What is the big deal? The Muslims have Mecca what do they want Jerusalem for?

If the Jews took Mecca yes that would be wrong, but they wont, they just want their capital as Jerusalem. This is not religious this is a quarrel about land. Muslims want Jerusalem but they also want all of Israel. There won’t be a two nation solution here if the Palestinians want Jerusalem.

What is stopping the two nation solution? The Palestinians think “Jews took land from us, Jews don’t deserve any nation ruled by Jews on land that is ours”. The Palestinians to commit to a two nation would have to admit that the Jews deserve their own nation, their nation being on some land which the Palestinians believe is there’s not the Jews.

This war is only religious to the extent that each side has different beliefs other than that the war is about land just as the Northern Ireland war was really only about land even though each side had a different type of religion.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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