WORK with your Hands

Suspended no school (From news), NO SCHOOL, wow, do as I want, no teachers buggering up my mind. I am for it, where do I sign up?

Children should be able to go in to apprenticeships at a young age. Maybe at say 16 yrs old. If children want to learn other things while doing their apprenticeship obviously there is plenty of opportunity to do that over the Internet.

The world has gone qualifications mad. We need skilled workers not everyone wanting to work in management. Apprenticeships supply valuable workers to society. Not everyone is so called “Intelligent“.

Some people are better working with their hands, not stressing themselves out working with words. Adults force children in to moulds not suited for children.

Words and working with them are fine for the people who are saved and have had their sins washed away. But for most people words is not an option; they might come from dirty to very dirty nests and their behaviour is not suited to working with words; these people need the option to be able to learn a skill early in their lives where they are working with their hands.

Intelligent people are more word people, but hands on work is even for them.

Apostle Paul says “Work with your hands”.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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