My past friend Trevor

Trevor Mackey (Not his real name).

I was on the phone, Trevor you did what? Trevor had received a letter from the Prime Minister. Trevor was my friend. I did see that letter later. The letter did indeed come from the Prime Minister. I read notably that our esteemed leader was trying to fend Trevor off. The letter was about being vexed. Vexed was there in writing. The letter seemed to want Trevor to detest from troubling the leader. It was like please desist it’s getting too much. Trevor what are you doing, you can not go around vexing people. So much for my talk, I too vex people, or have done. Was Trevor called by God to keep the Government honest? No? I think I am a Prophet and Prophets of past kept authorities in order under God’s order. The Bible has many examples of God’s Prophets keeping leaders in order. But Trevor a Prophet? Stretching it a bit. But what do I know.

Then Trevor on another occasion described his troubling, wait for it, the New-Zealand Secret Service. Apparently Trevor had been on the phone to this Secret Agency on many an occasion. Then Trevor describes to me that a number of police cars came to his home. Trevor was put in to a Psychiatric Hospital but he just ran away from it. I never found Trevor to be a physical threat, he never was aggro, he never committed violence. Trevor to me was just somewhat immature. Trevor lived with his parents. I think Trevor had good intentions but when he vexed people he got in to a web that he did not want to be in and he would not apologise so he got in further and trying to wriggle oneself out of a web makes one get tangled even further. Trevor thought he was right and the Government wrong. So the Prime Minister was getting caught up in Trevors words. Trevor was no dummy. Trevor was a believer. Trevor’s brother Edwin was a born again Christian. Edwin knew my friend Guy. Guy introduced me to Christianity and through Guys efforts I too became a born again Christian. Edwin was no fool. Trevor was a bit different from his brother, Edwin married and had a regular job but Trevor seemed never to leave home base. I identified with Trevor in a number of ways, I too had mental problems. I called myself a Prophet of God but is that bad; you know I might be the real deal; and God protects his Prophets. If I am the real deal then I do not have to defend myself. You will just know. I had mental problems but I am a Prophet. Trevor a Prophet? If he is he is not a called one. I was disappointed that Trevor was vexing the Secret Service and Government leaders. If he wanted to keep authorities in order he could use love of God not just act immature and childish. Trevor was both childlike and childish. I like childlike but not childish.

I was living with my parents. Next door to us lived the Taylors, two parents and a son and a daughter. By this time the daughter had left the nest but the son returned to build his own home on his parents big property. The son married and had children. I knew the son as a teenager. Mrs Taylor eventually got a job at the New-Zealand Secret Service Agency, she became the private secretary to the Director of this Agency. One day my mother said to me that Mrs Taylor had spoken to her and warned that Lester should have nothing to do with Trevor. I thought when I heard it, Trevor is really known to the Secret Service Agency and is really troubling them. But it did not stop my friendship with Trevor. Trevor was just acting like a kid and he was no threat just annoying to some people. Mrs Taylor obviously was taking calls from Trevor, Trevor was trying to talk to the Director. Mrs Taylor was maybe privy to all Trevors actions being a secretary to the boss of this Agency. Our family knew the Taylors over many years. Mum was a friend of Mrs Taylor. Mrs Taylor would often cadge a lift to her work in the city with Dad and Mum (Mum was a private secretary to a high up Director in the New-Zealand Trade and Industry Department) when Dad drove his car and this was quite often. I do ask, how did Mrs Taylor know that I was a friend of Trevors? Did mum mention it, but I would not think so. So I was known at the Secret Service Agency as a friend of Trevors. But how was my connection to Trevor found out? Bugging phones maybe, not my phone but Trevors phone; beggars belief. Mrs Taylor and her husband seemed a cut above me and Dad; my Mum came from similar stock to the Taylor couple. Mr Taylor was a very high up official in a Government Department in what was then known as a Ministry.

But when I became a born again Christian I received a gift. Dad changed too. Dad was no longer any below cut person, Dad was now “enlightened” and that was his own word to me on one occasion. Dad was a radio technician, he gave his life to this profession but in my new God gift thinking I saw Dad was really called to be a Provost Marshal, a military policeman, maybe in the British Army. Dad had given his life to a calling not his to call. Dad, true, became enlightened but now he was retired or close to it and he had no chance of being a Provost Marshal now and even if he was younger and I was able to tell him then (I never did tell him) I doubt if he would have understood and changed his profession. Most people would not change their profession on my say so. I have a gift but nearly all people won’t recognise it. Dad was also science mad and science does not, on most accounts, accept a Spiritual gift. Dad never discussed God. God was a no no to Dad and Mum. Dad and Mum were helped by God but neither of them in my knowledge thanked God and neither were grateful to God. God was with me. I was grateful to have God and to be gifted by God.

The Taylors lived next door to my parents for many many years (both are passed away now), their children went to primary school with me and my two sisters. The son later lived next door in his new house with his family. The son I heard many years later died in a house fire a house somewhere else. I don’t know what happened to Trevor, I moved to Australia with my parents to Perth and I did not keep up with most of the people I knew in New-Zealand. I was trying for a clean break from all the mentally disturbed people I mixed with in New-Zealand I needed head space and saner minds about me. I sympathised with the lost and broken souls but I too needed to look out for my own soul health. I took to Jesus Christ as my saviour whereas many mentally ill took to other saviours.

P.S. All Christian names and surnames except mine are not the real names. The Secret Service Agency as mentioned is a real Secret Agency in New-Zealand but it has a different name but similar. This whole story is otherwise all TRUE.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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