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July 3, 2017

Babies don’t breathe while they are in the mothers womb. Babies don’t breathe until they are birthed outside the mother. This calls the question, is a person or baby alive if they are not breathing? The baby inside the mother is not breathing, so is the baby alive in the mother? 

“Shes coming out….. She’s all wrapped up in a sac”…… The baby kicked and came out of the sac….and took her first breath”…
So when we breathe is that a sign that we have spirit. Do humans get spirit when they breathe and does spirit help humans breathe. Soul and spirit, are different yet work in together. 
So the baby inside the mother is alive but not alive. In the mother the baby might not have spirit but does the baby have soul? I would think that the spirit and soul come with breathing. Take Adam the first man, God breathed a soul in to Adam. God breathing a soul; does that mean Spirit gives soul? God is Spirit. Spirit is in the breath. Spirit makes soul, Spirit makes creation. From the seed of Spirit came creation. God Spirit was the beginning. 
So the baby is given spirit at birth and the spirit breathes soul to the baby. The soul gives awareness. Mind boggling, I am just thinking, I don’t know really. Who gives spirit to the baby? God. And does God Spirit also breathe soul to the baby? 
We humans all come from the same tree. We families are just branches of the one universal tree. So we humans are all intrinsically connected together. 
Where does soul and human spirit come from? Does God have many angels whose jobs are just to hand out spirits and souls to newly birthed humans? 
So the baby in the mother might not be aware, not spiritually or soul aware. We humans are essentially soul and spirit, the flesh is just a covering.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


THE BREATH OF LIFE – and mankind’s dumb choice

August 10, 2015

Life is in water and blood but life is also in the breath.

Spirit is like the wind. Spoken words are given off in breath. We speak we breathe. Breathing gives off spirit. Spirit is in the breath. Words are expelled as breath is expelled. We breathe in and we breathe out. Inspire and expire. Life is in spirit. Life is in water and blood and life is in spirit. Spirit comes to us like the wind; we know neither where it comes from or where it is going, only God knows this. 

Man made creations do not have breath. God put breath in to His creations. Of course not all of Gods creations have breath. Plants do not have breath. Animals, insects, birds have breath. So do the such mentioned have spirit? Looking at say a live fishes eye one sees no sign of soul, the eye is just blank, there is no thought life there. But do animals and the like have spirit? This is up to contention, but myself I see no interaction of spirit of say animals with my human spirit. I see no need for spiritual warfare with say a dog or cat or fish. I am not fighting the animal kingdom in spirit so I lean towards saying spirit and soul are just in humans. I also think soul and spirit both work together so if you have a soul you also have a spirit. So no spirit, no soul; no soul, no spirit. The human spirit has words that protect the soul and lead our soul in to wisdom. We the saved humans have the assistance of the Holy Spirit who guides us in to all truth. We are gifted through the Holy Spirit so we in the (universal) body can contribute towards helping the body mature and wizen. 

We humans have spirit and soul. I said I think we must have both soul and spirit or neither at all. Spirit in us goes like the wind, spirit travels hither and thither. Does human spirit in us have a limit on its distance to travel? I do not know. If human spirit can travel like the wind all around the world, then can human spirit travel out to outer space; can human spirit travel the universe? I think not. I think human spirit needs water. To me spirit hates dry waterless places. How can human spirit in astronauts survive in outer space? One wonders. But the astronauts human bodies hold plenty of water. But does the human spirit in these astronauts roam out up there? Good question. Maybe not. Human spirit does travel on this earth and people who have great insight like the prophets of old can see in spirit so can experience deeper understanding of life on this planet from a spiritual side. Prophets exist today. Prophets are known as seers, they see in human spirit. Prophets have deep insight. Of course sinning prophets can be blinded by their sins. 

Life is in the breath. What about people who watch and listen to television a lot. There is no breath in the television. So what is happening when one watches and listens to television? There is no soul and spiritual connection with the television so in fact the TV must dumb down the human senses because spirit keeps the human senses aware and alive. Spirit teaches soul through breath. The wind in the breath feeds the soul information. TV has no spirit therefore the TV does not inspire the human soul at all. There is no inspire or expire from the TV. Humans can teach humans because of spirit. Technology is man made and does not inspire (inhale) or expire (exhale). 

Man will make robots in mans image. Just as God made humans in Gods image. But will man be able to give breath to robots? In other words will man be able to create spirit and give spirit to robots? There are what we call holograms. Holograms could be the beginnings of the workings of man in creating spirit and spirit for robots. Man made spirit is maybe in the pipeline. The robots in the future may with the help of lasers be able to project holograms. Such man made holograms may look like the visions that some people get to see from God but of a different nature. God definitely gives off visions. If robots get breath; how they get it bamboozles me; I have no idea how mans creation is going to get breath. God created humans in his likeness and breathed in to them soul. Breath and soul are linked. You breath soul. But what about spirit? God gave man soul but when did God give spirit to man? I say soul and spirit must go together, separate but together. Human spirit for the heart and soul for the head. 
Man wants to create as God has created; hey that’s mans mission from day one he got knowledge of good and evil. Man uses knowledge for either good or evil. And man uses knowledge of good and evil to create and create as God has created. Man will create robots and other creations that do good and evil. As much as man creates good he will match the good with creating evil. Good and evil are both like light forces (good) and dark forces (evil) against each other but the good thing about light is that light overcomes the dark but dark can not overcome the light. Light forces are the good forces so the good will win. We have evil people on this earth creating with evil knowledge evil creations as we have good people on this earth creating with good knowledge good creations. With knowledge we do not have bliss. The only way to have bliss is to know nothing, what we call ignorant bliss. The more we know, the more puffed we become; we puff ourselves up with knowledge as we strut our tongues on high belting out all the words of knowledge feeding our guts with tarnished and obtuse spiritual food. The more puffed up we become, we become airy fairy and we look big in our own eyes. The puff is wind but it’s ill wind. Puff is just that puff and is of no real consequence. 

The after life is not about learning knowledge. In heaven we do not study. So when you die prepare yourselves for unadulterated bliss (heaven). Bliss is knowing nothing as this world knows but living in full splendour in the light of God and being totally aware and feeling constant love. We live in heaven in totally freedom and in the full wisdom of God. There is no work in heaven, we do not study and strive in heaven. In heaven we do not work for food and shelter. When we ascend to heaven we leave all this world behind, we leave everything behind, we don’t need anything this world offers when we go to heaven. You might say it must be boring in heaven if we do not learn up there. Learning is mans doing to appease the soul in knowing good and evil. Mans soul wants to know as God knows. God offered man ignorant bliss or toiling and working for knowledge and food. Man chose to toil and work for food and knowledge – dumb choice. In the Garden of Eden man had everything he needed. God gave man free will and man chose to want to know as God knows. Bliss was in the Garden of Eden not in this world. We do not live in bliss in this world, this world is full of weeds (spiritual and physical) and man toils day and night. Adam and Eve did not work in the Garden of Eden. 

Parents say to their young children “Don’t touch …….”; but when the parents are out the child goes and touches it. You do what you are told not to do. That is sin. Adam and Eve the first humans with soul and spirit were the first sinners. So what this world knows as the clever people are not clever they are dumb. These so called clever people do what dumb Adam and dumb Eve did, they want to know as God knows. And these dumb people are making man (and woman) made creations in the likeness of Gods creations. Dumb dumb dumb.  

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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