I thought on this today. We feel this way that way any way. What if I feel lonely. To do so I must feel lonely about someone or some people. I must miss someone. Someone may be missing me but to feel it I must miss the other person. Feelings come and go the longer they linger and stay you can move elsewhere to get away from the feelings. Move on. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Don’t let the feelings get to you. If someone misses you and they are lonely you don’t have to miss them and be lonely. Friends linger, feelings linger. Those closest to you affect your feelings. Sometimes to get some space from feelings you may have to get away from certain people. Feelings is to and from the heart. Feelings come like vibrations. How people rave on about their city being vibrant. Vibrant means getting good feelings. We must make friends to get feelings. How do we please our feelings? We shower our friends with appropriate love, we give gifts to our friends. No man is an island. We have to have friends so we must treat our friends with sincerity. Some people do get away from other people, they call themselves hermits. These hermits live away from all people, they live lives of solitude, they are not affected by vibrations/feelings. Hermits in many cases want to just commune with God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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