Wise Leadership

It’s good that Australians expect good morals from their leaders. Good morals are first the most important ingredient to leadership, then intelligence, then qualifications. Good morals is Godly wisdom.

We in Australia follow the British in wanting our top leaders to be moral. The USA lacks moral fibre as shown in its now top leader. Europe lacks moral fibre, we see leaders in many of Europe’s nations over many years acting perverse. Merkel is an exception. Perverts ruling nations bring nations down. The USA usually is morally sound in its leader but it’s lacking now, it’s leader now has the moral fibre of something close to Hugh Hefner. Barack Obama was a good leader, he stays faithful to his wife, he is no adulterer. Trump meantime lacks faith. Trump and his friends like Putin can talk about prostitutes.

So we need faithful and loyal leadership. Faithful means faithful to the ONE God. Faithful means faithful to the ONE wife. Loyal means loyal to the ONE God. One head to be faithful and loyal to. The ONE Head of God, the God Head.

Qualifications to rule are not necessary earned at a school or college or university but are earned by listening, loving, forgiving, being merciful, being kind, patient, caring, tolerant.

School teaches little of the true qualifications needed to rule. Wisdom of God is the true ruling qualification. Wisdom of God is JESUS CHRIST no other.

Wisdom of Jesus Christ is not taught at school, knowledge is taught at school, knowledge is of the Father God, but wisdom is of Jesus Christ. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is knowledge in the sense it’s knowing but it is knowing God. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is NOT science. Science is knowledge that God the Father said not to eat of. The tree of life is Wisdom of Jesus Christ. We can live by knowing Christ’s Wisdom and not by knowing science. Science has a two edged sword, it kills on one side and heals on the other side whereas Wisdom of Christ is good for all and does only but good.

I don’t need science to live on this planet earth. I can live by just being wise of Christ. God said eat of knowledge and you will die.

Science makes us like God the Father. But the Father God wants us to be like His Son Jesus Christ. Science is killing this planet. Science is raping this planet earth for the sake of Progress, and Progress is simply about making money and having man made creations. Wisdom of God is living simply. Simple living is healthy living.

Religion has made friends with science. Religion has made friends with money. The religious church fights evil with science but evil uses science to fight the religious church. Scientists like Einstein and Hawking are the peoples gods. People rush to Scientists to save mankind.

We are a faithless people.

God will protect you from evil.


It’s true.



Fool. We need weapons.

But everything comes down to words.


Words control us.


Control the mind, the soul, the thoughts, the heart, you control people.

Durr. We need science to build weapons.

But we are soul we are spirit.

We are flesh and bone.

I know but flesh and bone are just a covering.

Covering for what?

For us, you, me, other people. We are what we think. Soul thinks.

Look we need to fight physically.

And physically you will die.


It’s simple.

What’s simple?

The truth.

Truth simple?

Yes it’s ALWAYS the simple truth.

Bahhhh. You are a dreamer.

Wake up sleeper.

What!!! I am not a sleep.

One of us is and it’s not me.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.





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