When reading the Holy Scripture in the Bible – You must determine what is to be taken literal; what is metaphor; what is analogy; what is figurative and what is a parable. So we have different tools for interpretation.

Take for example “Heavenly bodies”. We humans who are in Christ are those heavenly bodies; well that’s how I see it. There’s earthly bodies and there’s heavenly bodies. We in Christ are like stars. We shine as lights like stars.

Then we must approach Gods Words with subjectiveness or objectiveness. So is God speaking about the outside out there or the inside inside us. The Kingdom of God (or heaven) is not off this world. The Kingdom of God is within, within true believers in Christ’s Body. Christ carry’s the Kingdom of God within Him. We the SAVED are in that Kingdom.

So is God talking about heaven up there or up there. Up there in the objective or up there in the subjective. Heaven can be within.

So when Jesus Christ returns it may be both objective and subjective. It may be internal and external.

We the saved heavenly bodies burn at the end times. But we don’t die we live on.

So we know Jesus Christ will return. We know there will be a burning so we know there will be a fire. We don’t know for sure what will cause this fire but it must be a very big one to burn this whole earth. This fire could be from the sun or from man made weapons; that’s how I see it.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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