China is Asia. Japan made war to claim Asia for Asia. White people ruled a lot of Asia. Asia was the servant of the white people.

The white people thought that they by colonising Asia were helping the Asian people; it was a two way streak, both parties benefited. Japan wanted to break the stronghold of the white people off Asia. Asians are hardly wholly true benevolent people; some are though, so we saw Asians decimating Asians; we saw for example the Rape of Nanking. China now wants an Asia under its rule.

The West might have to cool it’s heels when China eventually spreads its wings over Asia. The Chinese don’t want white rule in Asia.

The USA will have to lift its nuclear umbrella protection off Taiwan and maybe off South Korea. It’s not worth getting no sleep over this, because this is about life and death to many.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.



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