Gay priests worry Pope

It is of concern. Society is not straight like it used to be. Transgender transitioning, fetishes, pedophile, homosexuality, Life is not now black and white it is now very colourful. Is colour wrong? Television went colour and that was not wrong. We humans see colour. There are even and odd numbers. They say homosexuality is odd. Is odd wrong if there are odd numbers? I find homosexuality distasteful but that is me. I love straight. I love heterosexual sex. I detest homosexual sex. That is me and I have my human right of opinion. I have the freedom to like or not like what I want.

I sympathise with the Pope on his stand about homosexuality. But we the world do not understand homosexuality. No one seems to understand homosexuality not even the Pope. I don’t understand homosexuality. What we don’t know we are scared of. What I can not tolerate is the persecution of homosexuals. Homophobia is understood we hate the unknown but persecuting people can be evil.

I detest people like Fundamentalist Christian churches trying to convert homosexuals to heterosexuals. I think homosexuality is a born trait. You can not be heterosexual if you are born homosexual. You can practice homosexuality but if you are not born homosexual you are not one.

I find my conscience does get a good feel in a Catholic setting. But am I Catholic? Not to my knowledge. I sit in a Catholic Church with others and the universal feel and thoughts are there. I have a SPIRIT of God in me, I have discerned Him, I have seen Him, but is this SPIRIT of God in my heart a Catholic Spirit? He looks like a Priest, he is dressed like a Priest, but is He a Catholic Priest? He looks more like a Presbyterian Minister to me. He has a black nightie over his clothes, yes He wears a Priests dog collar. He even wears a teachers board cap. Is this SPIRIT a Catholic? I don’t know, maybe not. So why do I connect up better in a Catholic setting? I don’t know. Universal is Catholic and universal is better than non universal. Universal is strong, there’s more people in universal. Catholic then is strong and I like strong. Prophets have a strong spirit. Is the Priest Spirit in my heart the Holy Spirit? I don’t know. All I know is I have been called a PROPHET, A CHIEF PROPHET. That I know for sure. I also wear a crown on my head; what is this crown for? I don’t exactly know.

I am maturing. I sense that my heart and mind are coming in to its rightful place. I listen I see I smell I taste and my heart is whole. I just have to behave. My head rules my heart and body. My senses are all alive. I am fully protected. God has put my enemies at my feet. I am saved. I must stay faithful and loyal to God.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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