You may say ”Wow A Diploma of Ministry”

Wow it was in the amount of intellectually effort I had to put in to working to get this Diploma. We had heaps and heaps of assignments to do, they were a brain snap. Exams were like cram cram, you have mid term exams and end of year exams. You have maybe three exams in one day. How do you learn?

Where do you put the information you learn? Now I am no genius I just don’t understand learning or teaching but I consider it out dated in the least. I do wonder about intelligence and how people have a certain IQ and how it works in their favour if they have high IQ. To me school is a lot about IQ and using it. School and College and University did not work in my favour. I like to keep people out of my hair out of my head. I like to work alone. I like peace and quiet. I don’t like imposters masquerading as teachers etc. God is the one who gives your calling not man or yourself nor your parents. Go with your true calling, be wise, try and find what that calling is. Bible College was only good to me for living in community, I learnt little else there. Humanism thrived at Bible College. To think the way of humanism makes my wrists weak. I would have to be a weak thinker to thrive in Bible College thinking. I am a straight thinker. I hate perverse thinking. Bible College can be led by perverseness whatever it is. Having high IQ does not have to mean straight thinking. Wisdom of Jesus Christ is straight thought.

Jesus Christ has no perverseness in Him. God is not perverse. I learnt nothing from the Bible College teachers. I learnt one thing, I am straight.

I love straight wise clever pure clean intelligent reflective thinking.

A Bible College lecturer told me out loud in a small gathering that I was “arrogant”. I remember what happened. This teacher was teaching a class and I was in it. The class was on missionary etc stuff. Students can interact in with discussion. I offered to the class the idea that Perth Bible College teach about other religions. I was thinking of how they do it at universities I think it’s called comparative religions. I wanted Bible College to compare the religions. I did not know much about other religions and wanted to see how they think. I was not in anyway trying to disfavour our own beliefs in Jesus Christ. The teacher saw my idea as a threat. What happened was this, my heart got vexed. So my thinking was getting vexed. This teacher had turned against my obviously good thoughts here. She was angry. Tea time came up and we the class went out for a recess to have tea and coffee just outside the classroom. I was there as was a number of other students and this teacher. She came up to me all riled up and in a high raised voice told me to my face that I was arrogant. That was it. It was back to class. I missed a few classes of hers after that and I went to the library. But this teacher came to me in the library and apologised. I went to her classes after that.

What happens to me is I get vexed. King Solomon writes about vexation. It’s a simple heart. We keep to the simple truth. The simple truth is the God truth. The body is not meant to be wound up, we are not a clock spring. I to this day think this teacher had done wrong.

So school, college, university, is not a good breeding ground for my straight thinking and reflective way.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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