Multiculturalism has been looked at as good but later down the line children won’t know what culture they are and identity is in the culture. Children even now know no culture. Children now have no identity. A nation can not thrive if many cultures are working individual of each other and not working together. Unity gives strength to a nation. From culture we get our values.

People embraced multiculturalism, it was interesting, people were bored of their one culture. Different languages, different cooking, different music, different religions, all made interesting. People travel overseas because they want to experience other cultures so why not invite them here. Seeing different cultures is learning and learning keeps one motivated. But having too much of one thing later goes boring. Too much multiculturalism goes boring. We can have multiculturalism but not the full works just some to spice up our nation with some exotic flavours but we don’t want foreign cultures taking over our own distinct original culture. So it’s got mad we don’t know who we are. People like the youth find solace in alcohol and drugs.

The nation needs culture to be cultured but you can not grow in many cultures together you must remain embedded in your one culture to grow. To keep your culture you must keep your cultures language, that is the big one, and you must keep your religion the other big one. To keep culture you must mix with those in your culture often. Your culture is where your home is and your home is where your heart is. You grow spiritually in your culture.

Multiculturalism was good but it has gone too much. So is Australia’s main culture English with British emphasis? Do we still have a main dominant culture in Australia? English is the main language in Australia but does that mean Australia is British culture? The Aborigine might say that the main culture of Australia is Aborigine culture. The British were not the original culture of Australia. Snuff out a races culture you snuff them all out. The white British in the early days tried just that they tried to snuff out the Aborigine culture. The Aborigine don’t grow much in a culture because they have had much of their culture snuffed out.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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