Liberal and Labor parties want to get whose votes? Those voters who are centrist who vote left or right.

I think John Howard understood this. So to get the centrist votes one must ally with the centrist cause. Turnbull may have understood this but he was too weak. Turnbull’s weakness was in his style of leadership. Turnbull was not inspiring. People that come to control the helm soon show their true colours; we saw it in Rudd and Abbott. Rudd and Abbott were too controlling. Some Leaders don’t last long because they simply are bad at leading. It’s not their policies or philosophy it’s just their poor style of leadership. Poor leadership is a weakness.

Liberal will lose the next federal election not because of just policies; change is needed for change sake. We hate seeing the same people at the helm. We want new wind and new blood. A change is as good as a holiday.

So go for the centrist voters if you want to win. The centrist voters decide who is to be Government. Centrist is unbiased. Centrist can go either way. Centrist are neither left or right but they will vote left or right. Howard understood this; Turnbull tried to understand this, but Turnbull is a ex merchant banker and is very rich so Turnbull does not gel with centrist voters, he is seen as too Liberal. Rich people are usually Liberal. Centrist don’t like the unions or the very wealthy, both they see as a threat.

Liberal are too far right now for the centrist vote. I think we will see a landslide in the next federal election in Labor’s gain. The more Liberal go right the more the landslide will go in Labor’s gain.

So we see first a change for change sake. Then we see wanting leadership change, new blood. Then we see the centrist voter now voting left.

I think of a seesaw. A plank of wood balanced in the middle on a fixed support. Children play on seesaws. You have the child on each end representing the fixed Liberal voter one end and the fixed Labor voter the other end. Both children are about equal in weight. Now we see the centrist child in the middle. This child governs what way the seesaw goes, down or up. Say up is for Government. The seesaw is liable to change according to the child in the middle. But why are Liberal fixed voters about the same in numbers as the Labor fixed voters? That’s quite amazing.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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