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Agent 110 – Allen Dulles

July 3, 2017

Allen was a spy working for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) a US agency that preempt the Central Intelligence Agency and as we know for short as the C.I.A. The OSS was born out of the Second World War. Allen was a lawyer head hunted to work for the OSS and stationed in Bern Switzerland. 

The Second World War got the USA short on intelligence gathering, the British by this time had plenty of intelligence gathering experience. With the British help the OSS got of to a start. Before the OSS it was said by one Secretary of State “Gentlemen do not read other people’s mail”. The Allies needed intelligence and mail reading was now on in speed. So much for being gentlemen. The British had MI6 the foreign intelligence gathering and MI5 the domestic intelligence gathering. 
Allen’s father was a Presbyterian Minister. Allen’s maternal grandfather had been a Secretary of State. Allen’s brother, Foster, was a lawyer who in 1953 became Secretary of State. Allen became C.I.A. Director in 1953. Two brothers at the apex of USA power. Allen and Foster now had the communist threat from the Soviets to deal with. Allen was the first civilian Director of the C.I.A. the former Directors were military men. 
Allen began work in the diplomatic corps in 1916. Allen was stationed first in Vienna then transferred to Bern Switzerland when the First World War started. Later Allen left the diplomatic services to work in a New York law firm. 
Allen was deeply involved in “Operation Sunrise”. SS General Karl Wolff who commanded all SS troops in Italy saw defeat looming and initiated peace talks with the Allies. Dulles was the front man for these talks. Wolff went to Switzerland on a few occasions to meet Dulles. 
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