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May 29, 2017

New Zealand sending rockets in to outer space. And will Australia follow?

Possible. But what stands out to me is that these New Zealand rockets are made partly out of carbon fibre. My mind goes in to thought mode. CARBON CARBON CARBON. 
So what is it with me and carbon? Carbon is an element that makes up a lot of the universe. We humans are made out of a lot of carbon. Carbon is also the worst of the worst pollutants. We breathe out carbon. Carbon is killing us. Carbon is a waste product. But carbon makes coal, oil, and diamonds. Carbon is rubbish on the one hand and valuable on the other hand. Diamonds, oil and coal are valuable. What is one man’s rubbish is a treasure to another man. Our waste becomes our treasure, nothing is wasted on this earth. 
But carbon is 666. Carbon has 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons. And is the Mark of the Beast a carbon Mark? It seems rational to use carbon to Mark humans when carbon is easily able to be accepted by the human body. And carbon can hold electronic data, can it not? 
So we have rockets made out of carbon. So the Beast, is he made out of carbon? If the Mark of the Beast is made out of carbon would not the Beast be made out of carbon? Hey I don’t know. I am thinking though. Is the Beast a futuristic computer? A computer made out of carbon? A carbon computer in space orbiting the earth. The Beast sees all, knows all, controls all (not all as there will be those people who do not take the Mark of the Beast). 
The Beast controls the people who take his Mark. To have the Mark means you get money (data money); you can buy and sell with the Mark.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 5, 2017

​Could Carbon be the Mark of the Beast?
It does make sense. We humans are made a lot out of carbon and having a mark made out of carbon would mean the carbon mark would assimilate in to the human body tissue better. And having something else like a digital chip the body might reject it. It makes sense to implant something in to the body that the body would accept. Chips are made out of other elements. So a carbon strip in our fore head or hand. What is that strip made out of that is on the back of bank cards? Is it a carbon strip, maybe not I don’t know. 
Will the Beast be named Carbon? I don’t know. 
Carbon is a killer.
To stay on the grid means power. Just as in the ordinary sense of the word grid is electricity grid and such is power. On the Grid can also mean money power. Money is power also. To access the grid you get money. We want both electricity power and money power. But the Beast will control or does now control the money grid. Who is this Beast? I don’t know. Is it a person? Could be. Is it a computer? I don’t know. In the future when the Beast takes over the money grid we Christians are told not to take the Mark. I expect many people to take the Mark. I mean it will be hard to get food and every day living items if you don’t take the Mark. Most people even now might belong to the Beast. Is the Beast here now? People want cars, houses, well paid jobs and they might have families with children going to schools; all these things cost money and to access the grid one gets money. We have our bank cards so we are tied in to the money grid. Those people who take the Mark will they be destined for HELL? It seems so. God is giving people an ultimatum belong to me or Satan. Most people will take the Mark. I mean we have a family to support. What will those people who don’t take the Mark do for getting say food? 
So is it correct that God only saves a remnant (I don’t know). The earth is mostly dirt but if you dig deep enough you can come across the gold and diamonds. But not all earth is gold etc most is dirt and dirty. There are shiny bright stars in the heavens but the above is not all stars. There are stars on this earth but not all people are bright stars. 
The heavenly stars are the people of God. We are stars of God, we shine Gods light.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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