Catholic clergy reject assisted dying law.

I think. Catholics on a whole, or is it just a few or is it just mostly the Catholic clergy, accept that the unborn child in the mothers womb is a separate living human being. I contest this catholic view.

The unborn child is unborn, this unborn is not separate from the mother, actually it is like an extension of the mother; the mother keeps it alive. I believe life comes with breath. The unborn child in the womb to me does not breathe. Spirit comes and goes with the wind, wind can be breath. We breathe in spirit, spirit comes to us when we make our first breath. Soul comes to us when we first breathe. Soul is mind in the head in the brain, spirit is in heart. We are a living spirit and soul on breathing. The unborn child does not breathe so it is just a attachment to the mother without soul and spirit, it is just flesh and bone. The child is birthed out of the womb, the child takes its first breath, soul and spirit come, it is now a human being in its own right, killing it now is murder.

Killing any human with a soul is murder (humans have no qualms killing creatures other than humans, why? Only humans have souls). We are human when we are soul. The flesh and bone are a covering for our soul and spirit. Soul and spirit go on for eternity. Oh yes in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ at the blink of an eyelid we change we get new bodies.

I think the Catholic clergy have got it wrong on the unborn child and I also think they have got it wrong on the assisted right to die. Palliative care is warranted in many cases but not all cases. Sadly some people in palliative care suffer enormously. Some people are drugged to the eye balls with say morphine to kill the pain. We must help these people who suffer much and who may just be in a vegetable state and have lost any contact with the world. Keeping such people alive to appease some guilty peoples conscience about life and death is not helping. Governments send millions of people to die in wars yet they won’t lift a finger to let a few people who suffer much die gracefully with dignity.

Death does not have to be dirty. Death should be understood. It’s not evil to die. Sex is dirty but sex does not have to be dirty. We must be able to talk and write about death and sex without cries and thoughts of ”its dirty”. Sex is dirty because most people are perverted. Death is dirty because it is not understood. Death is just a transition stage, nothing more. Death is dirty when you don’t believe in God and the After Life. Death can be a welcome escape from a evil world. Death can be freedom to those who believe and go to heaven. Heaven is not a fairy tale.

On further reflection:

More thoughts. The human spirit on first breath comes in to the heart. The human spirit keeps the heart beating and alive. The soul on first breath comes in to the brain and keeps the brain alive. The brain and heart keep the body alive. Make sense? Maybe I need to think more on this, let’s see where it goes.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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