It was 1999 about mid way through the year, about May or thereabouts. I was a full time student living on campus. The campus was very nice; lovely lawns and trees and shrubs, it was an idyllic setting.

The accommodation was very nice; like motel units, self contained, not old. The class rooms were very roomy. There was lunch provided in the main dining room; when I arrived we had a chef who assisted by students prepared cooked meals for us but not long later the College tightened its budget and the chef was laid off. We now had a live on campus male students wife preparing salads and such like for lunch (they were okay and plentiful it was like a salad buffet), gone were the delicious cooked meals from a chef. My first room was in a two bedroom unit, I shared this unit with another student. Later I was moved to a three bedroom unit. Social life for the students was hot; there were dinners at other units and group car rides to restaurants in the city, walks to the beach nearby, table tennis in the recreation room, biking around the environs. There was no time to be lonely especially if you were sharing your unit with an extrovert who had all in sunder around to our unit. I was often invited to other units for dinners simply because I shared a unit with a male student who was very sociable. I was the introvert. We were single males and most dinner invites were to the student ladies (they were single females) units. We also ate a lot Asian food because we had many single female Asian students living on campus.

Off to class. I was studying a number of subjects. Now to come to teacher A. Teacher A was in charge of the spiritual formation class subjects. What the College meant by spiritual formation and how it would affect our lives beggars belief. Do these teachers here form our human spirits? I don’t know and if so how do they do it? So here I go to teacher A’s first class in spiritual formation, I do not remember the subject name of this class. Teacher A was introducing himself to the new students. You can start class subjects half way through the year, a lot of subjects are half year duration, some are full year. Teacher A said that he was, wait for it, a “Humanist”. What!! Bells went in my mind. No one seemed to notice Teacher A’s confession, no one queried it to the teacher, I did not. A humanist teaching at a Bible College. No way it can not be.

Let’s get some light here on Humanism. Humanism is a response to religion. We know the saying “Every force has its equal and opposite force”. Humanism is a force against religion. Humanism does not have to necessary mean anti God but it is anti religion. In the way past religion controlled the masses. Communism was also a response to religion, Karl Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. Marx was a Jew but he obviously was a Jew in denial. Communism was a response to the decadence of the rich, the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class who owned land and were rich. Religion, to the communists, encouraged the capitalists to control the proletariat, the working class. The Tzar and his nobles used religion to confirm their status.

Now I do not say that teacher A at Bible College was a communist. Humanism comes in many types, it’s so complex that after years and years of adding to this ideology no one knows simply what it is in a nut shell. But humanism does keep its emphasis on being non religious. Non religious can still mean God believing. You don’t need to be religious to believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ in His time on this earth made enemies of the religious Jews. Religion can often be just just about the outer self, it often portrays as righteous when it is only self righteous. Religion does not save the soul, it may help a bit, but Jesus Christ saves the soul. “God’s Kingdom is not off this world”; quote the Bible. Religion can be off the world. God is about the inner person, the spirit and soul person. We change people or God changes people or what we say converts people from the inside. Soul is inside the body. Religion is about the outside, so it can not save the soul? Karl Marx and communism were trying to change people from the outside. Communism was an outside response to rich people and religion. Now Russia was having it bad under the Tzar. Peasants as they were called were living hand to mouth while decadent nobles were dancing at extravagant balls in large palaces. Supply and demand. There was a demand for a better life for the Russian workers and the likes of Karl Marx were trying to supply this better life. The Tzar really needed to reform the country. Reformation is needed often after regular introspective reflection. Reformation should be part and parcel of life. We grow we must reform as we grow. The Roman Catholic Church is antiquated in its reforming. Now we see the Catholic Church leaking all over, its priests are a disgrace. Faulty plumbing needs updating regularly.

God does not change from the outside. We must change from the inside. Words change us in soul and Spirit. God is the supreme Words. We listen. We want the soul/mind/heart of Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus Christ is God the Son, don’t we? Humanists defy religion but that does not mean they have to defy Jesus Christ as God the Son? I don’t know about teacher A and his beliefs on Jesus, he never revealed anything other than saying he was a humanist.

Teacher B might reveal something here more on humanism at this Bible College. Teacher B also taught spiritual formation classes and was allied to teacher A. I think teacher A and teacher B saw eye to eye on many ideology truths or untruths. Teacher B revealed that his father had been or was still a Christian church minister. Teacher B rebelled against his fathers job. Teacher B hated all that his father stood for in his fathers religion. Teacher B hated religion, in this case I think it was mainly traditional Christian religion he hated. Teacher B never said that he was a humanist; I think he veered in this direction but he was shy of publicising it. Teacher B was anti religion enough to include in his teaching syllabus a must watch movie. This movie was about a woman who moved to a small town (in Europe) and opened a shop selling chocolates. The town was full of very catholic religious people who controlled the minds of the people. This woman tried to teach the towns people an alternative way of ideology one based not on works but on faith. So we get Teacher B’s adversity to traditional religion in his high recommendation to watch this movie. Martin Luther started Protestantism (protest) on the back of – ‘faith not works saves the soul’. But James in the Bible says “Faith without works is dead and works without faith is dead”. So we can not just be couch potatoes and do nothing. Idle hands are the Devils tool. Work with our hands.

I mentioned communism had links to humanism but humanism started to the West in Greece. We got the thinkers Socrates and Plato. Philosophy to the West stems from Greece. We get science from the philosophy beginnings. Science grew and grew, it was like a tree, the tree of knowledge. Religion saw science as a threat and tried to contain it. The religious church grew too. Catholicism had a hold on learning. Next we get the renaissance beginning in Florence Italy. The rebirth in humanism spread to other cities, Rome and Venice and soon it was taking root everywhere. The renaissance was a rebirth of thinking apart from religion. People were free to learn and think outside the confines of religious thought. This rebirth was about music, paintings, science, architecture. This rebirth of thought outside the confines of religion was like an emancipation, a freedom. We get the term ‘free thinkers’. So we get humanism which is thought outside religion. Religion is controlled by priests many acting as gods, many even call themselves father. But humanism has its share of gods; scientists are the humanistic god priests. Scientists are creating life, they are changing DNA sequences in the living bodies, they are evolving from making human foetus in test tubes to making human body parts in the laboratory. Now we have scientists using 3D printers to make body parts. Religion was acting like God, now we have science acting like God.

Me. Where do I stand? I stand in the middle. I am not religious, I am not fundamentalist, I am not a humanist, I am not biased. I am simple, plain and straight. I SEE. I never learnt anything from reading the text books (I did not read them) made compulsory buying at Bible College; I never learnt anything much in classes from the teachers, I JUST SAW. (I of course had to read the library books in parts that were required reading for doing essays/assignments). I am like an observer learning as I go along and taking bits here and there to make up what becomes the bigger picture. Humanism and knowing what it is is part of learning, I learn about people. People are in Gods likeness. I perceive and understand. I don’t follow people. I am no disciple of any human person other than Jesus Christ. I am loyal and faithful to my Leader. Teachers and their likes are like hired hands. Hired hands won’t protect me from the Devil. Hired hands are used by God to help His Elect but hired hands are just that hired.

I return to my straight thinking trying to get all the noise of the world out of my head and heart. I hate the noise of the world, it’s crooked as can be. I focus when I think straight. I focus on one, not on one of the Bible College teachers, not on one of the television evangelists, not on one of the local church Ministers, not on one of my parents, not on my one wife, not on one of my bank accounts, not on my one house, not on one money, not on one political leader, not on one of my neighbours.


I have a one brain on a one body in a one world in a one universe ALL created by God.

God is ONE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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