Mrs Merkel is blamed for far right or far left interference because she is in the ideological centre and tolerates both.

Mrs Merkel has been the best stabilising intelligent wise leader that Germany has ever had so far. Angela is a far cry from the previous leaders that Germany has bred and put in charge like for example the Kaiser and Hitler. Germany has acted dumb in the past with its election of leaders so Merkel is a lovely fresh breeze.

So Germany you put Hitler in charge, was that intelligent or dumb?

People can not see (SEE) that going left or right just destabilises the nation. Take a boat, you lean one way or the other you get unstableness. You sit in the middle of the boat you get stable. People are so undisciplined that they do not walk straight, see straight, act straight, think straight. So people walk crooked, up and down. People think crooked. To sit in the middle is to be disciplined.

People hate discipline; they also do not understand it. Merkel is centrist and that is wise. Left or right are the unbalanced ones. Left should get on with right. Right should get on with the left. Let left and right be led from the centre. Left and right are not inherently wrong but they need centre to lead. Centre balances left and right. You need left and right but centre is the boss.

Politics for many of the undisciplined are all about left and right fighting over who rules. It should be obvious that the centre should rule. Centre is the pivot. The pivot calls the tune of what is balanced.

What happens in undisciplined politics? Left wins and rules then to get the balance the next vote the right rules. If far left rules then next vote the far right rules. It’s a seesaw effect. People are blind or do not want to know. People are crooked in thinking. People are not straight thinkers. You rule from the middle of the seesaw you are balanced.

So politics for a lot of nations is swinging right to left, left to right and so on back and forth. Seesawing away, up and down, down and up. Politics can be so unbalanced.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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