We train the Chinese to rule the world.

Artificial intelligence will be China’s key to rule.

“What does that look like? A Chinese media article on his work paints the following picture: “Dozens of rows of fixed-winged aerial drones take off from a runway. At speed, they form ranks and fly towards a designated battlefield area for their reconnaissance mission.”

Besides battlefield reconnaissance, swarms of drones can overwhelm existing air defences and destroy aircraft carriers. Flying one of these inexpensive devices into the air intake of an F-22 fighter jet could take down the plane”.

So much for the West’s aircraft carriers. It seems the next war will be a drone war and possibly nuclear. Who knows? Not me.

It’s simply not cricket (old British).

Singapore is impregnable to attack. The Japanese simply came in from behind.

British and Australian troops faced off the Japanese. The Japanese simply out flanked them. That’s not cricket.

Aircraft carriers were a big deal with the USA and the Japanese in the Second World War, why? Planes, the control of the air. The Pacific Ocean did not have many airfields on both sides especially at the beginnings of the war here. It was control the sky control the war and planes were the key and planes needed aircraft carriers.

In the next war aircraft carriers maybe be a burden. Drones won’t need aircraft carriers to take off or land or will they; will they? Maybe drones will be able to travel long distances. Drones will need to take off but from where? China is effectively saying drones will be big in any next war and drones in swarm. Drones in swarm can attack an aircraft carrier. Is China also working on submarine drones? I don’t know.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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