Kim Philby

City square honour for Russian spy.

Kim Philby a traitor of the highest order. Kim merits honour, yes a medal, the medal “Order of the highest traitor”.

Kim had it all; he was part of the British establishment; he was educated at the prime British establishment Cambridge University. Kim never had to grovel or go without food or work hard, no, Kim was establishment, he was groomed for the high up echelons of privileged society. Kim entered the British establishments upper class MI6. Kim had it all, Kim got overseas postings even to the British Embassy in Washington. Kim never had for want. But people sometimes turn on the hand that feeds it and Kim just did that. Kim became a traitor. Kim did not betray Britain for money, no his betrayal was for ideology. Kim was spoilt rotten, Kim became a little rotter. Kim thought he was smart, and he did have high intelligence, but Kim thought he was smarter than the British establishment that gave him everything.

Kim was communist but did Kim understand communism as it related to his own conscience or was Kim just acting as a rebel a rebel without a cause, a rebel because his own human father was a sort of rebel. Was Kim being his father? Father like son, son like father.

You might think “What do you know Lester, you don’t know Kim Philby. You have no university degree. You have no high qualifications. What education do you have? You are no big important scholar. Why should we read your writings or listen to you?

I am 63 years old. I read all the time. I always usually have a book going. I read books. I read the news in abundance. I am always reading. I have read about Kim Philby. I have read books just on Kim Philby. My main pursuits in reading books is reading biographies and autobiographies. I have read in my 63 years thousands of books, more than thousands. I don’t read text books. I don’t like reading novels. I like fact not fiction. I like biographies because I learn about people. Text books don’t feed me. I have read all about Kim Philby and his life in a number of books. I know his treachery, how many people died because of him, Kim indirectly killed hundreds of people. Kim was a mass murderer.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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