Who benefited most out of Xmas Day? Christ? No. The Church? No. The poor, lost and sick? No. The hungry? No.

The people who benefited most from Xmas Day are the shop keepers.

Xmas Day is about feeding a frenzy of greedy shop owners. Shops promote Xmas Day like it’s the end of the world. Before Xmas Day it’s a media scrum to cater to shops advertising. The media are on board to promote Xmas Day as the shops pay huge amounts of money to the media. Xmas Day is a billionaire scramble as shops try to out do each other for the customers money.

So where is Christ’s birth in Xmas Day in the shops and media advertising, it’s there a tiny bit just to make sure shoppers are brought to the shops till in peace and good will depositing all their money. Shops use the birth of Christ for their own selfish means. Do our Church leaders lambast shops for using Christ for money? No. Jesus remember when in the Temple courts turned over the money changers tables, Jesus ran the shop sellers selling wares in the Temple courts out of the Temple area. Xmas is just about money now nothing more.

So what is the purpose of Xmas time? It’s plain to see, Xmas to most people is about peace and good will. It’s about giving gifts, it’s about drinking alcohol, It’s about feasting, it’s about family reunions, it’s about resting. And the shops take your money and make themselves rich. Christ’s birth is nothing.

Children are taught that Xmas is about Santa giving gifts. Children are not taught about Jesus Christ. Some children go to Sunday school and are taught the truth but this is getting rare now a days, Sunday school is looked on as an oddity. Adults would prefer their young children believed in Santa Claus not in Jesus Christ. Who is deceiving who?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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