War and old people

China is rolling forward in making its military BIG and ARMED. But why all this arming to the teeth? To support its economic drive especially overseas? China is copying the USA.

The USA has been very imperialistic, it has dominated this world with its money and military for a long time. The British and some European countries in the past did their bit of imperialism. The USA with its imperialism is now stalling, and that’s not without help from Trumps isolationist policies. China is now taking the lead in imperialism. China wants to take over from the former imperialists and rule through its money and military.

The USA rules through money, yes, loans, aid, world bank loans, IMF loans. China has its own main bank now from which it loans to many nations in this world. Nations are in debt to China and now under Chinas economic control.

I had a thought a few minutes back. Japan took on the USA. Japan by taking on the USA meant Japan losing the war. China should learn a lesson from Japan’s move on the USA. The USA is too big and too strong to win against without losing ones own nation. It would be suicide for any nation to nuke the USA. For China or Russia to nuke the USA, the USA might be defeated but China or and Russia will also be defeated. Japan lost the war early on in the war when it attacked Hawaii. Destroying a few battleships can not stop a nation like the USA. The Japanese to be effective at all needed to destroy the USA’s aircraft carriers. The attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour did not destroy one USA aircraft carrier. The three USA aircraft carriers were at sea at the time of the attack. The Pacific war was initially a carrier based war because of the planes. We had the battle of the Coral Sea and the battle of Midway. The battle of the Coral Sea most likely protected Australia from any Japanese invasion and the battle of Midway stopped the Japanese from advancing across the Pacific. So attacking Pearl Harbour was suicide to Japan, the war was won and lost then. China likewise or Russia have no way of winning a nuclear war with the USA (all will lose). Russia could attack Europe but remember France is nuclear armed.

The West had better wisen up; the next big war or world war is not aircraft carrier based. These big carriers will be just juicy targets easily taken out by the enemy. We can not fight battles based on past ideas and past technology. The British went in to the Second World War with First World War weapons. British Bi planes to fight Japanese zero fighters. The British were asleep.

The problem:

In my work with the church I came across this problem. In this church I was working amongst much older people. The leaders were all old. The church council was full of old old people. The Pastor was old old. The Church was not growing, no people were joining up. Ummm why? It was obvious to me. For starters these old old people’s children and grand children were not attending our church, though one or two were. No younger people were joining up. But why? Why would young people not join up, why? Why? Old people have old ways; old music, old buildings, old outing excursions, old everything. The old people could not see past their out dated ways. Youth want the newer ways. So this church did not grow, it stagnated. Now this church is waiting until all it’s old people die out.

Now the problem with the military. In the Second World War the British went in to war with old this and old that. The old First World War leaders were in command. These leaders knew old ways of military warfare, they knew about old weapons. The Germans and Japanese were more advanced in weapons at the beginning. Old should make way for new. New blood. The youth can lead too. Not young young but mature wise youth. At this church I was in I only saw death, old people dying; these old people needed to put younger people in charge to inspire younger people to attend, but no they thought they knew better. Old military chiefs in charge with out dated ideas can be easily overwhelmed by the enemy who may go with more advanced ideas with the help of intelligent youth.

Aircraft carriers are old ideas. The enemy can take these carriers out with swarms of drones. China is encouraging intelligent youth to work on military projects.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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