I think therefore I am


Am I therefore think I?

The Dragon and the Woman who sits on its back.

The Dragon is obviously Satan. But who is the woman sitting on Satan’s back?

I think from Bible memory; the Bible does reveal things on this topic. The woman here serves Satan. This woman is a false prophetess but she is also called the Mother of harlots. This woman is Satan’s wisdom. God’s wisdom is Jesus Christ. This woman teaches perversion. The wisdom of Satan is all perversion. Jesus Christ has no perversion.

God gave me a painting. Okay I did not see God giving the painting to me. I did buy a painting in this instance. I believe God, yes The God, wanted me to have this painting. I was not even a so called “Christian” when I got this painting. The painting is of a mountain and a river and trees. God showed me things about this painting. You mean The God talked to me? Look I only know as I know, maybe the Holy Spirit in me taught me about this painting. I don’t know everything. I looked at this painting and revelation came to me. I saw. I saw a woman sitting on a Dragon. I saw a man at the top of the mountain with a rod in his hand. I saw a infant being drawn up to the man at the top. This is God’s truth.

So the Dragon and his woman obviously have had a deep impact on my early and some later life. I was different from most people. I needed help but no one could help me. Doctors could not help me. Psychiatrists could not help me, oh yes they could, they drugged me. They also gave me shock treatment 5 times, Monday to Friday. My psyche was inundated with the wisdom of Satan. I had little protection. By good fortune God must have chosen me from way back to be His. I guess so. In the mean time I suffered at Satan’s hands especially from the woman of Satan the Dragon woman and her perversion. I was a simple soul. I am blessed to have survived. I received God’s blessing, I repented, and God gave His Holy Spirit to help me. A Spirit person came into my heart. I in my younger Christian years saw or had insight of this Spirit. This Spirit revealed himself to me on a number of occasions. He was in my heart. He revealed himself as a man, he was wearing a Priests dog collar, he wore a black nightie, he wore a teachers board cap on his head. I saw this Priest/Minister Spirit first in a dream. The dream: a person came through a door in to a large mansion, then there was the Minister Spirit and there was another man, then the person went up stairs to a small room then he came down a wide staircase, I saw pillars, mansion pillars, a number of them, there were all these people outside looking like they had come to give this person homage like a welcome, I don’t really know. I saw another person who looked like me so who was this first person I don’t know, was this first person my spirit and the second person my soul, who knows? I don’t. There was me. But the first person feels like me too.

I saw the Minister Spirit on a few other occasions, I saw Him or perceived Him, but it was real like a vision sight, He was shown to be in my heart. I clung to this Spirit in my thoughts and life, He had come to help me, He was my saviour from the Dragon and the woman that sits on the Dragons back. This Woman had messed with my soul and spirit. Or did she just mess with my spirit? I do not know. I was now on a path upwards, the Wisdom of God is upwards not downwards. I was climbing a metaphorical mountain being drawn up to God at the top of the mountain. Was it the Holy Spirit metaphorically at the top of this mountain? I don’t know.

The woman sitting on the back of the Dragon is Satan’s wisdom. God’s wisdom is Jesus Christ. I am drawn upwards to be wise and understanding of God through Jesus Christ. Am I blessed? Yes. But I suffered in the past under Satan’s wisdom so I definitely value having the wisdom of Christ. I persevere with faith and belief to the end to reach the top of the mountain of Gods wisdom.

Satan’s wisdom is perversion. The woman on the Dragon is all about perversion, she perverts and she perverts. She is a false prophetess. Prophets and prophetesses have strong spirits. I call myself a Prophet but I am not false. I am a Prophet of God through Jesus Christ. It is so good to escape from Satan’s wisdom his women. It is so blessed to be in Gods wisdom through Jesus Christ.

I now live for Christ’s wisdom and understanding.

Yours Sincerely; Lester John Murray.


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