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Bible College??

April 12, 2018

What did I learn from being a student at Bible College? Nothing really. Yes really. Oh yes there is one thing I learnt; I was attending private counselling from a lecturer and at one session he said “You think in a straight line”.

Okay what does that mean, he did not elaborate much. But he did draw a graph on a wall board. He drew a horizontal and vertical line and a sine curve. Then he drew a straight line. He said “Most people think like a sine curve, up and down, but not you”. Now this happened years back so I do not remember him word for words but I give the gist of what he said. So I learnt only the one thing from all the time with the lecturers at Bible College and I was at this College for about 2 and half to 3 years.

Now I do not really want to blame the teachers, teachers are a lot about just guiding students to learn for themselves, to think for themselves, teachers don’t teach original thought, teachers are about letting students do most of the learning work. But still I never learnt anything. One thing to learn for 3 years. And amongst all this studying I did learn myself how to type words on a computer. I learnt how to put out assignments. I kept a diary and this helped me to manage my days and nights. I liked living in a Christian community, actually I loved living in Christian community, we were like one big family. I loved living on campus. The accommodation on campus was very nice and the meals palatable. Most of the students were nice people. I was single (not married) and I hated being single so it was a great help for me to live on campus with this large Christian family, it suited me well. Studies at College actually stifled my thinking. College is about intelligence not necessary insight. Teachers at College don’t want students knowing outside the norm of what previous scholars and teachers have come up with. So it’s about regurgitating what has come before, so original thought is frowned upon. You just need to quote writings from well known writers and understand these authors. The highly intelligent scholars achieve much at College. The less intelligent students struggle. Intelligent students get the scholarships and awards. The less intelligent students who struggle to learn and achieve don’t get the scholarships. Intelligence is rewarded at College. So if you have low intelligence you are not the teachers pets that’s for sure. Teachers love the bright students. But what is bright is up to contention. Bright means light and light comes from God. Sin does dirty up the light. Every authority of the land encourages people to study and learn. Learning, to authorities, is to better yourself. You are rewarded if you achieve at learning. But even if someone is bright, they have a bright mind, they might not be intelligent. What is intelligence? The world rewards intelligence. But what is it? Yes it’s ability. But what ability? Why do children have to go to school if not all children have ability? Children are forced to go to school for many years of their lives. Okay we all want to know how to read and write and to know the language of our nation, but after that what? Okay we want people to learn a skill so they can get employment. I learnt many things at school that were never used by me in this world.

To be honest I hate learning from people. Teachers in the whole don’t think in a straight line. So how do teachers think, not straight then what? Bent? (Bent in this case does not have to mean homosexuality. Homosexuality used to be called bent but homosexuality is a grey area it is not fully understood. There are many shades of perversion. Though Homosexuals themselves might say they are not straight). So if teachers are not on the whole straight they must be bent. And bent is perverted. Who wants to learn from perverted teachers? Where are the straight teachers to learn from? No straight teachers around? Teachers exude pride, they put themselves above students, they make out they know, but they are just doing a job. I found most teachers do not exude simplicity in their teaching. Simplicity is the key to all truth. Teachers make learning complex and they love the highly intelligent students when these students understand the complexity. All truth is simple but there are many teachers who think truth is complex. When we have a complex teacher the true learning is lost, complexity makes learning useless. Keep it simple. It’s the simple truth not the complex truth. I hate teachers teaching the complex truth, they need to be shamed. God is a God of simplicity not complexity. God is ONE. One is simplex not complex. Teachers teach a debased truth. Maybe most teachers are perverted, they are not straight. Most of the world is perverted now. Teachers are putting out perverts in to this world. I needed a straight teacher and only God is all straight. With the converted mind of Jesus Christ I find I don’t need man or woman to teach me I can learn with the Spirit of God and the Mind of Christ. With Christ as my Lord I don’t need mans thinking. I can see hear smell and taste with the headship of God, not the headship of man or woman. Mans wisdom is perverted. Man loves man. Man worships man. God is above, we worship God above.

Bible College is not much different from how any other College teaches. It’s mans wisdom rather than Christ’s wisdom. I was called a Christianese thinker by a lecturer at Bible College. So thinking like Christ thoughts was thought by a lecturer as wrong.

The only good I got out of Bible College was living on campus in good accommodation and living in a nice community. The people were nice.

I hate complexity and love simplicity. I love straight thinking. I hate being taught complexity by complex teachers.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



August 7, 2017

 I thought artificial intelligence was about humans not having to think any more. 

Or is intelligence not merely about thinking? Intelligence is the ability to understand. But what about thinking? To understand does one need to think? Or is intelligence based mainly on perception, discernment? 
Robots and artificial intelligence is not about more jobs for humans, it’s about less jobs for humans. Humans don’t want to work. 
Governments talk about a universal basic income. Everyone gets a set income no matter what their job or their not even having a job. 
Humans create artificial (whatever – plastic, intelligence, robots, etc), arty farty, hoity toity, unnatural, limp wristed, not straight thinking. Artificial buggers up the mind. 
Robots with artificial intelligence will be called humanoids. These humanoids might get rational thought, might, I don’t know. Can humanoids ever morally think? Will these robots know right from wrong? Humans got rational thought. God made humans simple and God said to the first humans not to eat of science (the knowledge of good and evil) but humans went ahead and partook of science. Now humans (not all) disregard their maker. Why then should not humanoids partake of science and disregard their maker, humans. Humanoids made simple by humans and then becoming complex. Humans are getting more complex over time as they partake of science. Humanoids might become renegade. There will be the good humanoids and the evil humanoids. 
Science is about good knowledge and evil knowledge. Science can do good or evil. 
Science is complex. Gods wisdom is simplex. If science is complex does that mean God is complex? Science is of God. Is the Father God complex and is the God Son Jesus Christ simplex? Why would the Father be complex and His Son simplex? Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God. Is the Wisdom of God simplex and not complex? Truth is simple. The simple truth. Is not science the simple truth? Jesus Christ is not complex. We assume Jesus is simplex as is His wisdom is simplex. Science is here to stay. But why were humans in the beginning warned not to eat of science? What is wrong with science? If the Father God knows science why can not humans know science? What is dangerous about science? Why did God tempt the first humans with science? Science is good and evil. Science now can destroy most of life on this planet earth. Man can use science to obliterate mankind. Science also heals. Science provides comforts to humans. Man uses science to create robots. Man uses science to create artificial. 
Man was made simple but man has made him her self complex. Man has made knotty balls of wound up thought in his her minds. Man is winding him her self up in thinking. It’s no longer straight thinking.

Those people who embrace science usually don’t embrace Jesus Christ. Those that embrace science might say that Christ and his message is simple. These science lovers presume simplicity of God is foolishness. These science people think complex is wise. 
Satan has blinded many people. There is an anomaly of what is truth. There is a veil over people’s minds, they see but do not see, they hear but do not hear, their hearts do not understand.
Universities are full of science. There’s the social sciences for example. I studied sociology at university. I found the sociology teaching very man made. It’s like you have to check your wrists in case you leave the straight path too much. Sociology is not Gods wisdom but is human wisdom. In my final exam in sociology I wrote of my conversion to Jesus Christ. And I failed the course. I could imagine the examiner getting angry at my writings. I was probably thought of as an idiot. 
Let me be quite straight here, Jesus Christ’s teachings are not wanted at universities. University does not teach Jesus Christ’s wisdom. University is about human wisdom not Gods wisdom. University is about the achievements of human spirit not Gods Spirit. At university you embrace humanism. If you write in university essays and assignments on Jesus teachings you will be failed. Theology at university is taught very objectively, it’s not about believing in God but being critique. You study comparing the different religions, which is not bad. 
At Bible College I found a lot of humanism. One of our main lecturers was/is a humanist. And this lecturer was not shy in telling the class at one point that he was a humanist. 
So where does that leave the Holy Spirit? Many try and quench Gods Spirit.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


Bible College – lesson /Story Telling and Letters

July 27, 2016

Dear All,

Two lecturers at the Bible College I attended emphasised “Story telling” as the mode to educate people about God. These lecturers even went to the extent of inviting two men from the USA to come to Perth and talk to us students. Of course we had to pay costs to get the privilege to hear these two men. Now I do not really have a big problem with story telling, it is just that I have my own ideas of how God teaches his children and disciples. Story telling to me is for the young children whereas to me I like to read letters and to write them. 
When I teach over the internet I usually write letters (or short drama), I do not tell stories. I see that Apostle Paul wrote letters to the churches, he did not tell stories. The gospels are also letters to the churches. The New Testament of the Bible is in letters not stories. Stories are in the Old Testament. We read stories of the Old Testament to young children. People read novels, I don’t, but many people do. I like to read biographies. I like reading fact. Fiction does not really interest me. Biographies are like stories true but they are more a memoir, about a persons life, the author writes like a filled out diary, like a letter telling about his/her life. Memoirs are on going letters that tell an on going journey. When people go on holiday they like to share their holiday joys with other people, so they write letters and post cards to their friends back home. A memoir also is like writing home after a long journey. People love to share their journeys with others. Stories are more for fiction, they are more for novels. Novels are not exactly based on truth (we get the saying “Tall Story”). So to teach and educate WISDOM of God through Jesus Christ we can write letters. Letters are factual and true. Letters are not novels. The Bible College lecturers enshrined story telling. I think story telling is ok but letters are better. I think that Apostle Paul by writing letters and not telling stories made a better impression on our minds and hearts. Story telling will always be with us but letters define a person better. We can know Jesus Christ better through letters.
When I communicate with people by writing I write letters to them I do not write stories to them. Letters are a better mode of communicating then stories. We can have both, stories and letters. But I prefer when I teach over the Internet to use letters. I may use stories for the very young. But for adults I prefer to write letters to them. 
Letters came about because of literacy. People over the ages have learnt to write. We can write stories and we can write letters. In the old days when most people were not literate they used vocal story telling to pass down the ages the wisdom and knowledge. But over time people learnt to write so people could write down the stories. With writing also came letters. We can use written letters to pass on the wisdom and knowledge. Stories will stay and so will letter writing. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


July 27, 2016

It was a sunny warm day and I think better when I am comfortable and comfortable to me in many ways means being warm. How I hate being cold. I got away from New Zealand because of its cold. Wellington is no place to find natural warmth. I know our ancestors went to New Zealand seeking a better standard of living, they found it, but alas the weather was not much different from Great Britain. So here I am living in Perth Australia and I have no regrets moving here. Now it was warm today and I was on a high. I felt nice and comfortable. I had an interview with the College Principle. This was no ordinary College, this was a Bible College. 

I arrived at the College with plenty of time to spare. I was jubilant in my thinking at being hopefully a future Bible College student. I thought I was in a lovely peaceful place. The College grounds were neat and tidy, there were plenty of trees and shrubs and flowers. It was a grand place. The buildings were modern looking and everything seemed clean. I entered the administration building and was asked by the receptionist to wait. I sat down in the foyer and waited. Another hopeful student was waiting. It was a lady and she was seated next to me. Since becoming a Christian (in 1979) I thought that the church as a whole was one big family and we were all Christian brothers and sisters and we helped each other. Maybe my outlook on this Christian family was somewhat naive, and I guess it was. I mean my mother said to me a few times the church was about “Pray to God and pass the ammunition”. My mother was not naive. Most of my life I was seemingly immature, but how does one become mature; I mean I didn’t want to be immature. So I was taking longer than usual to mature. This lady sitting next to me seemed to ignore me. I said “hi I am Lester” or some nice introduction that I can not remember word for word. She looked at me and spluttered out words that surprised me. I won’t say her real name. She said “Miss Buccaneer to you”. I gathered that she too was applying to be a student. And I was right as later she was accepted as a first year student. I thought wow she is not receptive to me. Why was she not being nice to me? I was a single man, was I looking like I was desperate for a wife? But I was just trying to be friendly. I mean we were brother and sister in Christ. 
I was accepted as a student. I moved in to a lovely unit. It was like a motel unit all self contained. I had a few flat mates. Lunch was the main meal of the day and it was served in a large communal dining room. We took our evening meal in our own units and cooked by ourselves. Bible College was quite idyllic, it was like one great big family. We helped one another. So Christianity can be practiced in community; It does work but nothing is perfect, we are all sinners. Bible College can be a place where Christian community does work. My first introduction to a Christian lady at Bible College was not up to my expectations but not all was gloom and doom. I met other ladies at College who treated me better. Bible College was much better than the College I attended in my youth. College in the past was like a nightmare. At my first College I had very little help from staff or students. At College it was very much a competitive thing and was like based on jungle law “Survival of the fittest”. Those first College days turned out to be miserable for me. At my youth College days it was like weeding out the weak. Only the strong survive. In those days I felt like it was me against the world and no one really loved me. But at Bible College it was remarkably different, the staff and students were interested in you and wanted to help you. We were trying to get our certificates, diplomas and degrees and it was not dog fight dog but help each other to acquire our qualifications. If we were savages at Bible College at least we were noble savages and much different from the savages at ordinary College. We were noble and children of God. Savages attack each other but the students at Bible College did try and respect others. We did not go around biting each other, we were noble and wise. Fools bite others. Bible College was not all easy peasy. It was plain hard work at times. Assignments drove us up the wall. There was hard work and there was easy times. I loved the sense of community. It was about community and God. We worshipped and prayed to God. In our community times we did worship God together, we called it chapel, and this was once each week day in the morning. Chapel time brought us together to acknowledge we believed in the one God and His Son Jesus Christ. Gods Word brought us together to recognise the true wisdom of how we are to behave. We knew how we were to act and we knew how others were meant to act. We had the true WISDOM. God was supreme and we were in relationship with Him. We had to attend classes. Classes were easy. The assignments were hard. Examinations were hard. 
I reflect now “What did I learn from the Lecturers at Bible College”? I can really only think of one thing. One of the Lecturers was trained in counselling. This Lecturer ran the counselling classes. This teacher offered free counselling to the full time students. I took up his offer. I met him for private counselling many times. We were together in his office one day and he went to the marker board and drew the lines outlining a graph. The horizontal line and the vertical line. Then he drew a straight horizontal line. He said to me “You are a straight thinker, you think in a straight line”. This insight to me, about me, out shines all the other teachings that I was taught at Bible College. I mean the great philosophers speak about “Know thyself”. Knowing thyself is understanding. But in my thinking to know oneself one must reflect off someone or something. That someone is God. God mirrors us. We reflect off God. God is the best reflection. We need a clean mirror. God is all clean. This Lecturer helped me really only once, I mean what he said about my straight thinking was a nugget of gold. 
At Bible College students had to do work around the campus. We did not have College servants. The students cut the lawns, weeded, cleaned, painted, did maintenance. For 3 hours each Friday afternoon we students worked on the campus. We called this work “Scrub”. Scrub was hard work. But the College was impeccable in its looks. Clean and tidy we were. The College looked good. My first “Scrub” job was easy. I was given an administrative task. But things changed soon enough. I was put on cleaning the College male toilets. It was hard work and yes humbling work. It was only one bathroom but it was a big bathroom. I used the fire hose to hose out the toilets. Then it was mopping and cleaning. It was kind of straight forward cleaning except for one problem. There was this female lecturer who was in charge of the students doing the cleaning and this lecturer often came to the toilets while I was cleaning to check on my job. She checked on me regularly. I hated this lecturer coming to check on me at work. I knew when she was coming because in my heart I would get vexed. My heart would get troubled at any sign that she was on her way. You may say “She is just doing her job as the overseer”. But when I eventually got moved to another job this lecturer would and did not check on the new person cleaning the male toilets. This female lecturer had a side kick, a student who assisted her in her overseeing the cleaning jobs. This side kick did no physical work for scrub she just checked on people’s work. But she was not a necessity to do this checking, we were all responsible adults. They checked on me and they seemed to delight in checking on me. They made a big show on checking just mainly on me. Who was this side kick? Only but the lady I introduced myself to in the administration foyer when I first arrived at the College for my first interview. Now this side kick was being a trouble to me. She checked on my work with the female lecturer and made fun of me. I was cleaning the male toilets for I think one semester (half year). Now I thought that after one semester of cleaning toilets I should get moved to doing some other job. But no, this lady lecturer had decided I would clean the male toilets for another semester. I rebelled against this decision and asked to be moved. I was given a job in the College kitchen. Here I was seldom checked on. But now there was another problem. While in the kitchen on a Friday afternoon another student also cleaning here would have the radio on. Now this would not sound out of place, I mean what’s wrong with a bit of music to help you through your work. The thing wrong was that the radios volume was up very high. I mean high high. I took this for a number of Friday’s. But I was was seething with anger. There were times I thought of grabbing the radio and throwing it on the floor. I did ask another fellow student about the noise, but she just brushed me off and said that the Principle gave permission. I seethed again with anger thinking “We are at a Bible College not some disco”. The noise was so bad but I was not in charge. The lady who had the radio was engaged to marry and I thought “Was she having problems with her hormones?”. Besides I have never liked much noise I prefer silence. I had to do something or I would go crazy. I went to the lady lecturer appealing for a move in job. This time I was moved to cleaning the classrooms. It was quite straight forward, vacuuming and dusting. This job was my last job for scrub. 
Class was nothing to write home about. I was in the missions class once and there was a little drama. The lady lecturer who was the scrub cleaning overseer was lecturer of the missions class. You may think that I write a lot about her. I do. I was single and older and so was she. She might have been a bit older than me. But she seemed a confirmed spinster so why would she show an interest in me. When I say confirmed spinster I mean confirmed. I raised my hand and said “Why do Bible College classes not teach a bit about other religions”. This lady lecturer shot my suggestion down in flames. Then the vexation started. I mean vexation in my heart. I thought “I don’t usually get vexation about my class work nor with the teachers”. I knew this lecturer and I were now in conflict. For me it was just a vexation that I can cope with but for her she would suffer. After class we had our usual class break with morning tea. We met out in the court yard outside the classroom. An urn and cups and hot water were set up. Students usually stood around talking. The lady lecturer came steaming up to me and in a loud voice that all could hear said “You are arrogant”. She moved away from me, I said nothing in reply to her outburst. I was shocked in to silence, it was so unexpected. I mean she is a lecturer. Lecturers don’t go around saying words of emotion to their students, especially not in public. I don’t remember what I did next but I know I missed a few of her future mission classes. She found me in the College library one day and apologised to me. I returned to mission classes and tried to forget her outburst. I wish I had explained myself more. I did not intend the College to teach from the Koran nor teach from any other non Christian dogma texts but to explain in simple terms what other religions believe. My idea was not receptive so I did not pursue it. 
Bible College was great for social times. We single males were often invited to dinner at the single ladies units. Students came from around the world. We had a lot of Asian students staying on campus and they were all good cooks and I enjoyed many times a feed of Asian cooking. We would also converge to the college carpark and find seats in cars and head off to a restaurant. Many students had their own cars. It was a halcyon life. You could never feel lonely. Our units had people coming and going. There were one bedroomed, two bedroom and three bedroomed units. The units were all self contained; kitchen with oven fridge and sink, laundry, bathroom, lounge/dining room. We lived like kings and queens. We felt so safe there that often our doors were left unlocked. Stealing was never heard of on campus. 
What did I learn at Bible College? I was dropped into the deep end of putting out assignments. These assignments were required to be done on computers. Each semester we had to hand in a number of assignments. So I learnt word processing like I never learnt before. I needed my own computer. There were computers on site for the use of students but it was much better to have your own computer in your own bedroom as word processing became much of your life. We churned out many assignments monthly. Often we students were up late at night churning out an assignment due the next morning. A lot of students, me included, would wait until near the due date of the assignment before we got down to doing it. But what did I learn? I learnt how to properly word process. I learnt how to get myself around a computer. I bought my own computer, it was my first computer. Assignments had to be just about perfect. Grammar and spelling had to be dead on. The content was expected to be ok but the layout was also expected to be ok. In the bibliography for example the lecturers expected impeccable layout; commas and dots everywhere where they were meant to be. When I finished my days at Bible College I was so glad to see the end of assignments. But what did I learn in knowledge? To be honest I never learnt much knowledge. I learnt just about nil insights. The text books we had to buy I gave away at the end of college. I seldom read these text books, a lot I never read at all. These books were a requirement to buy and cost me heaps of money. I was a diligent student, worked hard, and passed with good grades just about all my assignments. I did get help from other students. I learnt how to do assignments, that’s what I learnt and I became good at it, it was a skill. Examinations were at the end of each semester (6 months). Exams for two hours and two exams one after the other and maybe one in the afternoon could be the vogue. You go in to an exam and you just write. Two hours just writing. I mean you get so tired in your writing wrist that you think your wrist might go in to lock down. Then you soon go in to another exam and write constantly for another two hours. Exams I hated. But I passed them all. I was hoping for a Diploma of Ministry and I got it. But still what understanding did I learn? I learnt nothing really from the text books and lecturers, no knowledge that I could take away and help me live a better life. I only came away knowing that I was “A straight thinker”. I studied hard to get learning but over time it was all jettisoned out of my thinking as if it was not needed. But the experience at Bible College is valuable. Mixing with people from around the world is interesting and a learning in itself. 
I received my Certificate of Biblical Studies and later a Diploma of Ministry and soon got a job at a Church as a Church Officer come jack of all trades. I was not interested in being a Pastor. I worked at a city church and the church gave me free rent in a three bedroomed unit right next to the church. Wow inner city living I was loving it. Supermarket and cinemas and McDonalds just up the street. My neighbour across the road was the Governor of Western Australia. I hit good times. The church people were so nice to me. I became a full member of this church. It was halcyon days still. I was a regular at McDonald’s and here I met my wife. It was like it was meant to be, we got married. I did a lot at the church. I was later accepted as a church councillor and then I was secretary of the church council at the same time doing my jack of all trades job at the church. I worked at this church for many years. 
Now I am retired from the established church. I am still in the church but not part of the established church.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

LETTER TO MATTHEW (reply to a comment put on post “Jesus Christ the True Prophet”)

March 2, 2016

Hi Matthew

Thank you for sending me your comments. I have mused over them for a few days now. To be honest I have also tried to shy away from them too. Why? Well you want feed back and I am only too ready to know that I know nothing and God knows all. Yes God is in me. But I still am unsure (as is the next believer) about my conviction in my faith. What is truth? Pilate said this question to Jesus. But Jesus ignored the question. Why? Because the truth was looking Pilate in the face. Jesus was standing in front of Pilate, meaning? The Truth is Jesus. You don’t ask God or his Son what is truth. God is truth. Pilate had opportunity to ask Gods Son many questions, only as long as Pilate recognised Jesus as Gods Son and worshipped Him as such. We have God within. We in spirit and soul can recognise Gods Spirit, worship Him in Spirit and ask Him questions. 
There was a boy who wanted answers. This boy was seeking the truth. Arthur was his name. Arthur went to many countries. Arthur went to many so called scholars and wise men. Arthur asked these men intelligent questions. Arthur wanted answers to life. Arthur wanted “to know” “to be in the know”. Pilate on seeing Jesus said “what is truth”? Truth was looking Pilate in the face; the answers to life were looking Arthur in the face. Arthur traveled world wide seeking his answers but the answers were not “out there”. If the answers were not out there where were they. If it’s not out its in. Arthur travelled for 15 years, he studied under many wise men and scholars in universities and colleges. Arthur came home still feeling and thinking he was no wiser than when he first left on his quest. Arthur went to his dying father. The father was dying of old age. Arthur sat at his fathers bedside day and night. Nothing was said. Then after about a week Arthur’s father motioned his son to come near him. “What is it father”? Arthur said. “Son” the father said, “All true answers lie within”. Then the father died. 
We humans are essentially spirit and soul. God also is Spirit. The answer lies in Gods Spirit. When we invite Jesus Christ in to our hearts Gods Spirit comes in to our heart. The wise person will say to the person seeking the meanings to life that the meaning to life lie within. Meaning can mean purpose. We want to know our God given vocation. Without knowing and doing our God given vocation we feel empty in our hearts. Most people do not know their true vocation. So most people live out an “act”. We people are like actors on the world stage. We live with our masks on over our faces. We know no better. Everyone seems to be in the same boat, few have removed their masks. Those true seekers in their youth usually also end up wearing masks. I mean you have to earn a living, you have to eat, provide for a family etc. You can not take off your mask, you wear it day and night. 
To find truth is very hard. To find ones true vocation is very hard. Pilate could not see truth when it was right in front of him. The truth is right in front of us. That’s if we have the truth within. Jesus is the truth. Spirit and soul are immaterial. We are mortals and we value material so much. But to relate in spirit and soul we must think apart from all our attachments to things of this world. Our car, our house, our mobile phone etc. The wise man to find truth might go away from even all people and live alone like a hermit. Thoughts have to be pure and un attached to physical. What sets our thoughts free? Truth does. We want to be FREE. Free thinking. Free to reflect. So we seek truth to be free.
Apostle Paul does not make us free. Apollos does not make us free. Your college teachers do not make us free. The Bible scripture does not make us free (there is some freedom here as there is light here from the scriptures) ONLY Jesus Christ makes us completely free. We do not worship the bible. The bible is not God the person. The bible is the WILL of God. Here are two wills of God, with the later will superseding the first will. God is a man of His Word. God stands on His Word. Gods Words are supreme. God is the WORD. The bible has the word of God in it (but not perfect word). The bible is Gods Words as we know them. God uses people to get his messages out to the human race. God uses mortals to be his messengers and these messengers can sin. The bible, because man is mortal and errant, can have errors in it. The bible is now in many versions and errancy can get in. God can inspire people to do things or think things but the result can not always be perfect. God is in to inspiring people but often these people can also diverse in to say humanism. What person is without sin? Everyone is a sinner. No human except Jesus can say they are sinless. The bible words are the best and closest words we have to Gods will and we should honour that. Nothing is perfect in this world and that goes for the bible too but let’s make the best of what we have. And it’s the TRUTH that sets us free and even if the bible may have errancy, such errancy can be very little as we hope the scholars that wrote it were wise people. I find the words in the bible full of truth but I am also ready to be open in my mind to any error. We have tensions in the body about women and their teaching and preaching. Tensions exist and they exist maybe because of error in the bible. There are a number of tensions in the body of Christ towards scripture. Now we are having tension about homosexuality. Some believe gay is ok others do not. The body is in tension, hearts are in tension. What is truth? Pilate asked this. But Pilate asked The truth “what is truth”? sound nonsense, yes. We the body are asking the head what is truth. The head has the truth but we the body would rather think that we know how to do things. Ever seen a body builder; a puny head on top; their body comes before their head; they glory the body not the head. So still we do not know “Truth”. 
Matthew you seemed to have prior expectations before you went to the Dallas Theological Seminary. Preaching like Paul did. The bible is all inerrant. 
I like to think enlightenment comes over time. Light over comes the darkness. We must be patient. We might not know until we are very old. They say “wisdom comes with age”. 
We follow Jesus not Paul. I went to a bible college. I lived on campus for a few years. I was searching for answers but I found nothing of consequence from my studies. It was just assignments and exams that I dished out to please the teachers. The teachers told me where to find the intellectual food in man inspired books and I put this food together in a palatable lot and fed it to the teachers. If the food tasted ok then I was marked high. Actually I found college and schooling was based on intelligence. The higher intelligence you had the better you did at your studies. I also found that teachers admired and favoured those students who were of high intelligence. Low intelligent students were not bothered with much by the faculty. Ability is intelligence and the world fawns over ability. But intelligence has become a god, especially in schooling. I like to learn by experience. Experience can teach us better than high intelligence can teach us at times. Not everyone has high intelligence but everyone can learn from experience. And having high intelligence does not mean God favours them, that action of favouring is mans wisdom. God looks at the heart. Man looks at the mind. 
Matthew thank you again for sharing your comments with me. But when it comes down to the level “I know nothing, God knows all”. But I have the mind of Christ (so says the scriptures). And with this mind I hope I have been of help. 
To cap it off I feel and sense I have not made it plainly clear about whether the Bible is ALL truly Gods WORDS. God is a person three persons in one. The bible is a book not a person. We do not worship books. We do not worship holy books. We worship the author (God) of the bible. We esteem and uphold the authors writings. The bible can be errant, why? Because the messengers can be errant. God gives His will through His messengers. The bible is Gods will. 
We want to be FREE in the collective subconscious and the collective conscious. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


June 2, 2015

It was 1999 I had arrived for my first interview with a faculty member of Bible College. I was hoping to be accepted as a live on site student. I sat in front of Graeme (his real name) and considered some of his words. Graeme conveyed to me a man that was used to hard work. I could see in his face that he was living hard, I thought he had high blood pressure. This was a man that seldom was idle. But his full on must have been taking its toll on his health. Graeme let slip a few words that were insightful. I have on a few occasions considered those particular words he let slip and such has made me think of deeper things. Graeme said in an around about way that life is meant to be objective not subjective. 

I have thought on these two words, objective and subjective and have wanted to understand those two words more. To me objective is the outer and subjective is the inner. Graeme made me think that being subjective is not good, it is being idle and not productive. I myself see that being subjective is good as being objective is good. I see there has to be a balance. One of the balances is recognising the inner life and outer life equally. Too much objectivity can not be good on health and too much subjectivity can not be good for health. We must seek balance. I gleaned very little insights from Bible College but Graeme and his objectivity was one of the few insights that went with me. Bible College was not really about insights, Bible College was about intelligence and intellect. The high intelligent people thrive in scholarly pursuits but alas the low intelligent students are just rowing a boat with small oars. High intelligence at College is rewarded. Tonight I mused on Graeme and his objectivity. I knew he was a success but I thought it was costing him. 

What is it to be subjective? You could pray to be subjective. You could read the Bible to be subjective. You can also meditate, think, reflect. So what is it to be objective? You can do work with your hands, you can converse with other people, you can read books, you can watch videos, in other words activity of the body and mind to do with what’s out there. Subjective is inner, the inner man and his relationship with an inner invisible God. You could say objective is the physical and subjective is the invisible or what we call spirit. Jesus Christ is both physical and spiritual, half and half. So to be very balanced we need to give half our time to the spiritual activities and half our time to the physical activities. Graeme made me think that being too subjective is not good and he’s right but in his case being too objective is not good.  
I considered Graeme and his blood pressure. I saw a man all steamed up. I thought “what is it about old people and their learning”. Graeme was older in years but not very old. I thought of the Holy Scripture: “Do not put new wine in to old wine skins”, “Put new wine in to new wine skins”. So people in their youth have youthful skins (young flesh), their skin is relatively new. Young people can fill themselves up with new knowledge. But old people (old flesh) find it hard to accept new knowledge. So putting new knowledge in the old skins (old flesh) of old people does not work, you get high blood pressure (the skins will burst) the heart can not take it. Old people hate the new knowledge of say computers and smart phones. Old people do not want to learn new technology. I still find a lot of old people do not have computers or smart phones. 

The heart to me is a simple pump (no lie). The heart needs simplicity feeding it. The human spirit is in the heart and to feed the human spirit complexity will bring much pressure on the simple heart. People put so much complexity in to their hearts via their human spirit that many people have heart problems in later life. We must look after our hearts. The Holy Scriptures of the Bible are the simple food to feed the heart and keep the heart in good health and keeping the heart in good health means the body will be healthy. The human spirit learns from the Words in the Bible. The words in the Bible make our human spirit wise. The simple become wise. The simple truth makes us wise. 

Graeme meant well but I knew his interpretation of being objective and subjective was wrong. I too was wrong as I have been in the past too much subjective and not enough objective. It’s so hard keeping a balance. The saints of the Roman Catholic Church were obviously too subjective and in cases extremely subjective. Subjective can mean being introspective. Being too much introspective can look unbalanced. These Roman Catholic saints in many numbers died at a young age because they were too subjective, they were extreme and such causes unhealthy ness. So begin the day begin with prayer and reading the Bible. Get subjective first in the day and then throw yourself in to objective activities but inter mix the physical activities with prayer and bible readings throughout the day. The best result is half the day time in prayer, bible reading, reflection, and the other half of the day time in physical pursuits. 
I thought further, I considered again “thoughts”; simple thoughts and how the heart reacts to our thinking. At the end of the day at night you retire to bed, you want to sleep but sleep might not come for quite a while. The heart is sifting through your thought intake for the day and trying to bring all your thoughts down to the simple truth. Your heart is simple and needs simplicity for it to be at rest and sleep. The heart does not stop in sleeping but it needs a simple beat to be at rest. So when we retire in the evening the heart will beat and beat hard until all is in simple mode in your thinking. Many people have insomnia now a days because most people feed their hearts with complex thinking. Many people take medications to get to sleep and alas many people take illegal hard drugs to get to sleep or just rest. The world is complex and it will get even more complexed. 

I considered Graeme (his real name) again and wondered what his true calling was and scouting came to mind, a scout master. There must be paid jobs in scouting say at scout head offices. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 15, 2013

God’s callings such a touchy subject because there are so many books written on the subject but still people do not understand the gist of it all. I have had some thoughts on callings but have not analysed it too much. I have discovered that only through wisdom and insight of God can one find their true calling. I think of a person and can perceive their calling. I think with insight. Wisdom comes to the heart but in heart to human spirit. We humans are essentially spirit and soul. We think in soul helped by spirit. Spirit has the gifts from God (spiritual gifts) and these gifts in spirit help our souls and bodies. In helping body and soul these gifts are really helping the one whole body of Christ, the true church. I perceive callings I see a person in minds eye and can understand their God given calling. When I see this calling I see a correlation between their physical looks like the look of their face and their calling. The facial features correlate with their calling. Such features make sense of their calling. This sense confirms their calling.

An Example
My time at Bible College. I perceive the callings of the college lecturers. The first teacher I met and had an interview with to discuss my enrolment he looks like a army major. The second teacher I saw for an interview he looks like a barman. And my last interview was spent with a teacher looking like an accountant. There was a third teacher and he looks like a television producer. Another teacher she looks like a school teacher. Another teacher was really a book publisher.

All these lecturers taught me at college. But there was only one true teacher.

I don’t usually work out a persons calling just by looks. Looks come second. It’s my insight and thoughts that work out a calling and then looks confirm the calling.

Life is so vain. People work but don’t work. Vanities of vanity. It’s like what the bible says “People see but don’t see, people listen but don’t listen, all is vanity”.

The bible says “The people stone my prophets”. The prophets are the messengers of God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


November 14, 2013

Today I received the regular Perth bible college newsletter. It comes out every so often and the college posts me a copy. Yes I was a student at Perth Bible college, whoopee. It sounds good to some, Bible college. And I lived on campus in quite nice accommodation and the campus grounds had lovely lawns and shrubs, trees etc. Living on campus was my highlight. It’s nice especially because I was single then I was among people day and night who were on the whole sensible people. Such people you would expect were in to prayer and reading the bible. I enjoy my faith in God; I believed the whole salvation message and still do. I love the idea of a supreme creator God who lives above.

Now I have not always been a Christian believer; I came one in about 1979. It was like I was destined to be a believer in God and a follower of Jesus Christ. But when I was young I knew very little about God and His Son Jesus. God put a desire in to my heart to go to university in 1979. There I met a man that had the integrity and belief in God that helped me to get in to a relationship with God. This man taught me the salvation message of Christ. This man had the good morals that went with a faith in the almighty. He was faithful and loyal to God. After I accepted Christ as my saviour this man was blessed by God; he got married to a really nice lady and God gave enough money through a building society lottery gift for this couple to buy a new home. He was blessed no two ways about it. This man introduced me to the church that he attended and I began attending this church. I was baptised and joined as a member. The minister of this church was quite understanding. But a few years down the track his church flock (not all) turned against him. A church meeting was held to vote the minister out of office of this church. But before the vote took place the minister got a message through to the meeting giving his resignation. Poor show I thought, why did this all happen. The minister was good to me. The church Elders elected a new minister a man that was then overseas as a missionary. This man came back to New Zealand and took up the ministry of this church. But this man died a few years later, he left behind a young wife and young children. I can not remember what caused this mans death. But in hindsight I think the church did a very bad thing to the first minister.

So I was a Christian and in 1999 I applied to be a student at Perth Bible College. I was asked to attend the college for an interview. I arrived at the college, I was enraptured by the beautiful lawns and gardens. The buildings were all semi modern and nice looking. There were many accommodation units all looking modern. I liked what I saw. I came to the administration block walked in and spoke to the receptionist. I was asked to sit down in the foyer and wait. I sat next to a lady; she seemed about 4 or 5 years younger than me and I guessed she also was enrolling to be a student, we both would be mature students older than most students studying here. I introduced myself with my Christian name trying to be nice. But lo and behold this lady was not nice. “Miss Burfoot to you” (not her real name) in a raised voice. I mean what was she on about. I was a Christian and I presumed she was a Christian, does that not make us brother and sister in The Lord Jesus Christ. Am I missing something here? Reminds me of when I was living with my parents, my mother said “Pray and pass the ammunition”. Meaning church is really about fighting each other with words. This lady seemed spiteful and I had never met her before in my life. It was not a good start for her and I tried to avoid her for all my years at college. Yes she was single and I was single. Maybe she thought I was going to come on to her, like pursue her, but what for? I was single and my intentions were honourable to her.

Here I was now at college, a full time student and cleaning toilets. Yes I was a college toilet cleaner. But you might say were you not a student, you know walked around with a halo and gave off importance. No I was never important at college. But you were learning, why clean toilets? The college had no paid servants other than the teachers. So someone had to clean the toilets and that someone was me against my wishes. Each Friday for 3 hours all full time students had to work on the college; cleaning, gardening, admin, whatever. That brings me back to the lady mentioned above Miss Burfoot. I had more problems with her. But she was aided by another lady a teacher. The teacher here a lady was in charge of some cleaning details and I was in one of those details. This teacher a single lady a bit older than me chose Miss Burfoot to be her supervisor. Miss Burfoot just checked people’s work, I never saw her do any works while she supervised. But I had trouble here. A lot of times I would be cleaning the men’s toilets and then my heart would get vexed. Something was upsetting my heart. Not too long into this vexation the teacher and Miss Burfoot would turn up at my place of cleaning and go through a thorough check on my cleaning. I knew when I got the vexation that it was these 2 ladies vexing me. It was not a pleasant job cleaning toilets and it was more unpleasant having 2 ladies load more work on me and think it was funny. This teacher was the one that had assigned me to toilet cleaning. Next term came again and I was hoping that I would be assigned to a different duty but no this teacher assigned me toilet cleaning again. I had already done months of toilet cleaning and now had to do months more. I went to this teachers office and complained. She obliging did move me to another duty. But the student a male that replaced me on toilet duty did not have problems with the teacher and Miss Burfoot checking up on him. This student was left alone. Talking about vexation, I get vexed a lot, sometimes I can work out who the trouble makers are. I do remember another vexing time at college in the class room. A student sat next to me and while the teacher in front was speaking this student was trying to talk to me. I just wish that student did not talk it was a bother. I mean the teacher was teaching. Now I picked up a vexation in my heart. As soon as the vexation came the teacher addressed me to be quiet. Did I feel bad. I wish that student next to me had kept quiet he caused me to look bad. I had another run in with the single lady teacher. In class we were discussing the merits of teachers teaching about other religions in class. In college only one religion was taught and that was Christianity. I mentioned that universities taught comparative religions, comparing different religions. But this teacher shot my idea down with flames and then the vexation in my heart. It was a strong vexation. I knew it was vexing coming from this teacher. She now looked cross. I knew our hearts had connected and she was suffering. The class finished we went outside to the courtyard for tea and coffee during class break. This teacher came up to me looked at me and said in a loud emotionally charged voice that I was arrogant. And there were a group of people here. I did not go back to her class for a few days or was it one day; she found me in the library and apologised to me. I went back to her classes.

Bible College never taught me any insights. I learnt college is a place where the intelligent people succeed. It’s more about exercising ones intelligence than learning new insights. Schools favour the intelligent students. I learnt that to get the qualification it was about being clever at doing assignments and exams. I learnt the art of doing assignments. I learnt how to learn for exams. It was just about assignments and exams and just attending classes. I learnt word processing on a computer. I learnt how to format essays on the computer. But I never really learnt anything new from the bible. Humanism was big in the teaching at college. I had to work hard it was like big heavy boulders were put on my back. Each year students had to buy many text books as part of their studies, this was a requirement, and the books were big text books and cost lots of money. I hardly ever read these text books. When I left college I gave just about all of them away for free. I did quite well at assignments and exams. I passed with good marks. But now I do not remember anything that I actually learnt from those studies. It seemed all about Just getting good marks in assignments and exams. I was awed by some of the students who seemed to be so intelligent. And yes these intelligent students were like the teachers pets. Teachers seem to love intelligent students, the less intelligent students seem to just be in the way. Teachers give the intelligent students responsible leader positions. No toilet cleaning for the higher intelligent students.

So was bible college halcyon days? They were in part because living on college campus was a nice experience. I made friends and was never lonely. The social life was great. Always something happening, no boredom. I passed my qualification. I really never learnt what I wanted to learn, I wanted to learn straight insights, I wanted none of the humanism, I did not want mans teaching, I wanted good direct insights that were Godly. I wanted the truth taught to me. College maybe is a place not to give you the truth but to guide you to find the truth yourself and think for yourself. Maybe I wanted teachers to teach me direct truth rather than for me to find it. I found out that I could not think like all the other students and teachers, my thinking wanted straight direct, not like up and down; up and down to me was weak thinking, not strong, I want my wrists to be super strong not weak. So to get on a roll in bible college thinking was not natural to me. Such thinking was weak. I think of teachers in the way past before bible college that I have perceived and I saw uninspiring teachers, they gave off a look of dryness in their knowledge, they seemed wooden in spiritual strength, they had no fountain of Wisdom in their hearts. How can you learn from such teachers? To be the strength of wood to me is weak; it may look strong; I mean wood can be a good weapon, but God in Word is strong as iron, and I can not accept anything but the spiritual strength of iron. Wood alludes to nature, it is about creation rather than the creator, its about the body and not the head, wood is created its about nature, and nature is about Mother Nature. So these wooden spiritual strength people worship Mother Nature rather than God above. For them its about mother first and then father. They love the mother more than the father. In a crises they may call out to the mother for help.

I left college but was I better for it? I knew that bible college was far better than my school college in my teens. Bible college did give good support. Teachers did care about their students. There was love and help from students and staff.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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