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SCIENCE – “Please explain”

September 10, 2018

So I shall. I have explained that science is the knowledge that is metaphorically mentioned in the first book in the Bible, the book of Genesis, this is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Eating of the fruit of this tree is called the FALL OF MANKIND. Adam and Eve the first humans ate of this tree of knowledge. There was another tree in the Garden of Eden called the tree of life; I liken this tree metaphorically to the Wisdom of Jesus Christ. God said eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil will cause death; I presume this death is to the human spirit and not to the physical body. I don’t think Adam or Eve were going to live for eternity in this Garden, so death to human spirit it was (I guess). God spoke about these two trees as distinct to all the other trees in this Garden. But is this Garden and these two trees an analogy to explain spiritual truths? God is Spirit. I like to think this Garden was real and Adam and Eve were real but I think the two trees in mention are metaphors for spiritual understanding.

I could really have it wrong to think the tree of knowledge of good and evil is science as we understand it today. Science, yes, is knowledge but is it the knowledge of good and evil? Science is not thought of as good or evil. Whereas conscience is about right and wrong. Con-science being the inner knowledge voice or feeling. Con, inside. This science inside guides us in our behaviour. So conscience and science are two different things, but both are knowledge. So is the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden the tree of conscience? We have a knowledge outside and a knowledge inside us. The outer knowledge is science and is about observing and experimenting with the outer physical realm. Conscience deals with the inner realm of thoughts, words, soul and human spirit.

We know science is knowledge. Science can be used for good or evil. But did science cause the fall of mankind or did conscience cause the fall of mankind? Do we need science and do we need conscience? Science has made a developed world. Conscience keeps people obeying the laws. Conscience makes for a law abiding society. Why should either science or conscience be wrong against God? Adam and Eve were in ignorant bliss, they both ate of knowledge and became wise; but what sort of wisdom? God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge but what is this knowledge? Has science helped mankind? Has conscience helped mankind? Adam and Eve were just simple. Adam and Eve were living in simple bliss. God provided. The Garden of Eden was full of food and water. So science and con-science maybe joining up and being the tree of knowledge. Maybe? We can not cross that out.

Where will science lead us? Cyborgs and robots. Machines ruling mankind. Cyborgs, half human and half machine robot. The Beast written about in the Bible; will this Beast be a cyborg? The number of the Beast, 666, Carbon, the name of a Man. This man being a Beast but a half man and half robot machine. Jesus Christ came in to this world as son of God and son of man. Jesus was half God and half human; not literally but it’s to explain that Jesus though all God, made himself a human creation to appear to mankind on this earth. So the Beast could appear as son of man and son of robot. So science will be used to create this Beast. Satan uses science as God also uses science. Science can be used in good hands and also in evil hands. Will science be the cause of the destruction of this world? One Big Bang, an atomic nuclear explosion killing creation. Atomic weapons could wipe out this world in a matter of hours; we have that science right now. So is science good or evil? Is this science going to cause the end of the world if so is science the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Conscience is knowing good and evil, is this the fall and not science? What’s wrong with having conscience? You would think knowing right from wrong is good to have whereas science might destroy this world. Conscience, can it destroy this world? Not that I know.

If the tree of knowledge of good and evil is not both science or conscience, what is it then? What else could it be? We know of no other knowledge and science is knowledge. Take your choice, if you could only take one, would you have conscience or science. Jesus Wisdom is about knowing right and wrong. Is Jesus wisdom another name for conscience? Is this inner voice really Jesus guiding us in spirit in our minds and hearts? Jesus never taught science to his disciples. The Bible is not about science. The Bible is about wisdom, knowing right from wrong. Science seems to be about only the physical realm whereas Jesus wisdom is for the Spiritual realm. Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, a Spiritual kingdom. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us. True worshippers of God worship God from human spirit to God Spirit. Why learn about our physical realm? We are spirit to God. Adam and Eve died when they ate of the tree of knowledge but how can conscience kill the human spirit? Or did their soul die? Mankind wants to learn all about the physical. But what about the spiritual? The spiritual realm is real. Jesus taught about the spiritual not the physical. The Bible is no text book. Text books teach the physical not the spiritual.

We still do not know about whether the tree of knowledge is science. We think conscience is not a bad thing. But did God want Adam and Eve to have conscience when the Garden they were in was bliss, paradise. Eating of knowledge consciously awakened Adam and Eve to their nakedness. But conscious could mean knowledge of science not conscience. Adam and Eve were awakened to their surroundings but why should they feel guilty of being naked? I mean there were no other people in the Garden so why worry. Science is it about being aware of the flesh or is that conscience?

I think science may kill off most of creation and not conscience.

I tend to think science is the knowledge of good and evil. I could be wrong. I don’t know for sure, I have no real proof. No one seems to know for sure. Please take my writings about science with a grain of salt. I could be wrong.

What I don’t like is to have science as a god to worship. If science is approved by God and is not the fall of mankind I do though think science has become a god to be worshipped by many people. Science has become a religion like sports have become a religion. We then have spiritual strongholds of science trying to mould the mind set of mankind on a massive scale. God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are to be worshipped, no other. I do think many peoples Godly callings in many cases involves science. If science was the cause of mankind’s fall then science later became part and parcel of God’s will.

I thought about this science and conclude that the world is below my feet. The earth is my footstool. I am above the earth. The world sits on the earth. Heaven is above. I carry heaven in me. God’s kingdom of heaven is in us; not in the church of Satan, the body of Satan, but in the church of God, the body of Jesus Christ. We the saved are in the body of Christ. There are two main bodies in this world, one Satan’s and the other Gods. Then there are the lost souls; souls in the wilderness. I don’t need teaching from mankind, God’s Spirit is my teacher. I learn spiritually. My soul is above, saved. God puts all under me. King David spoke about “The Lord said to My Lord sit at my right side and I will put all your enemies at your feet”; this particular wisdom that David spoke applies to me. David was King, can I call myself a King? Certainly not in the worldly way, maybe in a spiritual way for the Kingdom of God. God is raising me up, higher and higher, up a metaphorical mountain where I will eventually hopefully understand much. I don’t understand all yet and science still puzzles me.

Monks and religious like to get away from it all, get away from the world, cut themselves off from the world and be in small communities. These religious give up the worldly things, like money and man made technology, electronics etc. These religious want quiet and peace, they pray a lot. So do these religious want “out” of science as well? No televisions at the monastery, no radios, maybe even no computers, nothing that has electrical but keep the lights and some appliances. The Amish religious community’s don’t drive cars. These religious use horse and buggy. The Amish don’t use much technology. They might use a bit. So do the Amish try to steer clear of science or conscience? Do the religious monks keep science or conscience away from them? I think science. I could be wrong.

Is science or conscience going to be the undoing of this world? Is there any other type of knowledge? Jesus wisdom is knowledge but I call it understanding. You be the judge.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



July 10, 2018

What is 666? Is it the Carbon atom, 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons? It could be, who knows? Only God knows. We humans are all stupid. If Carbon is 666 then is 666 the Beast and is the Beast made up out of carbon? Thought provoking. Is the Beast 666 or is the Dragon 666? The Mark of the Beast is 666 so is the Mark made up out of carbon? Do humans receive a carbon Mark? A Carbon Mark makes sense because the human body would accept carbon as the human body is made up out of a lot of carbon. The human body I expect would not reject a carbon Mark. That’s my thinking.

What is the Beast? Is the Beast made up out of carbon? God has His Son. Is the Beast like a son of Satan the Dragon? Jesus Christ is Gods Son and Jesus is son of man and Son of God. Jesus was both human and God; is that still current, I don’t know but it was current when Jesus was on this earth in this world. What am I trying to get at? I am trying to get at that the Beast being the offspring of Satan (like Jesus the offspring of God the Father) is also part of one and another. The Beast is son of man and son of robot machine. Satan is Lord of this world. God is Lord within. The kingdom of God is within. Within the Body of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ includes all members that are saved souls of God. The kingdom of God resides in the universal body the living body the true Church, a living human church. God has all power over words. God has all power over flesh. God has all power over thoughts. God is the supreme Words. Satan rules out there outside the body of Christ. The world is out there. Satan uses machines and artificial intelligence to rule, rule who? Satan wants to rule humans. Satan builds a Beast, this Beast may be part human and part machine. We call this a cyborg creation. Satan can not control humans with words so he resorts to machines to control people. The Beast might be made up out of carbon and human flesh and bone. Jesus was part man (human) and part God so it makes sense that the Beast will be both man (human) and machine. Because the Beast is part human God will still have control over the Beast. Human is God made, God controls all what He has made. Satan will control the machines. Satan will control the artificial intelligence. The machines will control the people. Satan can not control from within so he controls from the outside. The world is out there, God is within the people of God.

My thinking, but I don’t know, is that Satan will have a big machine with artificial intelligence in, based above in the heavens orbiting the earth and this machine will keep track of every human. But not every human, there will be those humans that do not take the Mark of the Beast. [On later reflection this big machine in space orbiting the earth might just be a series (many) of big orbiting satellites but still watching and tracking those with the Mark. Could the Beast be based in a deep bunker below the ground?].

Who will be the Dragon? China is known as the Dragon nation. The Dragon throne is China. Snakes and dragons are known to be in the thinking of the Chinese, and lots of other Asian nations, but especially China. Chinese children are raised up on stories of dragons. Japan is another fervent Dragon nation. The Asians are known to use Dragon and snake symbols to decorate their buildings. The Dragon and snake are religious symbols to many Asians.

China will be the Dragon. China will build the Beast. China will control a lot of humans through a Carbon Mark.

Mind you not every Asian is a snake child of the Dragon. There are Christian Asians.

I don’t profess to know the truth. I see. I think. But do I know that is up to contention. Am i “In the know”. I could be deluded. Jesus was told that he had a demon in him. I hope I do not have a demon in me. When I used to flirt with Pentecostalism there was a lady church leader who I told about a Ministers Spirit in my heart (the real McCoy, dressed as a Minister, the dog collar, the black nightie, the scholars board hat) and she was wanting me to go to a prayer group she knew to get this Minister Spirit exorcised out of me. She thought the Minister Spirit was a demon, she was being serious. So much for my time with Pentecostalism.

I have truth evidence to back me up in part. I have seen the snakes in people and the majority of these people are Asian. This is fact. I see the snake through peoples eyes. I used to see these snakes a lot in my 20’s and 30’s (my age) I do not see snakes much now. Not that the snakes have gone but maybe I have moved on to learn other things from God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 25, 2018

(At the psychiatrist)

John start from the beginning.

Doctor I have a crush on this girl.


I can not keep her out of my mind.


But she seems to show little interest of a relationship with me.


But she says we have an understanding.

What understanding?

I am not sure. I think we both like each other.

Why not get together?

I feel hopeless. She’s does not seem to be sexually interested in me. She is but she is not.

Uuummm let’s see. She’s on your mind a lot.


But no sex.


I think this is an episode of sex machine syndrome.

What’s that doctor?

A machine is involved in your so called relationship of understanding.

What relationship we have not been together that way.

You though have an understanding.


I think this girl is using a machine.

What machine and why?

The girl is trying to keep sex out of it to get advantages.

What’s the machine?

It’s a machine to get pleasure but not with you.

I don’t understand doctor.

The girl likes you but she wants to have the relationship strictly on her terms and that means she will try and get everything going her way. She wants to be the boss.

But the machine.

You can buy them.



What shops?


What shall I do?

Well you can not compete against a machine.

But I like her a lot. I think I would even like to marry her.

Look my boy, she’s using a machine, she’s started a bad precedent, move on.

Move on where?

Look elsewhere for love. Machines make very complex. People wind us up, people screw with our minds. Machines might be the ruin of mankind in the future.

But my mind.

This girl is screwing with your mind using a machine. Move on. Machines will rise one day and be the ruin of us all.

Will the Beast be a machine?

Beast, what Beast?

It’s in the Bible.

I know not the Bible but machines might act beastly in the future.

The Beast will rule the Bible says.

I think you are over simplifying it.

But simple is good is it not?

For you it might be but not for me. Here’s a script for some medication, come back next week same time.

But the crush I have on this girl.

It will go away over time. Machines can be a menace. This girl will move on and hopefully give up the machine and make a real go of it but not with you. People think it’s clever to use machines and they do help but hands on treatment at the coal face of reality is better. Machines make us work less. Machines make us lazy. Mankind needs to work with their hands. Computers make lazy minds. We don’t need to think now, computers do all our thinking.

I think the Beast will be a machine with artificial intelligence.

Are you sure?

Not really.

You are speculating.

Yes. I don’t think anyone knows for real sure what the Beast will be. Some might say it’s a computer. But computers now are just in their infancy, in the future computers could be something else. We have quantum computers coming, we have artificial intelligence coming.

We had better stop there. I have my next patient in a few minutes, we have already gone over time as it is.

Sorry Doctor. Bye.


Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


April 30, 2018

When I think of all this spying I think of:

Let’s go back to prior digital let’s go back to analogue days say the 1930’s to 1950’s. Say the Government in those earlier days wanted to spy on its own people. So in every post office in this country we get government spies who work in these offices looking through all mail, opening up and resealing mail. So why did Government not look through all our mail in these earlier times? Why the change with Government wanting to look through all our private mail now? For a start in the earlier times looking at other peoples mail was not cricket, no gentleman or lady of refinement looked at other peoples mail. But now it seems gentlemen and ladies do look at other peoples mail. In the past privacy was just that privacy. In the past even Government respected privacy, but not now. Why do Government now think that it has a right to look at peoples private mail? Maybe now a days we don’t have gentlemen and ladies. Are spies gentlemen and ladies? What used to the definition of a gentleman and a lady is maybe a different definition from what it is now.

So is mankind creating a big BEAST to watch us all. The BEAST has powers. The BEAST will serve SATAN. Humans serve Satan by building his Beast. Maybe a Beast will be sent in to outer space and spy on us all from above.

In the past life was more simple. The Beast and it’s making in the past was just a minor aberration and this aberration consisted of say only a diode or resister or even before that just a bulky valve. We had radio. Radio the beginnings of electronic wizardry. Radio and telegraphy our first beginnings to make a Beast. The Beast will get most people online. The Beast will rule with artificial intelligence (AI). Radio and telegraphy the beginnings of online. Satan knows that money is mankind’s love so Satan will control through controlling the money system. You will be bought through money. You will give access of your life to Satan for money. Satan will own you. Life was more simple in the past before electronic gadgetry; life was more simple when mans inventions did not exist. Life was more simple when man worked for his her needs not wants. Mans inventions have made this world very complex. Satan is complex. The Beast is complex. Mans inventions are complex. The human body and soul and spirit thrive on simplicity. Now man has to drug him her self up to the max. Drugs are rife in society now. In the past in the simple past where mans inventions were few, drugs were not needed. Now every Tom, Dick and Gloria are either taking prescription or hard drugs.

But I am confused. God has given mankind many callings, as in vocations. We get engineer callings, we get just about every vocation under the sun. And a lot of these callings work with electronics. Why does God give callings to mankind that aberration the soul? Mans inventions seem to be part and parcel of God’s callings. But God’s callings are building up to making the Beast and its operations possible, why? It certainly can not be God’s plan to have the Beast, or is it? Is the Beast Gods plan? God knows the Beast will rule and God is allowing it. So we have all these God’s callings and they look like they pave the way for the Beast. The Beast serves Satan. But God is above and let’s it all happen. The Beast is not in heaven nor is Satan in heaven but heaven is above and sees all hears all, just like the eyes and ears are in the head over the heart and body. What is above rules over what is below. Every human body is subject to God, so God can do anything He likes to your body. But people still do wrong. And the Beast will still control. God let’s the Beast rule.

So the simple man and woman find no solace in a complex world, they do not belong to this world, there will be aberration in their souls. The simple person is straight and to cope in this world you need to be perverted and complex. The simple straight person will be smothered by perversion and complexity that can make their souls (minds) go mad.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

FESTUS TO APOSTLE PAUL – “Paul all your learning has made you mad”.

February 26, 2018

What is going on and where is it going? We have computers but these computers are not going to be it. Nothing is it. It moves on. It changes. We humans are not it’s. God is not an it. So humans began simple. Computers as we know them did not come out of a test tube. Computers did not wam bam just appear. Computers have evolved.

Computers started with radio. We had the first inkling of a computer with diodes and valves and electricity. We got radio and then transmitters. We had spark transmitters. So we must start with a spark to communicate. Humans have a human spirit. We sometimes call our spirit our spark. And we say sometimes he or she is a bright spark. In my thinking the human spirit is like no other spark but is human in form. Animals or birds or fish or insects I see nothing as to them having spirit. I just don’t know. Humans have soul. Animals, birds, fish, insects do not have soul. You can not educate any creature other than humans. You can not educate any creature to speak a wise language except humans. Humans have soul and can learn to speak languages and learn knowledge. Humans have a voice box.

Computers to my thinking will move on. We are still in the infancy of evolving artificial intelligence and it’s accompanying mechanics. Where are humans going with computers? Computers are artificial intelligence. Mankind is moving away from God given intelligence to man made intelligence. But why does mankind want to give up what is natural for what is unnatural? Mankind calls it ‘progress’. Progress makes money. Money brings in materialism. Mankind wants materials. Mankind does not want to work for God above. Satan led the first man and woman to eat of knowledge. This knowledge can do good or evil. So why did Satan approve of Adam and Eve eating knowledge? God did say eating of knowledge will eventually cause your death. Maybe this death is in human spirit? Or was this death meant to imply death to the human race in the future? Whatever; death may come either way. Mankind might eventually destroy this world using knowledge of good and evil. Satan hates anything God made. But Satan also was made by God. Satan has his plan, he wants to control this world, he is the Prince of this world. Satan will use his Beast to control humans and therefore this world. The Beast is up to conjecture because such is still in the pipeline, we won’t see the Beast until he is created. Some people say the Beast is a giant big computer in this world. There could be super computers in this world controlling humans indirectly but the aim of Satan is to have direct control over humans. The Beast will control humans via a Mark that will be on human foreheads or on their right hands. This Mark will link humans directly to the Beast. Maybe the Beast will have life or death over humans through the Mark. The Beast will control buying and selling. Humans will give their lives to the Beast. Satan will control the Beast. We see China evolving and slowly edging its way in to a top super power. China the Dragon nation. I have seen the snake in peoples eyes. This is true. And the Asian person is the most likely host of a snake deity inside their bodies. Snakes abound in other races but it’s mostly in Asian bodies.

I thought today about the future of computers in relation to mankind and Satan. It makes me think that because computers have evolved up to this time then mankind themselves also evolved. See we had the diode. We had the valves. We had the transistor. We had resistors. Humans had to start somewhere, like one cell, to many cells, to limbs, to brain, to organs. Computers did not appear over night. So how could humans appear over night? Humans were created, yes, by God. God used intelligence to create life. God is in us humans. God is invisible. The Father God is invisible. The invisible made the visible. Humans started as single cells, maybe in water. We need water for all life to start and end, without water we can not exist. We came from water, we exist in water, water is in us. Our bodies are full of water. We drink water regularly. Humans are in the likeness of our creator God. Humans became totally in the image of God at the time of the Garden of Eden. God gave soul to Adam and Eve and humans ever since are given soul. Computers are also on the way to being like their creator. Mankind creates computers and eventually mankind will make creations in his her own image. These humanoids will be in the image of mankind. So is Satan all for these man made creation humanoids? First mankind needed knowledge of good and evil to make computers, starting from diodes and valves. Without the knowledge mankind could not create. God wanted Adam and Eve and their descendants to be simple and obedient. God provided everything for Adam and Eve. There was nothing Adam and Eve had want for. Eden was a paradise. But God gave freewill. God did not want mankind to be obedient through God complete control. God wanted mankind to obey freely.

So we have humanoids, man made robots in our image coming in the future. God created and rested. Mankind will create robots in our image and rest. Robots in our image will do all the works. Mankind will be God and the humanoids will be the creatures. But will not humanoids rebel against the authority of mankind just as humans rebelled against God? It seems a good possibility. What does Satan want to do here with artificial intelligence and man made artificial humanoids? Surely Satan knew that when mankind first ate of knowledge that he knew this was the beginning of the end of humans. Satan really wants to rule mankind and mankind thinks he she is clever to create humanoids in his her image but I think also that Satan will use all this man made humanoids to his own advantage. God the Father has a Son. God the Father rules above with His Son. Satan has the Beast. Jesus Christ came in to this world and called Himself Son of God and son of man. So it makes me think that Satan’s Beast will be say half human and half robot. The Beast rules in this world alongside Satan just as Jesus Christ rules alongside the Father God in heaven. Jesus Christ is both human and God. The Beast will be both human and robot. I think cyborgs are the name for creatures both human and robot. Jesus has His followers. We call Jesus followers the elect. Will the Beast have his own followers who are the Beast’s elect? Will the supposed cyborg Beast have many cyborgs of lesser power than him under his control and ruling with him but in a subservient role to him? The Beast will of course have much powers.

Mankind has served Satan ever since Adam and Eve obeyed Satans suggestion and ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Satan won to God’s great disappointment. God in His extreme love turned to the human race and offered a hand of help. God sent His only begotten Son in to this world, Son of God, Son of man, and this Son Jesus took the punishment that mankind so deserved and also this Son Jesus took our sins in His body and died to them. God only asks that we repent to Him our sins and accept His Son Jesus in to our lives to be Lord. Jesus lives above He was raised. Jesus will save our souls. God also promises to the saved souls eternal life above in heaven.

Now I do not know if the Beast will be a cyborg. I don’t know a lot of things. It’s up to your own conscience to decide what is truth. Read the Bible for truth.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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Internet Preacher


February 26, 2018

What is the purpose or one of the many purposes of Satan?

To get every human online.

And online to what?

Online to what will be known as the Beast.

Why get people online to the Beast?

The Beast serves Satan. Satan is the Evil one. Satan is a deposed angel kicked out of heaven. God is the true real brains but Satan rules through the world through artificial intelligence.

Why does Satan not rule from God given intelligence?

To be truly God intelligence is to rule from above, Satan does not rule from above.

What is the Beast?

The Beast can be left up to our imagination at this time. Just as we did not know where radio valves and transistors would lead to. We don’t know entirely where present computers will go.

The Beast???

Yes the Beast. Satan has to make up his own intelligence apart from God. Satan’s intelligence is what we call artificial intelligence. Artificial is not God made, it’s not genuine. The Beast will rule in Satan’s name. But the Beast is ruled by Satan.

So why go online to the Beast?

The Beast will control the money of all the world. As the saying goes “Money makes the world go around” (please note: God makes the earth go around).

But why go online to the Beast?

People want money, most people will say they need money (a lot of people will say we need sex, we just don’t want sex we need it). Money buys things. Money buys food. We need food and water to survive. People will go online to the Beast to get money to buy things.

Will many people go online to the Beast?

Look at online now. Look at how many people are in to artificial intelligence now. See how many people are online now. This is the start. Online has been here for a while. The future online will be marked by what is known as the Mark of the Beast.

Who rules this world?

Satan is the prince of this world.

We the true elect Church are in this world but not of this world.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

AI – The Future World Ruler??

September 27, 2017

Putin speaks sense here – He who rules the world in the future will rule at top with artificial intelligence (AI). The top AI will rule. Top is not metaphorically speaking with this AI rule. Top in this sense with AI is what we see with our physical eyes, it is not a beyond meta rule. 

I say will AI rule from space? AI above in the physical heavens whereas God the creator rules above in the metaphorical heavens. AI is unnatural. God is natural. Will the Beast use AI? Will Satan use AI? God does not have to use AI. Why should God use AI? God is not off this world. We live in this world but we are not off this world. Satan rules this world. God rules from above. Our soul is above and saved in Jesus Christ, simple, heaven is above, simple. We live in the body of Christ with God above. The elect of God live for the above. AI is a way that Satan uses to rule this world, Satan is not up in the real God heaven, Satan rules in this world but from above. Have insight. See. Discern. But only those who are in the body of Christ can really see or really hear. Who is deluding who?
So we have an AI creature man made ruling from space and orbiting the earth, he sees all. Maybe knows all about everyone who takes the Mark. This AI creature will rule the world. We have God made by humans. Humans at last defying the true God and making their own God and humans putting their God up above. Humans obeying Satan. Satan loves it all, seeing humans rebelling against the true God. But God has the last word, as always. God can not be mocked. And try and kill God you kill yourselves. God is eternal. God sees and hears all, God knows all. Man wants to know as God knows, man wants the power of God. Satan easily leads humans to do his works. Satan offers money, prestige, status, luxury, power, world position. Humans are a push over for Satan. 
AI will rule this world. Putin is right. What will become of humans when AI rules? Humans will obey the Beast. The Beast will rule with AI. The Beast does not have a God created brain. God is the natural brains. The AI will be artificial brains. 
“Beam me up Scotty there is no naturally intelligent lifeforms on this planet”. 
Humans won’t have to use their natural God made brains, AI will be the brains. 

No thinking for humans. And who thinks now a days? Humans think that animals also think. Animals think??? Lions think?? Elephants think??? Dogs think?? Cats think??? Humans have lost the plot. Life is so complex now that humans can not see. Our thinking is now done by AI. If your cat thinks then it must have a soul and if it has a soul then it can be saved for heaven. Jesus saves souls. We should be able to teach a cat to learn English if the cat has a soul and then to preach salvation to the cats soul. 
I hate people talking and writing that animals have souls. Humans are the only creatures that have souls. It’s obvious to me. Am I deluded? Who is deluded here? Some of these intelligentsia need their heads read. These fake teachers teach nonsense. We don’t save cats or dogs for the kingdom of God. We don’t save fish or birds for the kingdom of God.
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


May 29, 2017

 Mark (Facebook founder) wants us all in the world connected up. Sounds alright. But me thinks the Dragon Satan wants all the world connected up, connected up to the Beast. 

The Beast works for the Dragon. The Dragon is Satan. So here we become all connected up, we have the Mark of the Beast, the Beast controls us, the Dragon controls the Beast. 
This makes me think of the TOWER OF BABEL. The world’s people shared a common language, all together they sought to reach the heavens. But heaven is not meant to be taken literally. Heaven is above but to be taken metaphorically. Heaven is real just as this earth is real but heaven is to be understood to our human spirit and soul. So trying to get to God up there is misunderstood as it was in the time of the TOWER OF BABEL. God was angry to see humans he created trying to be so stupid. God had had enough of their stupidity and struck. God caused the people to separate into different languages. 
Now Satan wants to connect us humans up. BUT Satan wants to control the connections. Satan will be boss of this connected up human race. 
In the past nations were more sovereign in their own particular cultures. Each nation had their own culture different from a lot of other cultures. Nations had their own distinct language different from other nations languages. 
Now a days cultures are being eroded. Take the U.K. We see multi culturism. Even Australia is known now for its multi culturism. But multi cuturism means watering down the former distinct cultures. We humans were known to identify ourselves by our own culture, our language, our nation’s religion. 
So we lead to globalism, one culture, one language. One Government. The Dragon will govern us through the BEAST. You want money (may be the universal basic income, all cashless) you take the Mark of the Beast. 
Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


March 12, 2015

It was the year 2045 Ron a bright and gifted PHD student was bringing his new project home. Ron lived with his elderly retired parents. 
Mum and Dad meet Nigel. 

Hello Nigel.

H e l l o.

Mum and Dad Nigel is going through his last paces of readaptation. 

What’s that mean son?

Readaptation just means Nigel is coming in to human thinking. 

Nigel kept looking at Ron’s parents, actually Nigel was eye balling Ron’s parents. 

Sit down Nigel while I have my dinner in the other room. 

Ron leaves the room. 

Ron’s parents Adam and Gloria find it intimidating having Nigel stare at them.

Nigel what do you like doing?

I  a m  g o i n g  t o  s n u f f  y o u  b o t h  o u t  o n e  d a y.

What!! What do you mean?

I  a m  g o I n g  t o  k i l l  y o u.

Ron!! Ron!! Come here 

What is it?

Your robot just threatened to kill us.

Come on Mum and Dad Nigel does not even know how to kill. Nigel is not programmed to kill. 

But Ron he said he would snuff us out.

Nigel did you say that?

R o n  I  d o n t  c o m p u t e. 

Nigel did you say you would kill my parents?

W h a t  d o e s  k i l l  m e a n ?

There You must have heard Nigel wrongly.

But son.

I have to go to my room. Nigel and I are working late tonight. Nigel and I are at the frontier of science. Nigel is the first of his kind. I hope to have my PHD thesis finished soon.

Son are you sure you know what you are doing?

Nigel will just be the first of his kind. Soon we will have many like Nigel. Artificial intelligence and robots will be the making of mankind. Good night. 

Adam and Gloria remain in the kitchen and discuss the ramifications of robots. 

Artificial the making of mankind I think it’s the perversion of mankind. Artificial will take over from what is natural. We don’t need artificial thinking robots. They might kill us humans.
100 years later ……….

Humanoids populate the earth and space. Humanoids are robots that look and think like humans. The human powers to be have decided that we humans must do away with all diseases and this can only be achieved by cloning humans and cloning only those who are disease free. Police humanoids are authorised to round up diseased humans and imprison them and then ship them in a space craft into outer space where they are ejected out of the space craft to die.  
Years and years in the past ……….

In the Garden of Eden.

Life was simple. There were no wants, there were just needs. Here there was no money. Food and water was abundant in this garden. Everything in this garden was natural. There was nothing unnatural in this garden. There was no fear. There was no hate. All the creatures were vegetarian. 

God said to Adam and Eve that if you eat of the tree of knowledge you will die. Man was tempted by Satan to know as God knows. 

Knowledge brings death. Maybe knowledge will bring death to mankind. With this knowledge that man has got he has been able to create like God. The snake inspired Eve and therefore Adam to eat knowledge. 

Satan is behind mans knowing. This knowing is called the FALL of mankind. Man was not meant to know as God knows. God gave man FREEWILL. Will man give humanoids FREEWILL? 
Where do I stand in all this? …………

I say let it all come on. The beast whatever. The death of mankind yes bring it all on. God knows how we think I mean God is the beginning of thought and knows thought through and through (right to the end if there is an end to thought) with all its possibilities. God knows Satan’s thoughts. God has all power over everyone’s thoughts (words). But God has given us freewill in our thoughts. So bring on Armageddon, bring on the end of the world. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 27, 2015

I see I see from my eyes and my eyes are in my head. My head is above my heart and my heart is below my head. I see from above my heart. My heart often in tension; often vexed. The world seems to be on a level of my heart and my head seems to be on a level of the heavens. I live in soul in the heavens in my head. ALL THIS IS ANALOGY. 

This analogy that I give of the head and heart being the world and the heavens is spiritual teaching; such teaching is from above and does not come from Satan. It is perceived teaching. We are human spirit in the heart and we have a soul in the head. We give our lives to God, we ask JESUS CHRIST to come in to our heart. God gives the Holy Spirit in to our heart. Our human spirit learns off the Holy Spirit. So there is a spiritual battle with the dark forces fighting to win our souls for God. We are fighting in the heavens in mind/soul/head and also world/heart. 

Satan is ruler of the air. In the future can you conjure up thoughts of humans breathing through masks. 

Now if I was Satan I would want to control creation. I would want to subject all peoples to me. Now getting control means controlling from the above. We have satellites in the heavens as it is. But Satan wants to put his own creation in the heavens to control the world. This creation of Satan’s above will try to replicate what God does in the heavens. Maybe this creation in the heavens will be called “The Beast” and if it is not called that name this creation above will still be controlled by The Beast. God is all seeing from the heavens. This creation above of Satans will see all. Cameras seeing all. This creation will hear all and know all. This creation will control even maybe the weather. 

Satan basically wants to take over from God. Satan did try to take over the heavens but God cast Satan out of the heavens to this earth. Satan is still proud and wants to rule creation from this earth.  

The Beast will have his Mark on all his people. The Beast will control his people through this Mark. This Mark allows people to buy and sell. Christians are warned not to take the Mark. The Mark will mean eventual death (eternal damnation). 

JESUS while on this earth (maybe) never carried money nor used money. The true prophets of God in the Old Testament maybe also never carried money. John the Baptist would never have used money. Judas was JESUS disciple and Judas carried the money for the 12 disciples. Judas betrayed JESUS for money. The love of money can kill. You can only have one master – money or God. 

So Satan is not Lord of Lords of the mind/soul/head. The God Head rules the heavens and the God Head is trying to save souls. God rules the God Head, with JESUS CHRIST at his right side. The heart is often vexed; the forces of light are trying to win over the hearts (and souls/minds) for God. “Evil prevails when good men do nothing”. We must try and win souls out of darkness in to the light. Satan rules in the darkness, God rules in the light. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 25, 2015

Satan is Lord of the air. But we humans need air to breathe. And why is God not Lord of the air? God yes is king of his kingdom. God is within. Within what? The human body. So is God not in the air? How can God be in the air when Satan rules the air? Does spirit need air to exist? Also does spirit need water to exist? Does God have lungs and does God breathe? JESUS lives and in so doing does JESUS breathe air? Or does God live out in outer space where there is no air?

If Satan is Lord of the air, will Satan try and pollute the air say with heaps and heaps of CARBON to try and kill life. Carbon can kill. Carbon can kill humans. Carbon: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons. The triple 6 here in Carbon might not mean Satan’s number, it is pure conjecture if intended. But the mark of the Beast put on/in humans in the future might be a Carbon Mark. I mean look at the strip of Carbon on the backs of bank cards etc. God sees all, God knows all, God hears all. Satan was in heaven until he got too proud and God banished Satan to this world. Later Satan will be banished to Hell. So Satan is working his tricks now on earth. Satan wants to what? See all, know all, hear all. So Satan is setting up a replica system to God and his system. Satan creates what we call the Beast. Satan wants to through the Beast rule the peoples of this world. So the mark of the Beast comes in. God knows everything about every human so Satan also wants to know everything about every human. The Beast is used to know everything on all people. Is the Beast a computer, I don’t know. See in the future our technology currently now will be seen as just children’s play or even babies play. Technology in the future including computers is going to change a lot from what it is today. We are still in infancy of technology. Computers in the future are going to be so very different from today’s computers. I mean it was just in my fathers generation that radio valves were used. We certainly have advanced further than valves. But tell my grandfather in his time that valves will be obsolete and that there will be micro chips etc; granddad will just yawn and maybe not comprehend. I see we are going to go in to robots in a very very deep way. Robots that look just like humans, but all artificial. Man wants his robots. Man was made by God to serve the God head but man wants robots to serve him. Man wants to be god and have robots as his servants. As I said Satan wants to replicate God and His system. And Satan will use the Beast. The Beast is 666. Is the Beast made out of Carbon and is the mark of the Beast a Carbon mark? Could be but we really don’t know. Carbon is certainly polluting the air and if too much Carbon is in the air humans will struggle to live.

The bible says Satan is Lord of the air. Maybe God did not make Satan Lord of the air but Satan saw opportunity here that by ruling the air he Satan would rule the world. So the air is what Satan uses to his advantage. Satan does not try and rule the water, the plants, the animals, birds, insects, soil, NO Satan tries to rule the air.

Back to the Beast. The Beast will know everything about everything about people. This mark of the beast will tell the Beast a lot. Maybe this mark will even be able to record heart beats; maybe this mark will be used by the Beast to have control over human body systems.

When ever an evil dictator gets in control of a nation the dictator wants to have information on his people. Stalin in the former Soviet Union had files made up on a lot of people. Hitler was the same, files on people. But God already knows all about everybody so why do these tyrants want to know what God already knows. It’s because tyrants work for Satan. So George Orwell predicted this all seeing hearing knowing State. The State was like a Beast. The State was God in the Soviet Union and the State owned most things. The State in the Soviet system was the all seeing hearing knowing God. But the State was ruled by few people who had all the power. These few people were Evil. Stalin and Hitler were despots of the vilest kind.

The Beast will know everything about people and the Beast will control all banking. There will eventually be a cashless society. Cash even now is an inconvenience. Bank cards will eventually be made obsolete. When will we lose cash and cards? In my grandfathers time there were no credit or debit cards. In granddads time there were no computers, no ATM’s. Cash has been around for many many many generations BUT bank cards are not too old. Maybe we will give up cash and resort to just cards for a long time then later the mark of the Beast. The book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible warns Christians NOT to take the mark of the Beast. So in the future how are Christians going to buy and sell when they have not taken the mark? It might be very hard for Christians in the future.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


February 20, 2015

How man craves the simple life. No man made creations/inventions. Nothing complex. Just live for ones needs not wants. Fish from the sea, grow ones own vegetables, drink rain or spring water. No eating any foods or drinking any liquids that man has interfered with. Wear simple clothes.
Live out a life that the New Testament of the bible scriptures teach. The WORD of God is simple, all total straightforward, all true, the simple truth, the plain truth, no defilements, honest, pure, powerful, strong and All LIVING.

We want the SIMPLE LIFE. Wants make complexity, needs make simplicity. Live for our NEEDS not wants. For example live on an Island in the ocean where fish is in abundance, it rains regularly, vegetables can be grown.

MONEY is the Beasts domain. JESUS Christ did not carry money. JESUS left the money with Judas. Judas was the money man. Judas loved money. Judas lost his soul to Satan.

On an Island living the SIMPLE life (living just for our needs) we want to get AWAY from money.
Money is not simple. Money is complex. Money is mans invention.

So to get happiness in this world live for only your needs and not your wants. People think that to be happy you have to be able to have what you want and that means having the money to buy all you want. But that is deceptive because wants are deceptive. Want is like a big black hole with no end.

The simple life to some is a boring life. But a lot of people are jerks and they also see no further than a few feet in front of them. Insight is clearly lacking in a lot of people. And a lot of people are not deep thinkers, they have shallow thoughts, they see only skin deep. So people see the cover of a book but seldom want to go deeper and read the whole book.

Man = Mankind, male and female.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 18, 2015

I see virtual reality as a future reality of the human race. It’s a man made (artificial) reality as distinct from the God made reality.

Man makes his own reality. Remember the movies MATRIX. Outstanding movies. I was entranced with these movies. Matrix was about a virtual reality. In this virtual reality we had good against evil as there is in Gods reality good against evil. Man made reality; man made God; man made robots looking like and doing what humans can do and maybe much more. Snuff out Gods reality and replace it with man made reality. Satan wants us to do away with God. Kill off all the creation. Kill off all the plants. Kill off all the animals, insects, fish and birds. Snuff out the human spirit and soul.

So we wake up from our sleep and connect up to virtual reality. Our life becomes a lot virtual. Maybe the BEAST will have overall control over virtual reality. Robots made in human likeness will do all the work. How Satan must hate seeing man – why? Because man is made in the likeness of God. Satan does not want to be reminded of God. Humans and all plants, animals, insects, birds and fish are Gods creations. Satan will use man to make ARTIFICIAL.

So there are humans that are artificial they are odd. Humans that have minds not based on Gods creation but on mans creation. Man is a gardener, he sows and reaps and he weeds and plants. We have strong wrists to plant; weed and harvest. Sow spiritually and physically. Man has the seed; spirit and physical seeds. Spirit seeds are in living words. Physical seeds are sperm.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



January 30, 2015

The Nationals Member for Page condemns Prime Minister’s decision to give Prince Philip a knighthood – ABC News (quote: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The traditional thinking people like their titles and we see that in no small proportion in Prince Philip.

Two men were sitting at a table one was JESUS and the other Philip husband of Queen Elizabeth. “Hello my name is JESUS what is your name” and Philip spoke:

“His Royal Highness the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich, KG (Knight of the Garter), KT (Knight of the Thistle), OM (Order of Merit), GBE (Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire), AK (Knight of the Order of Australia), QSO (Companion of The Queen’s Service Order)”.

Jesus looked at Philip and thought “Are you for real”?

Seeking titles are not just narrowed down to the traditional upper classes. Of course royalty bred and breeds the class system. So from this bred class system starting from the royal court we end up getting revolution from the lower classes joining what we call a class struggle and inspiring people like Karl Marx to write manifesto’s belittling the bourgeois and their parasitical behaviour to the upper and royal class.

Class starts at the top with the Monarch. The closer you get to the Monarch and his or her favours the richer you are; you get lands, you get titles, you get status paid jobs, you get money. Hey once you belong to this so called “establishment” you are made, your career is made; you get the status jobs like in the Foreign Service and intelligence services But first you are given placement in the schools like Eaton and then Oxford or Cambridge. Anyone from Cambridge or Oxford with degrees are made; they belong. The USA has its establishment universities Harvard and Yale.

This so called class struggle has nothing to do with true Christ thinking. The true church should not be about class, the true church is about GRACE. Class is worldly and inspired by money and status. Jesus was never and still is not about class. The world loves to pigeon hole everything. We are just about labelled from birth. The Beast and 666 is the fruition of labelling and pigeon holing. We will carry a mark and this Mark means we are connected up to some Beast who has overall control over us. Of course buying and selling will come under the Beast. Some say that the Beast is a large big computer but I think what we know as computers are still in their infancy and in the future computers may look very different and these future computers might even go by a new name. Computers get smaller not bigger. Small is big and big is small. The atom is very very small but so very very powerful.

This ‘establishment’ bred by the traditional upper classes rooted in the royal court love their titles and pomp. But there are what we call the modern church people (called in circles Pentecostals) and these people love cliches like “Born again”; these people do not like tradition, some even abhor tradition; they usually take the bible literally BUT these people also like their titles. Well some of their leaders do. You get the evangelist (usually North American, USA) and first he calls himself an evangelist but it does not stop there. He is not satisfied with his title evangelist. He then calls himself a pastor and evangelist. But he goes on. Then he gets his followers and wants more titles. He’s now a pastor, evangelist and apostle. Then he adds teacher to the list.

NB. The Bible warns us not to take the Mark of the Beast.

Australia Day honours: PM Tony Abbott defends decision to grant knighthood for Prince Philip, says social media criticism is ‘electronic graffiti’ – ABC News (quote: Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I think that it looks some what meaningless to give a knighthood to a Prince of the royal family.

I think of King Arthur and the round table of Knights. See King Arthur was called King he was not called a knight. A King lords it over a knight. A knight is the Kings servant (and also the servant of the family of the King). The knight pleases the King. You don’t say Sir King Arthur. The Sir knighthood is a gift from the King not given to the King or his Sons. The King (or Queen) and family have Knights of the realm protecting the royal family. So calling Philip – Sir Prince Philip does not make sense. The knighthoods are bestowed from the royal family NOT on the royal family; such should be tradition coming from the ancients.

King Arthur was head of the round table. The present Queen is head of the table now. But what is the Queens husband doing at the table now as a knight. Is the Queens husband a knight now who serves the Queen. Knights are just servants protecting the realm. A King or Queen should not have their spouses as Knights. And the King or Queens children or grand children should not be Knights. The royal family are served by the Knights.

You know I think if it was not for Queen Elizabeth’s good moral life the English royal family might just be a bye word. Morals make a person; actually thoughts make a person, BUT good thinking makes good morals. Good morals in thinking, word and deed makes a person strong. You can not break truth and good morals make for truth.
Prince Charles does not have a good track record in morals; he has too many chinks in his armour and the Devil could get to him.

In the way past there were English Kings that were such hedonistic debauchees. The public now would have none of that. How times have changed. The man on the street has more power, the power of the spoken and written word.

We can not say any unkind words about Queen Elizabeth (Maybe she is protected – but protected by who – are there dark arts protecting her?).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

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