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May 25, 2018

So is a person a Christian if they have a Christian name. We in the Christian led West and English speaking have Christian names. In other nations where English is not spoken there can also be Christian names. Christian names seem to be of a religious beginnings. I would expect the Roman Catholic Church to have inspired people having as their first name a Christian name. The Catholics probably instigated a first Christian name and a surname. But I don’t really know. The Christian religion beginnings brought with it the rise of what we know as the Roman Catholic Church. This Catholic Church was the beginnings of a structured religion based on Jesus Christ.

Later we got schisms in the church. The Greek Orthodox and then much later the Russian Orthodox came being both schisms. Then the major big schism came being the Protestant churches. Protestant was a protest, a protest of the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t know if the Russian Orthodox Church was a schism off the Greek Orthodox Church or a direct schism of the Catholic Church but the Greek Orthodox Church was I think a schism off the Roman Catholic Church. The Protestant church though was a schism off the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic Priest. Martin instigated the schism protesting the Catholic Church. Martin was our first Protestant Church member. The Protestant Church has been schismed galore. Many twigs have grown off the main Protestant branch. We now get Pentecostal churches being the foliage of the tree. The tree is massive, and we see it’s age and it’s coming readiness, twigs are all over the tree, fruit is growing, we will later see it ready to be harvested.

So we in the Western Christian nations have a Christian name. We are Christian based. The Asians do not have Christian names. Asia is not Christian based.

Do Muslims have Christian names? How can they? They are not Christian.

Who is of this church grown tree? What families belong to this tree?

True haters of Christianity should get rid of their Christian names. Christian names obviously came about because of the Christian religion.

There is an anomaly: Infants come in to this world, they are given Christian names, later some might become God deniers, they become atheist. Thus we have many atheists with Christian names. When the atheists go for job interviews they give not just their surname but their Christian name too. These atheists live a life structured around the 7 day week. This 7 day week was initiated by Christ believers. The atheists lives are based on Christ’s death as we use BC before Christ and AD after death for our calendar. When the atheist dies and is buried they have a cross on their grave, the cross represents the cross Jesus Christ died on.

When I was young before my introduction to Christianity I might have been called a lost soul. But even in my lost state I did not deny the Supreme God. I just did not know or understand God, i was lost and ignorant. I wanted understanding, I wanted wisdom. But in my simple state my simple soul was overwhelmed by wisdom of the world that was breaking my soul. I was being perverted in soul around the clock. The Dragon woman and Satan were trying to break me, bend me. It’s probably a kind of witch craft. In my lost state I did not have understanding. God saw me, I may have been chosen even before I was born but I do not know. In my fallen state or lost state God reached out to me. God gave me a Holy Spirit to help me. From that day on I was protected and helped. Understanding came to me, I could see. I could hear. My human Dad put it this way “I am enlightened”. He said this about him. He said he was enlightened. When I became saved my human Dad was a changed person. I used to think of Dad in this new life of his as being on top of everything. I also now saw Dad had crystal clear eyes. His transformation was quite amazing, it awed me.

What I am trying to say is even though I was not a Christian in my earlier years I did not deny God. I have never been an atheist. In my earlier non Christ life I would never have thought I could be intelligent enough to deny God. In my former life I did not think much or if I did my thoughts were of little real consequence. I can not get my head around intelligent thinking people denying God. How can you deny God if you don’t believe in Him and how can you not believe in God if you do not first believe in Him. To not acknowledge God you first have to acknowledge Him. I think atheists are taking the mickey out of Christ believers, they are trying to act all clever, an excuse to just sin.

Final thought here:

I can see the atheist is about a person who calls out to God above in the heavens “God up there I do not believe in you”. Sound and look foolish? Certainly not clever.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



February 21, 2016

These snow flakes attest to a God of intelligent design.

They say there are no two flakes the same design. 

Christian: who designed the snow flake?

Atheist: it’s all by chance.

Christian: chance must be highly intelligent. 

Agnostic: there is a God of design but who wants to know Him.

Christian: why don’t you want to know Him?

Agnostic: because I don’t want God to know me.

Atheist: God does not exist.

Christian: who designed the snow flake?

Atheist: it was no supreme God.

Christian: who?

Atheist: chance is highly complex. We live in a complex body. Our universe is complex. 

Christian: do you see and hear?

Atheist: I see and hear.

Christian: then atheist you will have no excuse when you become before God in the End Times. Those who are deaf and blind will have a better excuse to God then those who do see and hear yet deny God. 

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.

P.s. Spiritually deaf and blind.

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