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December 11, 2014

I had an e mail today offering me a synthetic lawn for the front of my villa. On first looking at this e mail I took a few minutes to get my thoughts even keeled because the thought of synthetic lawn in front of my villa caused a few minutes of windy thinking. Yes I was upset. I do not want artificial lawn on my property. Artificial, synthetic, manmade, plastic, all try to smother out Mother Nature. So who is Mother Nature now? Is she a plastic barbie doll?

Years ago a photo in a woman’s magazine stood out to me. This photo was a picture of a well known Italian actress. This actress was vey old in age but in the photo she looked about 30 years old. I have heard that she has had many plastic surgeries. I mean she is now a lot plastic. Just imagine at her funeral, the priest says “plastic to plastic and a bit dust to dust”. If this actress was cremated there would be a blob of plastic left after her burning.

Girls start their initiation in to mothering by having baby dolls. These dolls are usually plastic. But there are adults that do not give up on the plastic but take it into adult life in their own lives. Plastic is artificial. There is artificial mothering. Women go in to their adult life as barbie dolls. They are barbie dolls. This actress mentioned is a barbie doll.

So we have women smothering out what is natural for what is unnatural. Synthetic is unnatural. Ageing is natural and God ordained. Grow old and enjoy it. Grow old and do not fight it.

So Mum is becoming synthetic, artificial and Manmade. Mum is becoming the barbie doll. Creation is becoming smothered in synthetic. Cover God in plastic. Replace God with synthetic.

We want our real true mothers back!!!!!!!

Mankind is replacing humans with synthetic. Replace mum and dad with manmade. Replace God the Father and Mother Nature with artificial.

But mankind is determined down this path of replacing all God made with manmade. This path is like programmed in to mankind’s psyche so nothing will change it. Mankind is determined that science (knowledge) is mankind’s answer to all problems. So is everyone more or less constipated? Eating the wrong food can mess up with our intestines. We need natural food not unnatural food because our bodies were made for natural by a natural God. Manmade can be so very unnatural. We need simple food for our simple intestines. Manmade can be so complex. Humans make themselves complex. God does not make humans complex. God speaks the simple truth. SIMPLE truth. Mankind lies.

So mankind is pursuing life outside planet earth. But life needs water and food. That’s the life I think of. I see no water outside earth. Mankind is like a whore looking for another Mother Nature. Mankind has whored with earths Mother Nature and defiled it now mankind wants to find a new mother (nature) to whore with. Mankind’s Mother Nature has become defiled (polluted). All our making of the mother into artificial is making mankind in to jerks. There is no putting mans roots deep down in to an artificial Mother Nature. Putting roots down in to plastic is just jerking. Artificial is just being a jerk. You get these women that look like sex sirens – I am afraid to say but such women are just jerks. Pornography is just for immature jerks. There is no deep relationship in pornography.

I see mankind and his pursuit for life outside earth as vain. But what is mankind’s demise? Will it be when our solar systems sun dies out? I do not know, no one knows yet. The mind boggles at such questions. Will mankind send robots to far out journeys in to space? Why send humans when robots can exist up there.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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