Knowledge is Power

I think is knowledge power and what is meant by it?

I think it’s got to do with people, it’s not about things. It’s about getting ahead of another person. It’s competition. Its getting what you want. It’s getting what you want from other people. Its about getting money and materials. It’s coveting and greed. It’s over powering other people to take from them. It’s not about putting other people before you. It’s competing for life resources. It’s the strong taking from the weak. “Knowledge is power” is an illusion, an illusion made up by people to out smart you. It’s putting yourself on a pedestal of knowledge but what knowledge? It’s not knowing God our Creator. It’s knowing the creation. It’s knowing Mother Nature. It’s not knowing the Father it’s knowing the Mother. It’s mummy’s boy and girl. When things go wrong, call out to Mom, don’t call out to Dad.

Knowledge puffs people up, they get proud and puffed up. Knowledge fades away over time, it’s hit pay dirt when you get old and get dementia, so much for all that knowledge you so learned that made an illusion of power over other people.

We humans make our own illusions; knowledge is power is just one of many. Summer comes; get the tan. Die for a tan. Tans are beautiful and sexy. Tans get sex. Die for a smoke. Smoking is manly and womanly. It’s mature to smoke cigarettes. Suits are the wear of a successful worldly man. We judge a person according to how much money they earn and what house and car they have. Sex is so perverted now that no one knows when exactly they lose their virginity. Sex is the biggest illusion because no one really knows what sex is truthfully. Is oral sex for example losing ones virginity. Children don’t know what sex is. Parents don’t teach their children about sex because they themselves are so perverted, it’s not simple anymore, it’s so complex it’s Satanic. The women on the Dragon feeds most minds what sex is and she this false prophetess teaches straight out perversion. keep it simple and you will be on the right path. Simple??? People hate simple, they want complex and perverted. So children grow up thinking normal sex has to be perverted. Illusions illusions we are born in to illusion, Satan and his women deceive us.

Just knowledge is not power. Jesus Christ is power. Jesus Christ is up there. The worlds people are under a spell. Satan uses magic, perverted magic. Power is God. God is light. God is good. God is many things, yes He is all knowing, but power is more than just knowing; love is a powerful thing; forgiveness is a powerful thing; patience is a powerful thing; power is force, God is a good force; good is powerful; light is powerful.

People think knowledge is power but they don’t understand. Knowledge of the creation is weak compared to knowledge of the Creator. Worshipping creation is weak compared to worshipping the Creator. Want weak wrists? Worship creation, worship Mother Nature. Mother Nature strength might be as strong as wood (metaphorically speaking). The Creator strength is as strong as iron (metaphorically speaking).

Knowing God is power; that’s no illusion but the SIMPLE truth.

Parents can not and do not teach their children about sex. Why? Ask the Devil. Children find out about sex from the likes of Hugh Hefner. Our esteemed free world leader Trump found out about women from the Playboy magazine. Sex is dirty to adults so it’s dirty to children, it’s a cycle. Satan’s wisdom is perversion. Most people learn sex from Satans women. Jesus wisdom is too simple and people prefer perversion.

How I have hated growing up in a perverted world led by Satan and his women. I have a simple soul and what a miserable life the Dragon and his women caused me. Jesus rescued me and in Spirit God has all power. God in Spirit is a game changer for me. Mess with God you love death. Hate God love death.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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