Nationalism is getting up head speed.

But with nationalism it seems to be white nationalism. White as in white skinned.

The Asians like China don’t like the white rule over this world. Asians have felt lesser mortals then white skinned mortals. Racism is a live and thriving. Whites think they are the superior race. Whites think they are superior to Asians and Africans and Pacific Islanders. China wants to change this mentality that whites are superior to Asians. China wants to rule this world.

We are having white nationalism but we are also having Asians wanting to come out as the king pin rulers where whites have to give honour and respect to Asians.

Nationalism is a response to globalisation. Globalisation is not necessary good. I like sovereign nations to keep their own distinct cultures that they have developed over many decades. Culture is not bad we must protect our distinct cultures. The EU is not all too good; we have the poorer EU nations sucking the life out of the richer EU nations. Europe did not have to go global; it could have just developed free trade with each other and kept up with NATO. The Euro dollar has not been all that a success.

Nationalism is about culture. We grow in our own distinct cultures. We have our own religion, language, food cuisine, music, dress. The U.K wants to protect its culture; to do so it must control its borders.

The EU sounds strong but why did it come about? Was it because of wanting a strong one money system? Or was it a response to wanting to be strong against Russia? Why this unity of nations that can suffocate each nations culture? EU is unity and unity is strong but unity means eventually bringing its people under one culture system. Decades of one EU means individual cultures try and rule but the strong culture over rides the weaker cultures.

We had the same unity here in Australia; but in this case I think of the Uniting Church. This Church came about to unify the Methodist Church and the Congressional Church and the Presbyterian Church. What happened was that the Methodist’s had a stronghold over the other two church’s and dominated.

Nationalism can be a response not only to globalisation but also to multiculturalism. Multiculturalism does not work in the end. Why? One culture has to be dominate. So each culture fights for survival. It used to be thought of as clever for a nation to go multicultural but is it really? Cultures spread they grow but to not grow what happens? Do they die out? culture to survive may have to fight against other cultures.

We are getting nationalism and we are getting Asian rule. West fighting against East. The USA fighting against China. We choose sides. The world chooses sides.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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