20’s and 30’s I definitely saw the snake; then my human spirit inside me was really on fire for God. And people say they do not believe in God – what a lot of rubbish these non believers talk and write, complete tripe.
Now there are plenty of Asian christians – no they do not have the snake, well I hope not. Many Asians to me are saved. But the snake deity is mainly Asian bodied. It makes me think about the Dragon. To me the Dragon lords it over the snakes and I think the Dragon is Asian bodied.

The Dragon and snakes given a chance will be very sadistic to anyone belonging to the family of God.

China seems to be now the home of the Dragon throne. I could be wrong. Has the Dragon set up home now in China? I mean here the Dragon has access to nuclear weapons. Japan was a loser and was humbled by the West but China is powerful. The Dragon might think of having another go, this time through China, to humble Gods children. “Put Gods children against a wall and shoot them”.
The Dragon Throne may have never left Asia but may have just moved around Asia.

But the non believers may think I am in la la land – but non believers are useless when it comes to light forces fighting the dark forces. The real workers in life are those who have made a commitment to one side or the other – fight for good or bad / not sit on the fence. Of course the fools side with evil and the wise side with good. The 3 wise men sought out the baby Jesus and it goes on to this present day – wise men (and women) seek out Jesus.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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