THE BATTLE FOR HONG KONG 1941 to 1945 (Oliver Lindsay)

A real lovely juicy read, I relished reading this book, tasty with plenty of seasoning. Spicy bits abound, War always has its good salty heroics amongst disease, devastation and death.

I love the comradeship in the military. Men being real men. Men being gallant and brave.

The author of the book in finishing up sums up by including a epitaph of words on a British memorial in Burma (To those who lost their lives in the Far East): ”When you go home tell them of us “”For your tomorrow, we gave our today”“.

I don’t need to tell the story of this book, the title of this book should tell you heaps.

Australia and New Zealand were so close to the war zone. Without the USA we would have been invaded. People talk and write that the USA was evil to drop atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. I agree in some but disagree overall; I think it was evil but a necessary evil. No war is nice, no killings are nice. Japan was ready to kill all its prisoners of war (POW’s) if the allies invaded Japan. The atomic bombs saved more people than if they were not dropped. An invasion on Japan soil by the allies would have cost much much life, not just the Japanese but the allies. When a rabid dog is attacking you and is not letting go you have to kill it. The Japanese were savage, they acted like rabid dogs.

I love reading War biographies. This one was no disappointment.

Grade 8/10 (eight out of ten).

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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