Jesus Come down from that cross right now, just wait until I tell your father.

But Mum I can not.

You sure can come down this minute.

Mum I can’t.

Son you are making a spectacle of yourself.

Mum let it be.

You there.

Yes madam.

What is your name?

Romus, madam.

And you are a Roman soldier?

I am madam.

Get my son down from that cross.

No madam that is not possible.

And why not? I am the boys mother.

Pilate gave orders for your son to be crucified.

Pilate who?

The Governor.

Oh that Pilate.

Okay what is going on here?

Who are you?

I am the centurion here. Romus is this woman making trouble?

Sir she is the mother of Jesus.

My son my son he does not deserve this. He got in with the wrong crowd. It’s not his fault.

Mum let it be.

Madam your son says he’s the Son of God.

What of it, who cares if he is Napoleon or Moses or the Son of God. He’s going through a God phase he will get over it.

But your son says he rules with God the Father.

But it’s a phase, he could be Moses next week.

The Jews are slighted by Jesus.

I am a Jew I am not slighted.

Why would God the Father have a Son? And if he did why choose a dead beat like your son?

My son is worthy, he’s a good carpenter.

He should have kept to his carpentry instead of going around making trouble and having a God complex.

But he can be cured. There’s medicines.

Look it’s out of our hands.

Who can I see?

The Governor but the decree for Jesus death has been signed with a seal.

My son my son.

Mum stop it everyone is watching you.

Son you have brought shame on our family.

Mum stop it.

Oh oh I can not bear it.

Sir what shall we do with her?

Hold her with force and give her an injection.

Inject with what?

A strong sedative.

Stop it keep your hands off me.

Grab her.

Jesus help me.

Mum I can not help.

All done sir.

I am feeling drowsy.

Take her to the town, her emotions will die down over time.

Mum mum mummm.

Pass the wine.

Jesus cheer up join in the fun.

How can I from up here.

You are no fun Jesus. You are a born loser. God complex. What a waste of a life.

Pass the jug.

Hey it’s getting dark.

Let’s leave this loser for a few hours and retire to the town for a party.

Party yes yes. I love parties. Fun fun fun.

Father forgive them they do not understand.

What a loser that Jesus is. He really believes in himself. Let’s go.

Father this time (called Xmas) is time to celebrate and enjoy me but it’s also about suffering.

Many peoples suffer over Xmas as Jesus did. We celebrate Jesus suffering. We suffer too.

Christmas is Christ mass. The mass of Christ. Mass is partaken this day we take the bread and wine we participate in the flesh and blood of Jesus. The bread represents Jesus flesh and the wine represents Jesus blood.

Xmas is the cross mass. Our sins are crossed out by Jesus dying on the cross.

So what are you celebrating over Christmas?

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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