Electricity Grids

The people who own the electricity grids in Australia are trying to protect their own interests and see green energy like solar as good if in their own hands meaning they own the solar farms and sell the power. But if people go green privately like homes each go solar this means the grids will lose out and that means those people who own the grids lose out.

Who owns the grids? Who, yes who? Government own and big corporations own in a mixture; it’s owned State and privately. So it’s not in the interests of the State it seems for people to go green privately like solar because homes going solar don’t need so much of the grid. Big private corporations who own grids don’t want homes to go green like solar. Governments and big private corporations make money from the grids.

Those who own the grids could entice home owners to feed off the grid more if prices came down. Grids feed off coal power stations and in some cases hydro electric. Coal and water. Coal is seen as a danger to the atmosphere. Coal is fossil not green. Grids could go solar themselves and have coal just as an emergency back stop. Grids could have huge solar farms feeding power in to them. Grids could have masses of wind turbines feeding power in to them.

I think grid owners had better lift their game if they want to keep solvent. Green power is obviously the way to go. Grid owners don’t want the excess solar power that homes feed back in to the grid because this does not make the grid owners money. Grid owners are about making money, they are not a charity.

More and more homes will go solar. I don’t know what the grid owners will do other than trying to compete with private homes going solar and going green themselves so as to offer electricity at a better price, thus under cutting the green private home solar power.

Yours sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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