The dress maker gets a pattern for her dress. The pattern is the design. Patterns for dresses can be bought from the shop. Patterns are made by designers. The dress maker buys her material. The maker cuts up her fabric material to fit the size of the pattern. The maker cuts out the dress sleeves. She attaches the sleeves to the main body of the dress. She sews with a sewing machine the parts of the dress together.

My question is: Was the dress created or did the dress evolve?

Did the dress evolve over time? Dresses have evolved over time to suit more modern thinking. The dress in question was made, true, but is made called created or evolved? Clothing does evolve to suit more later modern tastes but that is where evolution in clothes stops. The dress in question was made and made to a design a pattern so it was created. We get evolution of clothes to suit different clothes design tastes but the clothes are created. We get both evolution and creation.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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