Drones flying for 26 days without refuelling. China is developing drones at an incredible pace, I mean drones for military use. Swarms of drones.

Young people at computer consoles directing drones, swarms of them. Just imagine the new type of warfare. The drone operators could be thousands and thousands of kilometres from where the drones can go. Wars could be on the other side of the world from where the drones can go. Ships could be taken out with the drones. Drones have no pilots on board so lives are not lost. An aircraft carrier could be hit by swarms of drones. Drones could even be missiles themselves. Thousands of lives could be lost on a ship and no lives lost on the drone. It’s very tempting to go drone warfare.

There is peace yes but peace is just a prelude to war. Peace is just a time to get anxious about money and idols. No one has real peace; real peace is peace for the heart and mind but such does not exist. People are warring and whoring in their thoughts all the time and it is just a matter of time before these type of thoughts are put in to physical action. When war does come many people actually relish it. It’s a big adventure. Fight the good fight. Fight against evil.

But the real evil starts in your thoughts. The heart is evil. We War with our own evil thoughts. The conscience sits above the warring sinful heart. Who can tame the human spirit? Who can tame the heart? Who can tame the tongue? Our tongue speaks what our heart is full of.

We are at peace, bahhh we fight everyday, our tongue struts out like a blade cutting in to our neighbours, our family, our friends, people everywhere. There’s no real peace. War is just a pressure release for our sinful minds and hearts. This pressure builds up over time and wam war.

War in the physical is just the next step from war in our thoughts. Then there is Satan the Evil one who hates good. Evil is warring with good in its thoughts. Evil will war physically with good. Satan’s church, a body, a living body hates Gods church, Christ’s body. This hate of Satan’s body gets fervent and eventually there’s physical war.

We War with ourselves, we War with our neighbours, we War with Satan’s body.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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