We are grateful to be living in a free nation. We must do much to make sure we don’t vote in leaders who propagate any sort of extremism.

We have our own Christian extremism. These extremists join up with the likes of Pauline Hanson and preach hate; their only political policy is skin deep it’s about the colour of ones skin. Skin deep wisdom is very shallow wisdom. We must see past the skin to the inner heart, we need insight.

We don’t want any extremist religion to rule our society. We don’t even want Christian extremism to rule our country. Christian extremism is fundamentalism, they want to bring in the law of Moses (the 12 Commandments) to rule us. The Islamic extremists want to bring in their laws, sharia laws. Jesus came to do away with laws and live by grace and truth with wisdom. Law is the old covenant, the old will, the new will is not law. Laws bind, wisdom is freedom. There is only one wisdom to live by, that is Jesus Christ’s wisdom. The fundamentalists want to chain us up with laws.

I mixed with Christian fundamentalists in my younger years. They are so bigoted. They push and push. They abuse prayer by using it to push for their immature ends. I was so glad to get these peoples words out of my hair and head by leaving their groups and not returning.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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