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December 11, 2014

ONE is like screaming out to me; I must write; I must share; I must tell.
To me God is all about One. One, one, one. Don’t deviate from oneness. Oneness is the path of true sanity.

Humans are looking for life outside Mother Earth; Why? Humans are unfaithful. Humans are being unfaithful to Mother Earth. Humans are being unfaithful to Mother Nature. Humans are looking for another Mother Nature to spoil and defile. God gave each human a mother, a one mother. We never have more than the one true mother. Humans defile all mothers. If humans found life outside Mother Earth, humans would defile this new Mother Nature and it goes on. But I believe in a ONE EARTH, A ONE MOTHER EARTH, A ONE MOTHER NATURE. God would not give mankind the opportunity to whore with another Mother Earth. Mankind needs to be faithful to God and being faithful means also being faithful to one Mother Earth. Husbands needs to be faithful to one wife; wives need to be faithful to one husband. But mankind hates simplicity; simplicity to mankind is boring. Mankind thinks faithfulness is boring. Mankind loves to have many partners (lovers). God knows mankind through and through so if mankind does not respect the one mother (earth/nature), mankind is definitely not going to get another mother (earth/nature) to disrespect.

The moral of the story is that we humans need to live lives of simplicity and we need to respect Mother Nature because only one mother is given to us by God.

BORING, BORING, BORING. I can hear you want many lovers. One spouse is boring.

But God ordained “Oneness”. Look for yourself; you have yourselves one body, one head. Oneness is always looking at you. Ok look in a mirror; you can not see your head otherwise; you see your head, it’s ONE head. But a mirror is not a spiritual revelation. So trust me, soul and spirit, in you, you do truly have ONE head. Yes you see one body because your eyes see your one body and this is spiritually discerned/revealed. You are human spirit and human soul and it’s in the educating of these. People who are unfaithful make bad leaders; such leaders are not focussed properly because to be focussed you must be focussed on ONE; and that means surrounding yourself in mind and heart and thoughts with ONE; one God, one faith, one spouse, one begotten Son of God. Unfocussed leaders lead their nations people astray. Oneness keeps good focus.

Just as you have one head above your body you must worship the ONE HEAD JESUS CHRIST. There is one Church, one earth, one nature, one body, one head, one God, one Kingdom of God, one heaven, one hell; so look to the ONE GOD above. You are spirit and soul.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 17, 2014

Plain water; yuk.
Buts it’s good for you.
Yuk yuk yuk.
Plain water cleans you out.
It’s awful. Yucky.
It washes out the poisons.
It has no taste.
It’s not meant to please your taste buds.
It’s tasteless.
Plain is good.
I am no plain Jane. Plainness is bad.
Titillating the senses makes for sin. Plainness is good.
I want my senses to be rioted with everything that will try and please my senses.
Pleasing senses a lot is not good. Water is life. Life is in the water. Good life is in plain water. Water gives life. God gave water in the beginning. Plainness is good. Plain Jane is good. Plain is simplicity.
Plain is boring; boring; boring. Plain water is boring; boring; boring.
God is plain. Jesus is plain.
God; Jesus and the church is boring; boring; boring.
So is life to you boring?
Yer I am always bored I want to have fun fun and more fun I want to please my senses continually.
Come to church.
What are you been funny; church is the apex of plain boring.
Life can be enjoyable if lived in plainness and simplicity if only you will try it. God can be very enjoyable to be with. But a step of faith is needed to try out God and the Church. Don’t look for God in entertaining the senses; look for God in plainness and simplicity.
You are so simple; I am off to a nightclub to dance and drink my self silly. What a boring life you lead.
I am not bored.
Well I am.
Life is in plain water just as life is in plain simplicity.
My life is a continual train wreck.
You look it.

More thoughts:
The setting of a diamond ring is simple but the diamond is looked at as so precious.
Our human bodies are plain and simple but our spirit and soul are so very precious.
The frame of a picture painting is simple but the painting is so precious.
Remember the first reaction of the audience to Susan Boyle’s song “I dreamed a dream” and how the audience belittled her; Susan was looked at as being simple; but when Susan sang there were tears in the eyes of the people, there was awe in the people’s faces, then there was a big applause. Susan has a precious gift. Susan maybe simple in human body but inside her is a very precious gift.
People make room for God’s gifts.
God’s gifts inside us are very precious.
When you marry you marry a soul. Marrying just for flesh is dumb. Soul is precious. Flesh decays. Old people are aged in flesh, the flesh all wrinkled and dry; but old aged couples who are still in love as much as they were when they married in their youth attest to the fact that marrying in soul first then flesh is what helps keep a marriage intact.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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