What about a legal right not to have to attend school. Children should have legal rights.

The legal right to die is good. Children should now be given their human rights. School is not for everyone past the basic learning of how to read and write. Not everyone has high IQ. Children can learn the basics then go in to apprenticeships.

We must think why does God not give everyone the same IQ level. There is a reason as God does everything for a reason; God is a God of reason; God is not irrational. Irrational is mentally unstable. So we have a wide spectrum of IQ from low to high over the worlds population. The Body of Christ has many parts and those many parts have a wide distribution of IQ. It’s the higher IQ children that do well at schooling past basics. You won’t find your true God calling doing it man’s way. Many of Gods callings are very simple; simple of course to those who are called in that vocation, but complex and hard to others. Your true vocation is simple to you but people outside your vocation see it as complex. Choose simple. Don’t choose complex. Don’t think it’s smarter to go for hard, easy is not all that wrong. Don’t put yourself in the wrong vocation you will just end up most of your life trying to fit in when you naturally don’t, it will be always stressful.

Children can go in to apprenticeships at a young age. They will have a vocation and surety of earning a living. Higher IQ children can go on learning more advanced stuff.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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