I am of the opinion that there was first a BIG BANG. It just makes sense. We come in with a “bang” and we go out with a “bang”. What’s the END bang? Maybe nuclear weapons or maybe solar.

I also think that the “Big Bang” was a very Big Bang like with all the energy of God. Then God had to rest to build up His energy again. The Universe to be the size it is has to have resulted from the biggest bang possible.

E = Mc square. The Theory of Relativity. We have two theories (1) The Big Bang theory and (2) The theory of Relativity.

E in the above equation is energy. E is God’s energy. Energy brought this universe in to being, Yes but it was God’s energy. Energy is one side of the equation, there are two sides and both sides are equal to the other side. We have a balanced equation. Energy of God equals mass. Energy made mass. God made mass through His energy. So what is God’s source of energy? Words? Maybe, I don’t know. Mass in the Big Bang may have come with the cooling process. Energy exploded, think of the suns type of energy times God. The sun is the most powerful known energy source we know so it makes sense that energy of God equals the type of sun energy. But WORDS of God being alive may have made the energy. Spirit of God made the energy. Mystery. It’s all mystery for the finite mind of human beings. We crave for the infinite mind of God and that is possible only through Jesus Christ. Energy gave off energy to mass, we got an explosion a massive one with all the force of God and made what we call the universe.

We say that the universe is expanding. This expansion slows down over time, like millions of years slowing down, maybe much much longer maybe billions of years. God is powerful. So we can understand God’s power by looking at the universe. So the universe is still expanding. Einstein in his theory of Relativity says the universe is expanding at the speed of light square. I don’t know if that is right. I am no mathematician. The speed of light is the fastest known speed. Even God might travel if He wants at the top speed of light. So God’s top speed is the speed of light. We say God is light. The universe expands at the speed of light. But what about the using up of energy. Energy does not last. Energy gets depleted. Energy gives up. If the universe expansion is slowing down that means the universe expansion is not expanding at the speed of light? God is light and can travel at the speed of light and the universe expands at the speed of light but overtime God’s energy gets depleted so He rests and gets more energy and the universe tires out but it does not rest to get more energy. Maybe when this universe tires out and dies we get a new heaven and a new earth; hey I am just speculating.

Einstein says the universe is expanding at the speed of light square. I don’t know. Does God travel at the speed of light square? It does not make sense. So the universe in the beginning of the Big Bang expanded at the speed of light and over time with energy loss the expansion has slowed down. Einstein was right that Energy makes Mass but was Einstein right to say that the universe is expanding at the speed of light square? Is God square? God is light He is not square.

What was here before the universe? Darkness in a big big big big big big void. God was of course here. Was God in this dark void? Was there chaos in this big void before the Big Bang? Dark and chaos seem to go together. God is light. We know light overcomes darkness. Was the void full of water? A massive ocean of water. I don’t know. But we had a void and we had darkness. The Big Bang took place in this dark void. Light was turned on. Like a dark room and someone turned on the light switch. Is this void limitless? When will the expanding universe fill up all this void? Or as I wrote is this void limitless? Some people might say that before the universe was there was water. Maybe so. It could mean that the energy to make the universe came from water. Water has hydrogen. Hydrogen is I think the most powerful energy. Whatever the case God is here and has always been here and God created the universe through Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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