Escape from the Japanese (Book title)

Commander Goodwin outwitted the Devil. I think Goodwin had extra help, help from the good divine.

Even Goodwin when thinking back over his escape while writing this book reflects how only intervention by a “higher power” (I use those two words) could have helped him escape. Goodwin even says it must have been pre ordained that he would escape. So did God know before hand that this war would happen? I love a good true escape story. I love good over evil, I hate evil winning I love good winning. Goodwin is a winner.

Every day we are trying to outwit the Devil. We are in a war with our thoughts. We think or we should think. Who lives witless and mindless. Our mind is the seat of the soul. We sharpen up our thinking on the Words of God. We can use the Bible Words to sharpen us up. Truth sets us free and truth sharpens up our thinking. We war with words in our mind and heart. People think war is just in the physical, how wrong they are, they are deluded. Goodwin in his incarceration and during his escape battled in the physical but he also battled in his mind and heart with the spiritual. Don’t think soldiers and navy personnel and airforce crews fight just flesh and bone, such is an illusion. Military personnel come back from wars at war end but it is not an end to war in the mind. The thoughts in the mind may rage for years and years yet until peace comes. The military must be taught how to fight spiritual battles as well as learning about the physical battles. Mind soul and spirit go to war too, it’s just not the flesh and bone fighting. The returning military after war ends are scarred physically yes but their minds souls are scarred too. War never ends for many soldiers etc until they die. Fighting ones war demons go with a lot of people to their graves.

The military do not teach the spiritual aspects of war. If we fight for good we should be fighting for God. God is the good side. God may come from the word Good, I don’t know.

We get wounded in battle. A lot of wounds are physical but a lot of wounds are also in mind/soul. We don’t want to talk about mind wounds, why? Because most people live in a dream as it is. Minds are dull, minds do not obey God, we are essentially sinners and we know it and we hide from God. People live in a false reality. It’s money and material things, its idols, it’s perversions. To admit we have a soul is to admit that there is a creator God who gave us the soul. Also to admit we have a human spirit is to admit God is Spirit and most people don’t want to go there. So the military go to war blind, it’s not about seeing in the spirit it’s about the physical and using man made weapons. A lot of war is about ATTRITION, it’s about the stronger nation wearing down the defences of the weaker nation.

I loved reading this book. I read the e book of it. I love good over evil.

9/10 nine out of ten I rate this book.

I hate secular book reviewing. I hate pagan book reviews. I love to see God in a story. I like my brain to be thinking, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling. I am no intelligensia, academic or scholar of this world, I hate mankind glorying in his her selfish pursuits. Am I arrogant? So said a Bible College lecturer to me. But I am simple so anything complex has to even out to simplicity to make any waves with me. I only operate on the simple truth. My thoughts are even not odd so odd has to make way for even. Even comes even if odd tries to complex my thinking, even wins out it has to or God’s wisdom is naught.

Goodwin has my vote of thanks for sharing his very interesting story.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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